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  1. Can no longer bring up the menu in offline dayz

    when they say don't go near the fire , don't bitch when you get burned.
  2. Getting sticks from bushes without sharpened items

    in.62 you can search the ground for sticks in the woods with out tools . but i don't know if it's in .63 or not. if it is then it's a none issue.

    it was never in .63 it may be put in after 1, is out some time.

    i''m not sure about the knife, but i do know the improvised bow is not in the game yet.
  5. how to reload guns correctly?

    and by the time you do all that , the fresh spawn puts an axe in your head.
  6. Hold LMB= RSI

    hitting the same key should stop the action that you started .
  7. Hold LMB= RSI

    well we will just have to see how it plays out in the end, i was hopping it will be playable in the end.
  8. Hold LMB= RSI

    i'm left handed also, i set my keyboard at an angle so my right hand can work the wasd keys well enough to drive . think out side the box. at least till they fix it so you can rebind the keys.
  9. Hold LMB= RSI

    that's to bad have you thought of switching to your big toe ?
  10. How do you knock people unconscious?

    sure , wait till they fix it.
  11. How to refill fuel to cars ??????

    then don't shit in the tank.
  12. Tried 6.3, have the Zombies gotten worse?

    Gee i thought beta was for, bug fixing and polishing. some of you don't get that. they are trying to do it in two months instead of a year.
  13. Experimental Update 0.63149374

    i'm left handed i set my keyboard at an angle' so i can use WASD with my right hand.
  14. Stress test vol.55

    Go to the back wall of the car tent and look up to see the prompt , at lest that worked in .62
  15. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    I don't know any thing about game development. But i do know if you are building a machine with inch dimensions, and you find out the base of the machine is too weak to hold up and you have to start all over and make a new base. And then you find out you have to use metric dimensions on all the other parts, so you have to convert all the nuts and bolts to metric. All that rework takes time, and the timeline is all shot to hell.