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  1. I'm loving the rain. ...but night time? not so much @emuthreat lights my path <3
  2. I'm finally playing with @starvingart again! Here he is. More to come from this session. I have to lay down in a barn. It's raining and cold and I'm shivering but I don't have any blankets. Also my stomach is growling. This weather is not improving but we still have to get moving to go back to base, so off we go despite the showers: Thanks for the multitude of flashlights, guys:
  3. Well, I didn't want to scatter myself with endless galleries so I Will just continue adding to this one! I'm lonewolfing it for now, so I went into offline mode to get myself acquainted with all the new commands. Obviously, me being me, I could not resist snapping a few pictures here and there! I've missed this. Hope you like em! <3 Until next time!
  4. She's back: Baroness on Stress Test!

    IMT!!!!! I absolutely cannot wait to play with you again! <3
  5. I.............am..............back!!! Kinda. much excite After a few months hiatus (life, work, kiddo, all that good stuff), I am here for some more awesome content creation. I haven't had the chance to repolish my techniques but my modus operandi will pretty much be the same. I log in the stress test, but I have NOT played .63 yet, so i'm very late to the party. I have no clue about the controls, all the new goodies and whatnot, so I enroll the help of my trusted @emuthreat because well he's my favorite person. But you all know that already. I spawn in Berezino. It's nice and quiet up until I hear gun shots. Shit. Gotta run. I only have a stick. I'm northern-bound. Here's Rify, oh how I've missed ya, love: I'm actively looking out for zombies because I know damn well I'm not equipped with all this nice shiny new knowledge about everything on how to keep them at bay. So I am pretty much still a huge wuss at this point. Emu agrees to meet me in Olsha, so off to the North I go. I figure I'd circle around Svetlo and make my way up to Olsha for a much needed sip of water. wtf, why am I always this thirsty!? I loot a few houses. The houses are creaky now. -_- I am actively getting nervous scares because of the floors creaking. I'm waiting for my bud, in the deer stand, overlooking Olsha and too much of a wuss to go drink at the pump. I see zombies, out and about, doing their little zombie thang or whatever it is they do. It's him! Here's here! -said in the voice just like in Elf- but he's not wearing pants, or shoes. That's alright, after fourteen f&?"$ng hours of gameplay, I'd probably have stripped myself down to only the bare necessities as well. I jump up and down excitedly! I haven't seen my apocalypse knight in so long! Hurrah! After my usual criticizing of his accoutrement, off we go for some quenching of our wanderlust and also so that he can show me all I need to know to survive. It's like I have amnesia at this point and forgotten everything i ever knew, I cannot fend for myself. Talk about a fragile bambi. Awww, he missed me! I get all the hearts. He actively tries to get me to come back on a specific server that I ain't ever touching again not even with a 10 foot pole but he knows i'm stubborn as hell and will never go back. Thanks for trying, though! Certain things I haven't missed at all :( *ded chickins* That's something new I'll have to look into *smug face* He fed me mushrooms without my permission. This is illegal, right? Don't be sad, my sweet friend, I shall be back for more fun adventures! ... to be continued <3
  6. Survivors; We are looking for more players to join SENTINEL. This faction syndicate branches off into two distinct sections to cater to everyone's playstyle whilst running with a group. The Village server is not a strict RP server, but you are welcome to roleplay if you want to. The roleplaying isn't regimented. All timezones welcomed. We prefer that you be 18 or older; but if you're mature enough and can self-moderate, please come chat and we'll figure something out. You're welcome to just pop in and say hi! We don't bite ;) https://discord.gg/HNPdwuk As Ambassador/founder and Mistress (teehee) in charge, here's what's most important to me; * Respect * No bullying * Keep game stuff in-game If you think you can relate to all of these things, welcome aboard! We're a chill bunch who understand real life gets in the way and we will not require you to be there at all times. Here's a sneak peak, I'm sure this will titillate your gaming senses ;)
  7. Dayz SA on TV show

    Just a dude playing dayz in a tv show :)
  8. Here's a little picture dump of my recent adventures on Barely Infected's The Village! My picture thread on their forums has 3.9k views and is probably the most viewed thread of the website. Enjoy my visual adventures! :) < shellshock
  9. Status Report 7 November 2017

    @Baty Alquawen thanks for ANOTHER shout out AND for all this dev love to the content creators of The Village. #1 server worldwide for so many reasons. i love these guys to death!.
  10. Lets post some screen shots (Standalone)

    Welcome to Barely Infected's Village :)
  11. To the Devs. Love, The Village.

  12. To the Devs. Love, The Village.

    Irish! We play on the Village nowadays, just me and emu tho, each doing our own thing! :) You are welcome to join, it's fabulous :)
  13. Status Report - 10 October 2017

    @IMT i miss you!! <3
  14. On behalf of everyone here at @barelyinfected's Village, I would like to say a few words to you. A few affectionate, loving words of appreciation in these challenging times where everything seems to appear gloomy and pessimistic. However splendid your work and efforts have been, there are still major undertakings that will need to be tackled, and that is no easy task. But know this; we are here, and we are saluting all the hard work that you do. The Village has been a congregation of everything that is wonderful about DayZ. A daily reminder that amidst all the hate, all the negative, you still have a grand community that is here to support you while you are fighting the good fight, working extremely hard on 0.63. We will champion the DayZ cause until everything irons itself out. As René would say...... Keep on surviving! Love, The Village