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  1. Eye zoom is one of the things I like and one of things that make DayZ/Arma different from other games. I hope it stays in game, if nothng else then in options on moded servers.
  2. When is that Gamescon event? Will you show new build publicly?
  3. All this would make arcade DayZ. Many people would like it more over todays Dayz. Id say Dayz needs better zombies.
  4. I found it in yellow house with three rooms, in shelf room. Ten minutes after logging in. I even cought a carp, first one after two years. Filet changed color but description was still "raw". There is way more loot than in 0.61. Is Mosin still prone to fast detoriating? I found one with scope.
  5. Where you people fing gas cokers in .62?
  6. Does anyone remembers Mercenary mod?
  7. Name of your server?
  8. I like your outfit
  9. Is stable 0.62 same build as todays experimental 0.62?
  10. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/150176796
  11. Central Europe
  12. I envy you guys so much. My frieds dont play DayZ any more, and most of you are 6 or 7 time zones away so I have to explore experimental all alone. I had that annoying indoors movement bug. I tried to get out os Elektro school and game didnt let me out, everything was spinning around and it finally trew me in those shoe changing cages (dont know any better descripion). I couldnt get out and had to F11.
  13. People are still dicks in this game. Got KO`d twice by fresh spawns.
  14. Only one screenshot so far?? Put some effort in it!!