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    How was your Day(Z)?

    BAM and I were working back northwards on the coast trying to find folks to help out and we bit off a bit more than we could chew on a high pop. We'd come out of Solnichny and found a few folks to help sustain in their journey with water bottles and some raw meat... but as we moved through Berezino we heard someone shooting around the PD on the north end. We converged on that area... "Contact- two guys..." BAM announced. "One guy has a hatchet out- they're coming at me!" I heard a couple shots- "Okay, they're both running away from the gunshots we heard... they're okay. Good thing I missed." There were a couple more shots and we got a pretty good bead on someone in / around the PD. We were feeling a bit punchy so we thought we'd go and sort this out. It took no time at all for BAM to single out the guy at PD and engage. The dude ate a couple rounds and then came right at him in the pub across the street- whether by fluke or design that decision did not work out well for him. "Wow- this guy has a lot of stuff..." I was closer to the main road working my way around the PD since there was some more movement around there. I figured if I could flank around I might be able to spot anyone working their way in on BAM. I settled in the woods to the north of PD and hunkered down to see what I could see. Within minutes I heard footsteps around me- I was on my small screen so I felt like I was looking through a soda straw- I immediately drew the LAR (I'd have normally pulled my FX for something that close but of course that had glitched out earlier and I'd had to drop it so fuck that thanks for asking) and spotted a guy running around the trees just to the west with a gun drawn. I put a tree between him and I and he took a few initial shots... I then heard multiple clicks- Empty? Jammed? I don't care- I'm all in on this guy. I got a couple of shots into him with the LAR but he answered back with a secondary weapon or... no idea. I was killed almost instantly. Clearly I'd run into a guy who was better at gunplay than me and I'll give it to him. One tip for folks, and one that the guy who fed me the green wiener doesn't need, is that if you get a jam it takes much less time to draw a second weapon than it does to clear a jam... so if you get a jam in a firefight draw that secondary and keep it going. BAM had another encounter but did better than I did in mine- things happened fast but he'd killed one of two guys who came at him and after reviewing the video it turned out to be the guys he'd let go earlier... they'd found a firearm and came back for play time. Definitely makes an argument for killing everyone you meet. We'll take it under advisement. I got my other guy going and we all met up around Riffy- BAM, DaveB and I were together at last after months of Dave being away from the game. "Head south on the coast like old times?" I asked. "Sounds like a plan!" the others agreed. "Helpy Helpers on Patrol." Felt good... blue armbands displayed proudly as we casually mocked each other for being morons... bad shots... jumpy... everything. At some point BAM got his finger in one of our asses and made the distinctive finger in cheek "popping" noise... I think we got it on video. Good times. We worked through the coast side of Berezino again from Svet. "Here's the scene of the crime..." I mentioned to DaveB after explaining that I'd had a bad go of it near PD. BAM took that opportunity to explain how he lived through multiple encounters and the fact that he was practically a supreme being in game... Is there such a thing as reverse foreshadowing? Oh wait- I think they call that Karma. We had made it through most of Zino and were coming out near "Chez Eno" from the old days... near the two train track bridges. We were beach side close to the tracks and I was working tail end charlie... They'd gone by the water and I stayed up by the tracks for a moment to scan- and caught movement by the southernmost bridge. "Contact... at least 1 guy on the rocks- geared. Weapon out." "Which rocks?" "Second bridge..." "Second bridge?" "Yeah- not your bridge... the next one. South." There was some back and forth but within seconds there were some gunshots- "I'm down!" BAM called out... I saw additional movement in the rocks as a result. "There are two guys... Both on the rocks- The one guy is just out of view... I can see his head but not enough to shoot at." I aimed... aimed... waited... The guy backed into my line of sight and I fired. Hit. Fired again on single shot with the M4... Missed a couple times but then hit- I think? The guy was about 5 feet away but the blood spatter happened in his wake. Was that me? Dave? Not sure... We were both working the problem. "I respawned close- I'm coming back in!" "Okay, they're both still by the rocks- at least one of them is down." We were moving carefully since nobody had been able to confirm decisively that these guys were down... DaveB and I couldn't see them. "I'm back- there's another guy chasing me! I need help!" DaveB answered BAM's call and headed in to defend but got caught off balance... these guys were good. "I'm hit-" Dave lamented... "Pulling back." I probably should have moved around the north west of the area instead of pushing into the choke point but we needed to keep the pressure on. "I'm getting shot at! Someone is chasing me! They're telling me to bait you-" BAM was trying to call out locations but none of it made sense since it was getting dark and I had no real idea where things had moved. "You need to engage!" "I'm working my way in-" I said... Dave was also working around the area trying to provide cover but he paid for it with his life. "I'm dead." I popped up to see someone in blue scrubs running after a freshie (BAM) and then a couple of other dark geared guys in the rocks. Everyone was moving and crisscrossing all over the place... BAM was right in the middle of it all- and I was really hesitant to shoot. It was chaos. I fired a couple rounds and I think I hit someone... might have been BAM for all I know since he quickly died. I pulled back and tried to grab some of DaveB's gear... as I pulled back the dude in the scrubs came running up to me. "Are you hurt? Can I help you?" "Not now man just get out of here." As I tried to get my bearings I saw the medic type guy standing on a rock above me up in the wide open with his hands up. As I moved he followed. "Can I help you?" "No man-" I peeked up and got a few shots off but ate a couple in return. I backed off, bleeding and health depleted. The medic followed... Normally I'd have been thankful but it didn't feel right. He was just standing above me on the rocks- in full view of the others- asking me if I needed help. With his hands up. I bandaged 3 times to control bleeding- I was getting my ass kicked here. I worked my way around and grabbed a couple things off DaveB... took more shots somewhere and was in a severe situation. The medic stood up on the rocks- "Now I know you're hurt! Do you need help?" He stayed up on the rocks... I shot him in the face. The rest of the engagement was a mess- I couldn't see anything as I flailed just trying to figure out where I was nevermind where shots were coming from. I ate a bullet at some point from somewhere that finished me. The Helpy Helpers had been bested... Again. But we'll come back... we always come back.
  2. eno

    Stable Update 1.02

    It's always been that way... not sure that's a bug.
  3. eno

    Stable Update 1.02

    Dude- everyone is complaining... about everything. And rightly so. We all have major gripes... and most are equally severe. You are not “the only one shouting.” Not by a long shot. Just throw yours on the top of the pile like everyone else does. Although you’ve got my attention with this duct tape bug... what’s that?
  4. eno

    Fx-45 pistol unable to

    Well enjoy your single shot then I guess.
  5. eno

    Fx-45 pistol unable to

    Had something happen to mine a couple days ago- couldn’t fire it for anything. Let bam try it... nothing. Had to dump it.
  6. What's the trick to getting the stupid thing on now? We finally got it to work getting it off but now we can't get it back on. Anyone else?
  7. eno

    Just sayin...

    https://youtu.be/lw8-6p8OsSA .308 to the face... chest... whatever. All good- carry on.
  8. eno

    Servers are a Mess

    You just wanted to come in and spit your opinion on everyone with no intention of doing anything with the information that some can provide? People who have made it work? Really? Okay well maybe you and your wife can try Leisure Suit Larry instead? I hear it’s super easy to configure if you have a 3.5” floppy. I’m sure you’ll figure it out. DayZ is what divorces are made from anyway.
  9. eno

    Stable Update 1.02

    The items that were despawning didn’t have camo net on them or got camo net very early on... nothing is missing- not even the car with half a dozen plugs hidden in it. So our walls are undoubtedly despawning. And the fact that crickets from anyone who had access to the information about whether this is intended or not is no surprise. Some Muppet complaining he doesn’t know what to do in game gets a response in minutes but we get frosted. Awesome.
  10. eno

    No Face Hitbox

    Okay so that’s why the gorka helmet with visor is said to not have additional benefits- since the entire head is protected with every Helmet. Sorry that whole thing was confusing but I think I get it now.
  11. eno

    No Face Hitbox

    Would explain why a guy I just shot in the side of the face from 50m with a USG was able to shake it off and come back for more.
  12. Bonus points if you know where it is... I've always really enjoyed this spot- partly because of fond fishing camp memories made possible by @emuthreat and @ColdAtrophy but also just the overall location... along the main road, immediately outside of a major city but away from the hustle and bustle of murder /death / kill. Where's your favourite location on the map?
  13. eno

    Stable Update 1.02

    Okay so we were building those walls by feb 20th... so how long is that? 55 days or so? Maybe 60 days since we’d been building them for some time by the time I was writing about it in the “how was your DayZ thread.”
  14. eno

    Stable Update 1.02

    @matiman I felt like it’s been months but maybe that was an exaggeration. I’ll have to go back in my stories and see if I can nail down the date
  15. eno

    Stable Update 1.02

    Some of our base walls have started disappearing- the base was pretty much wide open since the combo locks are / were / are fucked up so people wouldn’t have any benefit to tearing them down... plenty of boards are at spawns nearby and we have about 20 boxes of nails in the tent they could have taken. These walls have been up for months- so are they on a timer too?
  16. eno

    player locked in data base?

    Sometimes it will just be like that for half an hour... log out and back in again a couple times. Avoid it by waiting the 15 seconds for your character timer to elapse before joining another server.
  17. Okay... well riffy isn't far away and I've found all those things there... but not all at once- is why I asked.
  18. Was that all at riffy?
  19. eno

    9v battery question

    I’ll retool my response. I don’t know... frankly.
  20. eno

    9v battery question

    You used to be able to lick the battery as an action item when you hold it in your hand to verify the charge. Not sure if you can still do that.
  21. eno


    This. Found one in a double red staircase recently... found them on top of one of those kiosks with the ladder on the side. Found a bunch of them in a tent camp we stumbled into north of svet... Just need to be patient and it helps to have an extra few sets of eyes looking with ya. Talk soon!
  22. eno

    Glitched tent

    I can’t unsee the ball gag appearance of the skull mask with assault / gorka helmet.
  23. When zobs are running at you let them get to about 15 feet away and start backpedaling with your weapon of choice in hand. Hold the LMB key to block in a defensive stance. The zob will generally take 2 initial swipes at you. At that point stop backing up and start mashing your LMB while keeping your view generally up so you are striking around the head / neck. Don’t stop until they are dead. Be mindful of drift since you will clip into the zombie and won’t be able to strike effectively. You’ll take the odd shot but overall I’ve found this is the best way to address a single zob. Mobs of zobs are a bit of a different story and occurrences of trying to melee with a group of zobs should be avoided. Better to seek shelter. Get out of their line of sight once you’re in the building and don’t move... they’ll gradually de-Agro and go about their business in a couple minutes time.
  24. eno

    Trading Post

    Nails for sale! NE general area official public hive... Not sure if anyone is building bases on public but if you are and need a wad of nails let me know. Will take a trade for water bottles / canteens... 2 boxes of nails for each. We like to hand out water bottles to freshies we help out.