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    Cars and zombies

    Hello, I would say its important for you to first understand that some of the mechanics in the game is not exaclty in a desirable state. There is still a shit load of mechanics that dont work as intended and one of the biggest issues is still the vehicles. Version 1.0 is a bit of a joke to alot of people and was somewhat rushed out. You will never be able to fire from cars at this point. i have been safe inside vehicles it just sounds like you had some bad luck untop of half glitchy old dayz.
  2. liquidcactus

    Looking to build a server with a person or a group of people

    Hi Boris, Welcome to the forums. It's a better idea to add more info for what you want to acheive with your server. The country you are in, the time you play, what type of server you would like to start, mods ? Add some description to your orignal post to entice the forum members. EDIT: Excellent !
  3. liquidcactus

    I Don't Want To Sound Like A Broken Record, but...

    Ahhh yes thats rather unfortunate. Damn that could take ages too. Me and a freind were arrested by a bunch of UN members sometime ago, they had been attacked by a bandit sniper and searched my back pack for a red arm band, It was a very engaging experience. The community servers a the best.
  4. liquidcactus

    I Don't Want To Sound Like A Broken Record, but...

    So are you guys playing on public hive ?? Cause if so i would switch to a community server. Thats where less dickheads and more serious players like to play. I'm in Australia and i play on dayzdownunder and its an excellent community of like minded players who want to play the game as it was intended.
  5. Hello! I edited night time footage of dayz into a more cinematic experience. I consider it to be a showcase of how good DayZ night time game play can be. I think night time is a totaly different experience. I love it. I was lucky to get such good footage for this despite youtube make the qulaity of the video lower. It's a hard task finding the right settings to render for youtube without loosing quality in the video. I think maybe uploading a huge damn file may keep more quality. hmmm Watch with headphones. Please leave a comment.
  6. liquidcactus

    DayZ Horror Story - Alone In The Dark With A Shotgun

    Has anyone had issues launching the editor ? I'm making a second dayz horror story and i get errors when trying to launch the editor ??
  7. liquidcactus

    New item: Empty can

    Yes ! i remember thinking how rad that was as a technique to pass through big streets of cherno and elektro
  8. liquidcactus

    New item: Empty can

    I member in the early mod days you could throw a can to distract a zomb. Some times if you were very unlucky/lucky, after throwing it the can could glitch and turn into a grenade and would explode. No joke(s)
  9. liquidcactus

    HUGE Stamina mechanics improvement

    Very good ideas. The fading of the vision is an excellent idea i think. I have a pretty good feeling lots of peoples ideas like this, will be mods long before you could even hope that the devs will want to put a feature like this in the game. I'm starting to realise this with alot of content i have wanted to see over the years. The gore mods are a good example. A calorie system is what could also define the difference between being fatigue prone from eating crap food as appose to decent food like growing your own fruit and vegetables. I would say calories could be getting a bit too specific at this point in time, considering the medical system needs an overhall in the first place before we need to worry about characters being unhealthy from eating specific food.
  10. liquidcactus

    Shotguns/usg/loot spawn.

    xbox boiis
  11. liquidcactus

    Anyone know if they fixed duping or meatballs?

    Welcome to the long and frustrating development of dayz. After being a member of these forums for almost 7 years now i would advise this. Try not to get to attached to dayz else you will end up just wanting to punch it ^_^ keep it at an arms length and just pay a little attention to the development because even tho its at 1.0 that really doesnt mean anything. Dont get me wrong dayz is still a magical and very unique game, the devs are just way in over their heads while the customers are left scratching their heads as to why we are still waiting for shit like cars and base building to be sufficient and not a complete mess considering the amount of time it takes to set up these features in the game. For instance, did they even have a project manager ???
  12. There is too much to say. The game is still soooo lacking in so many ways its just frustrating thinking about it. I dont think we will ever see lots more zombies or a true "apoc" environment ever at all. I'm starting to understand that the only way any of us can trully get the experience we want is through a community modded server(s) That is the only way. The game will never ever be where it should be.
  13. liquidcactus

    What is the hydration limit?

    I dont see how that should be a thing at all to be honest, that adds little to the gameplay ?
  14. liquidcactus

    What is the hydration limit?

    yes its a bit strange i think.. the indicators should have been made to read green if towards the max unit amount(s) but it seems they want to keep you guessing. The eating has to be spread out to avoid the vomit. There is a mod for this atleast, to make the indicators green.
  15. liquidcactus

    Tweak night time length please.

    It's up to the server owners to change how long day time lasts its just about finding the right server. I play on dayzdownunder and it is only 1 hr night to 2 hrs day which i think is a good amount.
  16. liquidcactus

    [PvZ Video] Holy Devil

    Looks like an old lady only cemetery ? How great is the editor for customizing ideas that you want. I'm currently working on something and here is my first dayz horror story vid i made before i started with the editor, do check it ^_^
  17. liquidcactus

    Short words

    You're being a bit vague but yes there is alot of dissapointment with the game. I beleive people have the right to be unhappy about dayz. We just have to express it with in the bounds of good taste. There is alot of evidence to alow people to be unhappy anyway. There always has been and always will be problems with dayz. How about all the faces glitching through the face masks, it makes me want to punch my pc screen and still no medical system. I even surprise myself sometimes that i still pay attention to this game but its just so unique i suppose.
  18. liquidcactus

    Restarting to a BLACK / Blank SCREEN??

    Thats just the screen of you being somewhat unconcious, you should never move or try to do anything and you will most likely wake up with a small window to heal. hahaa..
  19. I think he made the thread title what the first sentence of the topic was suppose to be. I'm gonna guess he is an xbox dude 😀
  20. liquidcactus

    Experimental Update 1.02.150958

    A personal night light for dayz that isnt an actual in game "item" light is, that what is happening here ? I guess someone is offended by dayz night time in 2019
  21. liquidcactus

    Forum vets: are you still playing?

    i dont think we will see those anytime soon unless the modders help us. Bicycles and a chopper(s) should have been in the game a looong time ago.
  22. liquidcactus

    Infected Should Be Able To Break Down Doors

    Your join date sais 27 december 2017 ? weirdo
  23. liquidcactus

    Forum vets: are you still playing?

    Who came back for 1.0 ? I'm still pretty into dayz despite its flaws etc.. I like to try and make story type videos via the editor these dayz
  24. liquidcactus

    no where to run to where to hide - dayz visual cinematic

    Hey, Nice one. Do you use Red Giant products like universe to make this video ? I also like to make dayz cinematics check out my first.