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  1. Wolf1776


    Nice lmk how it goes, I've been swamped in at work haven't gotten to craft much.
  2. Wolf1776


    The one made from tanned leather?
  3. Wolf1776

    Game reverted to same state upon release ?

    Damn, really that bad, huh?
  4. Wolf1776

    Jesus there are some snakes in this game

    I'm with you bud, I've got your back.
  5. Wolf1776

    Xbox Update 05/12/2018

    They did say they'll break shit to fix shit.
  6. Wolf1776

    Xbox Update 05/12/2018

    It is the new bud, just rearranged and fancy
  7. Wolf1776

    Xbox Update 05/12/2018

    Bro it caught me off guard, I set up a fireplace, walked outside to get more bark and a hand drill and I was like wish wtf. Hahah
  8. Wolf1776

    Xbox Update 05/12/2018

    Yeah man, it really felt smooth. The only hickup now is nighttime lol you get static across your screen. Red, white and blue dots.
  9. Wolf1776

    Xbox Update 05/12/2018

    No character wipe either everyone.
  10. Wolf1776

    Xbox Update 05/12/2018

    Yeti you can check my caps from a little venture thru Zeleno, just fancy icons now. It goes Infection, temp, Stam, hydration, blood and health.
  11. Wolf1776

    No more rain!!!😊

    Hey I play that server
  12. Wolf1776

    Sheltered People Complaining Rant

    I just reworded a bit to be more respective actually but hahahah I feel ya bud there's been times I log in and Im like there is a very high possibility I'm going to end up on the coast tonight sooooo let the adventure begin.
  13. Wolf1776

    Sheltered People Complaining Rant

    Yeah I should've been a bit more level-headed writibg that up, I'll go ahead and rework it, it was the whiskey talking.
  14. This is by far the best recruitment post on the forums and I stand for everything wrote. Count me in gents. GT~MaLoneWolf1776
  15. Wolf1776

    Sheltered People Complaining Rant

    Rant was in the title so let's get it.