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  1. How many people here do legit real banditry?

    This is probably the most true when it comes to reasons for not interacting with people in DayZ. With well over 90% of DayZ content being about PVP its only natural that people will gravitate towards that instead of banditry. It's the easier route rather then having to make an effort to rob someone. As DayZ comes along I am excited to see more and more things implemented to bring back interactions where its not like pulling teeth to get someone to interact, but more so something that should be done to create a better experience for the survival game.
  2. Where are you Guys findings hunting scopes on 0.61 stable?

    Random hunting stands, on sporters in random houses, sometimes inside hunting jackets in houses, sheds or hunting stands.
  3. no luck finding any kind of ammo

    Lots of good tips already here. But, what I think you're missing is you're focusing on ammo way too early after spawning. It is in fact possible to find ammo on the coast you just have to look in the right places for it, which it doesn't sound like you are. And you might be passing up tons of ammo because you may not be looking for it in the right way. Like Excanto suggested above, open your inventory and walk in the area suspected to have the ammo. Many times, as you may have already seen, ammo doesn't always come in the form of a box. Often you will find a loose pile of it laying randomly on a floor to first glance you cannot see. I find more loose piles of ammo over boxes. Ammo can be found in the following places (IME): - Vehicles (vehicles with doors and trunks that open) *best place IMO* - On the metal and wooden shelves in houses - On stoves (ranges) in houses *next best place* - On smaller tables and night stands in houses - On and near the stone and metal fireplaces in some houses - Sometimes randomly in the middle of the floor in houses (not often but it happens) Mind you that when I say 'best place and next best' above it is apart from the obvious places; i.e. police stations, military areas, etc. I'm purely thinking of finding ammo on the coast to help answer your question. For me, this is how a typical run after spawning goes. Find knife/axe/or make improvised knife, find can of food to hold me over, find backpack or make improvised, then look for guns and ammo. You're only starving because your priorities are a little mixed up. Hope this helped. Have fun!
  4. REMOVE ''Player Kill Count'' from newui

    To be honest, that happens anyway regardless. IMO, the K/D counter should be left out. Leave that with the other FPS games.
  5. Hey tripl_b, I'm Prin. I am responding to your post on the Dayz forums regarding your search for other people to play with. I wanted to invite you to play sometime with me and the others I play with. I play with other seasoned players anywhere from 2-6 people, depending on who joins in at the time. The guys I play with range in age from 23 and up (with the exception of one guy who is 17 but is pretty mature for his age). I am 31 and from Texas. We are pretty laid back bunch who keep our options open as far as play style. Whether it is PVP or a little RP we joke around with each other to keep it fun. Message me or add me to steam if you think you'd be interested (princessfluffybutt).

    1. tripl_b


      Cool.  I sent an invite on Steam.

  6. Fight the Dead Fear the Living is a NEW private whitelist server on DayZ SA! Come on this journey with us and create your own story. Who will you become? FDFL Whitelisted Perks: --> Private Whitelisted server for a better experience --> Organic Roleplay between members --> Multiple Teamspeak Rooms --> Designated Kill Zones --> Active and Friendly Community --> Streamer Friendly --> Community Events --> No Kill on Site (KoS) --> Trader Zones --> Official Settlements Join the Community and Get Whitelisted Today! ::FDFL Whitelist:: Follow us on our social media! Twitter YouTube Website
  7. #DayZ Logic

    Lol, this makes me think of being at the NWAF and having the ability to track people purely based on smell and fly buzzing sounds. I can see it now...a guy making his best attempt to hide in a tree as you make your way up the airfield and you suddenly get the message "something smells like crap" then you come in the area and your character clenches their nose and you let the flies lead you to them! Brilliant! On the other hand, Dayz logic: - picking up your gun can make you slide around on an invisible hover board. - you can eat over 10 apples and be fine. - searching for a stone when they are clearly all right there leads to you spending 10mins looking for a stone in a bunch of stones with no luck.
  8. Natural Born Psychos

    How did you not get that guy point blank! Gotta love DayZ. Funny ending! :D
  9. Experimental & Recent update troubles.

    I was having Battleye issues with DayZ not starting all of a sudden as well and this worked for me. Try to go to the Battleye website and re-download the approporiate download for your system (32-bit or 64-bit) here (http://www.battleye.com/downloads/). Then navigate to your Battleye folder where you have your games installed. For most people it will be the following: c:\program files (x86)\steam\SteamApps\common\DayZ\Battleye. Once in your Battleye folder, replace the old BEService_x64.exe with the new one you just downloaded. Try to start the game and see if that helps.
  10. Experimental & Recent update troubles.

    This may be a obvious question, but are you allowing DayZ to re-download from stable to experimental? Depending on your internet connection it can take a few moments. If you are, then try going into the Properties and verifying the game and trying to start DayZ again.
  11. Looking For RP Server

    Fight the Dead, Fear the Living IP: DayZ Underground IP: play.dayzunderground.com:2502
  12. DayZ - Comedy Genius

    Lol. Too funny! I think everyone should at least do this once in their lifetime.
  13. HELP

    Could of been a hacker. You could see if you could get in touch with the admins of the server and they can look into it for you. There are glitches where you suddenly die, but those are usually in buildings or coming down stairs, etc. I've not seen any yet where you suddenly die in the open. And your bodies might have disappeared because there are different time limits on items when not interacted with by players.
  14. Good private server?

    You should check out the following: Fight the Dead, Fear the Living IP: DayZ Underground IP: play.dayzunderground.com:2502
  15. No IV Start Kits?

    I've yet to find saline anything since the update. It's not just you. But if you'd like your blood tested or would like to walk around looking like a dr in scrubs, you're set.