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  1. Learn how to handle sickness and infected and don't sprint on stairs. you can make water containers in game also. As for the time taken it's because they are scraping the old dayz and redoing it over again.while letting us play the game as best we can. but like why fix the flat tires on a car with the blown engine when your going to scrap it anyhow, because you're going to get a new car.
  2. don't get your panties in a bunch, it's true most players call them zeds or zombies, but the developers of dayz standalone named them infected and it's their game so i go along by what they named them.
  3. i gave you beens for apologizing.
  4. bacon_fo_days You just confirmed that you don't know what is going on with development. but that you like dayz and want it to be a better game . rest assured it will be a better game as they are making a new dayz standalone because the old dayz standalone game wouldn't allow them to do what they wanted the game to be. In other words why fix flat tires if the engine is blown and your going to scrap it anyhow.
  5. i have saw posts wanting stronger and lots more infected just remember when the new player controller comes in game, you will not be able to outrun the infected you will have to deal with them. so be careful what you ask for you may get it.
  6. Just for fun i want god mode LOL
  7. Are the rocks going to be fixed so players can't put camps inside of the rocks?
  8. If persistent loot tents, barrels, and cars are important to your game play then stable is for you.
  9. Well in reading all i could find for the last year or two, i got the fact that the developers hit a snag with dayz, and had to start all over and make a new dayz standalone. And at the same time try to keep the old dayz some what playable for us, until they get the new dayz going, these last few SR's should drive that home for everyone now, at least the people that read the forum and comprehend what they read.
  10. Some of that will come with the new player controller.
  11. "Infected" infected are alive not undead or as the uninformed like to call infested in dayz "zombies"
  12. They acknowledge mistakes, but the endgame will make some eat there typed words.
  13. Don't forget the Winchester 95 internal magazine lever action in 762x54 that Russia bought and as the 762x54 is in game now.
  14. I guess cutting up your credit card didn't appeal to anyone as funny.
  15. The infected are on the new controller while the player is on the old controller so the infected may not be where you see them. edit 1 my game has never opened in the taskbar. edit 2 on Wednesday maintenance could that be why the plots disappeared? edit 3 Is the server on 24 hour daylight ?