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  1. Doesn't matter what game, the facebook is always full of those people. A lot of the questions in the social media are always the same old questions that have been answered thousands of times through the years. I bet the DayZ twitter gets at least 5 questions in a day about the console release alone.
  2. In PVE or private server or singleplayer they can work well and be cool to build. But there's nothing to gain in normal hostile DayZ environment in my opinion.
  3. Very cool stuff. Enscript looks like many people can get in it pretty quickly. Wasn't it heart attack that killed most of the players in the very early days? When you just ran everywhere you could die soon "out of nowhere" because the status messages didn't tell too much.
  4. I'll be 24 years young in couple of months. Currently my PC sits ~200km away from me and next time I turn on my PC will likely be around September. Hopefully the 0.62 or even 0.63 have been released then. I'll be following the progress.
  5. Arma 4 if it ever comes will likely be based on same engine as DayZ. There won't likely be Arma in Enfusion engine until maybe 5 years after DayZ is finished. A lot of the popular gamemodes/mods from Arma can be converted to DayZ and they likely work better in Enfusion. So there's a lot of potential coming from DayZ in the next 4 years when the mods start to be playable. So there's plenty of time to play other games because currently DayZ is just a prototype that isn't fun to play.
  6. Just like couple other have said, a small radio needs own slot in the inventory. In my opinion same goes for a pen and a paper. That way people would actually pick those things up and use them more. They are just so small things that having own slots wouldn't really kill any immersion. Visually radio could go on the belt if you wear any pants, jeans etc. Pen and paper don't need to be shown visually and you could have them in their slot even without clothes. That way radios don't need to be added as a starting gear but I'm not really against that.
  7. Are there games that have adaptive vsync available in their video settings? Nvidia adaptive vsync is working if you've Nvidia card. Not sure if AMD hasn't still made it available in their software.
  8. Inspired by Marek Spanel's Twitter will there be tides or are they already supported? This kind of thing would likely have some effect also for map design. Having sea level lower certain times of the day/year would make swimming on some places, just a walk or a smaller swim depending on how much tide there will be.
  9. As Dwarden said in Reddit if you've some memory leak crashes in DayZ, you can try Arma 3 memory allocators. They could maybe be more stable. Here's how to enable them and test: Copy tbb4malloc_bi and tbb4malloc_bi_x64 from .../Arma 3/dll folder Rename them for example tbb4malloc_bi -> test32 and tbb4malloc_bi_x64 -> test64 Now copy those renamed files in the .../DayZ/dll Go in Steam and set-up launch parameter. So right click DayZ -> properties -> launch properties Use the -malloc= launch parameter. Write in there either the 32-bit or the 64-bit one depending on what DayZ exe you use. Like this: -malloc=test64 or -malloc=test32
  10. Finally. At least I've been waiting this to happen for years. There are enough public servers that you don't need to give random people to rent more. This way you've more control and you can give public experience how you see it.
  11. Woah things are working better again and forums are bit more like they used to be :O /Man my signature is bit out of date :P Time to fix it
  12. You should monitor temperatures, processes, is something else using your CPU, how much RAM is used etc. There can be many kinds of reasons.
  13. Experimental has 1st person servers. They could make experimental 1st person only and still get many full servers. There was a time where most of the servers in experimental were 1st person and the amount of players and full servers was the same.
  14. I'm just waiting DayZ singleplayer and modding, so I can create and have singleplayer/coop. Never forget the first day experience in DayZ mod. I spawned near Cherno, there was a lot of shooting in Cherno so I headed there. There were about 15 other clueless people packed together trying to help each other to survive. Some people died and some more people join in while we were just defending against those crazy zombies. In the end I died on the dock like many of us, because zombies just kept coming and everyone started to run out of ammo. Rest of the people likely just fled but back then even that tactic wasn't really doing much. Zombies chased you through the map unless you accidentally used the buildings/hills tactic to get some really long distance between you and the zombies. Nobody knew those abuses yet back then. It was always interesting to go in NWAF, run away from it and see pack of 30 zombies chasing you to the next town. Without the uphill/house/tree abuses and endless stamina, the survival level of DayZ would've been nearly perfect. That's the point when I'm calling DayZ survival game again.