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  1. That steam link is from 2013 i read some where Hicks said $60 or more just within the last year.
  2. I would like to be able to carry a bow and a gun on the back at the same time. So you don't have to carry one or the other in your hands, a slot on your back just for the bow would be nice.
  3. It took me 8 hours to find a barrel on a full private AU server tonight
  4. the infected are on the new controller and you are on the old controller, that's why you and the infected don't match up in game so that will be better when the new player controller is in game ,
  5. Didn't you think the chambered gun you found was droped by a player and not a spawned gun?
  6. i remember a statement that the CLE couldn't handle loaded internal magazine guns at this time. Only the development team knows if ammo will spawn with them when the game is finished .
  7. Yes it is worth the 30$ because when done dayz will be 60$ +
  8. Make a stone knife, it's the first thing i make when i spawn in the server, it cuts rags , opens cans , cuts sticks,cuts off a branch, cuts infected and players, in other words it's the best tool you can start off with.
  9. Make a bow and arrows and then sneak into town and if an infected is in your way put an arrow into him or her. If you don't want to kill the infected sneak around them watch where they are looking and keep out of there line of sight and you can work your way around them.
  10. A online map has the boars on it so it must have reminded them of the backpack they could make out of the boar hide.
  11. by reading the SR and the forums it's easy to understand what is going on in development.
  12. i think the developers will come up with melee actions that will work just fine.
  13. this was answered in an exp update On 3/1/2017 at 10:55 AM, Tatanko said: 2. In which direction were the values tweaked? Higher or lower insulation values? Any tweaks to absorbency? EDIT: Do the changes to the Ghillie Suit affect all ghillie clothing items? In other words, are the Top, Bushrag, and Hood pieces also tweaked? Thank you, Baty! For anyone else who might be curious, I did a little digging. Here are the answers to my questions about the ghillie changes: -Hood = unchanged -Bushrag = unchanged -Top = unchanged -Suit = 50% of previous insulation value, no change to absorbency
  14. we have tons of leather now, i would like to make a quiver to hold at least 20 arrows after all a box of 308 holds 20 rounds and only takes one slot in a back pack. 20 arrows takes 8 slots .
  15. Cut a strip from your CREDIT CARD fold it in half and jam it in beside the run key to hold it down,