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  1. I'm still hanging around, as usual. Just lurking about and popping in every now and then. Just getting my stuff ready, as i'm off on a jolly to mainland UK later today.
  2. Well, that's...Comforting.
  3. Yo. I'm still hanging about every now and then. Family issues and emotional roller-coaster persist, but my mental state is no worse than it used to be - by some divine intervention, no doubt! ^^ That said, Christmas is coming up, and i'm working in a severely understaffed chocolate shop, so that's going to be dandy.
  4. Thank you, you're very kind. If I ever feel the need to have a chat, and can muster the courage to do so, I'll swing by. And yeah, I suppose it's good to be back in this old - maybe slightly more desolate place.
  5. Recently i've come to spend more time lurking around here, because i've grown too shy to actually post anything.
  6. Alright, if that's okay. In less than a week, my last 2 proper friends on the island will be leaving to go to uni - As sadly we don't have one here, so students have to go to mainland UK for it. So i'm going to be completely alone here, and that's just lovely. Glaring family issues persist as always, and to top it off i've got a family event to go to on Saturday. There's a couple of other things too, that I don't feel comfortable talking about on an internet forum, where anyone can see. But at least I'm going on a cruise in 10 months time that I can look forward to, I suppose.
  7. DayZ? Haven't heard that name in years. Wouldn't know about whether it's still alive, haven't played it in donkeys. Things have been distinctly all right on my end, ups and downs as always, some interesting events, but most not worth mentioning.
  8. Given this thread's history, I wouldn't be at all surprised. Well, that sounds just fine and dandy. Stiff upper lip there, old chap.
  9. Commander Spoon, reporting in. This place dead then? Or near enough?
  10. Well, hello chaps. Spoon here for anyone who may not recognise the name. Good to see the forum's back up, and I have to say I honestly don't mind the layout.
  11. I have survived Black Friday working in a shop, hallelujah! Yesterday was certainly...Interesting. But I can't say I didn't feel like this about some people:
  12. Nowhere in particular, it's one of many international flights as part of my Pilot's License course. It'll be a triangular flight path from Jersey, to two airports in France, then back again. There hasn't been a single day where it's been less than a 14kt crosswind, which makes it basically impossible for us to even get off the ground.
  13. Same old here. Disappearing and reappearing, bit of an on-and-off mental state, as usual, but not doing too bad. Work's been work, pretty much all of my friends have left for University, and the weather has prevented me from flying for 4/5 weeks in a row, but i'm keeping myself together.
  14. I'm afraid I couldn't tell you, we usually just play on open servers.
  15. Tell me about it, it took me ages to learn to land in my Bf109s. And the Fw190 is even worse, that radial engine torques like you wouldn't believe.