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  1. A tool to restart your server in defined time periods with the ability to lock the server and kick all players. Gitlab repository: https://gitlab.com/dayz-russia/dzrcon Russian forum: https://dayzrussia.com/f/index.php?threads/4583/ P.s. Anyone knows how to get server uptime from RCON? 🙂 I would gladly update this tool with a checkbox that will count delay from uptime, not from app launch.
  2. DZR_Mikhail

    Status Report - 26 Nov 2015

    Thank you so much Brian. Some of those question haven't had a proper answer for months if not years :) That's why they got stacked so numerous in Russian community (yes I collect most interesting of them and wait for a chance to ask the team). We have another 20-30 pending. I'll be releasing them in small doses. I appreciate your work and value your time, so I won't make another wall of text next time, because I fear you just get tired of such massive Q&A and run away :) No one wants it.
  3. DZR_Mikhail

    Status Report - 26 Nov 2015

    Hi Brian Have you considered "fake death" animation and "imitate zombie walk"? Just imagine what situations it may bring. Do you plan to introduce boats? Craftable? Helicopters now have much complex maintenance\repair\setup, but will they be more complex to fly compared to Arma? Any chance to see ToH flight model? Hands get bloody. Will clothes get bloody too and washable? May be other stains besides blood (oil, fuel,)? Will the player hands or face get just dirty, not just bloody? Any plans on adding sleep to restore stamina quicker, to heal wounds or fractures faster etc.? Will we be able to use car batteries for other electricity needs? There are inverters that make car battery generate full 220-240 volts. The car can act as a fuel generateor as well. Will zombies be grabbing players, trying to bite their neck and make them fall to the ground, instead of punchung and tearing? Have you considered a soccer ball? A fully physics enabled ball to play football\soccer on those great football field in Chernarus? Basketball? Hitting a zombie in the head with a good throw of a basball? Will we see bandages on the players body parts? Bloody bandages? Have you considered player corpses degrade? Skeletons in Cherno! Take a skull of your enemy to your base, put it on a pole. Why we can use animal guts, bones etc for crafting, but we can only eat human meat from player corpses? Human body has much more useful bones than wild boars. Is it possible (after killing a driver) to keep the steering and throttle as it was at the moment of death, so that vehicle turns speeding to the side, opposed to unrealistically heading straight decreasing speed? Have you considered making a binocular react to a mousewheel as a focus tuning as in real life? Will we ever be able to hide under beds or in those wardrobes? Alien Isolation style. Any chance we could possibly be able to get over much higher fences and walls? Escape through windows? Thank you in advance. And thanks for DayZ :)
  4. DZR_Mikhail

    Learning how to craft different things by reading books

    This is the exact answer I wanted to post myself. Another thing is that as far as I know, there won't be any global crafting menu, like, you know, in other games. Where you just can browse all the recepies and see how much resources you need. For example Life is Feudal - you can set up a placeholder for a castle right from the start of the game with minimum skills, see what is required, but you need weeks and weeks of hard work in a team to build one. DayZ, as stated in the concept by Dean Hall, will be more of a exploring craft. You will get a menu and see the reciepe only after you actually HAVE the resources in your inventory and can combine them. I believe new crafting menu will be just a revamp of the interface, not something like changing it to a full recipe menu.
  5. DZR_Mikhail

    This suggestion will stop most Server hopers

    When stamina comes to game, we could reduce stamina to something very critical when reconnecting to a server. You can think about it as a long journey from one distant location (server) to another. So it's like a resource for travelling. You join the server very exhausted after a long journey. You can walk slowly, etc, even shoot, but you require some time to replenish the stamina and become fully effective looter\fighter. It may compensate both for loot farming and combat logging, maybe. Tell me what you think.
  6. DZR_Mikhail

    Food (True ChernoRussian style).

    Great idea. Same must be done with clothes. We need valenki, fufaika, vatniki, proper ushanka (not modern one), rukavitsi etc.
  7. Topic closed. Feature implemented. Thanks Rocket.
  8. RU \ Klingon Changelog Translation http://dayzrussia.com/wiki/index.php?title=
  9. OMG, this day has come! He saw it and even read it!!! Thanks Dean, This is fantastic news. We're totally happy. This made my day. Your dedicated fans from distant Klingon Federation.
  10. It's hight time to vote up this document at Rocket's AMA - http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1vulr2/i_am_dean_rocket_hall_creator_of_dayz_and/cevx90i
  11. Gosh, such great feedback. Thanks guys. This means a lot for us. Really. Yeah, some ideas are strange, some too difficult, some are contradicting the others, some for fun, some are serious... The purpose is to inspire and make you think beyond common limits. Pity Rocket ignores this document for some reason. Never told a single word about it, never replied. When I chat with him, all is fine. When I mention the Russian presentation... he gets silent and is irresponsive ... as if there is some taboo or directive "not to react or comment on Mikhail's community work". Spooky and sad. I don't really know what I want most, to hear Rocket comment on the document or hear him explain why he is ignoring it SO violently :) But I wish it's just my paranoia and one day Rocket comes, as if nothing happened and told: Good work guys, I noted some thing down into dev plan." Or at least, "Bad ideas. Go away" would suffice...
  12. Visited the Suggestions forum just now and saw lots of ideas, that are already in our presentation. So I'm reviving this thread and for all "suggesters", please, have a look at it. You will find a lot of good suggestions and inspiration for more.
  13. Hopeless... Recent changelog "Editable character name in main menu" for buddah's sake... not again... sigh facepalm I thought they'd leave Steam username as it is. Almost worked... almost identity. You could in many cases know who played with you... at least something stable and trusted... But no. Let's bring back the anonymous clone farm... Now the anonymous legion at least dressed differently, but still change names at will. Rocket would hate me for such words, though I'm his fanboy. But this particular nickname issue drives me up the wall for some reason. Dear dev, why bringing character names at all if they're changed at any time without consequence? Let's remove character names from the game at all. Why you bother calling your character Rocket, while anyone can call himself ROcket and do whatever they want. Why WOW has permanent character naming? Because their character have PERMALIFE. They never ever die. They ressurect ith all the life and progress, but loose some gear. In DayZ we have permaDEATH. Characters actually die. Even in WOW they can't be renamed at will with immortal characters... In DayZ chrs die like fleas, renamed at will... Strange it's not obvious that it is ruining social aspect. I'm not talking about some guy ruinin ma evenin' gamez... The game and it's atmosphere is comprized of many aspects. While Rocket drives all the force into weapon mods, fantastic clothing system, incredible health and biological aspects to it's most realistic state ever in the game industry... He completely ignores and gives no damn about anything social. Gestures? Clothes? 4 skin tones? ... But still no face. Yes, now it's waay easier to identify your teammate. No complaints for that part. But we're missing a huge social perspective. Personality in DayZ... not just a character to die of axe in 7 minutes. Sorry for whining. Just a bit aggressive and pissed off for some reason about this point in changelog. Consider it as a post to noone. I hope Rocket never sees this and I forget this idea. A stupid idea no one seems to need. My last post here. Call me when\IF ROcket replies here. Thanks for support and feedback, but it's wise to bury this unnedded stuff. I'll trust Rocket again.. though wait for private hives and mod tools and create permaidentity for my servers at least.
  14. RU \ Klingon Changelog Translation http://dayzrussia.com/wiki/index.php?title=