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  1. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    Hi I have some questions, were do you find the Baraka red dot site for the the m4 and other weapons that are compatible with this and are the mp5 iron sights fixed.
  2. OK when I was trying to play dayz .60 I got some memory error upon start up now that I've updated it to the hot fix it's giving me this error Error creating Direct3D Graphical engine. My specs: Windows 10 pro AMD FX (tm)-6200 Six-Core Processor 3.80 GHZ Ram-8.00 GB system type- 64-bit operating, ×64-based processor Graphics card- NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT (I don't even thinks a graphics card) It help if I get some answers my pc is kinda old.
  3. About Vehicles

    Is there any plans on fixing or improving the way on how vehicles get stuck on stuff it's really annoying like how you get stuck on the dumbest things like rocks and little white things that sometimes one the roads. Both me and a freind got a hatchback stuck and a bus right next to each other on the this small rock and we couldn't do anything about it 4 hours later our freind spawned right next to them and they were still there but it was funny there was a sedan right there with some barrels next to it with some car parts In it how ironic it was to find another car trying to get ours unstuck. Oh well I'll go base hunting and steal some other guys stuff.
  4. About Weapons

    good list you should read chaingunfighters post he made a while back for the devs in the place about adding this ammo they should add this if not mods will add it in(if they can). I couldn't help resisting but there probably more games in your inventory than there are LAD machine guns (that's if you have more than one game) there's only one in the world and I believe it's on display at the Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps in Saint Petersburg (maybe a few more but definitely less than 50 I'll have to research and edit if I have to). Even though there's like one or 2 or 5 I think that with the upcoming tisy mil base, they should add a prototype weapon that was developed by soviets to spawn rarer than an m4 in this patch. Good examples include the tbk series of prototype bullpup rifles (I think it's called that it was made by tula arms). Although it's unlikely it'll be cool to have a prototype weapon you found inside a crate at an abandoned soviet military base while scavenging for helicopter pparts.the craziest one I know is a tkb 059 which Is a three barreled bullpup rifle that was a 90 round magazine and fires 3000rpm.
  5. Stable Branch - 0.59 Discussion

    I heard that m4s are spawning under us crash sites. I heard about this since I got pissed of at opening cases in cs go and went to play with a freind and he found a us helicopter and I told him to look under the crash like lay down and look under and he say an m4 but stick sticking out and he grabbed it m4 that whay I heard I belive it but I haven't seen an an m4 yet nor my freinds m4 yet. Everything else is outside.
  6. Stable Branch - 0.59 Discussion

    Is the glock and fn fal in I haven't seen any and I have a feeling it's going to be left out and brought back some updates later like the chainsaw, a bunch of .52 stuff, the vss,red nine, and ump in the beginning, and a few more items. There still some missing stuff like the radio, candle, butane canister, slugs, and mess tin(of all of those I found the radio and slugs in exp .57). There might be more but idk.
  7. Exp Update: 0.59 (+hotfix).

    Is there still an exp available
  8. The golden deagle is dumb should have made it silver would have been that one gun in that one house in that one town in that one map sort of thing. I think 7.92 Mauser should still be added for the 98 series, g43, and a few more Europeon hunting rifles I think the cz 550 chambers it I'm not sure it's a European cartridge.
  9. Stable Branch - 0.59 Discussion

    Fixed a bus crashed it in dubkrovka. Got a hatchback wheels kept glithing in the ground and crashed took a while to repair it's just in the middle of the road next to a sedan in rogovo good day I'm hoping the hot fix will this and that the building that is open able but like lifted up the ground and you cannot go inside.
  10. Increase and change the m4a1 spawn

    Just have the m4 spawn at tisy mil base and a little more common at helicopter crashes it's pretty rare a bit to rare for helicopter crashes.
  11. Exp Update: 0.59 (+hotfix).

    that be great I was gonna start a thing with my steam freinds in the beginning of exp. 59 but there wasn't cars original patch so we postponed it then i got a m4a1s golden coil and we went crazy and kept trading it to our profiles for every comp match so we did that for a month. Now me and my main freinds got together and we fixed cars and hell was it fun we killed got killed fixed stuff blew stuff up. A whole squad of forumers sounds great party bus going it'll be crazy I wouldn't be surprised wobo or skeptic falcon comes and joins. I have ts really outdated need to update it I've just been using the steam chat but I'll fix it soon it'll be epic. It be crazy if we fill a server with a squad.
  12. Exp Update: 0.59 (+hotfix).

    I'd like that very much I can't play this weak for some technical issues on pc unless I'm lucky enough to fix it by tommorow. Nice story combat is pretty bad combat issues so far I remember e,p 01 there was this squad of idiots in bernina and I had a fire extinguisher and there was guy trying to trick me into thing he's one of those standing dead body's he shot be in the chest with a trumpet and I headshoted him twice dead his two freinds were trying to kill me I then went to a mosin guy one shot knockout and the his rak freind kills me but it wasn't over I got a bernzjno spawn and got my extinguisher back and bashed the mosin guy dead and his rak freind was camping police so I went inside one shot kill headshot screenshoted the first two dead bodys forgot last one hilarious a UK squad as usual. I don't trust anyone if I do he needs to have a regular voice, always have his gun down unless needed and we do actions at the same time I'm very particular in people cause I don't like getting kos I'd rather have a good game in with one looses and the other succedes. I also had this one time when my freind got one shotted by a shotgun and I survived 5 shots by one with broken legs and I threw a grenade and exploded below me I don't know If I killed him or not. I have not seen any French players at all or Russians just the usual UK folks and us here and there few Canadians. I think if I do go UK I'll just get a bus started and I'll go and helicopter hunt for a vss or svd I'll be hoarding a lot them stash everything and have some fun. If you ever do wanna do some experimental adventures I'm down for it I know the map from the back of my head and I know about the game well I can play pretty much any ping server I do sng servers and I live in the American sw.
  13. Exp Update: 0.59 (+hotfix).

    thnx now I understand.I'll try to fix one soon ,my bus I left of is in dolina in UK 03 it's missing a tire and glow plug and truck battery(if my freind hasnt fixed it yet for wobos party bus stream he was in the last one some dumb asf hacker killed everyone).now that I get how to drive I'll go ahead and take a spin again hoping hills don't mess up my groove with it I'll have my music player on and have my in game chat on so I'll be playing Michael Jackson driving in the air fields.
  14. Exp Update: 0.59 (+hotfix).

    Fixed a Cherno hatchback and a bus. All tires have to be pristine on it otherwise it's just gonna do donuts. The bus gear shifting thing is so fuckin complicated it has like 5 reverse gears and a couple l. I need help with the whole stick shift thing I can do offroad ok but I crashed it and me and my freind both got shot trying to get it unstuck. I'm gonna try to fix a sedan today if I know we're one spawns.
  15. What Happened to The Remington 870?

    Still confirmed probably come out soon I want one with standard mag capacity so I can saw off the barrel. The m1 garand was confirmed to a loooooong time ago but not in yet. I'd rather have 7.92 Mauser cartridges because its more Europe on and just add the g43, karabiner, g98, a few other guns I can't remember. .30 06 is still nice.