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  1. Derleth

    Some feedback and questions

    There's certainly room for improvement. There are some glaring navmesh and collision issues in dire need of fixing, it is just not okay that they can poke their heads through solid walls and doors and hit you even though the room is closed off. Especially unfair since you can't hit them back... These issues have been coming and going, so I suppose this time around it has to do with the recent server performance optimisations. Maybe they tweaked collision detection on AI to reduce server load, with undesirable results? Nevertheless, I will stand by my finding the zeds way more engaging now than in any previous version of the game I have played. Their senses seem fairly well balanced, and the way their screams aggro more can really mess up your day if you don't have an escape plan. Shooting in infested villages will get you in trouble, making the run and gun KOS playstyle more risky again. I am again being rescued by infected when murderous knuckleheads try to kill me for fun, which is as it should be. But yeah, to be fair they are not near perfect yet. But if they get the navmesh and wall/door glitching issues fixed for good that will be a major step in the right direction. After that I just want to see want larger numbers, dynamic horde events, random stray infected out in the boonies and generally just a larger variation of zombies. On community servers with increased zombie count it is a bit too evident that there are still not enough different models. And yeah, I still want them to feed on the fallen. Classic way to escape an angry horde - just pop your "buddy" in the kneecap and run...
  2. Derleth

    Some feedback and questions

    Well okay, perfect was maybe too strong a wrong word still, but yeah I love the way infected can be a real threat if you don't take them seriously. The other day when I respawned after a server wipe I aggroed every infected I could find around Solnichniy and led them (around 10-15, I didn't have time to count...) on a chase around the town to see how they behaved. They were hopping over fences and following me around obstacles without getting stuck, stuttering or glitching as they have been in the past. When I ran into houses they followed, when I jumped into the ocean they stood screaming at the edge but then came running for the beach where I climbed out of the water. Infected behaviour and pathfinding really is in much better shape now. I just want them to knock down doors and feed on corpses too. Oh yeah, a little more of them by default and dynamic horde events wouldn't hurt either..
  3. Derleth

    Some feedback and questions

    Thanks for your answer ImpulZ! 1. Okay, I hear you. My thought with the toggle was that it could potentially be an easy (from a user perspective anyway, I know jack all about coding, sorry...) way to allow the obviously popular infinite sprinting to be implemented, without making the game go full arcade which is what you get with the current way server owners do it. 2. Allright, thanks, good to know it is still being worked on. Again really do I appreciate the way dark nights change the way you approach the game, less running and gunning and more survival. It's just that clear nights should be brighter, right now it feels like I'm wearing shades at night. Oh and guys, I love the suggestions above about streetlights. Having streetlights magically working without power source is not something that would fit DayZ, but being able to connect a generator to get the nearest lights working would be awesome. 3. Thanks again. Oh yeah - in the latest stable patch I've had a few cases of infected seemingly pushing each other through walls. Just this morning I aggroed the better part of Gorka's population and had to lock myself in the police station with them milling about outside. Two were pushed inside and jumped me... It only seems to happen when there are a lot of infected locked on to the player inside the building. 4. Fair enough. Since there's at least one mod now where you can make a stew by boiling meat and veggies together, I'll be hoping for more mods like that appearing. But please add coffee!
  4. Hello there, I wanted to provide some feedback and ask a couple of questions. Since Martin said so, I'm tagging @ImpulZ and @Baty Alquawen , sorry! Here goes: STAMINA I'm not a hater, quite the opposite. Stamina has definitely added a new dimension to the gameplay and I do not want to play without it. That said, I am active on a RP server (Tribez) that decided on infinite stamina after a poll with the server population came up with that result. So I have noticed that since with infinite stamina you never get out of breath, you also have no increased weapon sway after prolonged sprinting. You can literally sprint for minutes, then just raise your weapon, ADS, and have regular sway. In 0.62 you would have violent weapon sway for quite some time until you caught your breath. This needs to come back. Maybe infinite sprinting as a possible toggle available to the server owner could be a thing? Basically the toggle should make it so drained stamina does not block sprinting while any other action related to stamina is unaffected. That way you can have unlimited sprinting but still be out of breath and need a moment’s rest before the weapon sway settles down. Another thing I find a bit off with the stamina system is how the penalty for weight carried has no gradients. Maximum stamina is reduced by weight carried and if you carry too much you're blocked from sprinting/jumping/holding breath. So far so good. What I find odd is that as long as you don't cross that magical limit of weight carried, you can run around and jump just as freely as a player not carrying any gear at all (I know there's a slight penalty for double carrying). It would make more sense if sprinting speed and distance jumped were gradually decreased until no longer possible at all. Is this anything you have thought of? NIGHTS I wrote on twitter a few days ago about this. First of all – I love the dark nights and want them to stay! However, in reality night is not always that dark, not even in remote areas with little or no light pollution. When the sky is clear with moon and stars providing some light, you can see enough to move around easily without bumping into things. Currently in-game the moon is just too weak, the ground is not illuminated at all, and stars are downright feeble. It is as if a light reducing filter is over everything. Here is the twitter thread, with some comparative screenshots and explanations: So, my question is - will you be taking a look at the ambient light provided by moon and stars at night? Again, I have no problem at all with it being pitch black in the middle of night with thick cloud cover, but when the moon is out night really needs to be brighter than it is now. Also, I saw a post on the forum where some claim the night is darker on some systems than others. I remember from 0.63 alpha that the game was brighter on screen when I was playing than how screenshots turned out. That could be related, no? INFECTED They have improved immensely with the last few updates. They are almost perfect now – they just need to be able to break down doors (yeah I am serious) and they will be a downright menace. And please make them eat players they have killed! I know you have (had) the animations for it already. Proof: here and here 😉 COOKING At the moment there is little or no reason to cook meat at all since you can eat it raw without any risk of getting sick. There was food poisoning during 0.63 so why did it disappear at 1.0? Anyway cooking really needs some love, for example by combining different ingredients to make actual dishes. There is already a mod where you can make a stew, this needs to be made baseline and be the best form of food (by far) when it comes to nutrients and energy provided. And, really, a person would need to be beyond desperate to eat raw rice out of the bag... We should be able to boil the rice, and mix powdered milk with water to make milk – and eat with cereal. And coffee! By the heavens we need coffee!
  5. Derleth

    Sprinting and stamina

    Allright, thanks @ImpulZ for the answer. I find the current stamina system a little odd to be honest. The maximum stamina pool for exhausting actions (sprinting, melee, holding breath) is reduced by weight carried, and if you carry enough you're blocked from performing said actions. So far soo good. What I find odd is that there are no gradients. As long as you don't pass that magical limit of weight carried, you can run around and jump just as freely as a player not carrying any gear at all (I know there's a slight penalty for double carrying). It would make more sense if sprint speed and distance jumped were gradually decreased, until no longer possible at all. Is this anything you have thought about? On the same note, do you have any thoughts about implementing some kind of long-term fatigue system? Thirdly - in 0.62 sprinting was ofc unlimited but when you had sprinted far weapon sway was violent, until you caught your breath. Now on modded servers with unlimited stamina players never get winded, so they can sprint for minutes and then ADS with zero sway in the blink of an eye. This is just wrong and should be looked at.
  6. Derleth

    Sprinting and stamina

    I finally realised what it is that bugs me so with infinite stamina - you never get out of breath. In 0.62 there was no stamina, but if you sprinted a while you'd get winded and have terrible weapon sway until you caught your breath. That will never happen with the tricks used to disable stamina now, so even after sprinting non-stop for half an hour carrying 25 kilos of gear, you can raise your rifle and instantly have 100% accuracy. That is, to be perfectly honest, horribly unbalanced and terrible gameplay. It should not be possible. Since disabling stamina is so popular, I'd want the devs to instead enable "Infinite sprinting" as a server-side, optional toggle built into the game, and then remove the possibility to tinker with stamina settings. So, sprinting would be possible even after you run out of stamina, but you'd be winded and unable to perform other actions requiring stamina (heavy attacks, hold breath etc) until you paused long enough to recover. That way stamina remains a relevant game mechanic without slowing down travel. It might require some kind of fatigue system for longer term exhaustion after sustained sprinting, but that's another matter.
  7. Derleth

    Experimental Update 1.0.150192

    I can't say, Twitter is kinda like walking down the street talking loudly about shit you do or think, for everyone to hear. Sometimes other lunatics answer (also speaking loudly) and you have loud all-caps conversations and arguments. It's all very screamy, but these days it seems to be the devs' preferred media to make announcements on... As for experimental, I used to hang there most of the time, but since I mostly haunt various community servers these days it is impractical when stable and exp differ.
  8. Derleth

    Experimental Update 1.0.150192

    Yeah, I think they're gonna have to use some sweet bait, like new guns and stuff, to lure players over to experimental at this point...
  9. Derleth

    Experimental Update 1.0.150192

    Devs want to monitor how the performance fixes are working and need experimental DE 1-3 server to be full, I'm working so I can't. Footnote: If you really want players to flock to an experimental server at 11 am (central Europe) on a school/workday I think you'll have to do more than write one tweet. We're not all at the mercy of stress tests any longer, players are spread out over stable official and community servers, where they have bases and communities, so they are less likely than ever to bother downloading the experimental version to hop on a test server. It is probably easier if you push the update to stable so anyone can hop on the server.
  10. This is exactly why I haven't spent one second building anything since the feature was implemented. I have a few small camps hidden in good places, never raided, while the bases some buddies on the server have built are being raided left and right, griefers destroying stuff for fun and despawning tents. So many hours they have spent gathering mats and building, for no reward other than feeling good about the accomplishment and a few nice screenshots. I knew base building would be pointless long before it was implemented, so I never felt the hype and as a pleasant side effect haven't been bothered by the persistence thing. Until the system is rebalanced I will remain a nomad. While bases should not be completely impenetrable, they need to be strong enough to motivate the effort to build them. Otherwise it is a pointless, wasted effort. Also - items set up for defense (bear traps, land mines and at some point trip wires with grenades etc) need to be persistent to be useful. And there should be stronger (five digit/physical key) locks available.
  11. They have to be ready to a certain standard before they're added. It's not just about tossing in the 3D model (those are already in the files, redux mod uses them) and make them go boom. Every single weapon needs a truckload of individual animations and sound effects, they need to work with emotes, attachments need to fit without clipping, scopes need to align properly, mags and loading needs to work, ballistics, damage, recoil, spread etc needs to be balanced. The redux mod actually illustrates this well, while it is nice enough and some of the guns work fairly well, it is a terrible mess to be honest. Poorly fitting animations, bad placement, screwed up scale, hit reg issues, clipping attachments, mags not showing etc. It is still a nice mod and it does feel nice to have e.g. the double barrel again after they've been gone so long, but it uses the pump load animation and you can't load both barrels without a snap loader... If BI implemented weapons that buggy there would be blood. So, getting them all back will take a lot of time. I just hope they do it in the right order, we need the .22s, .357s and .308s back in before they toss in more assault rifles.
  12. Never even heard of that happening, can't be common?
  13. Ummmm: FIXED Fixed: Strafe keys do not work when rebound to different keys than default Edit: Other than that - HANDS OFF THE SNOW GODDAMMIT!!! The Winter Chernarus mod will not be the same in rain (although to be fair it is exactly that kinda weather here now). How about having snow as a possible weather type December - April?
  14. Derleth

    Stable Update 1.0.149923

    About this - I did not even get the option to play offline when launching from Steam, how do you run it offline now?
  15. Derleth

    Server Crashed : I lost everything :-(

    Known issue with server crashes. If the server is saving to the persistence files at the moment it crashes, the files get corrupted and all persistent items (stashes, bases, tents, barrels) and their contents are lost. It is under the devs radar and they are working on a fix. Sorry for your loss :-(