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15 minutes ago, GaryWalnuts said:

Well it was definitely down earlier this morning but it looks like DayZ Rain DE 0-5 (Experimental/Unstable) is back up!   Thanks Baty!

(and try not to shoot the guy in the yellow armband Sqeezorz!)

Yeah, It should be back now :).

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Wow... Thank you Baty and Devs <3 <3 <3  *hippiedancegiffromme* problem.. i have no weapons ^^ only a stick with apple-ammunition..  and possible a bow or sporter if i one find.... i stay on Tisy ^^ ... not Base as freshspawn modus ;) .. i hope for wolves from testing someone.


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    • By Baty Alquawen
      Good morning everyone!
      The latest Experimental update has been pushed to Stable branch and it has very important fix in it.
      Here is it:
      fixed some server crashes reproducible by players fix for client crash upon disconnect trackIR sluggish response should now be improved fixed ghillie visual (We made some changes to colours of Chernarus couple of updates ago, and the ghillie suit was in need of some colour tweaks as well.) fixed some client side crashing changes to wind samples And as always, if you have any bug or crash, we have a special place for it:
      Greetings from dev team!