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  1. I don't think people understand Steam Workshop

    Some people don't know and most don't care. If you're in Discord, it's good to post those in #ip_rights_violations if you know that those mods don't have permission to reupload some .pbo's
  2. Combination lock whortless

    If you can just hold button like that then yeah, likely takes max 20mins for the lock if you need to go through every combination. So 30mins for 2 locks sounds like a normal scenario.
  3. Dayz 1.0 persistance BUG news

    This is and was the latest news. "The team is working on a permanent solution for the issue, but as this will take some time, we will temporarily enable this option, to hopefully ensure a better persistent gameplay experience." There might be some holidays currently so that's why it can take some time.
  4. Curing the cold

    My guess is to just survive (keep well fed and warm) 24-48h until it's over. Naturally if you find any medicine, try those. Could be that you should've waited like an hour or more. 30mins sounds bit short time to wait for the medicine doing it's tricks in game like DayZ.
  5. Force to walk rather than jog when out of stamima?

    You can't force walking when out of Stamina from there...
  6. It's snowing

    You better start to think and lean how developing is actually done if you think that adding some quick snowflakes takes time from some serious issues.
  7. Force to walk rather than jog when out of stamima?

    That place only has const variables.
  8. Anyone yet figured out ways to do this? I haven't have any success getting that result by editing/modding the StaminaHandler.c, Constants.c and EStaminaConsumers.c What is actually preventing player from sprinting, jumping and doing heavy melee attacks when out of stamina? Or how to actually add more things in that list, because just adding JOG or RUN in the enum list isn't enough?
  9. [SOLVED] Can't run Workbench anymore

    OK got it work now. Reinstalled couple more times. In the last time after installing the Tools, I played the game once, changed the default paths in the Tools because they were wonky and the Tools couldn't somehow recognize the game anymore and I did the below trick also
  10. I get this error when I try to launch the Workbench. I uninstalled the DayZ tools and re-installed them and it's still the same. First comes the Compile Error message. If I ignore it then comes the Crash Info.
  11. Experimental Update 0.63.149887

    OK thanks. These new icons are not doing their job well then... Water and food icons are very bad choices.
  12. Experimental Update 0.63.149887

    Could someone explain these new UI indicators in the low right corner? I'm bit confused with these new ones. Too bad there isn't any tooltip floating when you bring mouse over those to say in words what they mean. I've no idea what is thirst, what's blood, what's food, and what on earth are those two on the right? For me I read them as like this: Bacteria, Temperature, Shock, Blood, Health, Injury?
  13. Night is a problem.

    Holy hell it's dark in the experimental nights. It really just shouts to abuse control panel settings so you can see at least something. Game requires bit better seeing than in real life because you can't feel in game if you are running against the wall. I can still abuse gamma, brightness and contrast with Nvidia Control Panel to be able to see something in the night. Currently it's really required in the pitch black night.
  14. PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    Yep. After seeing what happened to FO76 I really wonder how they even have balls to "release" the game now. Well in 2 days I'll see if I leave first negative game review in Steam. When you leave beta and early access, the game should've well working core and only minor bugs. DayZ doesn't need any PR disaster but with this early release it has potential to achieve it. Is it Microsoft, some investor or something like that squeezing the trigger? I just don't get it how BIS is calling crystal clear beta products as full released games. Arma 3 was the same and now they do the same with DayZ. Arma 3 missed singleplayer campaign that's one of the core elements of Arma and I feel like DayZ is also missing "campaign" though in this game it just means the gameplay is still lame (and likely still pretty buggy). The game will likely start to shine at the end of 2019 or bit later when the actual out-of-beta stage has been achieved.
  15. PC 1.0 Release Date Announcement

    OK for the dev team, DayZ moves to 1.0. For us consumers I see it as beta. I don't expect me much playing this until the end of the next year. Going to do some modding and scripting though. Only if I can do or find enough satisfying experience, I'll likely host a server for me and couple of friends. The vanilla public experience isn't good yet...