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  1. Fourth (4th) Topic since the begining of this month concerning your fps drops...! Set everything on high and let the gpu do the work, if that makes no difference and the card temps are stable,,,,upgrade, no point in making another Topic.
  2. Trolls/Flamers are not welcome here.
  3. You have been warned.
  4. Bug Tracker did you ?
  5. This game sucks... Is now known as...
  6. Please Read...
  7. Blast from the past makes for some interesting reading (from my point of view). Topics merged
  8. You know well enough where to post for streaming, anywhere else will be considered as spam.. I'm not going to merge again.
  9. Last server I played on (yesterday) had 3 restart notices, 15 / 10 / & 5 min. What server did this happen on ?
  10. I do. On the path you tread.
  11. Wrong attitude, you are not welcome here.
  12. Glad to hear it. Have fun, whatever rig you're on.
  13. Have not seen this one for a while although a google search will help you somewhat. Run Malwarebytes and see if it detects the file as malware. Also BE...
  14. Check his previous posts... Spaming as far as I'm concerned, this is the last time I merge.