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Post Your Gear So Far

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So it seems that finding loot is all to easy? And server hopping is still a thing? Hmm, I think I'll wait a bit longer...



Actually it's not that easy to find stuff. I just got lucky by running randomly into the woods. It was bitter sweet. I had a nice gun and a few items but for the life of me I could not find food and drink. Pretty bad ass. I was searching like hell for food. 

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I used steam but then I can't get the screen shot from steam to here.  Help me too!  :blush:

You can publish to your Steam page and then post the link here.

Better is to open an account at one of the supported image hosters...


Be carefule of image size so as not to overload the system here (reduce size by half will do in most cases).

PhotoBucket will allow you to resize and I believe most other sites have a similar option.

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