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  1. Also i fell from stairs and it shows my steam id.
  2. Asus Z170 Pro I5 6600K OC (4700mhz) 16 GB Corsair DDR4 3000Mhz Dayz Installed on standard HDD EVGA GTX 980Ti FTW Win 10 Pro 2560 x 1440 @ 144hz My FPS is more or less the same if not better 90+ running through woods 73+ running through small town before Elektro (canne mind the name of it) 100+ running down road to Elektro whilst running round elektro killing infected with stone knife, which is deadly, was 55 - 144
  3. I agree with @IMT with regards to killing fresh spawns, and in general in EXP. Obviously Hot Zones are fair game, thats just standard. We know the weapons work. I logged in yesterday just after 62 was released, ran up to krastnostav and started taking pot shots from some dude, had no gear whatsoever. I figured if I had gear people were more likely to shoot me. How wrong was I. I was just wanting to look around and see whats what. Guy stopped shooting at me after I said I was friendly, but he coulda spoke before shooting. It is EXP after all. For testing and bug reporting. How are you supposed to test when people use it as an early stable release.
  4. A wee pic of the sunrise, just before my M4 vanished :(
  5. Have you tried re booting your router?
  6. Have noticed the zoom in/out when bound to my mouse don't work properly either,
  7. Have found the servers to be somewhat dodgy, some are crashing every few mins, whilst others last about 30 mins, vehicles are ok (i use the term loosely) on some whilst on others its undriveable. The VOIP to me sounded fine, but I did only encounter 1 player who tried to shoot me at Krastnostav, he sounded ok to me. I have already said this and ill say it again, DayZ looks fantastic, well done Devs.
  8. Yep the west is totally different, new roads all ovedr the place, I have absolutly no idea where I am lol That looks like it could be fun........................ Random ramps in the middle of nowhere. :)
  9. on imgur click copy on the direct link
  10. Also noticed that when driving a car through a bush the camera moves to inside the car when not moving forward in a vehicle the sound is loud Last 2 pics show black texture on infected
  11. So visually the game looks stunning. Audio sounds good initially but gets quite annoying after a while. Servers are crashing every couple of minutes, which makes testing somewhat difficult Some infected are like the black face bug but the whole texture is black. Was driving a vehicle and it was awfull, very glitchy. Like 1 step forward 2 back, this seems server dependant. FPS seems good, I have everything turned up max @ 2560 x 1440 res and never saw it dip below 50 FPS (ASUS Z170 Pro, 6600K, 16gb 3000mhz DDR4 EVGA GTX 980TI FTW). Infected seem to make you bleed after just 1 hit. Not noticed the grey face bug as yet. Thats all I got for now
  12. looooooooooooooooool
  13. im gonna say the whole lot 12.1gb
  14. I know bud, im just as eager to play as the next person :)
  15. Lets just leave Baty alone to crack on with the job in hand, the news will come when it's ready