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  1. green_mtn_grandbob

    bow and arrow?

    Your right i amend it to in the next two years for the bow to make it in game. I hope.
  2. green_mtn_grandbob

    bow and arrow?

    Some time this year i hope.
  3. green_mtn_grandbob

    Wolf and Zeds in Building while doors are closed

    Don't forget players can open the doors while you are logged out.
  4. green_mtn_grandbob

    Ban infected from my base?

    Or you could build your base outside of a infected zone.
  5. green_mtn_grandbob

    Experimental Update 1.0150408

    I also am looking forward to starting a home server, but not until it gets to a real true 1.o or at lest until they put the bow back in.
  6. green_mtn_grandbob

    How active?

    welcome to the forum , i don't know anything about xbox as i play on PC . but you can scroll down to the Xbox part of the forum and ask there. no cross play with PC and xbox.
  7. green_mtn_grandbob

    When will the zombie AI be fixed?

    The long of it is two years, the short of it is one year. I have a link if you want to hear it for yourself..
  8. green_mtn_grandbob

    Stable Update 1.0.150192

    That reminds me i have to get salt the next time i go to the store.
  9. green_mtn_grandbob

    Status Report - January 2019

    Even the developers want the bow back in, but they want the game to run better before they put it back in. As for the bike it will be a lot later if ever it be put in the game.
  10. green_mtn_grandbob

    Fruit from trees

    The CLE
  11. green_mtn_grandbob

    loot farming with infecteds and boats

    well it's up to the player how he plays the game, after all it's a sandbox game . to rag on how a player plays the game just because you think it's wrong or not your bag.
  12. green_mtn_grandbob

    loot farming with infecteds and boats

    if loot didn't re spawn then the next guy who came along would get no loot. that's the point of the loot economy.
  13. green_mtn_grandbob

    So Tired

    Don't call it a hack unless you have proof.
  14. green_mtn_grandbob

    Building of base

    base building is not done, it is the first test of it, there will be more updates to come.
  15. green_mtn_grandbob

    despawn how long?

    I t used to be 10 min. not sure this patch.