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  1. They all may never come back and i hope the ones that just view dayz just as a shooter never come back. They have all kinds of shooters to play, but when the new dayz is finished , the ones who get what dayz is about will come back and the new players will come because their isn't a game like dayz standalone .2 out there.
  2. plant pumpkins and throw them at them that will do it.
  3. just suck it up, they are busy making the new dayz standalone, they are scrapping the old dayz you are now playing.
  4. I think it's the other way around , from the sound of your post it's a wolf in sheeps clothing.
  5. I you make leather gear i think you will have the hotbar slots you want.
  6. The few i have found were in deer stands, and in houses in hunting jackets . also i did find a box in a house.
  7. Ps, there is no god mode in dayz.
  8. Do you get cold or hot?
  9. Yes in this case it was the alpha god of dayz.
  10. Are you eating food and drinking water?
  11. The one thing i want is, for the armchair want to be developers to piss off, and let the dayz developers make the game they want to make. If they want to take a suggestion from the forum and use it, all well and good, but they can't please everyone. Modding will be your thing soon.
  12. I think beta will be what ever they want it to be.
  13. guys remember the game isn't finished yet.
  14. Welcome to the forum, and that walkway is a bitch, you can't walk on the pipes when you are up there.
  15. I'm wishing you have good luck in getting set up for the event and gamescom, and have fun by all means you can.