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  1. @emuthreat and sid
  2. A delightful morning was unfolding before Baroness's eyes as she was waiting for @starvingart in Berezino's northern shack. Water droplets were forming on the already moist wooden fence and they reflected the sunrays beautifully. She heard the car coming up to her and stepped out of the shack to get in the car. He sluggishly turned to her, repressing a yawn; ''Where to, ma'am?'' ''Let's stop just up here at Khelm; I noticed your front right tire needs to be changed. We might find something in the barns there''. He moved in first gear and the car slowly crawled up the road. Reaching Khelm, he got out of the car and confoundedly stared all around him, spinning in a circle, looking for something; ''Where'd the car go?'' She snickered as she strolled up to the barns in search of a pristine tire. They looted around the town, found a few convenient items to bring back to camp, and as they were walking back to the car, they heard growling and grunting. She nudged him gently in the ribs and pointed at their sedan down the road: ''I think he wants to help with the tire and the wonky transmission!'' He may have been a mechanic in an anterior life; he had a bit of a beer belly, a wifebeater and his hands were immensely filthy. They both reached for their axes at the same time. Baroness read his name tag and whispered: ''Sweet dreams, Rob'' They slowly made their way to Krasnostav, the last pit stop on their list before going back to their encampment. The view of the mountains was just sublime; Baroness stared in awe for a few moments before trotting back down the hill to catch up to @starvingart . After filling up the car's trunk to the brimwith valuables scattered around town, they drove towards the camp, loudly singing Journey songs, completely off-key. It didn't matter; a delectable lunch was waiting for them at their destination. The steady hum of the engine made her fall asleep, her cheek resting against the cold window. After a moment, he stopped the car in an abandoned zone, occupied by shrubs and some cement barracks. He shut off the engine and it woke her up. She groggily opened her eyes: ''GET THE AXE FROM THE TRUNK, ART!''
  3. disregard my message. my phone made a poop and i was in the wrong section.
  4. Sun is rising in Berezino. All is calm. All is tranquil.
  5. Thank you for this!! Didn't know where else to post it, as I don't use twitter. Second time you have used one of my pics! I work so hard on them :3 More to come :D
  6. Perfect!
  7. Baroness's East Coast Escapades Kamyshovo Kamyshovo, clandestine passenger wants a free ride. NOT TODAY SIR! Elektro, desync grounds. That's some silly shit. Tonight, on National Geographic, Chernarus Edition:
  8. That's what happens when you play with a person with a short attention span. Apologies for the gruesome discovery. I promise to grow good zucchinis sometime soon :)
  9. More pictures. I organized the tents but of course, Thurman had to come in and put his own personal touch :P I think he's a more hardcore organizer than me. Here's art getting the party started with some cooking, and Scipio and I just staring at the flames in silence.
  10. Here are a few screenshot of tonight's run. Will add more soon. I think this is my favorite screenshot that I ever took in this game, in Olsha: Here is a little Thelma & Louise feel, without the convertible, and without desert, so basically, almost nothing to do with Thelma and Louise: the boys had stopped to kill some wolves. Here's a moon with star trails while running from Berezino to Olsha: More to come soon
  11. After almost 1k hours in this game, I should have known better! :)
  12. You're right, we couldn't move the bus because of the arrows and sticks hovering in the air. The bus was caught between the lamp post and the sticks. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I told you the sticks were unyielding! :D
  13. The Great Deadlocked Bus Saga of 2017 It was a peaceful evening in Tisy Military Base. A breeze was whisking the branches far and wide. Baroness greeted Thurman that had just arrived at the base in his trusty bus. It seemed beat out of shape but was still running smoothly. He decided to drive it up a ramp to where our tents were but got inadvertently stuck on the curb. After investigating the underside of the bus, they decided that it would be best to try and throw sticks at the bus, because what else are you going to do? Thurman shot a few sticks at the bus. It shifted a little bit, but not nearly enough to drive it off the curb. A few more, just to be sure. Thurman told Baroness to gather and sharpen some sticks and craft a bow: they could possibly get the bus unstuck by shooting arrows at it. Because physics. So off she went and returned with the necessary tools: The unyielding arrows were so robust that the bus quivered under their fusillade, but refused to budge from the curb. There was possibly another solution: IMT would drive his offroad hatchback directly in the side of the bus to extricate the poor bus from its predicament. That didn't turn out so well. There was only one thing left to do: Thurman would drive a chassis all the way up a ramp, gather momentum and collide with the backside of the bus in a desperate attempt to free it from its quandary. ''HOLD MY BEER!'', shouted Thurman as he sped up down the ramp, gathering momentum. SO FAST! ZOOM! As you can see, that didn't work out so well. Thurman ruminates over the conundrum. Nothing can be done at this point.
  14. I guess I'm kind of glad I don't have to clean up your tent mess? :D Also on a lighter note, had a good laugh at this! Thank you for having me!:)
  15. If I could get your TS, that'd be great! :)