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  1. Stutter 062

    I have a 1080 for 10 days now and haven't experienced anything like this. As always check the basics with MSI afterburner for: - CPU per core usage - CPU per core temp - RAM usage - pagefile usage - GPU usage - VRAM (yet I don't think VRAM to be a problem on a 1080 in DayZ) I have an i5-6600 and sometimes in very intense CPU games I experience a pike at 100% on the CPU but for a micro second. Nothing that you could call a bottleneck. See if it's something like this on your side.
  2. Mama Bear looking for cubs :)

    I’m no cub, at least not anymore but the description you made of your play style matches mine. Here are a few details about my profile: Age: 41 Gender: Male Language: French = mother tongue, English = good level, very little French accent Nationality: undisclosed, not French Country: undisclosed, not France (but not too far, think mountains and cheese) Mentality: Friendly with friendly people, aggressive with aggressive people. If you sound dodgy/shady I take no chances and open fire first. If you need help I’ll happily give you a hand without expecting or asking for a reward. I’m not part of any minority so we can talk openly about anything you might want to talk of. Humor: I’ve been raised with the Monty Phytons, Blackadder, les Bronzés, les Nuls, les Inconnus. I do make a difference between humor and insults or disrespect. Play style: Lonewolf, not actively looking for troubles (PVP) but I’m not danger averse; looting Tisy on a populated server knowing I might have to defend myself is not a problem. I do not team up with murderers, cruel people and half brains, better be a lone wolf if I can’t find some cool mature people to roll with. I do not specifically play RP style, yet I like a little dose of RP when it comes to realism. You won’t see me charging head-on 5 geared guys in the middle of NWAF ignoring the infected like they didn’t existed unless it’s the only way I have to save my friends. I try to play the way I would behave if it was real life. I’m a balanced personality, not acting driven by vanity but by necessity. Current character: 1pp on a random German public server (ready to create another one if you people are playing on a 3pp server) Playing hours: evening usually from 19:00 to 01:00 Paris time If you feel like you’ll be ready to hang with me or let me hang with you around Chernarus just PM me, I have a good quality headset so Teamspeak won’t be an issue.
  3. Night lighting changing

    You can see on the server screen the time acceleration for a specific server. This one was set to normal speed, there was no >>4x or something like that next to it. I really think that this was done on purpose by the server admin. When I started playing 0.62 the server was a public 1pp mid populated server (UK I think), and for a few days all was good. Then that crazy light thing happened and the server emptied in one day, I guess people were feed up by that crazy light behavior. As I couldn’t figure out how to move my toon (switching to another 1pp public server was sending me back to the beach whatever the server) I just kept playing with that ever dusk light. Yet I must admit this works great to beat the gamma cheat, as I was checking my gamma settings thinking my gamma was somehow bugged, I watched the environment with gamma to max for a couple of minutes and that light thing was so intense that with gamma set to max the image was almost all white. My guesses are that the server admin wanted to “clean” his server from all the other players to turn it into a farming server and found that way to repel other players and have an empty Tisy to loot just for himself. As the server disappeared a few days later this might be the doings of the admin server. I don’t know I never managed a Dayz server to know what settings you can alter as an admin.
  4. Night lighting changing

    That’s what I thought in the first place, telling myself "cool now you have these nice light effects like just before the sunset when you have that last powerful lens flare before the night comes that we sometimes witness IRL" but it's like it's 20'clock then at 20:02 the light bounces back (rewinds) to 20:00 and so on forever.
  5. Night lighting changing

    Hmmm no Danny, I think I know what RAMbo is talking about. It's like the game is stuck to perpetual dusk; it looks like the sun sets, you prepare for the night then although the sun doesn't move in the sky the light comes back then irradiates like a mini nuke sun for one minute then the light decreases again and you think the night comes but it doesn't. It's like if the time on the server is in a short cycle of 2 minutes. At first I thought that my gamma was fucked up but its level was at my usual 40%. Now I don't know if this is a setting controlled by the server admin himself as an anti-gamma cheat but it's very tiring for the eyes. Note that this only happened on one server. I didn't had much time to worry about as the wipe we had 10 days ago solved the problem by killing my toon and I picked up another server. The annoyance is that with that new character management thing you never know why you can’t move your toon to another server despite both servers being public. So I kept playing in that crazy light environment until the great wipe freed me from my misery. Problem description: sun remains still in the sky like if it’s 20 o’clock in the evening, light decreases in a minute to almost night time, sun still stays still in the sky then goes back to bright intense daylight in a minute and so on. The usual midday to midnight cycle never happens.
  6. Post Your Gear So Far

    hmm of course now that I found a SVD I cannot find the mags for it and when I'll lose it I'll find the mags even in apple trees
  7. Optimize the PC set

    Hi there, Well sets are cool because you don't have to care about how to configure it, it works out of the box. BUT, this set is a trap for me, yes you have a GTX 10xx inside but the whole config is almost already outdated. CPU: i3 well, even though the so called CPU bottleneck is most of the time pure bullshit you still need to take care and have some CPU power room for the years to come. i3 would be fine for Office but an i5 is much safer and it's not that expensive GPU: well it's a 10xx series for sure, but 3GB VRAM is already not enough, you'll feel like you've been robbed in less than a year because many games require already 3GB or more even at 1080p. No room for loading textures because you need 3.2 GB VRAM and have only 3GB available equals choppy fps even if your GPU processor is a monster RAM: 8GB is not enough for the years to come, 16GB leaves you some room for the next 3 or 4 years, Windows loves RAM, Windows always finds way to eat more and more RAM, thankfully like gasoline RAM is cheap PSU: well this one depends manly on your CPU and GPU power requirements YET be extremely attentive not to undersize your PSU to spare 15 bucks. Your expensive hardware is nothing without good power MB: I haven't checked the specs, as long as it is not more than 3 years old, you should have something nice The most important when you build a gaming computer is by order of importance MOBO, GPU, RAM, CPU. - MOBO should not be under 150$ unless you have a discount on it because a newer model is out. You don't really need the latest MOBO with the latest CPU socket, some previous generation MOBO can perform much better than newer cheaper MOBO. Look on the Internet you might find a 2 years old MOBO that was 400$ sold at 150$ just because the reseller needs room for new items. - GPU should be based on the resolution of your monitor 1060 = 1080p, 1070 = 1440p, 1080 = 1600p (you won't have ultra details with a single 1080 in 4k), 1080 ti = 4K. Now the 1060 is just fine if you're playing in 1080p but that 3GB VRAM thing will force you to reduce textures quality for most games that have already been released. Look for a 1060 6GB instead - RAM it really depends on the game you're playing and if you have other applications running while playing. 8GB is plenty of room for an Office computer but you might run into troubles from time to time. - CPU like RAM depends on what you'll be doing with your computer, in my opinion i3= Office and casual gaming i5= You should be fine for the years to come with a middle priced i5, take the time to compare the best i5 versus the weakest i7, sometimes you'll find that differences aren't always explained by the price i7= well, cream of the crop, if you can go for an i7 you will be fine for sure for the next 4 or 5 years. I had an i7-920 from 2009 until last year and it has never been a bottleneck, my GPU was. All the rest can be found for free. People throwing away their 5 years old computer because they know nothing about computer building or don't want to bother and leave a 750W Platinum PSU still worth 200$ because they purchased an expensive set and never took time to check what they had inside their case. Yet, there are still a few things to take into consideration. CPU heatsink, look for those 14cm tall heatsinks around 80$ and the thermal paste should be premium. My i5 runs around 40 degrees Celsius in a room at 35 degrees Celsius (summer time), this is an astonishing heat reduction compared to my old i7-920 that under the same conditions inside the same case was reaching 90 degrees Celsius. Because of that I took the habit not to play CPU hungry games during the day in summer time because at 90 degrees my MOBO was triggering this aggressive and annoying alarm. How great to build a 2500$ PC just to find out that you can’t use it at full power because it gets too hot. My recommendation, don’t buy that thing you found, if it’s sold 600$ it means the guy either works for free or the components inside aren’t worth much more than 500$. Honestly, 500$ you don’t even have a GTX 1080 for that price. First choose the resolution you’ll be playing for the next 4 years. Do you intend to swap your 1080p for a 2160p soon? Beware, because with a 1060 you’ll go from very high or ultra detail to normal or low detail. Once you have decided what resolution you’ll be playing with for the next 4 years, you know roughly the raw power you’ll need to have almost all your games running on very high or ultra details. Just don’t buy a cheap crappy MOBO. Everything is plugged to the MOBO and the MOBO decides of how well all the other components will work. I7 on a 40$ MOBO = i3 but 3 times the price. Take your time, especially if you’re short on $ like me. Do not hesitate to go on Youtube and find reviews about hardware you might be interested in, and not just one, many reviews. Also use tools like MSI Afterburner, enable on-screen display for GPU usage, temp, VRAM usage, frequency and do the same for the CPU and RAM usage and launch your games on your old PC and see if the CPU is at 100% or just 20%, change the depth at which you can see objects and see how your old computer reacts. Also change the resolution and textures quality and see how your computer reacts, it will give you really good hints about what you should take care of when building your solution. Hope that helps
  8. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    Oh mighty God of War I can hear the battle drums in the far give me strength to overcome my enemies drench in their blood and return home with marvelous spoils of war
  9. Post Your Gear So Far

    Cheap loadout for city infiltration (and other risky missions), no backpack, just a rope and a burlap sack if the need arises
  10. We cant look straight up?

    Horses? Well, you're bringing out old memories from the grave. It has been discussed but you won't like it, it was 3 years ago. At that time it was considered too complicated to animate. source: http://www.dayztv.com/standalone/dayz-standalone-confirmed-features/ I can't believe this page hasn't yet been swallowed by the Internet black hole. The "better animation" thing was among the discussion too. Lots of ambition and features at that time, some made it in-game, some others have been abandoned for the time being.
  11. We cant look straight up?

    It's not a matter of disadvantage. Wearing a ghillie suit means you're set to usually play the sniper role in a team. Wearing a ghillie suit is a dramatic tactical advantage over the other camouflages that are available in game. If you add the possibility to attach ghillies to your backpack, ballistic helmet, jacket, pants and shoes, everybody will adopt the exact same outfit and you'll end up with players that all look the same. This will just ruin the game.
  12. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    Time to post some screenshots. This is the story of a long search for the most rare item in 0.60, the legendary oil barrel. The sun is about to set, it's time to start the long long journey to the east coast. Hey an industrial area, maybe I'll be lucky Nothing, of course, but I've found a PM73, useless but it will fit just fine in my military tent I use to dump non-essential items. Maybe in this wood shed... Nope, let's continue to walk east. Hey, a town, seems peaceful Nothing here, let's get rid of the PM73, it's slowing me down, the sun is just about to set and clouds are gathering Hmm, the sky looks threatening, I don't have much time Ok, it's raining, and heavily too The journey continues... After visiting a few other towns I managed to find 2 oil barrels and spent another 3 hours to bring them back to my secret base.
  13. Looking for tech advice on a PC...

    No honestly I recommend you stay away from refurbished stuff. You'll feel the need anytime soon to upgrade your rig to something better and with old hardware you're only going to have troubles. Here's the configuration I'm sparing bucks for: Motherboard: MSI MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon, Intel Z170 Mainboard - Sockel 1151 (LGA 1151, Intel Z170, ATX) CPU: Intel Core i5 6600K BOX (LGA 1151, 3.50GHz) RAM: Corsair Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX Black 32GB 2-Kit GPU: ZOTAC GTX 1070 Founders Edition (GF104, 8Go) Yes, as you can see I'm investing only on the most essential parts of the computer. Why these parts? Well, they're not of the latest technology but they'll do fine for the next 4 years. This will cost you around 1000$. The computer I have now was a mid-high range rig in 2010 and I can play DayZ. OK, most of my settings are set to LOW but the game is nice even with such old crap. Moreover, these are the components that will make a huge difference for games, having an SSD can improve things but a 128GB SSD will be more than enough for you to install 5 or 6 modern games on it. No need to have a 1TB NVME SSD, after all who gives a shit if Windows loads in 5 or 30 seconds? The above configuration will give you enough power to play all the games for the next 2 years with all settings to ULTRA. The thing you need to keep in mind is DO NOT BUY the latest EXTREME Edition blablabla, this is bullshit for people that have cash to splash and looking for those extra 10% that will give them the ultimate rig of the moment. You're not looking for something like this. The above configuration can by housed in 20$ PC case, only requirement is at least a 500W Power supply. It's not complicated to build and can be easily moved to a better chassis in the following months, maybe with liquid cooling as you spare cash. Do not buy old stuff with the idea to spare money. It's 10x better to spend 1000$ on essentials components that will last for the next 4 years than spending 500$ on an outdated old crap that will frustrate you only days after you have purchased them. With old stuff you'll just feel like you've been robbed and not being the one that made the bargain.
  14. We cant look straight up?

    I'm ok with the first one, never understood why you could not look straight up. Ok, with the second one but it won't happen, I think devs don't want people to have the possibility to camouflage containers such as clothing or backpacks as it would end up with everybody adding ghillie camouflage to their stuff. It's too much. Either you have a ghillie suit but not much storage or you keep using normal clothing to have enough storage slots. Ok with the third one, now I'm not sure if the infected wouldn't make the difference and players are shooting infected just like players anyway. So that would mean add a feature that doesn't really add something to the game.
  15. Double barrel shotguns?

    Definitely in log cabins, but it really depends on the server you are. On the server I'm playing almost every house, shed, deer stand are empty. It depends on the server population. I had a hell of a time finding a few oil barrels. Actually finding them was my only mission for the last 2 days, and I had to visit every single distant village or town just to find 2 oil barrels. 8 hours of travel just for 2 oil barrels and guess what, in those remote villages I found items I haven't seen for weeks like PM73, B95 and IZH but also Small Protector Cases (1st one in weeks too). Below you have the map with what I call "dead zone" where you can't even find a single box of 7.62x54mmR rounds. I don't say you won't find something within this zone but chances are really slim.