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  1. 100% agree. I had not considered that possibility. It could be a combination of both. First jump without any effect, you might even consider whether the jump is to servers in the same region or not (which greatly increases the log-in time). Then you could jump indefinitely with no effect leaving 20 minutes between server join. (Always talking about public servers, private hives may handle it differently). The basic idea is also that whenever you do it in a safe place (house, shelter, etc.) there are no consequences between jump and jump, unless there is a constant that shows that you are doing server hopping. In this case the time between the jumps (counting from the second). + B
  2. Love the premise and i think we really need to think something like and continue polishing that idea. Here are some thoughts to give you my feedback: 1) The character obviously should not appear asleep on the server or anything like it (like Rust). This will insta kill all players. There ir no safe place in Chernarus. I know you never considered it as a possibility, but someone mentioned it in the comments. 2) It is a great difficulty to "move" what happens to the server weather to a player who is disconnected. That is why the server saves a copy of the player when he log out. This would need a change of technology (which would be interesting) so we need to think how should this work as a whole. 3) I love the idea that the conditions in which you log out have to be considered by the players to give more realism. I think that taking it to the extreme would be very frustrating but there are certain things that could be applied to make things even more difficult and to avoid, with a new reformulation of the system of log out and log in, things like ghosting, server hopping or the "scape log". For example: The effects already existing in your character (hunger, thirst, food, cold, heat, illness) would increase progressively if you log off on the outside. (Or simply when log in again are half of what you had before).To avoid suffering this with the accidental disconnections, this would only apply with each server restart or every x amount of hours (long). This reasoning can be used to avoid server hopping by increasing your character's "weaknesses" (cold, heat, hunger, thirst, etc.) when you jump from server to server. Even more so if one does it on the outside (in a tree, as is usually done near military bases). Now, nothing would be avoided if you disconnected inside, for example, the NWAF prison. But there you run the risk that someone is waiting for you inside. However, there may be exceptional situations where, if you disconnect in a certain place or under certain conditions, when you log in again you appear dead. For example: log out with hypotermia or hyperthermia, log out into the water, log out sick, log out with wolves around your house and agro to you, log out bleeding, among other situations that can be thought of. In other words: I think the idea is very good and needs to be reformulated. Generate new states/status (hunger, thirst, hypotermia, etc) in relation to the place where you disconnect I do not see it very viable, but increasing the existing states (using some very long timer or just the servers restarts) if one does it in the outside world or if you jump from server to server in a shorter period of time (10-15-20 minutes), that could be a good idea. Really enjoy reading and thinking about your ideas dude. Keep them coming.
  3. Thx for the info guys! Question: Is this a progresive patch? i mean, we should expect 0.62 experimental and then some others builds to add progressively some of the listed features? or the first update will integrate all of them (trees, wind, light, map changes, etc.) and the nexts builds will be focused on fixing bugs, correcting problems that may arise and so? Thx again.
  4. New vid about the Memorable Moments of the week. Servers: Dayz Undergound The Chipotle Bandits Trumps Wall Gents of Novo DMZ (Rip) Cheers from the Dayz Hispanic Comunity!!
  5. I applaud the initiative and the desire to contribute ideas. As commented above, the next update is not going to bring animations but is strictly design. However, that does not mean that we can not go on discussing or thinking about possibilities of new animations. Having said that, the discussion about "dragging bodies" is very frequent in this forum and I think a lot of us have asked for it. Review previous topics where these discussions take place. It is also good to always repeat them so that the idea is not lost in the forgetfulness but I believe that even the developers themselves have spoken of this as a future possibility to incorporate. I think a good example of how body loading works is that of the Sniper Elite. Surely find a video that shows the animation.
  6. Because that kind of things needs the new engines to be working and they are developing those. Read the status reports, you'll be able to answer many of your questions.
  7. Agree 100%. Ponchos are really needed from crafting not only for its usefulness to combat the cold but also because they give the game a clearly apocalyptic dress. Also, adding to the original ideal, i think there should be some kind of item like "plastic" that you can get (by cutting) from: Drybags Raincoats Tents Waterproof Bag This item should work to craft an improvise raincoat or an improvise store tent and some other stuff. I saw this idea in some amazing concept of "Game In Theory" on Youtube. I leave you the link here just to get more info about his concept: Game in Theory Plastic Concept. Regarding the leather poncho idea, i think it definetly could be possible. I don´t know the waterproofing status of natural animal leather in real life but maybe if you craft it with some other items (Oil, water, feathers, something else) you could get a great attire to combat hypothermia. Beans!!
  8. I applaud the initiative and the design of the post. I really love this kind of ideas and the presentation. Either to discuss them and get the best of them or create others from them. I think that is the main idea of the suggestions section because, after all, no one knows what can be possible in this game and what are the things that will never have a place in it. Having said that, I think the idea is not bad, but I am thinking of how it can be instrumented in a not so long term. Clearly NPC`s will be needed for this to work. Not with the complexity of a NPC that interacts extensively with the player, but one that is limited to serve as a bank or exchange of objects with the players. I think the technologies involved in this would make the idea not take place until long after the beta or when mods are enable. Thats why nowadays, your idea is more for a role server than as a general feature of Dayz. Mainly because it would have to solve questions like: 1) How to capture the zombies (new animations required) 2) How to exchange them (they would have to design the exchange system) 3) How would the interaction with the NPCS (could kill them or not, there would be a limit of objects 4) How would this affect players and their distribution (would it cause players to stay on the coast too much? Could this be solved with inland rivers in Chernarus?) 5) Among other thinks to solve While it is not a limitation, I think there would be necesary think about a first approximation to your main idea to see how it works (And if developers really take our ideas). Modifying it a bit, I think it would be a good starting point try something like this: Green areas should first be incorporated, ie regions on the map where hostile activity can not be done. Without this, I believe that any attempt at initiative to offer alternatives to simple pvp would be rapidly annihilated by this. Secondly, I think the idea of a trading zone on a research ship off the coast for players (what on role servers is called a "role point") and where hostile acts are not allowed would be a good starting point. There the players could feel safe and make exchanges between them. They would have to swim to get there, which would prevent them from carrying weapons in their hands. A system of protection could be to avoid that the players can drag things to their hands in these zones, avoiding thus attacks, shots, grenades, etc. Third, I would have to analyze how this works inside the servers. If they generate too much people crush, if people stay too much on the coast, if it damages the central economy of loot. This done, it would be necessary to create a secure exchange system (I planted an idea in one of my suggestions post some time ago, you are invited to see it whenever you want). In order to avoid the "crush" of people (as an example), this ship could well appear like the helicrash (that is to say, randomly in any coast of the map) or could be several boats that appear in different coasts of chernarus by the period that the restart of the server . I really consider it necessary to discuss activities outside of pvp within the servers because clearly dayz can not be composed to 100% of this (PVP). I think the game limits the lore and loses a lot of potential if it centers only in pvp. Improving communication (radios), factions, bases building, medical treatments, sickness, passive and unique abilities of each player to make it different from the other and therefore necessary for the other ... are all features that we have to discuss and work on. In addition to this, the zombies must have a new role within dayz. They can not simply be the ones who annoy you by pointing a gun at another player or those who can kill you if they lock you in a house. It should no doubt increase its dangerousness and usefulness, either by making them useful for survival (food, leather, exchange objects, blood, etc.) or to make it absolutely difficult (enormous hordes of zombies that transit from west to east and force Players to ditch or collaborate together to survive). I repeat, I applaud such ideas. P.D: Sorry for my terrible English
  9. RP Hispano? xP Beans for you! Amazing captures.
  10. Agree 100%. Also i think but we definetly need some kind of communication between players (in-game) in experimental to coordinate tests and be able to help each others with the car assembly and other kind of features that require more than one player (test items, etc.)
  11. suggestions

    Thx for the reply dude. Glad to hear that the hordes are already consider to be in game. 100% agree with sqeezor with the dimming light. The problem I see with the current test kits is that they only show once the type blood of the patient or the full bloodbag. Imagine that you want to carry 3 bags of blood as you would do with 3 salines. You need at the same time to carry at least 4 test kits (one for each bloodbag and one to know the patient's blood). With the system/suggestion that I propose, the blood bags would already be labeled once you do a single test on them. It is simply an additive to give them a practical use that today they do not have precisely because of the great difficulty involved in having to be identifying the types of blood in each bloodbag or sorting out them in a certain way in the inventory to remember witch blood type they have. Thx again!!
  12. suggestions

    Jajaja... no problem at all dude. Glad to see you around here. I just link you my post to share thoughts about it. I agree with your original idea. Cheers!
  13. suggestions

    Love the dynamic consume idea, I'm going to add your quote to the post because it's definitely a very good idea and I had not considered it. Agree with the rest of your observations. Thx a lot for the feedback dude!
  14. ::::::: Dayz Standalone Suggestions :::::::: Part #1 / Part #2 / Part #3 (With Pictures) Hi again ladys and gents! This is the third part of some ideas / suggestions about Dayz SA that i have compile from my own thought and from some other user’s ideas (with some twists). If you didn`t see the first or second part, I highly recommend you do it I'll be very grateful). Links above. First some clarifications: I know we should wait until the beta is release to even consider any of this suggestion that, of course, are not priority right now, but that does not prevent us from discussing about them and how they could be better or if they are viable or not for Dayz SA. English is not my native language, so I truly apology for the grammatical errors that may exist. Post format: IDEA + ILUSTRATION + SHORT SUMMARY (I can amplify more in coments if you need) Each idea tries to be as achievable and reasonable as possible according to the Dayz spirit (Survivalism - post apocalyptic atmosphere) and actual game possibilities. You are not going to find stuff like “Dead players become zombies” or “The zombies should eat player’s heads and become overpower”. All suggestions represent minor changes or minor additions that, in my opinion, can take place within the game. Let’s start (again)! #19 TRAVELING ZOMBIE HORDES ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: If you ever went to Kamenka you probably have seen the large number of cars near the new military base. This was probably due to people trying to escape west when the epidemic (or whatever it was) began. But what happened to all those people? I think it would be a good additive to the game and a great way to get people off the coast add a horde of zombies (big enough) to travel from west to east along the coast raining what is in their path. They do not have to be zombies other than those that exist today (maybe more aggressive or easily hosted), but the amount and the fact that they go together and moving in one direction would have to be enough reason to a) Speed our incursion to the center and north of the map b) Find shelter or weapons to defend us when they arrive. Check this example. The greatest danger of dayz today is one: the other survivors (bandits). Although the zombies have obtained an improvement and today are much more dangerous than before (because they can kill us a couple of blows, because they ruin our team, because they can lock us in a house without being able to leave) I think they still not dangerous enough to be taken into account as a fundamental part of the game. Alternatives like these (with the necessary modifications) and others would be a good way to give a little more "life" to the zombies. #20 SOLUTION FOR GAMMA BOOSTING (RUST EXPERIENCE) ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: This topic has been discussed countless times. This mention is simply to keep it alive because I think is a fundamental “to fix feature” for the experience of a real survival game. We already know that the night in Dayz just does not work as it should. Either because users abuse the gamma options (within the game or in the control panels of their respective video cards or even on their monitors directly) or because the light just don`t render the way it should. So I think the solution to this has to be a change in the technology of the game regarding to the night time. I think the Rust experience (another early access still under development) gives a glimmer of hope on this issue. Simply to bring to the notice of anyone who does not know, Rust create a night system that makes textures extremely dark at this time of day. This generates that, even after raising the gamma in the source that one selects (in-game, monitor, control panel, etc.), the darkness continues in its effects in the visibility of the surroundings. As we see in the reference image above, the darkness of Dayz may not have any effect if we raise the gamma (in the image it is seen as everything around us looks perfectly, as in daylight). On the contrary, in Rust, even after climbing the gamma to the maximum, darkness persists forced the player to use alternative means (real) of lighting (torches, lanterns, bonfires, etc.). Check this example. I honestly do not know the technology involve and I am not a connoisseur of the subject like to demand technically on this. But I do not think Dayz cannot implement something similar if it is proposed. Hope they do. Great post about gamma | by tommekk Other post about Rust gamma fix | by BRiiTASH #21 ABILITY TO DESTROY LIGHTS SPOTS ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: It was absolutely necessary to talk about the gamma issue first so that we could then consider these kind of suggestions. I think the rendering of light in dayz has improved a lot, but it's still very poor in some ways. With this I am not referring to the quality of the image or the dynamic lights, but to the distances. In real life, a light from a flare in the dark should be seen hundreds of meters away. In Dayz this does not happen. After this first observation and bearing in mind that the development team has already talked about the possibility of adding generators and electric light, it would be very interesting thing not to forget that the lights have to be able to be destroyed and reconstructed for a greater interaction between players and environment. I do not mean only street lights but also be able to add some types of lanterns or large light sources like light towers, high power spotlights among others things so that the night (once solved the gamma) really Involve the dangers of darkness. Check this example #1 | Minute 14:00 Check this example #2 | Minute 17:00 #22 CROSSED WEAPONS IN BACK ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: This suggestion is not important at all but I think it would sum up the "survivor" trait that Dayz should have. In the same way that the idea of a far more apocalyptic costume (without falling into the futuristic apocalyptic like Mad Max) was planted, the fact that all players do not carry weapons as if they were trained soldiers would also summarize this idea. The image simply represents an example of how the weapons could be carried when in the back we have neither a melee weapon nor a backpack. As I said, this is not only applicable to weapons, the idea of movements, clothing and much less militarized actions I think should be the focus of attention when conceiving the characters in Dayz. This is just an “open gate suggestion”. #23 TORCH / FLASHLIGHT WIELD ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: Anyone who has played in role-play servers or does not really use gamma lighting at night will have seen that running or jogging with a torch or flashlight in your hand looks like an electronic party. The light jumps up and down making vision impossible and turning the action into something ridiculous.I can understand that when you run desperate for a danger behind you with a flashlight in your hand this sudden movement could be real (I remember the film of the project of blair witch for example), but not so when you are just jogging. Then I started to see how other games treated this and finally came to a good example: Skyrim. In it, the movement of the torch while running is not from top to bottom, but from side to side. Then the light always stays ahead of us and the lighting is much more focused and realistic.I think that with the new animations system this surely will be solved, but I seemed opportune to mention it. Check this example. #24 BATTERY LIFETIME INDICATOR ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: I honestly am not a big fan of adding indicators to the Dayz screen. I think it takes a lot of immersion and the cleaner the better. However, not everyone thinks the same. For this the solution is simple: the same key that enables the hot bar at the same time (or with the same logic) enable the status indicators that, according to the images that were allowed to transcend, measure the stamina and other indicators of hunger, thirst, damage, etc. Having said that, I think the battery and power system really needs indicators. Either in the HUD itself or in the image above or in the detail of the items when we inspect them. I just used the flashlight as an example, but this should also be present in: car battery and truck, batteries of walkie talkies, scopes and the rest of the items that work with electric charge. Of course first we need to fix the persistence of the electric power in batteries to make this even possible. Sqeezorz idea about dynamic consume of Items with battery: Agree 100%. Also: With the battery of the car could change the sound of the engine as it is destroyed or could even make it difficult to start the car (You have to try several times to turn it on to start if the battery is damaged or in poor condition). #25 BLOOD TYPE LABEL IN BLOOD BAG AFTER TEST KIT ILUSTRATION SUMMARY: This suggestion is possibly the simplest one and I think it is extremely necessary. Perhaps few of you use blood bags instead of saline bags because the former are much more complex to use. One not only has to create the blood bag, but also to collect that blood of another person, identify its blood type, know the one (blood type) that is inside the blood bag if we find one already crafted and full (unlikely) or, in case you have filled one a long time ago or you have more than one, you have to re-check each blood bag again to see what kind of blood it has inside. A good alternative to this would be the following: once the test kit was used on the full blood bag, in the detail (inspecting) it had to say the type of blood inside. You can now carry multiple blood bags without wandering you are going to kill your friend by apply the wrong blood type. This would greatly expedite its use by reducing the number of test kits we need. You just need one to test and label the blood bag once. Then, you could also finally collect blood bags to carry out a good medical task (for doctors of Dayz). Ok guys, that´s all for this post. As I said before, I have a few more ideas that I want to share but I need your feedback fist. Sorry one more time for my terrible English, tips or corrections will be highly valued !