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  1. RyanS1994

    Issues with update 1.0

    the way he plays is duping gear then sniping at the coast so his playstyle is probably one of the few that are unacceptable
  2. RyanS1994

    Issues with update 1.0

    lets all remember Jake has no valid playstyle as he has admitted more than once "duping saved this game for him"
  3. RyanS1994

    Issues with update 1.0

    you can return to iron sights from the scope by holding the right d pad
  4. RyanS1994

    Dog tag concept

    pretty. Sure something similar to this was in the MOD, I think it was an ID card, would be cool but I think. Anything like this being implemented. Is pretty unlikely
  5. RyanS1994

    Add more nails

    damn MMR rounds are super rare for me
  6. RyanS1994

    Add more nails

    I have found lots of 7.62x39, killing every zombie I see with the sks to get used to it
  7. RyanS1994

    please let there be light

    daytime should be longer and night time should Be considerably longer and alot darker you don't even need a light source anymore
  8. RyanS1994

    Add more nails

    probably trap, 7.62x39 is very common in military bases and even the occasional residential home
  9. RyanS1994

    Add more nails

    probably Just unlucky just like everything in dayz you never find it when you want it and find too much of it when you dont
  10. RyanS1994

    Bow and arrow?

    you can make the improvised backpack with animal hide, although itried it with a wolf pelt yesterday and it wouldn't work but it was damaged so maybe that's why it didn't work.
  11. RyanS1994

    Length of night cycle?

    there's no need for torches or flashlights anymore its a bit disappointing, I like how its longer now though.
  12. RyanS1994

    Bow and arrow?

    Not yet
  13. RyanS1994

    Issues with update 1.0

    duping apparently still works Jake, so you should be happy enough
  14. RyanS1994

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    yes you can.
  15. the character and server wipe was announced well in advance, everyone lost their gear ao your at no disadvantage to anyone, I understand your frustration though.