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  1. I just finished 6 hours of dayz and was catching up on the forum and hadn't saw his post yet . Otherwise. i would have not posted
  2. Use disinfectant on the plants as they are coming up out of the ground, before the spots show up on the plants.
  3. i'm surprised no one has asked for blowup dolls, so they don't have to travel alone. LOL
  4. Yes .63 if not sooner .
  5. just played six hours no crashes no other problems ether, got a car tent and two barrels so far.
  6. i think it was more work on the map we have now.
  7. I don't know how i missed this, i was looking for it all day.
  8. I heard that a stable update and persistent wipe is coming soon, a new map extension also, is this just wishful talk or true?
  9. I use a bow and it's hard to hear the deer over the bird calls and wind or whatever the calls are unless i spot the deer first. And then to often it's when the deer are running away.
  10. For me it's like a howling blizzard without the snow.
  11. I just want to see what the developers come up with when the game is finished.
  12. I got into online gaming because of watching dayz standalone, The people i watched met up with other people and went on an adventure together. Sure some were taking out real life frustrations on other people in game. But i thought that there were people in game that would interact with other people, and help take on the dangers of the game together. I think as the game develops, more will come to need each other to take on the dangers of the game, or at least know that some of the people will not kill them on sight. Remember that in real life some people do get along together. LOL
  13. Well as i'm older i would respawn IF a sick minded puppy was messing with me, tea bagging, cursing, name calling, and stuff like that.
  14. I use the bow for infected, and a longhorn to shot cows and deer. I will only shot back if fired upon. How many of you play that way?
  15. It's a work in progress.