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    Hey I,m Steve 28 Form Kentucky USA I,m A Full Time Gamer & Family Man
  1. 28 Years Old East Kentucky i,m pretty much just a reg player i,ve played 119 hours and counting and i,ve killed 2 people one was a hacker i,m pretty sure deers don't have gun's i shot a deer run to the body then get axed in the back lmao thank god for my trusty cz 75 with 3 clips then run down the rode about 100 feet and get droped by a mp5k guy had alot of good and bad times playing this game met alot of good friends too lmao
  2. yup i was thinking the same thing i was playing last night and ran across apair of winter hunter pant's i mean without snow you stick out like a sore tumb lmao
  3. well i just got the Arma 2 Complete Collection for 7.99 gonna start playing dayz mod :D :beans:
  4. Yup I Got Done Like That Bout 10mins i Was Out
  5. yeah ping can be bad sometimes lower the better and i know lol atleast uk people will not kos unless you make them :P :D
  6. Seems Like most UK People Are the Best
  7. And i will tell you something else being a pvp man will get you killed more than anything i don,t kill no one unless they make me when you been in real life combat the fighting gets old i done 2 tours of it
  8. Yup dude i been playing bout 2 weeks and i,ve lost some sweet gear m4a1 1911 engraved aug mosin blaze mp5k think i care no cause it can be got back like my buddy keno said man up or go home
  9. Lmao If You Can,t Find Guns That,s You
  10. well peter the dev said on Twitter that the rpg was comeing to dayz gonna be a lot of boom boom lmao
  11. 2 good range finders and a arrow case Mint* for trade let me know what ya got
  12. lord looks like i need to put a order in i just tossed knocks 2 range finders with bats i hit a heil crash and got a aug and a 1911 and a hat and lost it all i run across stuff all the time most of it is hard and rare to find really what i want is a gas mask the skull mask and 45 ammo
  13. Ahh If i lose 1 Ear that,s not to bad :lol:
  14. Yeah i been reading and watching alot of vids on where to go and stuff and it paid off Mp5k 2 357,s mosin and a winchester 70 plus a m65 jacket B)
  15. Oh Yes Lol But I,m In Love Best 35 Bucks Ever :D