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  1. RyanS1994

    Dayz 1.0 patch notes

    did you even read the notes regarding 1.0 before making this post?
  2. RyanS1994

    Midgets with Rags

    why are you calling people midgets? Seems pretty insensitive. This isn't the place for derogatory terms like this.
  3. RyanS1994

    Inform yourselves.

    a mix of both lol
  4. RyanS1994

    Inform yourselves.

    this game is extremely buggy, I cant argue for anyone elses experiences etc, but I have never had so much fum
  5. RyanS1994

    Non toxic thread (i hope)

    Nayte I apologize for the I direct quote as mu phone ea fucking prickj
  6. RyanS1994

    The easiest/depressing loot route

    cool story
  7. RyanS1994

    The easiest/depressing loot route

    yes this is the exact point I was trying to make, it definitely is not the best loot route, it is simply the easiest to follow
  8. RyanS1994

    I fucking love this game!!!

    Duping is a bug, the problem you have is people exploiting this bug, whether you agree with me or not these people are not hacking or anything similar, they are frankly taking advantage of an exploit, I hope this exploit is stopped but until that time this is something we need to deal with if we want to enjoy this great game.
  9. RyanS1994

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    found 8 kam's in tisy and one of them had a mag in it with 22 rounds with a box of 7.62x39mm rounds directly next to it
  10. RyanS1994

    Do not trust list 4173

    what is the point of this?
  11. RyanS1994

    My experience so far.

    i appreciate the reactions but I'm more interested in your experiences so far if you wouldn't mind sharing.
  12. RyanS1994

    base completely gone

    I like to see impulz reply as it gives me faith in the developers actually caring about the game, I also don't like threads lumike these as you made a statement asking whether wipes were made to make people quit playing, ofourse not, regardless of whether. The devs are good or not they are not trying to make anyone quit the game
  13. RyanS1994

    Multiple characters?

    my phone is a dick, I cant directly reply or quote your message so I hope you see my reply because I do agree with you, although this is a gritty survival. Game where I see it as once your dead your dead, not some shit where you click your save game and spawn in with gear, I know alot of people will disagree with me but I feel like you are one being so you should have one char, this is my personal opinion and from what I've seen pc is going in the direction of allowing players to have more than one character so things appear to be going the way you want, I do not necessarily disagree with that I just know the way I would. Like it to be but wont cry about it as frankly this is the best game I've ever played.
  14. I wanna hear about all you enthusiastic players experiences, it doesn't matter if its short and boring I want to hear it all, I'm going to add the few experiences I have recorded which believe me will be extremely boring to anyone else, the fact is these experiences are significant to the players involved regardless of whether they are boring to others so let me know, I'm interested!!
  15. RyanS1994

    The easiest/depressing loot route

    btw this post is in the new player. Discussion so you experienced players opinions are less than relevant, I'm trying to help new players and your comments are your own opinion which is fine to share as this is a public forum but you are only stopping uninformed players from using an extremely useful loot route which takes no effort but rather you would. Suggest heading 'Inland' which is within probably the biggest multiplayer map out there currently which I may be completely wrong but like I said I've given simple directions. Whereas you have directed new players inland which is more than useless.