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  1. Future of public hive servers

    Please, no videos or links to hacks.
  2. Delete theme pls

    Soft spam I believe, not harmful in any way although tbh I've no idea what the intention is. Take any of the images, do a search and you will find they are for sale. Prove me wrong !
  3. Awful Weapon sway

    1st post for ranting in the wrong forum. Will not end well. People putting their date of birth in forum names has become most popular, probably all the rage nowadays ! Will not end well.
  4. Don't you have a Recruitment Topic for this kind of stuff ? Use it. Great game btw.
  5. Questions about Servers

    The Rules (Public) are quite clear. If the Rules are being adhered to is not. https://dayz.com/files/pdf/Server_Hosting_Rules_Public.pdf You should consider a Private server, more adapted to your needs. Also there is the strong possibility that Public Servers will become official only in the future...
  6. BETA in 8 months or less.

    I'm sticking with : When it's done. Do likewise and everything will be alright.
  7. PSVR - Is there even a sliver of a chance?

    Nothing has been said or even talked about but there again...
  8. zombie hordes

    Nice idea but https://forums.dayz.com/topic/64047-roaming-zombie-hoards/ has been suggested in the past.
  9. Future of public hive servers

    ArmAIII has twenty (20) official servers. They are used not only by and for random players but run different game modes or popular mods for data collects I believe. A similar approach would do no harm to the DayZ community in my (humble) opinion.
  10. IL2 Sturmovik

    I've got a Rift after battling with myself over the last six months or so and very nice it is too. Most definitely the biggest step forward hardware wise since dedicated 3D graphic cards (3dfx Voodoo / SLI). I find myself leaning more towards not really game things such as Medium and those with a more interactive approach . I'm very impressed with the game titles developed for the rift or by Oculus, some of the games are top notch even if they are not my cup°T. PS4 Battlefront players are even getting a dedicated VR Star Wars mission later this year, the lucky sods ! The main problem as far as I'm concerned is the difficulty using keyboard and mouse while blindfolded in what may be termed as normal games, I find myself fumbling around even though I've been playing games in much the same manner since Doom. The downside as Orloks said is coming back to a "flat game". No sign of any side effects myself although a lot of people it seems have some trouble. Effects of vertigo when looking down from impossibly high heights are natural, as is some disorientation while performing barrel roles in DCS World ! Just like in real life. I watched an episode of Pinky Blinders on a Big Screen earlier today whilst sitting somewhere in one of the outer nebula regions of deep space ! Most disturbing. REMEMBER : Videos (as above) give no true perception of what is actually taking place in front of your eyes. If you have the dosh ($£€) don't hesitate, it will open your eyes to a whole new world.
  11. Metanix - No unban !

    This forum section is for DayZ SA Servers only. Anything DayZ Mod related will be removed without notice. If you encounter an abusive admin or server, please do not post it here on the forums. We cannot do anything with these reports. It is not productive and does not expedite action taken against these servers. Please report them to the GSPs directly following the pinned Guidelines Wednesday Server Maintenance: Scheduled weekly maintenance occurs every Wednesday, at 06.00 GMT servers will go down for about 3 hours. Duration may very. No need for another Topic. https://forums.dayz.com/guidelines/
  12. Low FPS

    The cpu is fine, the GT630 is the problem, an old card and the little sister of the then excellent GTX660 (2014). Check to see if you are able to change the GPU in future.
  13. GPU or CPU?

    4ghz is good, (I'm oc'ing a 2500k at 4.2). GTX660 to GTX1070 doubled + or - my frames. Also moving from a HDD to SDD resolved most texture popping issues.
  14. Flickering textures, bought new PC, no change

    Merged Topics because...