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  1. MatchboxChick

    Compass always wrong?

    I've had a compass that didn't work so many times, basically I stopped using them because there are so many times it took me the wrong way. Now I just use the maps from my ipad and I don't ever have a problem.
  2. MatchboxChick

    Did .53 remove sunglasses?!?

    Was thinking the same thing. Can't find anymore sunglasses.
  3. MatchboxChick

    Want 40+ FPS in big citys? Click here!

    I think I can put up with slight loss of FPS until the developers deal with it. But thanks for the video. I am sure people will find this valuable.
  4. MatchboxChick

    Hanging people

    I for one like the idea, is it needed? No. But do I like it, yes.
  5. MatchboxChick

    Poisoning Players

    Oh I will make this work, I will test this out on a bambi and they'll drink whatever I give them because 'Bambi' (no food or drink)
  6. MatchboxChick

    Poisoning Players

    Of course not..
  7. MatchboxChick

    Poisoning Players

    But won't it say "drink gasoline" or something?? I can't afford to be made a fool if I am "helping" someone lol
  8. MatchboxChick

    Poisoning Players

    Can you explain, because this would be pretty neat.... not that I would betray my own friends but a fresh spawn maybe
  9. MatchboxChick

    Poisoning Players

    So what if you could soft kill other players. We are always using pistols, rifles, bows, axes, force feeding after capturing etc but a way which wasn't as straight forward and didn't involve the other "friendly" even knowing. So an example. John and Jane discover eachother and form a new friendship, however John had found poison and by no mistake he wanted Jane's Rifle and gear. Jane says she is thirsty. John and Jane separate to find water. John finds a canteen in the piano house but uses his poison and leaves the canteen where he found it. John says he couldn't find anything and regroups with Jane. Jane asks if John searched the Piano house, John says no. Jane goes to the Piano house and finds the canteen which has been secretly sabotaged. Jane selects Drink All. Jane after 10 minutes feels sick. John: Are you ok? Jane: I don't know why but I think my character might be sick John: I'll get help *Jane's health declines and eventually dies*
  10. MatchboxChick

    Player activated environment sounds

    I love this idea. I hope if they choose to implement it that it is done right.
  11. MatchboxChick

    Logging in and out of Servers

    the 2 hour thing I was talking about would only mean you recieve a 10% health bonus if you stayed offline, you don't have to wait 2 hours to play again. Only for the benefit. Also, I haven't seen or played Rust, so I didn't know they had already done this. Besides, sleeping to save a game or log out isn't exactly a fresh idea, GTA and many others have also done this. I guess seeing how DayZ is about survival, immersive oneself in the game by showing our character nodding off for the night and then waking up when we return to play shows how we carry on in our game.
  12. MatchboxChick

    Logging in and out of Servers

    So I have this idea which I would like to run past the community and hopefully down the roads if/when it passes the approval of the masses reaches the developers. So, I noticed that combat logging is a bit of an issue, but this idea isn't to really to combat that. I propose an idea of introducing sleeping bags. No, not as an item which we find. But as a feature which all players in-game would own permenantly and by using it, you activate an animation which should last no more then 7 or so seconds of your character setting up a spot to sleep in thier bag on the ground and as soon as they do their character logs off. On the same note, perhaps even making a sleeping bag an item and by using it as such and staying logged off for minimum fo 2 hours, your character is 10% healthier etc. Otherwise your character can use the sleeping animation where they will simply cuddle themselves and sleep and recieve no health benefits however remain the same as when they fell asleep. As it stands now, our characters go into this odd standing up, turning heads, random animations and then an abrupt disappearance of the character and I believe down the road during development, as an idea simple and also paints a finer picture of our characters living in this bleak world of discomfort, hardship and trying to carry on like a true survivor. I can't imagine it taking long to implement if this became a serious idea down the road though I am not a developer. What are your thoughts on it?
  13. MatchboxChick

    What is the nicest thing you have done in DayZ

    A fresh spawn who I found in Krastonav, I created an improvised back pack and gave him directions to NWEF since he was headed in that direction.
  14. MatchboxChick

    How to drive uphill in truck?

    First tell me how to find trucks =P
  15. MatchboxChick

    Can anyone explain this?

    ah lol thanks. What a troll.