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  1. Wolf

    Server hotfix: Data Check failed

    Lol I wasn't talking about zombies, you get jumped by 4 ppl you're not gonna jet li it. Say you're drunk too that's your irl lag kid.
  2. Wolf

    Server hotfix: Data Check failed

    Their not OP, if you get jumped IRL do you think you're going told of 4,5,6 ppl Mr Hulk? Idk man
  3. Wolf


    I think a clear phrase people are ignoring is "off in the distance". Say the rooster is loud but I wonder if it's a distance than if could mean player.
  4. Wolf

    Broken game

    Unfortunately on Xbox many high pop servers is a duper warzone.
  5. Wolf


    Man, I haven't found a tent in months.
  6. Hahaha man parts has a women's appendage he just wants to cover it up with his name. He's also a cannibal and duper because he will dupe building supplies but man I wonder if the disease got to him he probably dupes everything now.. Anyways do you remember running into a survivor in the middle of the woods acouple weeks ago in the HC server? I had a shotty and you offered me a m4? That's me.
  7. Well, sadly there's enough indifference and bickering on here that may carry over to the actual game it's pathetic in attitude. Everyone's lighting him up because he can't find a weapon. He's new. Why hasn't anybody here given any tips on where to find a mosin or bk133 or an izh? We've been playing since August we know how to move, loot, what to look for especially and shoot when necessary. The kid hasn't even came back to say anything since it started..
  8. Lol man parts for the Prion
  9. Wolf


    Yes as a survivalist myself, I'd prefer to roll with a hunters vest but I've seen many a clip of ppl rolling with black and green police vests, and I've known about the press vest since launch. Correct?
  10. Wolf

    Global Defense Contracting

    You have my Gt already so just let me know details, I'm more active lately.
  11. Wolf


    I've recently taken a slight break through the Christmas season, I come back to hear there are Black and green police ballistic vests and rumors the pouches for the plate carrier are already in game? I haven't found any of the sort. Also I use Android and different app called DayZ central rather than IZurvive. I have both apps and both have the hunter vest listed. Any word will be appreciated, thank you.
  12. Wolf


    Yo bud it's malonewolf lol u still have that svd?