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  1. No. They aim to create a masterpiece. A masterpiece takes time. We talk about feelings now? Ok, I feel that the priority of their flagship is very high.
  2. An ordinary sunday afternoon walk with Bonaparte... "I can't dance"
  3. In the night the servers are ruled by nightvision people. They have the bonus "less players". It is fun for them. You have not archived this status atm. Change the server or take the risk. Or you buy DayZ SA.
  4. Hamburg is one of the ten most sociable and friendly cities in the world. "9. Hamburg, Germany Residents of Hamburg are accepting to a wide range of lifestyles, showing the third highest openness to others in the world. They are also the third most willing to mingle with new people when they travel themselves."
  5. ^^Spiegel Online describes unintentionally the situation very precisely in this districts. "Citizens marvel at the riots in Hamburg. For them, the violence is an entertaining spectacle, enthusiastically make selfies, some even lead to criminal offenses." "There are very few people ... who seem to have problems with these outbursts." "Masked people run with stones and bottles in their hands through groups of demonstrators, the crowd tolerates them benevolently." "Not far from the New Horse Market, the first barricades go up in flames, people make selfies with fireworks, they cheer for the autonomes; It is, one must establish this without false moral indignation, a kind of perverted open-air theater here, regular violence festivals, protest against it is only isolated." "Two 15-year-old Hamburgers are standing next to burning barricades at the New Horse Market. They would have been frightened at the time because the police were running towards them. Here, next to the burning barricades, they would feel safe again. Such scenes are omnipresent in the violent protests against the G20 summit. Citizen shout to police "go away" , Or "All Hamburg Citizen hates the police!", Or "This quarter belongs to us!"."
  6. G20 begins...
  7. ^^livestream G20
  8. .