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  1. Posted 1 hour ago (edited) · Report post ok...i hard edited the first post and preparing when exp patch goes on stable. apple thingy is my testing apples only fresh but you can store apples in Waterproof Bag and if someone try your roadflare in start...matches are hard to find sometimes,so this is your only change to make fire. bandages,knife,matches and bow...and you surviving nicely. Edited 59 minutes ago by kopo79 Or, get some bark off a tree and then add a stick to it to make a hand drill. Start a fire that way. The guys taught me that some time ago.... Thanks guys
  2. Take 100 servers make them loot porch capable. Most people just wanna kill and loot quickly and try it again. No one can argue that it is not subjective right? Why? Because it is fun as hell. Lots of people wanna play Dayz like that. No one can argue that it is not subjective right? Why the hell do people that only play on private care about what we do on public? Why do you guys wanna deprive us pubs of our fun? If I get kicked from a server that I go to loot from I go into another. We are working with what we have been given. We don't wanna play COD or Battlefield. We wanna play Dayz with lots of easy loot. Would not take long to find more people playing on those than on public or private. Lets find out eh? Just because 30 or so people come here and stroke each other, does not mean that there are not thousands that could careless about this site or it's opinions. IMT had a great suggestion. Get rid of the weather message and link to this discussion. You might drag in a few more, but really no one cares. Lets find out eh? Three types of servers should be an easy setup. Put to bed these speculations once and for all. This forum, though important as a gateway for user feedback, has a bullying smell that cannot be denied. Lots of posts get dog piled by the regulars. Sometimes user frustration on the boards tells us some people just wanna kill. Some young people and illiterates like me do not have the skills to voice a compelling argument. I don't know why using tactics and trial and error of attacks and traps and bait and misdirection and fire lanes and choke points and situational awareness and cost effect ratio and target of opportunity and deception and evasion and avoiding armed combat and learning strategy are not as important in a so called survival game as much or more than kill a cow harvest the meat and hide then find a barrel some lime nails and water tan the hides then make hooks from the bones then color them with nails or berries then run around like a survival guru. Maybe we should look into the plight of the cows and give them all rape whistles to make it seem like we care about them. I would think the developers would want to welcome all types of players to the game. Listening to this very narrow faction would be a mistake alienating many of the unheard voices. I keep hearing about immersion. No one can argue that it is not subjective right? I believe that the usage statistics of a three server type system would take the speculation and emotion from the equation. This opinion could be taken as an opportunity to put to bed the argument once and for all. I proudly champion the KOS style of playing. Thanks for your time and patience.
  3. no
  4. I have found two here sir..
  5. Last night,stable nwaf new barracks SE airfield. One without water. Found all mags at tisy. Was laying on top bunk. Looked like normal spawn position.
  7. Still looking for a Plate carrier holster. Can trade most anything.
  8. Posted 2 hours ago Found 3 plate carrier holsters at smoking heli. I did have a plate carrier but got killed. I think I was on stable when that happened. Anyone seen pouches yet? I played two hours and when I came back on after the stable maintenance I was back where I started. So no holsters. But I just found worn "Pouches". Just found a VSS with a mag and 15 Rnds. (Mag at Rus chopper) VSS in gun house with loose ammo in Valvilovo. I have LRS. No problemo. Just hollar. Teamspeak 3 is:
  9. Found 3 plate carrier holsters at smoking heli. I did have a plate carrier but got killed. I think I was on stable when that happened. Anyone seen pouchs yet?
  10. In video settings try raising "OBJECTS" one at a time. Maybe its "TEXTURE" detail. One of them will fix it.
  11. Ran from Krasnostav towards Dubrovka today. Did not notice it had begun to ran. Video settings on high very high. Hypo Hypo Hypo Got to gas station and melon house by deer stand. Built fire. got naked. But with no status counter anymore did not want to chance it. Threw all my stuff off and killed my self. Got a Zino spawn and saved all my gear.
  12. Thanks odin _lowe
  13. I will figure out how to post a picture.. VSS in trunk of car.
  14. Tisy Tents Green Balaclava M4, Hunter backpack, 2 waterproof bags inside. AK-74U in one. Swagnum in the other. Found dead body there with those things.