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    Forum vets: are you still playing?

    i dont think we will see those anytime soon unless the modders help us. Bicycles and a chopper(s) should have been in the game a looong time ago.
  2. liquidcactus

    Infected Should Be Able To Break Down Doors

    Your join date sais 27 december 2017 ? weirdo
  3. liquidcactus

    Forum vets: are you still playing?

    Who came back for 1.0 ? I'm still pretty into dayz despite its flaws etc.. I like to try and make story type videos via the editor these dayz
  4. liquidcactus

    no where to run to where to hide - dayz visual cinematic

    Hey, Nice one. Do you use Red Giant products like universe to make this video ? I also like to make dayz cinematics check out my first.
  5. liquidcactus

    NV scope free to a good home

    There is head set goggles in the game files but it isnt officialy in game yet. Night last for all different varying times on PC so I'm guessing you guys are on xbox. NVS is worth its weight in gold on a night time server where night lasts hr+
  6. Hello, So I have recently got the dayz editor and ooh baby am I pumped to make some dayz stories with it (i hope we can save file sometime soon, shit damn) However, after a day of using and getting use to it i started encountering an error that would not let me launch it anymore. I decided to delete the editor and reinstall it. And received the following errors Error 1: File C:\Users\liquid\OneDrive/Documents\DayZ\DayZ.cfg, line 31: .PostFX: Member already defined. ---- Now i tried a fix for this but i could not edit the DayZ.cfg file to delete the duplicate so i deleted the editor and then received the following error. Error 2: Windows cannot find DayZ_x64exe. Make sure yo have typed the name correctly, then try again. Now i seen someone suggest to fix this by editing a file from run of which i cant remember exactly what file it was too replace Diag infront of DayZ_x64.exe or vice versa. That did not work. Even uninstall/reinstall dayz didnt seem to work at all. Anyone else have the same annoying problem ? is it because the editor is in its infancy ? Perhaps i will hold off my dedication until there is a save feature and this issue isnt so persistent.
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    Yes but are they (devs) ever going to make the para/folding stocks actualy foldable ? or do we rely on the army of modders ?
  8. liquidcactus

    What Is The Best Movie Ever Made ?

    swiss army man
  9. liquidcactus

    Do not trust list 4173

  10. liquidcactus

    Can we make this game a little bit smarter

    Yes to all of this but i think alot of people should know that alot of this(ideas) is up to the server owners more so than the dayz devs. The devs are not going to do alot to make the game harder, they are just giving us all the tools and hopefully we get good servers with survival apsects more so than these high loot no stamina bullshit pvp servers
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    How was your Day(Z)?

    heh, didnt notice that !
  12. liquidcactus

    How was your Day(Z)?

    Welcome to DayZ
  13. liquidcactus

    1 Month back to DayZ, a couple suggestions. (short and sweet)

    The 3 button aim was an odd choice. Its also in hunt: showdown. Its a real pain in the arse and takes some time getting use to, especially in a heated combat situation. Well lets whip a big swear for this one. Its kinda just.. fucked
  14. Hello! I edited night time footage of dayz into a more cinematic experience. I consider it to be a showcase of how good DayZ night time game play can be. I think night time is a totaly different experience. I love it. I was lucky to get such good footage for this despite youtube make the qulaity of the video lower. It's a hard task finding the right settings to render for youtube without loosing quality in the video. I think maybe uploading a huge damn file may keep more quality. hmmm Watch with headphones. Please leave a comment.
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    DayZ Horror - Alone In The Dark With A Shotgun

  16. liquidcactus

    The Most Incompetent Police Force In Chernarus..

    haha you called them sluts thats awesome i call baddies and people i dont like sluts too
  17. liquidcactus

    Lucille is Thirsty & She's AWESOME! :D

    What did the first idiot with the yellow helmet say at the very start ?
  18. liquidcactus

    383 Hours Played and I find my 1st Heli Crash...

    I have not seen a crash site since .62 and even back then they were not spawning anything exciting. Can anyone else drop a comment on what you have found at a crashsite of recent that would be considered to be worthy ?
  19. liquidcactus

    Looking for a Homie

    maybe start a go fund me for a much needed dayz squad. the game is hard people would may understand. But remember also.. you need a sob story in the write up to get ppl to want to donate also ;)
  20. liquidcactus

    character selection

    Yes indeed, on pc, alot of the hair of the character glitches through alot of headwear etc. I find it pretty immersion breaking especially in a crew. You could set the character you exactly wanted before spawning but its not working atm. I havent done this my self (respawn til i get certain char) yet but i always consider respawning until i get a bald character but i havent died in the last 2 weeks so no need to yet :D I can tell you now it will be fixed one day but who knows when.
  21. liquidcactus

    Wolf Spawn inside closed house

    The AI tends to not spawn inside buildings but they can wonder in if the doors are open (Aswell as players locking them inside) Other than that i see you guys are somewhat new here and there has been something of a problem since dayz birth with monsters glitching through doors and walls. However, this issue seems to be alot better these days then it use to be. I have played 50 hrs the past month or so and i havent seen it happen but it still goes on. There use to be a time when no door was safe. Heh. ANYWAY, I made this video after some interesting wolf action I had at Gvozdno. I spawned in and started recording and 2 wolves attacked the house I was at without me triggering them. There is a distant howl but I added that effect in so they must have already been in the area. As you watch on I keep playing and finding alot of action in the town with zombies wolves and a cow.
  22. liquidcactus

    I'm sorry if I killed you, but safety comes first.

    Yes, I think the op gave up because he wasnt pissing anyone off here and we all laughed at him. If this post worked I'm sure it would be buried to the graveyard by now.
  23. liquidcactus

    Ghilies In The Box And A Criticism Of The Current State Of DayZ

    Well i dont know what server you play on but im guessing its public. The thing is also. With modding tools etc alot of people are catering there servers towards the types of elements you explain. Or atleast pvp fest -no stamina + uber loot. This is why most people who have played dayz for a while, know and want a good experience in dayz, will play on a private hive. No server swapping. No bullshit and should always be 1pp. unlike what you have experienced here. It its better to just find your slice of dayz (private hive that fits you) You need to play on a hardcore server. 1st person perspective is how dayz should be in my oppinion. I feel so much safer on 1pp servers. I'm currently on dayzdownunder - whitelisted community server and its been pretty damn great. Try to get onto a whitelis server also
  24. liquidcactus

    I'm sorry if I killed you, but safety comes first.

    This is definitely a confession from a 14 yo internet bad arse. LOL.