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  1. Derleth

    Have anyone been driving the Olga?

    This is fixed in 1.03. I could fill the radiator of an Olga from my cooking pot. However, now transferring water from a pot to a canteen doesn't work instead...
  2. Derleth

    Stable Update 1.03

    I haven't been that way in a few days, I'll make sure to check on it tonight. It is starting to look like some cars were corrupted by the update and are tossed about and damaged by server restarts, until ruined and cleaned away by the CLE.
  3. Derleth

    Car persistency on 1.03

    Yeah, I believe some cars that existed before the update became corrupted somehow and are tossed around every restart until completely ruined and cleaned away by the server. I had a 4x4 that had moved about 5 meters after the server was updated to 1.03. One wheel and the trunk door were ruined, and it had a fuel leak. I repaired it and drove to NWAF, before next restart I parked near a concrete wall. After the restart it had jumped over the wall into a tree and was ruined. Managed to salvage some loot and parts but man that was annoying... None of our other assembled cars have had any problems, but I noticed many newly spawned chassis around the map so I'm assuming other cars had been ruined and cleaned up from elsewhere. It would be interesting to see if this happens to any cars on a fresh/wiped server, in that case it is a bug that really needs looking into. Otherwise I'll write it off as an unfortunate update corruption. (Kind of like when characters had dehydration and multiple bleeding wounds after some update a while back.)
  4. Derleth

    seagulls by the coast.

    Aye, would be a nice addition. I know they have a bunch of ambient animals in the backlog, including birds. Not the highest priority right now of course, but it would do a lot to make the world feel more "real" so I hope it doesn't take too long.
  5. Derleth

    So....Anyone seen this?

    Yeah, it is a bug with hair on a few character models. Try another character and you should be fine, it is fixed on experimental already, hopefully the fixes on exp will be pushed to stable before the end of the week.
  6. Yeah, but thankfully we can move with inventory open now so what I do is open inventory and then move back and forth over the corpse until the container shows up.
  7. Derleth

    Car persistency on 1.03

    So, since 1.03 there are reports/rumours of cars despawning left and right after being left unattended just a day or two. I've noticed many new cars spawning here and there on my server which should mean they despawned from elsewhere. In the 1.03 types.xml all cars have their lifetime set to 3. Now they obviously don't despawn after only three seconds, so what does this actually mean? Did someone mess up when copy/pasting and it is supposed to be 3,888,000 as with all other persistent items, or does the value "3" have some other significance? Does anybody know? I've been looking for answers here and there and drawn a blank...
  8. Derleth

    Stable Update 1.03

    In the current server files the cars have their lifetime value set to 3. Now they are obviously not despawning after only three seconds, so I'm wondering what that value means and why it was set that way? I haven't noticed cars despawning, but my 4x4 was possessed by evil spirits and tossed around and damaged at every server restart until it was entirely ruined (after jumping over a concrete wall into a tree...). Our Olgas (we have three) have all behaved normally. One I left in a ditch after an embarrassing off road event still hasn't despawned. It became ruined and despawned after its jump over the concrete wall near NWAF, so I can't test it. If I find a car on expy I'll give it a go, but I won't intentionally shoot holes in the cars I actually use 😄
  9. Derleth

    Where is the newly added Hatchback?

    I was browsing around in the types.xml file when I noticed the vehicles (civiliansedan and offroadhatchback) have their lifetime set to "3". They obviously don't despawn after just three seconds, so is the value "3" some kind of tag to make things last indefinitely, or how does this work?
  10. Derleth

    Stable Update 1.03

    Getting sick from eating with bloody hands does indeed work on vanilla. It is food poisoning that is not working for whatever reason. It worked in 0.63 all the way up to beta, why it was taken out then is not something the devs have been willing to share. All they say when asked about it is that "food poisoning is coming back in some form". I guess they just weren't happy with how it worked in 0.63 so they're working on something different. Dirty water will also get you sick, but it is so weak that it barely has any effect, if any. It's just that ugly germ symbol that will be with you for a few hours, maybe a couple of vomits but little more.
  11. Derleth

    Stable Update 1.03

    Yeah, it started leaking the second I started the engine.
  12. Derleth

    Stable Update 1.03

    I think it is a sensible, logical addition. Sliding down the whole length of a radio tower ladder without stopping, without gloves, is something that just shouldn't be possible. It gives gloves a little more purpose than mere cosmetics and protection from gory hands. Gloves should definitely last a little longer though, mine were badly damaged after three or four watch towers, that's a bit over the top since those ladders aren't very long. Best thing would be if the character risked losing his grip if he kept sliding after both hands have been injured. Give a few seconds to react and stop sliding, then waaaaaaaAAAAH <splat>
  13. Derleth

    Stable Update 1.03

    Has anyone else noticed significantly increased fuel consumption? Or does my 4x4 have a leak? After I updated the server the car was damaged, one wheel and the trunk door were ruined. I put on the spare wheel and drove off but had to refuel soon after. Will try another car when I get back home, if that is normal it would seem my poor ada was messed up permanently by the update... Edit: It was my 4x4 that had been damaged during the update/server restart, so it was probably leaking fuel. Got an Olga which works as normal. Next server restart the 4x4 jumped over a concrete wall into a tree and had all its wheels ruined. It probably became possessed by E-demons after the update, so best just let it die...
  14. Derleth

    Stable Update 1.03

    Since nobody has mentioned it, this update has sent fuel consumption of cars through the roof. I literally had to stop and refuel my 4x4 on a drive from Novy Sobor to NWAF, and it was full when I started... I really hope it is a bug, because if intended it is beyond silly.
  15. Where have you been the last year and a half? From 0.63 and onwards they have basically had to rebuild the entire game from scratch in the new engine. Up until 1.0 focus was basics, running and gunning more or less, so now that the core is complete the polishing is under way.