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  1. Kokyy

    Infected Should Be Able To Break Down Doors

    Its so stupid how the video shows what the devs made for the game, but its not in the game considering that video is pretty old, and still none of that in the game lmao
  2. Kokyy

    Dayz | PS4 | 2019 |

    Cheers for the reply. I'm sure every one who is on ps4 is glad to hear some information. We hope to hear more soon.
  3. Kokyy

    Dayz | PS4 | 2019 |

    I know all of us ps4 players are excited for this game, and we do thank the developers for allowing the game come to console, but the lack of news is just disappointing.....
  4. Kokyy

    PS4 Release?

    During the Xbox release they did say ps4 version will be soon after the Xbox release and said 2019 QT which is atleast 4-months. After a while they said once Xbox gets the 1.0 release then it should be out for ps4
  5. Kokyy

    PS4 Release?

    We need to know.
  6. Kokyy

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    How long for the ps4 release? A lot of us want to know and are excited.