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  1. Perhaps there is only one for all servers together. You should not worry that you see this yourself ingame.
  2. v3s weirdest thing ever ...

    Thats an option but the best option is to learn how it works in this build. You learned that you should not stop with a V3S uphill. Not so hard to adopt this knowledge. I thought that's "normal" behavior in this build (maybe in RL also?) even when all parts are pristine.
  3. Donald Trump

  4. What song are you listening to right now?

    That's nice xd They are here...
  5. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    I did the same. Looks awesome. (taskbar options - turn on "use small taskbar buttons" to get rid of the search field) xd https://imgur.com/a/jx1d1 ^^ I took the smiley out and the black dot in the sea. Removed shadows at the fire.
  6. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    Triple A game incoming.
  7. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    No worry similar items like a magnum will have a zoom.
  8. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    The old movement (with zoom) fits to "a legit harsh game".
  9. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    As bonus eye zoom looks damn sexy on youtube. I remember the first time discovering BI-game movement in arma 2. I thought: "Damn this is soooo cool..."
  10. Donald Trump

  11. Owners of DayZ expect "Milsim" in weapon art. It's DayZ and not " every other game". No one expect such features in H1Z1. But many expect this feature from a game born out of a milsim.