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  1. ImageCtrl

    Donald Trump

  2. ImageCtrl

    Animal suits/masks

    No thanks. The pumpkin head guys were already ridiculous.
  3. ImageCtrl

    Stable Update 1.01

    Works fine for me. The server IL 2-13 is not up yet. IL 2-3 exist.
  4. ImageCtrl

    Time to Kill

    I was not expecting such wall of text. ^^I do not argue against this point. My point was that even without a hive you see people from around the world. A non hive server do not prevent japanese girls to join that server. Your main argument is that you can change your environment when ever you want. Your two stories are not "exclusive hive" stories. They fit also to non hive servers. Your assumption that without a hive you would have repetitive gameplay is wrong. Your assumption that without a hive you would turn DayZ into little private clans of friends "playing" pretend PvP and sitting round the same SAFE campfire forever is wrong. Your assumption that Battle Royal has anything to do with this discussion is wrong. How you bring the word "afraid" into this discussion is missleading. Looting on empty servers fits to that word. But that would be an argument against the hive. I do not understand why you focus that much on "wearing the same Tune". It matters on non hive servers. On hive servers you are most likely only a random guy. Don't get me wrong, there are good arguments for a hive. A good argument would be "twitch". For "twitch" players it is important. A good argument would be "many players are against removing the hive." That is also a good argument.
  5. ImageCtrl

    Time to Kill

    The developers see this as a possible solution. They have not decided yet what they do. Yes. It leads to encounters that matter. The player you see could be the nice guy from a week ago? Maybe it is the asshole from yesterday. On your "prefered" servers you encounter people with no ongoing story, with no past, with no future. Each time you connect it is a random world with no past and no future. And? What was the point? Would that change? Not that hard to connect on another server. A bit exaggerated example... No hive server: Hive Server: Watch a dayz kill compilation video.
  6. ImageCtrl

    Why even build a base

    No. @ minute 17:00
  7. ImageCtrl

    Quick Summary of Xbox Live Stream

    sneak peek into the future
  8. ImageCtrl

    Quick Summary of Xbox Live Stream

    Remove the hive. Fits anyway better to a hardcore survival game.
  9. ImageCtrl

    Donald Trump

  10. ImageCtrl

    Gangster rap on the rocks, please