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    I'm a married father of 5 with a rural upbringing raising my four youngest children in the in the mountain paradise I grew up in. I'm quietly interested in survival and "end of the world" scenarios so this game is kind of interesting as far as seeing what a bunch of dicks allot of people turn into in a free for all survival situation.

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  1. The tiny bit I've been following this they said the base corruption was due to the crash, have to fix the cause of the crash to fix the bases. Still hate this stupid way of doing the EXP threads, way too much trouble catching up if you're not here everyday..
  2. Exp Update 0.63.148743

    Just going to chime in and say again I hate what you did to these forums. I go away and com back to a million threads about insignificant changes, three pages to read and back, nothing makes sense unless you're here ever day to keep up. Bring back the 100pg exp threads. Who ever came up with this idea should be shot with a ball of their own shit. Hate to be that guy too but I took a year break because of the invisible zombies rather than complain, what the hell have you actually done I tried to read about it but back to my first point? I didn't expect to come back to a less playable game.
  3. 0.63 Experimental Release

    Well, well, I took a hiatus from video games and went outside for a year. I've been getting back into single player games a bit and finally decided to see what's going on with my favorite game. I tried in December and it was the same old, was pleasantly surprised when my youngest son and I updated this weekend, the game looks good and plays great on both our junk computers. My internet has improved and so has the game's netcode it seems, we had some smooth interactions with us and several groups of retards on the coast and although they didn't turn out well for us, we couldn't blame it on lag or desync. I still hate the way they split up the EXP threads, too hard to go through all of it to catch up, I'd rather read one 200 page thread than these snippets personally. Nice to see a few familiar names still here, I called in sick to work today so I think I'm going to continue checking things out.
  4. Dont wanna make new thread?Use this!

    If they get close enough the can "check pulse" which shows the in game name, that's why some players run up close at first.
  5. Exp Update 0.61.138340

    Back when glowplugs firs came out, this was the end of the night before a wipe, fifth truck with leaky gas tank less than a km away that didn't make the deadline. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/438324884322934548/65DE5D783DE85BEF14B7FC96A904DE9CBEAD4ABE/?interpolation=lanczos-none&output-format=jpeg&output-quality=95&fit=inside|2048:384&composite-to%3D*%2C*|2048%3A384&background-color=black [/img]
  6. Dont wanna make new thread?Use this!

    Yeah, I've repeated that lots of time with my constant "session lost" even seen twice when I got back in and they were sill there, another player in the area. I've seen a system like this work good but you need a 1-1.5km bubble for it to be visually seamless, they could even cheat if you used a 1km bubble and offset it 2/3 in front of the player but I just don't think the current system can handle anywhere close to that with the amount of players they're shooting for. I miss the .5Xs when the AI could see really far and didn't drop agro, ever. Junior and I could circle a town noting every infected, set up, 3,2,1, bang the first two simultaneously, than call shot the rest clearing the town. That's not even close to a valid strategy anymore and just plain not fun that I can't plan or coordinate my way through an engagement where I should have the upper hand because of random AI popping in areas that have been cleared..
  7. Problems and ideas for dayz (.61)

    I get disconnected all the time and one of two things happens, I either just drop and all AI despawns immediately, or a slow disconnect in which case my and the AI's position track properly, the AI's attacks register but mine don't and I have no inventory control and have to dodge for 30 seconds or more until I get "session lost", I have a horrible ping and this doesn't help me at all but for smooth MP they need to put the negative effects on the bad pings or it's exploitable. In the mid .5Xs I was like Neo from the matrix if someone started shooting, I couldn't shoot back but if I kept moving I was unhittable because the server actually cared where my client said I was. Most of the other stuff you suggested is already "on the list", welcome to the community.
  8. Status Report - 21 March 2017

    I see you're working on the character stuck attacking bug, we were talking about that in the forum yesterday. I've had that since the beginning and in a few other games, the game is detecting the click from the mouse but missing the release. On login it seems to catch the mouse click on connect at the server browser, I believe the connect click disables input during the login phase causing the game to miss the mouses release and it thinks the button is still held when you log in.
  9. Sorry if you took that the wrong way but its a common thing around, guy buys game, plays 500 hours, complains its broke, wants a refund because thirty bones could have put his kid through college. Other BI games including the flagship ArmA will be built with or off the tech being developed for SA so they will finish it, it might take awhile but I believe it's because they're trying to get big things done right.
  10. Stable Update 0.61.138043

    Emuthreat showed me how to do that, I play on DayZtv 1pp and it's 1-3 or 20-30. When it's just me aside from AI popping in in front or behind where I've already cleared they all attack "properly" which is pretty predictable.
  11. Desired New Animations

    Well I'd like to see them pull out something amazing for the sake of the sandbox. I used an ArmA 2/3 mod called dac that would effectively fill the whole map with naturally behaving AI and then hide all but squad leaders that aren't within a set player bubble. Playing two player with my kids it worked great with spawned AI counts in the thousands if you stuck together. We would start getting the delayed spawn in and unresponsive AI I'm seeing in SA if we separated and it had to manage two full 1.5km player bubbles, the server would go from 25-30 fps down to 5, right now SA looks like 500m maybe.. I want 10,000 spawned infected, to be able to spend an hour or two scoping a town, get either a good fight or a challenging sneak, and not get surprised by teleport hax zombies.
  12. Status Report - 21 March 2017

    Love the community spotlight, here's my painted black SKS and the core contents of my assault bag including LSK in the ziplock that goes with me everywhere, I leave the rifle at home most of the time. [/img]
  13. Desired New Animations

    I'm assuming they have it under control and new modules replacing old will make big changes because the AI right now is garbage on so many levels, I get the core DayZ demographic but I actually bought this for Bohemia's AI and hopes SA's will be on par or better than ArmA if not stock then modded.
  14. Desired New Animations

    They should keep that animation one out of ten or something, that infected thought it was a fart, it wasn't. Seriously though there was a video in the SR last year that showed most if not all of the ones you suggested under movement, pretty sure all those will come with the new player controller.
  15. Auto Firing Guns

    I get it too, always have. I play on old junk computers, my ping is garbage at best, I've had it with other games and it's the mouse not detecting the switches release. I always get the log in punching and assume it's detecting the click for connect but disables input before you release the mouse button, a full click, un-click again fixes it. I can't even use automatic weapons because one out of three times it'll just dump the whole mag from one click. *edit* In case it's not common knowledge a computer mouse/keyboard does not send a signal the entire time the button is held, it signals once when pressed and the computer waits for the switch to flip back and signal it was released.