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  1. kingochaos

    "deploy" the Hood

    lol, when i read the tittle i was thinking, why would you want to add an old battle cruiser :lol: good idea.
  2. kingochaos

    Question on shooting on an incline and at an incline

    Im gonna take out a rifle tomorrow, and test this, ive always felt this is not true... especially with a bow(i got one o them as well..) Ill test it with a 75lbs compound, a .270 and a .22, and get back to you... ;) But im still fairly certain these experts are wrong :huh: And after reading this http://www.millettsights.com/downloads/ShootingUphillAndDownhill.pdf ill admit im WRONG.... god knows how many times ive missed because o aimmin the wrong way :blush: or decidin im just im over estimating range.
  3. kingochaos

    Question on shooting on an incline and at an incline

    I dont know in game... but irl, if shooting down hill the bullet will hit higher than distance if zeroed to that distance, and up hill lower... Not both the same way, opposites. And it depends on angle by how much, i dont know the exact science to it... but your horizontal distance makes intuitive sense down hill, up hill... ummm it drops more, i guess because gravity as well as air friction is working against the velocity... We nned someone smarter and less lazy(with the ability o google probably) to figure this out. :D
  4. kingochaos

    Remove weapon inaccuracy due to damage.

    Thats just crap, pretty much every person i know can shoot... including my children and fiancee, even my ex wife... Maybe if you grew up in a big city... but this isnt exactly set in a heavily urbanised part o the world... Country people can shoot... assault rifles are even easier too shoot than most hunting rifles, because they have next to no recoil... and are extremely simple machines, i could give my boy an AUG or M4, i can guarantee he would know how to strip it down within 15mins. MG's are a bit different, but just because you can loose yah teeth if yah havnt released bolt before yah try removing the spring, and the gas plug is not intuitive to take apart. But this whole yah cant shoot if yah not trained, is rubbish.
  5. kingochaos

    Remove weapon inaccuracy due to damage.

    A mis placed decimal point? I hope, the water bottles hold like 10mls... but yea, wouldnt be impressed with the randomness remaining, hopefully they just put in mean weapon sway...
  6. kingochaos

    thx guys

    its never wise to log in a building, or lootable area, ever. Its asking ti get killed on log in, a tree or bush with a bit oa view is the best spot to be.
  7. kingochaos

    thx guys

    On their behalf, i will say you are most welcome ;)
  8. kingochaos

    Funny Idea (Handy´s)

    I was gonna say, his paper towels are way flasher than mine! :rolleyes:
  9. kingochaos

    Skill / Perk System Suggestion - May reduce KOS

    i came in here to say, fuck! really!!! But your idea is actually different, so beans for you... even if im not so sure on the idea. ;)
  10. kingochaos

    Funeral pyre

    I dunno, if yah got a can o gas and some matches, light up yer mate, to destroy all his items, and prevent the enemy capturing them... not really a funeral pyre mind. And dont limit it to dead players :huh:
  11. kingochaos

    End Spawn Suicide

    The respawn timer is a horrible idea.. you can suicide to Z's... what if yah mess up (get a phone call or such and get killed by Z's) and yah fcome back to find your locked out for 30min... i would rage so hard! Think of the poor key boards out there that will be abused if such a thing was adopted!
  12. kingochaos

    Ammunition/Weapon suggestions

    I think CS gas/tear gas. And maybe whatever the hell the Russians used for the Moscow siege (the mostly knock out gas) would be a great addition, gas masks would have a point... either through a 40mm or grenades... those pepper ball paint ball guns would be kinda mean in close too for non lethal.
  13. kingochaos

    Military tents beside NW Airfield and Balota?

    i does such good reading :D
  14. kingochaos

    Military tents beside NW Airfield and Balota?

    NWA to the NW end o the runway... err i havnt been to balota in sa, but its probably same place as before, just coast side on the road, so to the south o runway, cherno side o town.
  15. kingochaos

    What about rifle slings?

    Yea, i used to use sa80 style combat slings on my styer AUG back in the day... at the moment, ive used a drench strap on my 10/22 to sling it exactly the same(minus the sliding clip) it still works as a shooting harness etc just as well as the original... theyre not hard to make. And for that matter, there was this "group" ill call them, back in army days... that pretty much to the man, just used a loop o para cord for their weapon slings, dosnt come any simpler than that, and it worked well (they just used to throw around neck, and not worry about going over a shoulder) So crafting a sling, should not be all that difficult, a bit o rope is all yah need. You dont even "need" to move swivel to set up combat style sling.(i do, purely for aesthetic purposes)