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  1. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    you have 1 character for the 3rd/person servers then you have a character for the 1st person servers only 2 for public hives then for any private hives that you have you will have separate characters for that but on exp you have the 2
  2. Status Report - May 8, 2018

    Making forced 1pp totally disagree with, those who play 1pp play 1pp servers and 3rd person play 3rd person servers. u dont like to play 3rd person then play 1pp servers, simples. give people the choice on how they want to play. Personally when i play i use 3rd person when just bimbling around and then when it kicks off i switch to 1pp
  3. mine is located in H:/onedrive/documents but thats where I put it so I have access to the same documents when I game on the laptop as it syncs the files. Maybe you have done something similar?
  4. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Do you hear yourself, you just appear every now and again, attack people for having an opinion and then scurry back off to your hiding place. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one and they are entitled to voice them. we might not agree but such is life.
  5. Status Report - 27 March 2018

    Never did I mention marketing. There are more than 2 people have input to status reports. are you actually telling me that Eugen, Phillip, Peter, Adam, Viktor, Mirek I could continue can't produce a status report without you or Martin. No wonder you are having issues if thats the case. If you can't see what the problem is without being told then good luck. God forbid anyone say anything bad about DayZ Peace out
  6. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Because everyone has an opinion and are entitled to express that.
  7. Status Report - 27 March 2018

    find that very hard to believe. Plus from other status reports i know of at least 5 of the dev team speak or type English Also I have stayed fairly positive about DayZ for some time, and read every single status report. Stayed on the fence pretty much most of the time. I aint some fool who has just made an account to post something bad about DayZ. Im more of a reader than a poster and most of what I think has been said before so dont assume my lack of post's for lack of DayZ's development
  8. Status Report - 27 March 2018

    at this stage im not really surprised. 100% of their 2 member communication team???? so only 2 people are able to communicate at the progress of DayZ...............................................Right
  9. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Well thought I would pop in and see how things are. Glad to see that bugger all has changed. (i sit and await the incoming) Now i don't normally post negative things but FML Agree with this Yep and have been for quite sometime. My faith in this is dropping by the day which is very disappointing as this game is the reason why I got into PC gaming in the first place. I understand that these things take time but the rate of progress and passage of information is simply non existent. At this rate it'll be my kids that are playing this whilst im 6 foot under. Dayz is like the partner that keeps doing the dirty on you.
  10. We are shutting down Experimental servers

    I doubt that he has access to the password as the test server is running .63, even if you select to op into the beta in dayz properties it doesn't download a new version
  11. Stable Update 0.62.141072

    Ah, makes a bit more sense now lol
  12. Stable Update 0.62.141072

    Yep I got that much mate but thats about all i got. Have no idea what he is on about, he has 2 post's which are identical.
  13. Stable Update 0.62.141072

    Your post makes no sense buddy, what you on about?
  14. Exp Update 0.62.140694

    Im not convinced that the invisible infected is a thing. the other night myself and a friend was playing and same kind of thing happened to me, however, before i ducked into the building I was in the garden having a munch, I had noticed some lag. a tad more than usuak. anyways, im in the house getting walloped from an infected that wasnt there. My friend came to help and he said to me that the zed is outside hitting the apple tree right where I was munching on chernarus's finest. My hypotheses is that due to the lag my charachter position wasnt updated properly, many reason for this, could also have been the apple glitch. so thats why to me ity looked like im getting hit by an inv infected which was not the case. altho my dude was in the house, he was still actually outside at the apple tree. friend killed him and it stopped instantly. Sorry no screenshots or vids but couldhave maybe asked instead of going ofdf on one like most of you do. Like Biohaze said, if all u gonna do is whinge pop on over to reddit, they will welcom you with open arms. Enjoy O and just incase, anyone complains about the spelling and pronounciatioin, it late, im fucek and tbh font rreall give 2
  15. Refund

    as far as im aware we wont pay twice for the game. correct me if im wrong