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  1. Yeah I had no idea about that, which is odd considering I somehow managed, up to now, to NEVER get a spoiled crop?! Odd. emu enlightened me further up in the thread, thank you!
  2. No but I would love to drop off some things if you ever need anything! :)
  3. Honestly, I don't know why we don't just always have the debug monitor. It's so useful.
  4. Arhh. Had no idea. This is why I play with you! :)
  5. I am getting a whole lot of spoiled crops when I plant pumpkins nowadays. Using garden lime and perfectly good seeds out of a packet. Also watering with water from a PET bottle that I rinsed and refilled from a pump. I planted 3 plants, got 2 spoiled out of 3. My mouth tastes funny.
  6. Would you be willing to lose 1 slot in your bag for a cutlery set? I know I'm not :)
  7. That would be awesome because it would add to the immersion I think. Just random empty town noises: tarps snapping in the wind, a random door slamming, maybe a flag up on a pole making a racket when it's windy, etc.
  8. If branches can flow in the wind, so can hair! :D
  9. There you go
  10. That is posterization and it is the bane of my existence.
  11. North West Ventures Got a sedan stuck in Grishino. Banged the trash cans so hard the hood flew off. Ermahgerd a herlmert Ditched the sedan and found a cargo. Server-hopped on an AUS server because my graphics card sucks and I can't see shit in the dark. Looted Tisy. Found a tent. Went back to baby camp. I got him a fishing hook and wrapped it nicely in a teddy bear as a gift for escorting me through darkness but he wasn't having any of it. ''I ignored you and your teddy bear because I thought you were just being annoying shoving it in my face.'' Lesson learned, I keep the bears to myself now. The end.
  12. About the visuals of stars.........they are bugging me a little bit. Here's what a star field looks like, under regular light pollution conditions: (with denser populated cities, you can see even less, the Orion constellation is still pretty visible though) This looks somewhat similar to what we see in DayZ normally. See next photo for reference. What bothers me is that Chernarus has no electricity, therefore is not subjected to light pollution; star fields and the Milky Way should be a whole lot more visible than the stars we see at the moment. Mind you, I'm aware that this isn't a priority at all but it's just my two cents on the ''visual of stars''. Here's what I would love to see (pardon the supremely crude photoshopping, this is just to illustrate my point.) Before After The Milky Way is an important missing part of our night sky unencumbered by city light pollution.
  13. Stay hydrated and energized as much as possible. Try a saline?
  14. That's an excellent question. WHY are you STILL playing DayZ if it's so bad?
  15. You're right, I should post there, but I think I'd rather ask if this is a known bug first, so that way I don't have to submit it when it's already known. If that makes sense :)