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  1. Status Report 7 November 2017

    First thing I would do is to disable stamina from zombies and increase their running speed to be the same or very close as naked player running. Another thing in my mind is to slow player down when hit bit like in L4D so you can't escape without fighting the zombies around you. Those things kind of were in the mod already. Something needs to be done in standalone so the player gets tied in combat with the zombies and those two things I mentioned earlier would be step in the right direction.
  2. http://www.dayztv.com/standalone/dayz-console-port-xbox-one-ps4/ May 2013: Dean Hall talks about console port during E3 2013 They already had consoles in mind very early. So they should've had some vision already for something like Enfusion engine happening that fits the consoles. Likely in smaller scale but still engine that fits even the consoles. So they knew they would do more if the game sells well. Some games have tried to go through Kickstarter but early access is easier way to fund the game early on and that's what has happened on some games. Then the reasons why it was released so early: - Other survival zombie games were trying to grip on some sales so there was pressure coming from that way. Hicks have talked about it and probably Dean Hall also. They didn't need to sell well but of course they really wanted to sell well ;) - Sell on the hype while it still was there. A good way to fund things. - Dean Hall was leaving the Bohemia. They likely need to release before the leave or it would've looked bad in public. The release showed that it would take easily even 2 years to complete DayZ even if they had remained with the RV engine base. At least that was my opinion when I first time fired up the game. But the sales were good, so they started to look for more options like a totally new engine that can play on consoles also and be the base for future titles from BIS. When you think about that, it hasn't really taken a too long time yet. When they realized they should actually do Enfusion, the development team was pretty small. They naturally hired more people and hiring people in this kind of project slows up the development for some time at first. Eugene at least has talked about that in some conferences. Releasing DayZ on early access so early wasn't good move if you think about the state of the game and consumer. But in long term and financially thinking it was likely the right move for the company and future BIS games because they now have a great chance with the Enfusion engine. I think there is still nothing in the market, other than RV, that can come close to what Enfusion can offer.
  3. Status Report 24 October 2017

    It means the file is hosted in image.ibb.co that's the same as imgbb.com and it gets blocked by that reason. Likely someone's avatar is uploaded in that site. I assume you're using Malwarebytes: "MB is claiming that the ImgBB site is hosting or can host ransomware and so they are blocking the domain."
  4. Too loud wind.

    Wind constantly blowing is realistic the the day is very windy. The wind parameters are likely set up close to the max now and it's likely not set up to change much from that. Is your feedback about wind constantly blowing too hard, which is likely set-up that way for testing purposes, so you can hear the wind more and see the trees bend, or that the sound is just too loud? Because those two are very different things.
  5. Too loud wind.

    Yeah I also listened the youtube videos and I don't experience too loud wind. Especially when you compare the bird and breathing sound, the wind sound is pretty mild. It's pretty interesting that OP says there's a problem, because usually recorded video sounds like what the user has experienced. Maybe soundcard/heaphones don't like those kind of sounds? Or just a bad driver? I'd really suggest plug in speakers or some other sound equipment and listen if it sounds the same with that. Preferably with a different soundcard if possible. What sound equipment @SeizLex you've?
  6. Yes likely even less because they didn't give the game for public.
  7. Get Rid of the BLOOD TYPES

    Good suggestion. Hopefully this gets implemented.
  8. Sounds cuts out with new headset. ONLY in DayZ?

    Does this happen with 64-bit DayZ or both? Try use the 32-bit one. Does Arma 3 belong in those played games? Any similar issues in there within few years with your headset? I think the same issue has been happening also in that game for many people before. Google those. Are you using virtual surround? Try to disable it and go for stereo only. What sound drivers those headset use? Maybe you've missed the 64-bit version drivers?
  9. .63 ETA ?

    0.63 will be a nice improvement but I've a feeling we need to wait some more patches for good zombies. The engine improvements are huge in 0.63. Just need gameplay improvements after that and that's what beta will most likely be.
  10. Will DayZ Ever Go Full Price ?

    It will go to 50-60€ for the full release. Then there will be some summer and winter sales that drop the price and after a year or two the base price drops. That's how I see it.
  11. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    One little add. Also remove zoom from 3rd person. (Or remove the whole 3rd person if you're somehow going to remove the whole eye zoom... That's more broken thing.)
  12. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    I would be ok with no zoom or less zoom when running because you don't really focus much when moving fast. Walking and standing still needs focus mode.
  13. Status Report - 12 September 2017

    Ahh the every year flu/fever season. I've also catch it now twice in three weeks and everyone I know have been sick recently. Sounds like a nice approach on the death animations. Hopefully those work well. At least the gif looks perfect.
  14. Anyone left who likes jogging instead of sprinting?

    I pretty much never sprint because it consumes energy and water more.