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  1. [CONCEPT] Preselecting ADS main scope /////// Intro ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// This is a QOL (Quality of Life) suggestion. We know that in certain weapons, we can alternate between the different Scopes when we are in ADS (Example: Mosin = PU Scope / Ironsight). /////// Problem in the current system /////////////////////////// We can only do it once we entered into ADS mode. This is quite frustrating in fast pvp situations. It can also make you lose your target because it forces you to take one more step necessary to know the default scope or change to the one you need. /////// Solution / Suggestion ////////////////////////////////////////// Allow players to preselect the scope (Ironsight / Scope). You can do it whenever you want and set your default scope before entering ADS. Example: You have a Mosin and the target is close, so you just "Shift + Scroll Down" to set the ironsight as the default when enter ADS. This avoid you having to enter ADS mode, pointing somewhere to check whats your default scope, change to ironsight in this case and then return to focus in the close target.
  2. [CONCEPT] Dead bodies - Looting System /////// Explanation and reasons behind the suggestion ///////////////////////////////////////// The idea is that if it's the first time you're looting a dead body (player), you won´t be able to access his inventory just by using the vicinity tab above him. Instead, you need to perform an "Inspect body" action. You only have to do it once (And then next time you would be able to use the vicinity tab as usual) and only if nobody did it before you (Which could offer some info about that dead body). /////// What is the purpose for this idea? ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Avoid the "vicinity run peak" (Run to the body, tab vicinity, double click and run away) Avoid screen freezes when there are many bodies or a single body with lots of items (Huge problem in Xbox) Avoid delays in inventory loads by not having everything (clothes) displayed by default. Would make the decision to loot the body into a more dangerous and planned one Could help to correct the "looting range" of corposes (Where you need to approach, TAB, check if you see the body, TAB, move a little, TAB again and repeat until you find the right position above the corpose). It could collaborate with avoiding looting dead bodies behind structures (Behind a wall/door by proximity). The idea of "inspecting body" could work together with the despawn times/rates (If someone already inspected that corpose, it could take less time to disappear than if nobody did it). This would also ensure that the items will not be spead on the floor (but inside the body-container) affecting server performance. Would solve a current duping method related to "dragging" clothes from dead bodies (Can´t go into much details) It could also work linked to the passive skills. The more dead players you have looted (as a bandit for example), the less time it takes you to inspect a body. /////// Final notes ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Consider the inspecting animation as a placeholder. Take the inspecting time shown only as a reference. Should be definitely faster or linked to the passive skills.
  3. Exp Update 0.63.147368

    On twitter they have answered in Portuguese, English, German and even Russian, I do not know why its so hard to understad and answer form Spanish honestly. Si tenés error de versión es porque: a) No tenés el juego actualizado a la versión actual (Dayz, click derecho propiedades, solapa betas, seleccionar experimental y actualizar). b) Estás intenando entrar a un servidor que no es "Experimental/Unestable". Verificá en el menú princpal que la versión de tu juego sea 0.63.147368. O reiniciá Steam si no te actualiza automáticamente. If you are having the wrong version issue, could be because: a) You do not have the game updated to the current build (Dayz, prop, beta tabs, choose experimental, and update). b) Your are trying to join a server that its not "Experimental/unestable". Check in the main manu that your game version is 0.63.147368. Or restart Steam if you don´t get the automatic update.
  4. To the Devs. Love, The Village.

    100% with Baroness on this. Personally (and with this I do not try to make any spam or promotion, but it is simply what happened to me), with Dayz Village Server I was able to enjoy all those things that Dayz offers and that really make it the best survival game. The use of radios (and not external communication systems) as one of the main axis of immersion, help and complement between survivors for a common purpose (meeting people from Saudi Arabia to Brasil), the need to devise common mechanisms against the different enemies (bandits, hunger, weather), and many other things. Things that maybe a little blurred in other servers when we usually play under the eternal cycle of: Join your Friends -> Loot -> Kill / Die -> Repeat. And all this not being an RP server (that is, without forcing any kind of behavior or modifying the vanilla experience) With more than 3k hours in the game, I thought he had exhausted most of his virtues, but fortunately I was wrong. And this just put more expectation in what can arrive with BETA and the development before it hits.
  5. Exp Update 0.62.140275

    It`s hard to find the spot, but it is in the center of the bus. Gonna try to upload a short gif about it.
  6. Exp Update 0.62.140275

    You just need to get inside the bus through passanger ladder and destroy it from the inside.
  7. Dayz 0.63 - Hud Concept V2

    I understand what you mean and is interesting. But the problem I see is the following: Usually all players assign the key 1 to their main weapon, the two to the ammunition, the three to the secondary. If we limit the hotkeys or assign them left or right, it would be very unfunctional for the players (besides that they would occupy spaces unnecessarily when it could either assign a separate key) I think it's too unnecessary complexity. If simply the radio can be used simply by pressing (for example) the "T" key (which currently has no use except for some weapons) I do not see why I should put it in the hot bar and make a combination of keys to be able to use it. I honestly do not think there will be a place in the inventory for the right hand and another for the left. I belive (If that is finally done) that this process (carrying 2 diferent things) is going to automate and will simply allow you to use it when the items can be transported simultaneously (example: radio And gun ... but no gun and backpack). Thx for the feedback man, love to read other ideas about it.
  8. Dayz 0.63 - Hud Concept V2

    Its true. if we only focus on realism, probably the game would become extremely slow and tedious, so you have to find a balance. Thx for comment man.
  9. Dayz 0.63 - Hud Concept V2

    Thanks man. Agree with the stamina bar, you should only see it when you start to run or 3 o 4 seconds after you start runing. The reason of the small icons / windows is that you should be able to see the background while you are in your inventory. Thx again!
  10. Dayz 0.63 - Hud Concept V2

    Thanks for the current feedback and the previous one you gave me before posting the concept in the forum. Regarding the inventory system, the problem is that for games with lots of items and without a "puzzle system", they tend to oversimplify inventory. Considering the possibilities of crafting and the huge amount of tiems and actions over them present in Dayz, a actual alternative could be very difficult. However, I would like to see different options too. I think I understand what you're saying abut the world sapce inventory. I remember something similar (but not exact because is a entire screen system) with the game Blacklight Retribution. 100% agree. This would have to be equally limited. I would not like to see people running with two fire axes or two m4 one in each hand like Conan or Terminator, but a guy with a pistol and al flashlight, a radio and a rifle (on rest position) or eating while you hold your gun in the other hand could be a great posibility. I'm honestly not a fan of this idea. I think that giving game ralism is something that has to be implemented very carefully so as not to lose fluidity. If every action in our inventory is represented by an action on our character, it can become all too tedious and become a human simulator instead of a game. Hope you do. Let me know. Thx again dude for your time!!
  11. Dayz 0.63 - Hud Concept V2

    Thank you man for taking the time to read these very long posts xP I will simply give you feedback on your thoughts on the points mentioned: While doing the concept I thought something similar. You mean that the equipment tab should always be fully deployed, without the need to scroll down or up to see the rest of your equipment. Could be an alternative. I also think that the displeasure to have to scroll down and up is because currently the movement is very very slow. With an faster system, it probably would not be so annoying to move something from the bottom of our backpack to the first slot of our vest or to our head. But anyway it can be a good alternative what you mention, even with a modular system. I did not want to do something very different from the current inventory system because I understand that probably it is not going to change (for example, to one like PUGB uses). But probably everyone likes a different system. That was another great idea to consider, especially for backpacks. I think the system that uses Scape From Tarkov amazing because it prevents just running and looting a player as if it were magic. Surely you know what im talking about, otherwise look at some video of the FTS loot system that probably is what you were referring to. The same as above. I think in the case of the backpack, you may have to use a "Search button" to open its contents. This also implies that the view of your character goes to the floor and you can not move in the meanwhile. Also, i believe that doing a separate animation where your character puts the backpack in the hands (or similar) to be able to review the inventory would be too tedious (I say because I have read this idea in previous post) so im not a big fan of this idea. In the pursuit of realism this can be quite criticized. I think the best solution would be a character preview that is "demonstrative" enough of its status to avoid the maximum numbers, messages or icons on the screen. Thx again for your time.
  12. Dayz 0.63 - Hud Concept V2

    Many thanks dude! First of all, thanks a lot for the feedback. I'll explain a little more about point 5 to see if I can convince you xP Nowadays when using an item from the "hotbar" this replaces the one you have in your hands. Example: while double carrying, if you want to look at your compass, you have to throw the gun to the floor and put the compass in your hand i be able to do it (I personally look directly at the compass from the hotbar as a quick method). Using compasses, binoculars or the radio by this method is quite slow and tedious and does not have much relation with reality. I mean, if you are carrying a weapon on your hands, you probably don`t put the gun on the floor to watch your compass or talk to the radio. You just simply hold the gun in one hand (rest position) and talk to the radio on the other. So, if we give a special category and place to this items (like "devices") where you can use them with an independent key, this would allow: Greater fluidity in its use Enhance its use (Mostly for radios) Greater immersion (dont have to place them on the hotbar, that usually one end putting them in the last place -8 or 9 key- and rarely uses them) Greater speed and realism In addition, this system does not imply that radios or other devices can be considered as a regular item (as it currently happens), so you can place them in your inventory (for example, in case you have 2 radios or more to later give a a friend) and use them in the same way as always (dragging them by hand, placing them in the hotbar ). The only difference would be that - as it also happens now - when drag to hands or press asign number in the hotbar, this item will replace the one you carry in the hands, instead of being able to use it simultaneously. Again, it's just an idea to debate and look for alternatives, I thank you very much for your opinion.