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  1. How Dehydration Should Work

    I think we should also adjust the amount of water that has to be consumed in order to get from thirsty to hydrated. Right now it can take 4+ full canteens, there is no way you can put this much water into your body in one go, not that you'd need to.
  2. What type of person you think I am ? I would go out of my way to get every item out of the tent, pile them up and then nade them just to see them flying everywhere.
  3. Kill them, take anything worth taking, nade the rest, leave.
  4. Let us add our own OST files!

    It's a public forum, you post here you demand comments. Some you may not like.
  5. Let us add our own OST files!

    I see it happening, there is such high demand for this. Not going to happen
  6. Fish FIllet's Incorrectly Labeled

    Oh I see what you did there, good one.
  7. Fish FIllet's Incorrectly Labeled

    Half of what you produced you say, I wonder where he got that idea.
  8. Why I've stopped

    5000 hours... 5 fucking thousand on one game in two years. I'll show this thread to next person who tells me I spend too much time playing games. On a serious note, shame to see another regular go, I myself haven't played in quite a while. Although I only got 624 hours so far. Seems like both the downfall of the forums and the waiting time for the patches took (and still are) taking their toll on this game.
  9. ultra rare katana

    Go ahead show me the rich. Also spoiler alert, for a place like chernarus $100 is actually a lot. Let alone $3000.
  10. Reporting in for an update!

    The gaem is daed because we get patches every six months or less so there is a rush of players when we get one and once people get bored it gets empty, plus I've heard rumours that this patch is not as good as it should be, someone even used word rushed (funny). So come back in June / July and maybe you can play with others. I haven't played much dayz in a long time.
  11. Not in a country that still uses water pumps.
  12. Tie up infected

    For that you'd have to be able to knock them out for more than two seconds.
  13. Conflict Resolution Server

    I can see it already Trump supporters : MAGA !!!11!! Hillary supporters : The election was rigged by Russians !1!!11!! End up killing each other. On a serious note, can we keep politics and other real life conflicts out of the game ? Aren't they supposed to be a break from the mad real world ?