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  1. Did you get banned? Really?

  2. Guys, I'm just here to say "bye-bye". I know most of you won't miss me, but I really meant well for the game and spent countless hours writing my experiences, posting screenshots and trying to point out what I found was lacking. It's actually amazing how Dayz managed to turn me from a fierce supporter into a complete hater over time. Apparently I am not allowed to ask when Beta really starts. Apparently it wasn't Q2/2016. Also Boneboys, it will surprise you I am moderating forums as well. German TV, reaching millions of people. The difference between our moderation style is that I allow anything but insults. So I was well aware you would shut me down for that, but for anything else: not really.
  3. I am starting to think 0.61 must be a much bigger patch than anticipated. First of all there is the stuff that clearly isn't working - like the medical system/temperature. In any other game I know there would be a number of hotfixes, until the problem is fixed. Then there are the performance issues with vehicles, chopper loot spawning in barracks and similar small things. Then the performance issue with rain, desync etc. It's weird how the Dayz devs always opt to solve everything in one big patch that takes forever, instead of tackling the problems in small but meaningfull fixes. I don't even play Dayz even more, until I am sure this is changing. Found my new love in Miscreated.
  4. Hi, because of lately the development schedule of Dayz (and the lack of updates) makes me crazy, so I decided to take a break, until Dayz feels more complete. No doubt, in the end Dayz will be the technically more refined game...but the wait is killing me. So I bought Miscreated - a game I've been watching for years to figure out if it is just another Warz. It isn't! It's actually very good now. What makes the game great is first of all the environment. It's more of a "Walking Dead" situation, much like in the singleplayer "Days of Decay". It is very immersive, the rain and weather effects are crazy good, though there is a thick fog that probably needs some tweaking. Since it is Cryengine the lighting is incredible and changes the mood of the game a lot. Then there are the houses themselves. They are actually big, the towns are interesting and diverse. There is copy+paste of course, but the places actually feel overgrown and different. It's very nice just walking around and getting lost. There are caves, bunkers and whatnot. The military base is actually huge and feels like a base. It's not hard to find a weapon, but similar to how it is in Dayz now, you are always short of ammo. You can basebuild or set up camp (tents). There actually is a variation to tents, there are 3 different sizes. You can hunt and craft and it already feels pretty intensive. Since I bought the game a week ago so much new clothing has been added - it's just fun finding all the new stuff. The UI feels a bit stiff like in old Dayz and the whole set up reminds me more of the mods than the Standalone. But it is more fun! It takes all the good stuff from the standalone and puts them in a new, interesting environment. The forests are dense and dark. I've been panicking in a forest, chased by wolves in the rain with lighting and thunder all around me. Perfect :) You have vehicles - no choppers, but boats. They are fairly easy and quick to repair. All in all it seems Miscreated is a bit more action-orientated than Dayz. The biggest problem are the mutants. Their tracking and pathfinding is good, as sometimes you see them walking down a road and just randomly turning into a forest. Be sure to meet some mutants where you least expect it ;) But their attack is basically a charge and all you can do is melee them down while getting hit at the same time; you could shoot, of course. PvE may be bad, but PvP isn't. Due to the map being so dense, you'll have awesome firefights! In Patch #36 there is the beginning of a new large city in the north. I think this is the best city ever made for a survival game. Yes, it's unfinished and some areas are blocked, but already it feels really good walking and looting there, plus it has some unique buildings to the map. All in all I think this is a #2 in the rank of survival games and should get much more love. It's a small team and they are doing incredibly good. Neither the models nor the animations are anywhere near as refined as Dayz, but for what it is (and for the price!) Miscreated is the best survival game. And to me it is a lot more fun than Dayz in its current state. If you're like me and waiting for Dayz to handle its releases in a fashion we users can understand, you will find a great alternative in Miscreated. It's also in Alpha, but what's in the game feels right and plays beautifully. Take a look:
  5. Hi, for the first time in years I'm thinking about getting an AMD card again. I found the RX480 does everything I need and wonder if anyone is using the card with Dayz. For one reason it's not as power-hungry as the NVidia ones I can get for the price. Secondly, I don't want to buy a used card and this is in a good price/value relation. If any other cards come to mind that would be a good buy in the upcoming months, please let me know below.
  6. I predict you will be disappointed by the final game. Despite the glorious render, I don't think Dayz has much room left for complicated and diverse AI systems. No matter what the devs have planned now, it will have to be dumbed down, because frankly the game still lags. It's 60 frames with a desync of a thousand for me in quite a few places and situations. And we don't even have usable vehicles yet; well they are usable, but they don't really work as a driving experience. You've always been holding a candle for the devs, but this is the reality: Dayz will release this year. That's what they said, that's what we know. In order to achieve that goal, they'll have to simplify. You can't have three different, redundant systems if you just need the one. Dynamic Spawn is just a fancy word. Everything spawns dynamically, as soon as there is more than one spawnpoint. Why would a group of zombies need a different system than a group of deer or chicken? The last thing the game needs is more background calculation. Well, I'm making hypothesis again, but Dayz is a perfect candidate for it. I'm curious about seeing the next update. Also, I'm curious about the reasons why it's taking so long. If things were working by now, we'd know. I wouldn't bet on infected hordes in cities. The frames in cities are already in peril and the calculations for hundreds of moving AI would be a much graver factor than calculating even several thousand item spawns. There are too many straight, long roads in the cities and the viewing distance is too high for the occlusion system to be effective about frames in that situation.
  7. S3V3N

    Is steam workshop still planned?

    Probably better not to ask about it... Like everything else, Modding Tools are long overdue and will be the last thing we'll see. It's hilarious, how they promised us new social media and insight into the game development and completely failed at it, once again. These devs should make their game and we should take what we get, because we tried over and over again: constructive criticism, suggestions, q+a; nothing improved about the information strategy for Dayz. Things are announced, never release in time, and then nobody ever gives us further/new info about it. I don't even remotely understand how you can be so bad at promoting your own game. So yeah, Mod tools - were supposed to be released in the beginning of 2016, from what I recall. What a joke...again. I can love this game and hate this team at the same time. I'm pretty good at it after three years of practice.
  8. Both systems were showcased. The horde AI with the infected demo and the predator (or horde AI) with the wolves. I doubt the infected horde AI will use a different system, but rather just different parameters. Essentially this has to be the same system that spawns deer now, or based on it. I can't say where they will place spawns, but I doubt they'll place masses of infected in the cities when the frames there aren't stable. Maybe for testing and hopefully later! I would not mind tons of infected in the new patch, just to stress-test the spawning and interaction. I don't really know what the infected numbers are right now, either. All I know is I need more :) Hope for the best!
  9. That's not even the 0.60 renderer, as far as I can tell. I don't know how they got the guy to hold a backpack like in 0.60, but this is probably an in-editor shot made from ripped assets. What's puzzling is that I don't think I've seen these tent assets before, at all. Maybe they just modeled them themselves, if so they fit pretty well into the game.
  10. I want to say how much I like the new renderer! Possibly some people had a better viewing distance in the old renderer, but I always had ~3500 meters set. Now, the new renderer renders...everything. I feel much more like part of the map. And the lighting, the colors look much more rich than before! Really good. So there are a few problems loading the different LOD models, but there are fewer pop-ups for me than before and transitions look good. Except for the odd tree that will sometimes pop in with his cardbord model. I'm still worried about the progress of the game. Somehow I expected 0.61 yesterday, because predators and horde AI was showcased last year and the audio is Tanoa's system, so nothing completely new. My big hope was that we'd see bi-weekly updates. Some games I play have updates every day and they have a beta branch on top of that. Dayz just keeps its reputation as an underdog. It doesn't want to be hyped, because substantially it wants to be an honest game. How frustrating it must be to get accused all the time of diverging too much from the mod. When I'm playing Dayz I'm thinking: yes! this is the game I want to play! I know it's not there yet, and I know it's all PvP, but honestly at some point the mod was always just PvP for me, too. Of course you had your buddies, but you can't be friends with everyone. That would be hilarious though. But my staying complaint is that there aren't enough updates. I'm annoyed at myself for repeating this, but I have to. It is too important. If Dayz ever want to shake off that underdog status, it has to go full in. These updates have to come like lightning now. If you see media coverage about Dayz repeatedly over the course of several weeks, you have to get that this is a special and great game! And the thing is: people keep saying Dayz isn't for everyone. I am convinced the opposite is the case. First of all, even the vanilla Dayz experience is not comparable to anything else I've played. And I've played Life is Feudal and other "hardcore" survival games. The island, The Long Dark etc. All are cool, but nothing is like Dayz. The almost total freedom you have was something that attracted me to the very first Arma. And it feels less and less simulated. Less rigid and better animated. Secondly, there is modding. I can imagine everything from a camping simulator to a flying school for dogs will be modded into the game. No limits - with decent support. I've got to tip my hat to Bohemia for everything they've brought to gaming, since Operation Flashpoint. Not only have they been the first to load this massive battlefield as a map, but they also were lucky enough to re-invent the zombie-genre on the way. To me, this is one of the few big studios that live up to the legacy of (old)iD or Blizzard. These studios turned the tables too, but the difference is they were huuuuugely successful with it in their time. So I wonder why Bohemia still doesn't push this game more and explore the unique selling points of Dayz. They showed with Tanoa that they can deliver beautiful environments. So there will be dlc. And from what I can tell so far Dayz has a far superior AI pathfinding than anything Arma ever had. So it will be more challenging. And the stuff the community will come up with is going to be pure fun. All this superlong post is about seems to be that I really can't wait for the game to release. Could have written that shorter, but uh nevermind.
  11. On getting wet: I wear USMC jacket and some Gorka pants and they both seem to dry pretty quickly. I don't carry any waterproof jackets around. The assault backpack isn't waterproof though, so I wouldn't mind finding some waterproof bags. The storage boxes seem to spawn much more than these. We've made some fires inside houses though - to cook chicken or fish. The nice side effect is getting dry. So if you play like it would make sense nothing bad seems to happen. If the breathing sounds weren't so horrible, I would play in 1st person much more. The audio update is something that will make first person much more attractive, I hope. Since it's cool if you can realistically hear your surroundings, instead of guessing where you hear a zombie grunt from. Been enjoying 0.60, but it's good it'll have a fairly short life-span.
  12. I did complain about it in this thread and so did a few others. It does work when you hold it in your hands - it is always on then. It doesn't work on the MP5 or elsewhere. I guess this is possibly a graphics card problem; so we don't all get it. The thing is though: I'm doing fine without a red dot in the middle. The hardest thing to hunt are chicken anyway ;) --- Also: can we get some info on the Beta please? On 2016 SA-release? I made a thread about that, but it was closed.
  13. Exactly! But you can't put them in boots yet, can you? I tried over and over again and it worked with the combat knife, but not with the derringers. You also see the knife visibly sticking out of the boot. So I wonder if you'd see the pistol as well, too. Guess it makes sense to wear black, since silver pants are really hard to come by.
  14. Same combination I am using! I've transfered the attachments from my Mp5 two times now to have a pristine weapon again. I am using weapon cleaning kits, because - yes - there is a lot of 9mm ammo, but some of it is damaged or at least worn. I am trying to use only worn and pristine now. I'm still working on assembling a full ghillie. I'm done with everything except a gun wrap and colors. Spray cans aren't as easy to find as I remember, but I've sure seen some and could kick my ass now for leaving them. The usual problems... I think the Blaze is a bit annoying to carry for the one use it has. I almost never find myself sniping and usually come across at least one good weapon on a hike. I started breaking rifles down, just taking the important parts with me. I think it would be cool if you could store a rifle disassembled and put the parts wherever you want in your inventory. Instead of having a full rifle take up three rows. The body would have to take up 3x2 slots like the Skorpion does now. I like that, btw. I think if the Makarov would only take 1x2 slots then I would pick it up sometimes. These small pistols I want to put in my boots on quickdraw ^^
  15. That is a very good point! I thought maybe it is due to my gfx and since I am getting a new one this fall I didn't bother too much. But this happens to me too! Regularly. I see the lowest LOD models of everything after playing long sessions. It looks like carboard trees, shoebox houses, etc. They load in the high res object and texture when I get closer, but the majority just looks like crap. Sometimes this is only temporarily and goes away again completely. But it always happened on long sessions to me too! I hope it is only a matter of me/us having old gfx hardware! Visibility is great, but the quality of objects is often low for me. I think the new card will work wonders in that regard.