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  1. Ahh the every year flu/fever season. I've also catch it now twice in three weeks and everyone I know have been sick recently. Sounds like a nice approach on the death animations. Hopefully those work well. At least the gif looks perfect.
  2. I pretty much never sprint because it consumes energy and water more.
  3. Say one reason to not play 1080p over 900p on a 1080p monitor other than GPU can't handle the pixel count? Because I have hard time to understand your post in this topic. Or are you meaning that smaller monitor guy should play higher resolution like 4K? Your post wasn't clear about that.
  4. Umm what? Resolution only increases pixel in the same amount of space. There is no difference in model size on your screen between 720p and 1080p. Changing resolution doesn't have anything to do with fov. They are separate things.
  5. So if I have set 75 degrees fov I can't see as well as people with 43 degrees of fov because it doesn't zoom? The minimum requirement is that there should be zoom that goes to that minimum fov or the system is flawed.
  6. Yeah at least the default keybinds they have been thinking sounds don't really sound good. I know I'll do it so spacebar is for raise hands, rmb aim and left shoot. Middle will be for actions. Hopefully it can be configured that way and one key isn't so that it makes many things unless wanted. One thing I'm wondering will there be hold breath at all then? That would be another button to hold down when shooting if they don't allow toggle :D
  7. Do you need to hold down right mouse to bring your hands up, then also hold middle to aim and left to shoot? Sounds very bad system if so.
  8. Just noticed when I watched more closely that there is separate stamina for sprinting if I see right? Pretty cool and it should hopefully be flexible to mod.
  9. Oh new stuff already came 22nd. Was expecting seeing something new today.
  10. Is the energy and water consumption fixed yet so you won't be disadvantaged when just walking? It at least consumed way more than running in the same distance. I did this once couple years ago. The game should force to do that way more. The experience is way better that way and the area actually feels like 225km2.
  11. If possible go for used GPU. At least prices for used one here are: 1070 8GB - 400€ 980Ti 6GB - 350€ 980 4GB - 250€ Everyone of those are better than 1060 except they take bit more power. Just if you want to save some money in there because of the mining influence on pricing.
  12. Not sure how cloudy it is defined in the settings to be at that point. The volumetric clouds have weird sky blue color and it is bit hard to tell how cloudy it really is. Your pictures might be from very cloudy conditions even though the sky looks pretty blue. But you can be right. At least your after pictures look good for a clear day.
  13. Wrong forum section and topic. This is about the standalone but you are talking about the Arma 2 mod. Also different dev team.
  14. Not only this fixed DayZ but it seems like fixing other games also!