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  1. OilRig

    ETA for private Servers?

    This kind of settles it. I need to throw my xbox to the lake and buy pc 😕
  2. OilRig

    server wipe notifications in game

    What is even the point on base building atm when anyone can just server hop in to your base and dismantle it in couple minutes from inside, or just take the lock off from outside of the gate and walk in?
  3. OilRig

    crafting wish list!!! ok here goes!!!

    I have couple wishes too. 1.Private hive servers. 2.Fixes to game performance. 3.Adjustable controller scheme. 4.Hold breath. 5.Content (guns, ammo, attachments, functional wests, spray paint, bicycles, cars) EDIT:And after writing i see its about crafting 😄
  4. OilRig

    garbage visuals?

    My mate has this problem and he was referring it to be like "mario cart" 😄 And he is playing One S with internal hdd.
  5. OilRig

    Duper in action!

    Done and done 😄
  6. OilRig

    Server Hopping

    That actually sounds like a plan! But still, i would love to see ban wave to clear all those duppers and hoppers so they would atleast have to make new microsoft account and buy new copy of the game. Bohemia is right now sending us a message as dupping and hopping is ok because they can keep up doing it without penalty.
  7. OilRig

    Duper in action!

    Killed him once and he was back in like 30secs with full ghillie and supressed m4 ready to get me..
  8. OilRig

    Duper in action!

    I just wanted to tell you there's a dupper in action at electro near the bigger harbour in the factory. Server in NL3906 its full of yellow drybags and dude with gillie suits...we just got killed by him 😄 Edit: There is another duppers paradise in same server near berezino spawn spot in the forest, it is full of seachest.. some on the ground and most is underground.
  9. OilRig

    Server Hopping

    What if they would just permaban every hopper and dupper? btw i left the game allready bc of hoppers and duppers getting every gun in the map and making it impossible to find any automatic rifles for rest of us who don't server hop or dupe. i have not still seen a single M4 or AK after 2 last updates, i have visited every mil-base in the game multiple times and those guns used to be everywhere, but not anymore.
  10. OilRig

    Did the game ran out of weapons?

    I have not seen m4 or ak in weeks and i got bored of running base to base around the map only to find binoculars and some clothes or got killed by server hopper. I wish we could get solution for this shit that makes the game unplayable atm.
  11. OilRig

    Gun jamming

    Yes, you are able to use all bullets in the clip. 1.Load your mosin 2.Shoot 3.Press reload and while the bolt is in open position press jump. 4.Enjoy.
  12. OilRig

    Gun jamming

    Btw mosin "works", when you press reload and jump when the bolt is back :D
  13. OilRig

    Dayz update November 22 update?

    i would not get my hopes up even for tuesday anymore but as you said sometime in 2019......maby.
  14. OilRig

    So No Big Update Today ????

    No i did not.. Just assumed they would be worth of their words with the timeline and i won't be making same mistake again :/
  15. OilRig

    So No Big Update Today ????

    You know something i don't? :D