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  1. It's Been 6 Years

    Have to disagree with this. It just requires couple popular mods that can beat get the Life and other popular mode players from Arma 3 to DayZ and DayZ could see 20K player peaks daily just like Arma 3. Also some quick BR mode could bring players back from other games. They've soon milked the Arma 3 dry so it's time to plan DayZ support and DLC plans how to get those players from Arma 3 to DayZ.
  2. It's Been 6 Years

    I remember that DayZ was already announced dead 6 years ago... ;)
  3. I know, but be patient.

    I'm bit afraid they'll do that. They did it already with Arma 3 (campaign came later etc.)
  4. This is geting silly

    Nothing goes smooth in work (game development) ever ;) Bohemia is independent company, they're the producer, publisher and they collect the money. Well publishers don't likely step in at the beginning of making a new game engine that's suppose to be very complex and working on both PC and consoles. DayZ is a huge prototype for the future Bohemia and their games. At the same time they try to deliver modding friendly complex and beautiful game. I haven't upgraded my CPU because that's how slowly those are developing. I've a feeling that at this rate we will see v1.0 DayZ before I see a reason to do CPU/PC upgrade ;)
  5. Iron sights in 0.63-stress ?

    In the "View" tab the "Zoom In" unless they've changed it from the vol. 8.
  6. General Discussion

    0 crashes or disconnects for me in 1,5 hours so it was nice and smooth.
  7. General Discussion

    Used to different field of view maybe?
  8. Stress Test vol.6

    1,5h without a crash and dies once to zombies. Now I've an axe and I'm making sure with it not to die once more :P
  9. .63.. Some changes are for the worse.

    The new controls system for ADS etc. feels good. Just need to change controls to fit the old style like space for raise weapon, right mouse to aim and shift to hold breath. Stamina is an OK start but pretty meh. It isn't really doing anything currently because it's such a short term stamina and even more forgiving than what's in Arma 3. I'd say it would be better to increase the amount of stamina A LOT. Like 100 times or something like that, I don't know. Make it so it only regenerates if you walk or stand still Drain the stamina even when jogging Out of Stamina and you're going to walk or jog very slowly. There was a lot of good in Arma 3's old fatigue like animation slow downs that made you really think how you should move. But then the stamina came in and made it like stamina/fatigue doesn't even exist. This DayZ's system reminds a lot of the Arma 3's stamina and I'm not happy about it. You could just remove it because it doesn't do anything just like in Arma 3.
  10. Status Report - May 8, 2018

    Played the 0.63 for the first time (offline). You need any default key configuration suggestions? Changed those instantly to what I've been used to since Arma 2 and beginning of Arma 3.
  11. Thinking about buying, but steam reviews

    I recommend waiting if you can. The game is still heavily under development so you're not getting authentic survival experience yet but you can just get the feel of game mechanics and the world itself. Unless you've a friend to play with, I'd say at this rate check back at the end of 2018. Or if you're in to modding, then of course get the game when support for that is released.
  12. Weekly Status Report

    Status Report should be out today.
  13. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    My Summer Car has 2 plus some contributors (friends voice acting and making music). Project Zomboid has 4+ some contributors. Or should we go up and wonder how studios like Ubisoft and EA still hasn't made/published anything like DayZ even when they've much more money and they can offer huge amount of devs? One of the reasons is of course that it takes long time to do it and those giants are really hungry for money very quickly. You shouldn't look for how many developers there are. You should look what they're actually developing. Engine, art, content, simulation, how open the platform is for modding, realize bit of their marketing strategy and so on. When you want to have all those top level it really requires many people, man hours and of course good amount of money in the bank.
  14. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    The game was released like 3 years way too early. It isn't dead because it hasn't even born. 0.63 will be closer but still likely lacking a lot in gameplay challenge. So time will tell more. You can likely judge DayZ well when it's something like 0.70 version. When the EnScript should look pretty much like the scripting in Take On Mars, I can really see potential of many people getting in the modding more. https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/159486-scripting-language-for-take-on-mars/?tab=comments#comment-2501421 Many people have got some basic courses in C languages and that's pretty much what the new scripting language looks like to be. I never got myself in the SQF but this one looks like I could understand enough. There will be more players playing DayZ when it's released. Not sure how popular the actual DayZ will be but that's just a small fraction of the potential. There's potential getting people from rpg mods of Arma 3, GTA V and so on, when something like Life mods comes in DayZ. That's a lot of people. Also battle royal type of gamemode will 100% see the light also in DayZ. That can also get people back from PUBG, Fortnite, etc. when they want to see bit different gameplay. DayZ can surprass Arma 3's 30K peak players per day and I bet it will do that in 2020.