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  1. @krcenov Have you made any progress on this as I am interested in putting up a custom map on my server. I have the loot spawning properly, but I cannot get any of the AI to spawn because I don't think the map has proper boundaries set, so for the infected to spawn for example, they need to know where all of the territory zones (InfectedArmy, InfectedVillage, etc.) are, otherwise, they don't spawn. I'm guessing at that though because I don't really completely understand how it works. Anyone have any ideas on what needs to be done to get the AI to spawn properly on a custom map?
  2. drgullen

    Entry Point not found.... VCRUNTIME140.dll.

    Look in your Windows Control Panel for that redistributable and uninstall it, then reboot the PC and then download and install it again -- perhaps the versions you have installed are corrupted or incomplete. When you reinstall, make sure you are installing both the x86 and x64 versions as per: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/the-procedure-entry-point-terminate-could-not-be/4bda41da-ada8-4a74-b6a4-78544e85f709
  3. Status reports were on Tuesdays in the past, so I wouldn't expect one until the 29th.
  4. drgullen

    Entry Point not found.... VCRUNTIME140.dll.

    You are missing one or more Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Update. Check here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-update/vcruntime140dll/b1a15b0e-e389-41a3-bc49-f4fc85bac575?auth=1
  5. Today, Thursday, January 24, 2019 will be the final day of this server in its current form. I have been in discussions with a map developer who goes by the handle @mikejaus here on the forums. He has created a fantastic new map that he calls Tarrin and he has agreed to let me be the first community server to host it. My plan is to spend the next several days tweaking and testing the setup and assuming it all goes well, I will be swapping Chernarus out for the Tarrin map which will go live on Monday, January 28. I will be starting a new thread here in this forum for the new version of the server. I would like to thank those of you that played on this server -- the new version with the Tarrin map will have a lot of the same setup and will also be "persistent-friendly" as the regular backups of persistence that were occurring on this server will also happen on the new one, so come to Tarrin starting on Monday and build those bases! I will leave it at that for now. I would like to thank Mike for the opportunity to showcase his map. For more information about the map, check it out on the Steam Workshop here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1597789546&searchtext=
  6. drgullen

    Dayz 1.0 persistance BUG news

    If you have access to the server files, you need to back up the /storage_1 folder -- all the persistence-related stuff is in there. The key is to back it up on a regular basis (like every hour if possible) and then restore the latest backup BEFORE you restart the server in the event of a crash. The problem is that most GSPs aren't doing this and when the server crashes, they just restart it again, which then wipes part or all of the persistent world items.
  7. drgullen

    No interaction with objects. Please Help:/

    With the item in your hand, click and hold the left mouse button. If you have the HUD turned on, you will see a white circle appear in the middle of the screen -- continue holding the button down until the circle disappears if you want to consume the entire food/beverage -- let go when the circle is half-way around if you want to consume only half and save half for later -- etc.
  8. drgullen

    Join Server Time Edit

    It's in the globals.xml file -- it's the QueueTimeSameServer parameter -- I would avoid setting it to 0 however as you can start getting the "character locked in database" issue. I have mine set to 5.
  9. drgullen

    DayZ 1.0 HUD Explained

    I agree, I would like to see it more along the lines as it used to be. It could perhaps be an exponential type of regen, meaning for example, if you've lost only 1-25% of your blood, it'll regen on its own in a few minutes, 25-50% blood loss and you're looking at a good 30 minutes or so before you're at full blood again, 50-75% blood loss and you need a transfusion otherwise you're health is low for more than an hour and finally anything more than 75% blood loss and your blood does not regen without a transfusion. Those are just example numbers, but the point being, with enough blood loss, you should be unhealthy for a lengthy period of time without a transfusion.
  10. drgullen


    It's not coming out on PS4. Not in this section anyway. This is the PC section.
  11. drgullen

    Zombie Hords + More Zombies

    The problem with this idea is that zombies can make you bleed, stun lock you if you're being hit by two or more of them and continue attacking you when you are unconscious. If they could open doors as well, you might as well just stand there and let them kill you. You need to able to escape/hide from them somehow in order to bandage and recover. I actually do like the idea, but something would have to give to balance it -- perhaps they can open doors, but not as easily as we can, so it takes them a few seconds to actually "figure it out" before the door opens and they're on you again. I would also like to see a switch back to the way it used to be -- when you fall unconscious, they back off. So, if you've temporarily escaped from them by entering a house and they manage to open the doors and whack you into unconsciousness, they then exit the building through the same door and when you hopefully wake up again, you can bandage, heal and hopefully escape. Something like that would work, but just adding the ability to open doors without tweaking anything else about them would be too OP, I think.
  12. drgullen

    New zombies

    I have done this on my server. My infected no longer have any loot on them. The result is a significant drop in available food as things like canned peaches, beans and spaghetti are now very difficult to find. There are still thousands of fruit trees though, so still lots to eat in the world. The game was never designed to be played sprinting all the time (i.e. moving about while holding Shift constantly). If you move forward by holding W only and save the sprint for escaping infected and player attacks, your thirst and hunger can last much longer. The other thing I've seen from watching streams and videos is that people don't eat and drink enough to begin with. Just because your icon turned white doesn't mean you should stop. I have been able to hydrate myself to the point that the bottle icon in the HUD no longer has any arrow on it (i.e. fully hydrated). I can literally go hours after that without drinking anything and I'll still have a white bottle icon, even though there has been a down arrow on it all that time. I usually am not sprinting, however. You should eat and drink until you see the stomach icon pop up and then stop immediately at that point as that indicates your stomach is full -- if you keep going much beyond that, you'll vomit. When you first spawn in as a freshie and are yellow thirsty, you should continue sipping water at the well until you see that stomach icon -- this is the only way to get anywhere close to being fully hydrated. Same goes for eating -- eat until stomach full -- doing it this way will allow you to travel much longer between "meals".
  13. drgullen

    Persistant Items

    It's basically anything that you have added to the world that wasn't there to begin with and is not on your person. So, pitching a tent, adding loot to that tent, adding loot to barrels, burying loot, interacting with a vehicle, building anything -- all these changes to the world are supposed to end up in the persistence files. The trouble is, even one server crash can wipe out some or all of those files, so you could go weeks and have your base stay put or it could be gone in a few hours, for example -- it all depends how stable the server is and whether or not the server owner has a backup/restore plan in place or not. If there's no plan in place, it's like walking the tightrope back and forth in a tropical storm -- eventually, you're going to fall.
  14. drgullen

    how to move to another server

    It's because you're either moving between an official server and a community server or a community server to another community server. To keep your character and its gear, you have to stay within the same hive. I think there are a few community servers that are hived, but most of them are not, so you get a new character with each new server. Stick on the official servers for the most part if you want to jump around and keep the loot you have on you. In DZSALauncher, there's an option on the left called "played on" -- if you tick that, you'll see all the servers you've been on -- assuming you aren't dead on those servers, you should have characters with gear on them.
  15. drgullen

    Is the Server Browser Ping Correct?

    Most likely yet another new bug. Use this instead: https://dayzsalauncher.com/#/home