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  1. Hello, welcome to the forum 77 year old gamer here.
  2. i like the rain because i don't have to water the garden to grow crops when it rains.
  3. she said "it's not .63"
  4. i know that deer stand it's on a small hill west of a mil base.
  5. Wish and hope all you want. dayz standalone isn't finished yet, then when it is you will know what you will have to work with.
  6. dyeing hasn't been fully working right for some time now, because it's a work in progress, you will have to wait for it to be in some time after beta.
  7. Hick's is thinking of making the vanilla dayz 1pp, will that be hardcore enough for you guys?
  8. I agree, some people are going off half cocked, we who understand are pained to read what some people post here on the forum.
  9. OK what's the server ip that may get you more players.
  10. They removed zoom for the gamescom demo, and it was said it wasn't set in stone for the finished game.
  11. Welcome to the forum.
  12. I think you didn't understand what he was saying in what you quoted from the S.R. i think he was saying that with so called zoom removed that Binoculars and scopes would be more important , than they are now as players use zoom in place of binoculars and scopes.
  13. .63 is not a finished game, it's only the start of the new dayz standalone.
  14. PVPor RP or PVE or KOS ? give more information
  15. I'm also on board this ship dayz standalone for the long haul, not like others who have abandoned ship, while the developers damage control team are working to save the ship.