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  1. Wrong forum section and topic. This is about the standalone but you are talking about the Arma 2 mod. Also different dev team.
  2. Not only this fixed DayZ but it seems like fixing other games also!
  3. Hey can you link the MSI Afterburner topic? The embedded link in the topic doesn't work for me... /Ah found it. Your forum post link embedding might be bit broken or something :P
  4. Beware of the GPU prices currently. Many recommended GPUs can cost a lot more than they should due to shortage in stocks. Crypto currency miners suddenly bought stocks empty.
  5. Stamina should regenerate if you walk except if you have way too much weight. The more weight the slower top speed. When you are out of stamina you are pretty much forced to walk. And of course with too much weight you run out of stamina so quickly so it's the same if you try to run because you're out of stamina pretty much instantly.
  6. Do ghillie suits still render player invisible after like 100m? It was like that long time ago so it was hard to spot a running ghillie on the middle of a road... That's one of the reasons why old one was good because it was basically a cheat to make you invisible unless beign very close.
  7. Didn't even know game can block those kind of things or is the BattlEye blocking it? Would be nice if you could have auto-walk. Auto-run is bit meh. Can you even auto-walk?
  8. With the old Arma 3 stamina it was slower but then they arcade it for the casuals after some months (or was it even a year) of reading all the crying. So maybe you remember the old system or some old videos because there isn't basically any stamina left in the Arma 3 anymore, only a sprint bar. I've very little faith on new stamina after that move even though this is different team. IMO the speed needs to decrease a lot in this game. Generally to like 4-8km/h and possible to sometimes sprint if needed. Not to mention that the map would feel much bigger, zombies would be threat and it's easier to program zombies hit slow player than some olympic runner. Though it's fun to troll those KoS people when you can just run around them and shout all kinds of things before they finally hit. I haven't done any banditry ever and I think I never will until there's some actual reson to do it. Currently it would be like doing banditry in PUBG.
  9. Posting just in case the ticket
  10. To be honest I wouldn't mind the sound stuff much yet. There are likely a lot of some placeholder stuff and things are still likely missing directional audio. Knowing how awesome walking in a forest in Arma 3 sounds with the same sound engine when a lot of the stuff is directional, I would just give devs some time. Of course if something is clearly a bug it's good to report. It's interesting to see if they run in the same virtual surround bugs in this game because those can ruin some people's game.
  11. Yeah it has been said in some reports that they are planning to support the game for 5 years after full release or so. It's pretty easy to believe when you watch how much and long Arma has got support after release.
  12. Is it too much to make it so that grass gets down in small radius where there are items on the ground? I would guess dev team has think about that also? I would prefer that kind of solution for items in grass.
  13. Doesn't matter what game, the facebook is always full of those people. A lot of the questions in the social media are always the same old questions that have been answered thousands of times through the years. I bet the DayZ twitter gets at least 5 questions in a day about the console release alone.
  14. In PVE or private server or singleplayer they can work well and be cool to build. But there's nothing to gain in normal hostile DayZ environment in my opinion.
  15. Very cool stuff. Enscript looks like many people can get in it pretty quickly. Wasn't it heart attack that killed most of the players in the very early days? When you just ran everywhere you could die soon "out of nowhere" because the status messages didn't tell too much.