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  1. Yo SWED lyfe.. BUNG!



  2. Guerrilla (DayZ)

    Super Structure/mini campaign

    Hence the (great) idea of cooperating with others to clear an area full of Zeds :rolleyes:
  3. Guerrilla (DayZ)

    Super Structure/mini campaign

    Great Idea!!,. Was also thinking that once you have progressed to a certain point in the game i.e Gotten gear, killed some Zeds then what? Profit? No there needs to be some further player environment interaction. Once you have your gear semi sorted its either killing Zeds or other players which can get old rather quickly.
  4. Guerrilla (DayZ)

    My 'Achievements' Over Past 2 Days

    i remember finding the Remington shotgun for the first time, sooooo excited!! :P, Zeds streaming into the hangars illuminated with only the flashlight screaming and grunting then us running off good fun =)
  5. Guerrilla (DayZ)

    New 80M aggro radius.

    there needs to be some kind of deathmatch arena in Chenaurs where zombies are on chains and people enter the arena and fist fight each other and teh chains are slowly given more slack and .....uh wait nvm I think moar zombies that are harder to kill without headshots and some mini hordes randomly spawning in the woods etc like in Day Z 2017. The Zed AI can always be improved. /end /my /2 cents
  6. Guerrilla (DayZ)

    Humanity improvement ideas...

    I don't see perks as being a good way to 'balance' the game, I think infection will play a larger role in balancing the game in the stand alone. Maybe if you loot dead players you have a higher chance of catching the 'infection' of some sort. You can still not be a bandit and loot dead players but if you are a bandit merely by coming into contact with dead players more often you will have a higher chance of catching it,.
  7. Guerrilla (DayZ)

    Time to PANIC!

    like the fireaxe... choppity chop chop, using it can feel abit mangled though
  8. Guerrilla (DayZ)

    Why do YOU love DayZ?

    1) It's not piss easy,and you dont start with a weapon 2) That feeling you get when you think someone is watching or nearby 3)That feeling i had when some guy busted in on me trying to hump the fire to keep warm, i had abit of a spasm in absolute terror and shot him about 8 times and he disappeared (ALT F4'd) 0_o
  9. Guerrilla (DayZ)

    Shoving zeds?

    I think this is a good idea but it could be exploited or over used, maybe a stamina bar so you cant shove and shove endless streams of zeds. but yeah a good idea
  10. Guerrilla (DayZ)

    DayZ StandAlone Congrats!

    Yep congrats, I just started playing after 4 months off, significant improvements!
  11. Guerrilla (DayZ)

    Staing alive. But how "old" are you?

    My longest survival was 28 dayz, then i was killed by a combat logger who server hopped to get on another server and walk into the building i was in, Lucky i had backup to waste him after he got me. Next life after that i got my weapons and stuff back from my friends then the server was nuked by a scripter/cheater. needless to say i stopped playing for a few days after that :ph34r:
  12. Guerrilla (DayZ)

    Build Rolling Update

    Haven't played since about 2 months ago, I'm just a little curious as what happens when i get internet and log in after not playing since the switch over to community developement. Currently I have Ghillie suit, DMR, MOD 48K and some other basic supplies, I'm kinda worried I will log in and my character will explode, spawn in mid air or end up naked in the ocean or forest or something crazy. (mostly worried about the bloody ghillie suit). Any thoughts for what will happen when im back online? :huh:
  13. Guerrilla (DayZ)

    When you see another random player you.....

    I guess I could have added 5) cooperate :beans: :huh:
  14. Guerrilla (DayZ)

    When you see another random player you.....

    I guess 'Hide' would be 'Stalk' in a way, I tend hide if they haven't seen me. 'eating beanz bro' is usually how i die, as in im doing something with the interface or have glitched off a railing or something. Once I logged in a few feet behind a player at stary and it didn't end well for them. If i see someone and they look too much of a threat then I tend to shoot first though :) .
  15. Shoot Run! Hide Eating beanz bro... :lol: