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  1. People are still dicks in this game. Got KO`d twice by fresh spawns.
  2. Only one screenshot so far?? Put some effort in it!!
  3. Id like to have actual reason to go to different locations. Like: a) there is bus repair shop, Ill go there to find car parts; b) big town has supermarkets, Ill try to find matches, knives, propane tanks there.... c) sawmill in Berezino, get in there and steal bilding materials...
  4. I dont know if radio should be starting gear. They are quite common to find on the coast. Bateries should definetly last longer in all devices, at least pristine ones. Same goes for gas canisters.
  5. Interesting report. Not mentioned if new vehicles will come with 0.63. I see who ever installed ventilation system didn't do good job. You should be able to adjust ventilation internally and without cardboard box. :)
  6. Are Zombies dumbed down ? I played hour or so yesterday, after few weeks of pause. Now I can walk to zombie from behind or next to him and he dosnt aggro. Looks like they dont see me or hear from more than 20-30 m.
  7. None of those other games are finished. They didnt give that hardcore survival feeling we want. Miscreated is OK, but map is kinda small. HIZI...I dont even want to talk about it... To me, DayZ mod is still unbeatable when it comes to zombie multiplayer game. I think I will reinstal Arma 2 and Origins mod
  8. I wonder how will Enforce effect on vehicles and infected performance.
  9. map

    I really wonder how complicated will be to make maps for Dayz. There are more than dozen maps for Arma 3, some ported and some made from scratch. Not to mention hundred of weapons created for Arma. When I started playing Dayz there were new mods and maps being released every few weeks. I really miss those days.
  10. Then better start early! :)
  11. Old practice was: no updates/fixes between major builds, and that could last for months. I like this, but I miss big updates more often. Like it was pre .58.
  12. Baby steps.... :)
  13. Cant wait to see what Sumrak has for us. If only team would hire more map makers so we get two or three new maps soon after release.
  14. What was your ping?
  15. Working bayonets were promised I think in 2014. There was even one stabing animation that would appear without any reason. I miss those burlap wraps (without grass), it was one way of personalising your weapon.