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  1. Stable Update 0.63.149525

    Is key binding working?
  2. Stable Update 0.63.149386

    I found four or five on private server. I hat problems with weapons. First I lost shotgun when I did "laying down" animation. It just desapered. I have some 50+ rounds, but no weapon. Then Makarov got stuck, mag got stuck in middle of slide and bullet was floating next to it. Its same in inventory and in game. I couldnt reload another mag or remove mag in pistol. Only chamber one round.
  3. Cars

    How many of them are on server?? How many planks can fit in Lada?
  4. Status Report - 6 November 2018

    OK, this really bothers me. Devs decided to cut the content to get stable game. I dont see much stability and we are knee deep in November. There are still so many game breaking bugs. Im afraid we wont get stability by the end of the year.
  5. Stress Test vol.56

    Do it! Do it now!!
  6. Stress Test vol.56

    Is key binding fixed???
  7. DayZ ballistics have been ruined!

    Looks like you will have to start modding.
  8. Stress Test vol. 53

    What Im talking about all the time, content is cut out but bugs are not. Id rather have lots of bugged content than no content but still bugged.
  9. A+ game!

    They should have fixed game mechanics and FPS lag spikes and such years ago. We dont have content we wish we have and we are still in desync, lag zones, bad vehicles and dumb zombies and we are two months away from "release".
  10. Survival server....

    OK, so we know what we will have in game for next six to eight months. We can cry all we want - devs wont do nothing about it. But we can also see there are already varius mods emerging even before BETA. What are chances that someone actually hosts moded server with more guns, vehicles, 10 times more infected (I will always call them zeds) and all the stuff we want? So base building acctually make sence (Build a base so you can do horticilture, colour your pelts (@IMT), repair your car in peace without having to fight off zeds all the time). Or servers will be just PVP/150 cars/spawn with M4+450rounds shitmatch? I played hundreds of hours in Dayz mods and Exile, and few servers that actualy were more survival (without traders, with advanced crafting and repairing) were mostly empty and soon shut down.
  11. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    It wont. We will hear same things again.
  12. DayZ and its future

    All this you wrote is true. This relesed version will be so dumbed down I think my 5 year old doughter could play it. You never mentioned zombies/infected. Werent they supose to play bigger role in DayZ? Sneaking, evading them for first half hour or so. Being traped in house with 7-8 of them out screming.... Crafting... meh. You get planks direct from tree. WTF?? Is this Fortnite?? Vehicles? All same model and colour. Weapons? If at least there are different versions of AK and M4 - nope. Basebuilding? Looks like no efort there, Origins mod had 10 times more options three years ago (houses, fences, towers, building wall only with escavator!!!) OK, lets say we get bug-free game this year. Then what? We wait for six onths untill one new vehicle and two new rifles? We have been trough that too many times.
  13. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    Whats the guaratee the game will be stable in two months?? How many problems were in past 6 months: way too many. It was one step forward, three steps back.
  14. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    Base building concept is OK. Id rather have soething smaller than those towers. But no fishing, crafting and other survival elements we all waited being cut out...its treason