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  1. Dayz SA on TV show

    Just a dude playing dayz in a tv show :)
  2. Here's a little picture dump of my recent adventures on Barely Infected's The Village! My picture thread on their forums has 3.9k views and is probably the most viewed thread of the website. Enjoy my visual adventures! :) < shellshock
  3. Status Report 7 November 2017

    @Baty Alquawen thanks for ANOTHER shout out AND for all this dev love to the content creators of The Village. #1 server worldwide for so many reasons. i love these guys to death!.
  4. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    Welcome to Barely Infected's Village :)
  5. To the Devs. Love, The Village.

  6. To the Devs. Love, The Village.

    Irish! We play on the Village nowadays, just me and emu tho, each doing our own thing! :) You are welcome to join, it's fabulous :)
  7. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    @IMT i miss you!! <3
  8. On behalf of everyone here at @barelyinfected's Village, I would like to say a few words to you. A few affectionate, loving words of appreciation in these challenging times where everything seems to appear gloomy and pessimistic. However splendid your work and efforts have been, there are still major undertakings that will need to be tackled, and that is no easy task. But know this; we are here, and we are saluting all the hard work that you do. The Village has been a congregation of everything that is wonderful about DayZ. A daily reminder that amidst all the hate, all the negative, you still have a grand community that is here to support you while you are fighting the good fight, working extremely hard on 0.63. We will champion the DayZ cause until everything irons itself out. As René would say...... Keep on surviving! Love, The Village
  9. After a bad review of Barely Infected's The Village, I have decided to extend my stay and help out. Here are a few moments. @IMT
  10. Stable Update 0.62.141072

    Thank you!! I had to edit a wolf eye in, since it was too dark on the original and I wasn't able to salvage/dodge the shadows without him looking like he had a few chromosomes extra ^^
  11. How messed up The Village community is.

    Spidey senses didn't have time to tingle when I was last in there. We announced ourselves as friendly but since I bore a passing resemblance to another hostile player, I was shot on sight without so much as an interrogation beforehand. Would the guy had spoken to me first he would have noticed I wasn't the guy he was looking for, as I have a very distinct female voice and accent. We are better organized and I'll just stick with my group for now and not mingle too much. We'll see how everything goes.
  12. How messed up The Village community is.

    Yes, here comes your new khaleesi :D In all seriousness, we will gain control over the resources quite quickly and see what happens next.
  13. Stable Update 0.62.141072

    Here we have the rare and elusive levitating wolf. It hangs out in trees to stalk its prey. Magnificent doggos!
  14. How messed up The Village community is.

    I cannot speak for emu but I guess when you join a community like that, it is a good idea to start helping out. To be a part of it. I also think that by doing this, we gain an advantage /edge and we can barter for other goods and '' services ''.