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  1. wild_man

    Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    soon or late someone coming to supermarket :ph34r:
  2. wild_man

    Zombie door blockers - solution

    this happen to me other day :| I was run in the house zed follow I wait in the door and when zed come I was kill with axe ;) after was not possible leave the room, vault, step over run jump prone crawl nothing working :o is need to be fix is making no sense healthy human cannot walk over dead zombie, please fix <_<
  3. wild_man

    Do we really need more towns?

    yes I am agree 100% what you say :thumbsup: ;) Original Chernarus map is #1 true classic beautiful map in history of gaming big countryside area making fantastic atmosphere and feel of be lost in wilderness GONE IS DAYS WHEN YOU RUN FOR 30 MINUTE LOOK FOR TOWN BUT DONT MANAGE :o GONE IS CONTRAST OF DIFFERENT AMBIENT FEEL OF TOWN AND WILDERNESS now is like silly map losing soul losing realism is like some person in dev team is addict for fucking town design :huh: I agree make bigger the cherno elektro etc I agree make few more town in North but now is time for stop and focus on open all the closed building and improve interior what is there give every town character and unique identity :( this stupid boring multi town same style every building repeat is destroy map what was almost the perfect map for dayz >:( when we play mod NOBODY WAS ASK FOR MORE TOWN :| I think they forgot what is special feeling to be lost in forest and farm lands look for supplies Is make me sad they losing control of original vision <_<
  4. wild_man

    Do we really need more towns?

    I am sick from so many new identikit town every place you is looking :| same house same hospital same shed same barn same everything >:( THEY HAVE BIG ARMY OF ARTIST WHY THEY DONT CREATE SOME DIVERSITY STYLE FOR NEW BUILDING MAKE EVERY TOWN UNIQUE HAVE OWN PERSONALITY??? :huh: WHY THEY DONT FOCUS TO OPEN ALL THE BUILING ALREADY THERE BUT IS NOT POSSIBLE GOING INSIDE??? :huh: please stop to ruin map with same shitty town everywhere and do some original buildings and finish town what is already here ;) also leave alone please some fucking wilderness for make the tent having use!!! :o is no imagination bullshits what they doing is so much desperate to make announce new feature and always is same 'LOOK NEW TOWNS!!!' We don't need no new town thankyou for offer but no thankyou very much :thumbsup: >:(
  5. wild_man

    So, are vehicles coming in 0.50 or not?

    I thing devs doing nice Christmas surprise every person what is log in on Christmas day see nice key in inventory and new car outside the tent :thumbsup: ;) with nice card message say 'happy Christmas from rocket please drive careful no alcohol and slow down please close to the berezino school' :thumbsup: :ph34r:
  6. wild_man

    Big forum family photo

    please say me where is this photo happen :) I will coming with happy face and AKM full magazine :thumbsup: :ph34r: say CHEEESE MUTHAFUCKAS :D
  7. wild_man

    Dont Lose Hope

    one time I was run in elektro fresh spawn no loots no gun no axe :) I was see one guy with nice burlap backpack also akm nice hat nice cool cloths and I was think 'haha I will try to kill because I have nothing for lose only nice gear for win' :D I chase him around the town hall and in the fire house he was stop say me 'hello what you want???' I say 'I am fresh spawn noob I am confuse because I need to drink but I cannot find where is the water please help me' :o but was pure bullshits I am play from mod dayz and know every place for water :ph34r: he was very nice he say follow me and we go to the fountain for drink he say 'ok now drink' but I was pretend I don't understand and I say 'how??? is nothing happen when i am try' :( he say 'ok do like this' and he do crouch and drink animation explain about scroll mouse wheel but before he finish I was make perfect 3 time punch on the head and he was unconscious :lol: I take akm and put on him face and say 'YOU ARE NICE GUY TRY TO GIVE ASSIST FOR NOOB BUT I AM NOT NOOB I AM VETERN KILLER FROM OLD DAYS AND NOW YOU PAY FULL PRICE FOR DO STUPID' and then I make a headshot in his face :thumbsup: :ph34r: I was now with full gear best gun best backpack and also many bonus item like binocular and compass and he was in the beach think 'huh??? what was happen?' :huh: I tell you what was happen you was focus on be Mr Nice guy and make a friend but you was forgot about #1 rule of dayz, is nobody to trust here, most person is killer bastard and maybe 1% is lonely need a friend loser like you :rolleyes:
  8. wild_man

    Why no kill logs on private shard?

    kill log is for no reason only pussy guys who are do QQ 'WHY IS HE SHOT MY FACE????' :o 'PLEASE ADMIN FRIEND BAN THIS PERSON WHAT KILL ME' >:( Is no good sense reason for see kill log :huh: only cheater admin and QQ baby is need this shit and nobody give shits what they want :D
  9. wild_man

    I did some art for the forum.

    I am post sometime but not like every day same like before chase the beans ;) now I am enjoy nice life not so much online more in the real world chase womans and give to them my man beans :D I coming here sometime but I post only when is important thing for say is quality better than quantity time for KoS Elektro boss :thumbsup: :ph34r:
  10. wild_man

    I did some art for the forum.

    what is this accuse I am post like a shrub roecketer??? >:( I don't even know what is a shrub rocketer? :huh: maybe is person who doing job trim the bush with jet pack system??? :D I like art work so I give bean for this but please stop to say bullshits my post is never vulgar or dirty I am never ban I am true dayz fan and forums legend B) only thing what is dirty from me is your girl when I finish teach the orgasm ;)
  11. wild_man

    We Have a New Forum President

    congratulate for my successor amberhelios welcome to #1 more exclusive club in forums :) I leave everything in good condition for you maybe office need new decorate after so many daily execution of heroes with the axe and desk was damage from too much abuse president benefit with minister wives and secrataries :thumbsup: :D you should see mess i was inherit from previous president was porn habit tissue stick on the wall and he doing toilet business in carpet :o but is ok i make the dino nazi clean :D
  12. wild_man

    Polls for forum president election 2015!.

    i give the vote for beck :thumbsup: ;) he is always say true things never say the bullshits ;) and i trust he make a good president and continue good work i was doing example get rid of last president :D
  13. wild_man

    Election debate thing stuff

    i dont remember retire >:( was fair vote i winning or what? :huh: is only few month after new president election is happen so please respect people choice and be patient for your time coming soon :thumbsup: :P
  14. and dont never forget >:(
  15. wild_man

    A light dissertation on Morality in DayZ

    I want als gold bullet and if they putting shit and piss mechanic make this also gold with diamond for sparkle when I doing on dead noob corpse :thumbsup: :ph34r: