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  1. Let's give DayZ another go.
  2. We play Exile on Arma 3 now!s
  4. Necro, cus we necro. Coming back to experimental!
  5. fun

    Banned for not inviting "Legit Vice President Beck" to your cool clubhouse
  6. fun

    Banned for being normal.
  7. We are now on Arma 3 Exile! Join our teamspeak @
  8. Yes you can run sweet fx with DayZ. I used to do it.
  9. Lol I just bumped this.
  10. I would wait until the new renderer is released. Chances are, you will spend tons of money upgrading a perfectly good rig over something that will be fixed soon™.
  11. Game

    New Light PMC Campaign
  12. I think you're looking for something like Battle Royale.
  13. I'd take professional 13 or 14 year olds over unprofessional 9 year olds any day.
  14. Buy the expansions if you haven't already.