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  1. Owners of DayZ expect "Milsim" in weapon art. It's DayZ and not " every other game". No one expect such features in H1Z1. But many expect this feature from a game born out of a milsim.
  2. The hands are the damage dealing parts. Example... zombie hand damage - time 1:44 - 2:05
  3. Hidden state bone fracture was low. Use from time to time a splint.
  4. I would expect some other red people nearby. Looks like a "uniform" or "gang" outfit. I would test the Press Vest.
  5. Gunshots in der Hook...
  6. I guess the engine will be also used for other games. It is worth doing it right. I'm surprised that such an idea appears in a video. It is a long way until such ideas come into the public. Why such ideas are not internally immediately dismissed as unacceptable. Other games copy the Arma feature...
  7. I hope they find a way to solve "some issues". This feature belongs to Bohemia Interactive games. A bit exaggerated.
  8. * Bondage Fairies' first self-made music video is all in color, music, frames per second(!) and colors! * With a budget of nearly 39 $, this video comes with state of the art movie editing computer technology. "San Francisco" can be enjoyed in an astounding 1080p resolution! * Autistic background music! ...This movie is best experienced with sight and hearing...
  9. Evidence is this thread. Evidence was the protest in Dallas. I guess it is not so hard to find on google workers owned companys. Yes, for example "no go areas for nazis". I would not call them thugs.
  10. I guess nearly all Anti Fascists, anarchists and communist in the west think the same. They are no Stalin fans. I guess that you mentioned Stalin because right wing media spread misinformation. For the communist part of the Antifa the idea of communism remains. They are no Stalin fans. For the anarchist part... most know that this is not possible with this world today. They know that works only in their small open heart community. Many Antifa people are only Anti Fascists. Conversation is a big part of Antifa. Of course this part get not the attention of the media.
  11. U.S. President Donald Trump is a racist and a hate preacher. It's time to stop trivializing the immense damage he is causing. - Spiegel Online -
  12. Sorry. Infowars is one of the main sources that Trump use for his politics.