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  1. I run alone today. Trying to find some netting; it's very difficult. I have sand in my boots.
  2. Quiet afternoon in central Chernarus. Wind is blowing and birds are chirping. All is quiet and well. Anyone want to go fishing? :)
  3. also FTFY :D
  4. Aww that's just some slight editing you look great <3
  5. PRISON ISLAND PEREGRINATION @emuthreat , IMT, starvingart and I decide that we are going to get our swim on and decide to head on over to Prison Island for some frolicsomeness. Emu arrives first and gets a fire going for us slowpokes still swimming. We loot around and shoot at zombies. I wander off and let the boys be boys; i got some pictures to take. Before leaving at sunset, I take a panoramic picture of the coast; We arrive and warm up at the fire, IMT and starvingart keep an eye out for zombies; IMT keeping the zone safe; Art taking a little break: I climb some towers, the view is gorgeous: I'm afraid of heights but I still go, because wow. Why can't I fish here? Why isn't there running water? Why are there bandages in the toilets? So many questions, so little answers. Back at camp now. Time to rest!
  6. Lovely day in Zelenogorsk! Radio towers are awesome for panoramic shots btw, use them.
  7. I'm not danish but I can bake a mean cookie bruh. I gots recipes. :p
  8. Oh, @IMT I will gladly bake you danish cookies and send them over! :)
  9. :(
  10. Sorry :( I thought it was launch option thing. Not a cfg edit. I'm not good with these things :(
  11. Oh so it's MY problem now? Like, how am I in ANY position to modify the server files atm?!?!? I literally can't do ANYTHING about it. Get out.
  12. Yes but it doesn't apply to my particular situation of playing DayZ SA on STABLE therefore it is bad advice, whether it is true or not.