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  1. Just a suggestion for the forums: We should have a draft folder for the unfinished new topics. I mean, when you start a new topic, while you write it the forum should save it every 5 minutes into your draft folder. Many times I was creating some suggestions topic and the forum just log me off losing all the information I have written, so I think that is a very necessary feature.
  2. Really appreciate the feedback dude!!
  3. Love the idea, hope the new animation system could be a step foward to make this kind of eatures posible someday. Im imagine a flashlight and a gun, one of each hand, and when you aim both hands in a position like this: Beans!.
  4. Just check the number #10 idea.
  5. Welcome Raptor! I think this kind of stuff (I’m not calling you a “stuff” btw) is just what we need as a community right now: more and better communication and definitely new forums features to make it more intuitive and that generates desire to participate. I`m going to address some ideas later about some things I always want to see in the Dayz forums, but first of all, because you say you are new, if you don`t mind, I want to make you a question and an advice: Advice: These are hard times and trolling/haters are everywhere (just an example above me). Please do not listen or feed them. Question: What is your expertise? Programmer? Designer? Community manager? I wonder because we really need someone who really understand the game and its development to have a good and productive feedback so I just want to know if you are that kind of guy or a “forum moderator”. P.D: I do not doubt that you will forgive my poor English
  6. In case you are right that’s probably a gun left by a player (or a bug). If you have chamber a weapon, after the server restart that weapons could still be in the town with the ammo inside. I have never seen a no mag weapons with ammo inside (2.5k hours) and devs have been clear that they just add random ammo inside mag weapons or just inside individual mags. I hope you are right but I’m positive this kind of situations are not intentional from devs.
  7. I have to be 100% agree with Danny. If you first say "I support the dev times, I understand what an early access means, I got frustrated but I get over it really quick" and you call the Dayz critics (not talking about haters) "whiners"... you just can´t, two seconds later, ask for a completely denature of the game by taking out the zombies in some parts of the map just to do a battle royale. If you ask for that you are clearly not committed or happy with the develop of this game and the time it´s needs to introduce the new technology. Just a note referred to the alpha argument. Of course all of us bought an alpha game and take the risk on an early access, but that does not mean we can´t have some feedback with the devs related to the game development or the stuff we probably enjoy in game and the things we probably don´t. Having said that, an early access also means that the core of the game is quite finish, and Dayz is kind of an exception to this rule. Just to be clear: I prefer this 1000 times than stay forever with the old arma 1 and 2 technology. However, I agree with you that something must be done in this time because tons of people (and I mean people that really know the game, have more than 2k hours played, make content about Days and were constructive critics from day) agree that (right now) is in a drop because of the lack of enjoyable gameplay (either because the bugs or because you just got tired of playing the same core of the game for about 2 years). I apologize for any bad writing. English is not my native language.
  8. Hi dude. I pretty sure that no mag weapons never spawn with ammo inside. The devs have being clear about it when they introduce only ammo inside spawning weapons with mags.
  9. Really appreciate your feedback dude. I’m not new in game but probably I don´t have the time and knowledge inside the official forums that some of you have, so this kind of observations are always welcome to discard an idea or Transform it in something possible and favorable to the game. Having said that, I must tell you that is kind of worrying the “toxicity” of some of the users in this forum, and I’m not talking about my post. I usually follow and comment other ideas / suggestions just to give some feedback to the guy that thought it could be a good idea and when I see other people that give their opinions seems to forget this is a place of thoughts exchange. Of course that if you make 10 post about “dead players become Zombies idea” or “make dayz a battleground without zombies” and that kind of things you should expect someone that tells you: “dude, what the f. is wrong with you?”. But I’m not talking about that. The other Dayz I read a post about sickness in Dayz. A guy makes a great job by posting ideas about the sickness effects, the different states and evolution of sickness, and tons of other stuff and 2 o 3 guys just post as a replay something like: “Quit this sh..t, this whole thing will be work on after the beta release” or “There are some other priorities right now” or a specific and disrespectful critic about some of the guys idea. This is a suggestion forum, it supposed to create a debate about ideas that could have some real application in the game (sooner or later). I don´t know why this community become so toxic lately.
  10. Thx for the feedback. Ok... so you think they should remove the guns that spawn with ammo inside (Im talking about weapons with mags that already spawn with ammo inside)?
  11. I don´t think players would stay on the coast 24/7 simply because you add a random bullet inside a shotgun or magnum (I don´t say all the spawning shotguns should have ammo inside and there are already guns with full mags inside so I don´t get your point). Having said that, let´s be honest, most of the players just go north on empty servers to do pvp in the NWAF or TISY. The public servers are almost empty at coast. - More chance to survive in the spawn locations and middle of the map and have something to fight when you want to hit the middle military bases. And the pvp and KOS are part of the game, you don´t have to whimper. - Simple add to enrich something to do in the coast and prevent server hopping players that walk the hole map on an empty public server and then jump to a full near the northern military bases. - If you want to talk about the lore inconsistences of the game we can discuss here the hole year. - Don´t take it so personal dude, I just want some feedback. Don´t know why you have to be so "toxic". If you want the devs send you the “hardcore true dayz player” medal because you play at north 24/7 on a first person only server and survive only by eating what you grow just say it, but that’s not what I’m talking about.
  12. > JUST A VIDEO TO RESUME THIS SIMPLE IDEA PROS: There is no reason why weapons with mags have random bullets inside and weapons without mags don´t Players would loot more often this kind of weapons looking for ammo It´s a simple add to enrich game experience No more useless weapons that nobody moves over and over avoiding the loot to respawn More chance to survive in the spawn locations and middle of the map and have something to fight when you want to hit the middle military bases. Simple add to enrich something to do in the coast and prevent server hopping players that walk the hole map on an empty public server and then jump to a full near the northern military bases. CONS: I don´t know the impact that could have in the CLE (Central Loot Economy) or in game performance Some of you said this could lead to a more KOS situations on the coast.
  13. I think definitely more Server Admins Tools are needed in this game. You can´t control a lots of things with the actual logs and that’s a free path for hackers, KOS players (on RP servers) and glichers. Have my vote.
  14. You are right and that thought applies to all suggestions because if they already estimate they won’t introduce any new item or feature until 1.0, I think no idea (simply or complex) could be implemented until then. But… we can dream and debate some ideas until then. 100% agree with you on modding and its consequences.
  15. Amazing post and presentation dude. Having said that, here is my feedback: First of all, I think that a map expansion is definitely in the mind of the devs and players. We would need a bigger place when the base system is finally implemented. Finding people should be an exception in game to maximize the interaction when you finally do, making every encounter unique and not just random pvp and full gear guys everywhere. It´s true that tons of people think we play on the full Chernarus Map, being Cherno its capital. They forget the other major cities and the main one: Novigrad. I don´t think just one server can handle the hole map without performance issues, but a good system of hives between the regions could be a great idea. (Example: if you want to travel from Kamenka to the western city of Miroslavy – I say miroslavy because I don´t know the name of the whole region – and not spawn bambi, you have to delog in some check point or specific place – safe zone – and jump to another server in the same hive). Just a thought. GIT´s idea is also great. They can add the most amount of territory they can in one server without performance decrease. I think if we have the chance, the community could help expanding and developing the other map regions in some kind of “experimental” branch. Great post.