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  1. Hi, Can anyone explain how does the hive system work on official experimental servers? I have 2 characters, until a few days ago whenever I logged in to UK servers, I got a specific character, on DE servers I got the other one. Since yesterday, it seems random. Either the names are misleading, or I just don't understand how it works. I spent more time on reconnecting and hoping to play with a specific character, than actually playing. Also, the main menu is really confusing and buggy. Characters menu is unclear, filters seem to work partially, currently the only way for me to find a good server is with trial&error and to write down the IP:Port before and after I play.
  2. Experimental Update 0.63149374

    Hi, I was wondering if some of the issues of wrong spaces / slots that are taken by items, are going to get fixed any time in the future ? a few examples: - Cooking Pots size: 4x3 Can hold items inside + 2 liter of water. They should be able to contain only one of them. - Gas Stove Size: 1x3 When attaching a pot to it - it's "shrinks" down to 3x1 capacity, since it's mounted on the stove (including items + water). - Gas canisters Sizes: 2x1, 2x2, 2x3 Shrinks down to the stove's size (1x3) when you attach them to it. - Same goes for Gas Lamp... - Weapons & attachments: - a rifle (e.g UMP45) takes 15 slots - a scope (e.g ACOG) takes 3 slots - a mag takes 3 slots When all combined - they still take 15 slots instead of 21. Another question of logic: Why can't we put a "Small Protector Case" inside a "Small Drypack" inside our backpacks ?
  3. Stress test vol.55

    Thanks for the tips. Eventually, I think I found my server and I added it to Fav's. I'm trying not to get attached my nails and hammer, but they are so rare to find, it's unbelievable. C'est la vie, I guess :)
  4. Stress Test vol.56

    Bug: I can't fill bottles, canteens or pots with water (reported). But hey, I found a pack of nails !
  5. Stress test vol.55

    I need some assistance please: I was playing on the same server in the last 2 weeks, but I had no idea what was it's name, and can't remember it's IP and port. Every time I launched the game, I would click on "Play" and it connects to the same server. Yesterday I clicked "change server", I did not choose anything, just went back to main menu and clicked "Play". Since then I can't find my stuff (Base + stashes + barrel) all in different areas. I considered the fact that maybe I was raided, but in order to do that you'll have to put too much time and effort, right ? So how can I see where was I playing lately? is there a history / log ?
  6. Stress test vol.55

    +1 I've been experiencing the same thing, when I take an item from the tent and put it in my bag, I can't put it back in unless I wait ~10 seconds or if I exit the Inv. window and re-open it again. Yesterday the connection/server crashed (10 sec. no-message error) while I was building my base. I lost 2 full packs of un-boxed nails after I put them in the fence. Ahh.. the misery...
  7. Stress test vol.55

  8. Stress test vol.55

    Got a hammer, nails, axe, metals sheets and a saw. Finally understood where and how to get the wooden planks. Problem: my base is approx. 5-6 km from there, no way I'm gonna walk this journey everytime I need planks. Does anyone knows if they fit the Alice backpack or the trunk of the Lada?
  9. Stress test vol.55

    Thanks for the answer, LordBlackwolf. I tried that already, but I get no options. I can only see the inventory and I made sure it's empty. Never found a packed Car Tent, only deployed ones (on 2 diff. locations). I was wondering if someone deployed them or if that's how they spawn now. If anyone could shed some light, it will be appreciated :)
  10. Stress test vol.55

    How do I pack the Car Tent ? Once deployed I cant pick it up.
  11. Stress Test vol. 54

    From Twitter: PC PLAYERS: Survivors, we are turning off the Stress Test branch for a new update. See you later!
  12. Stress Test vol. 54

    Where do I find spark plugs, radiator and a timing belt ? Do they spawn in this build ? Managed to find 2 wheels, 2 doors, a hood and a car battery for a car I found somewhere. Also, found a Jerry Can and a generator but I really need the spark plug. I want to to do this: BTW: I keep finding doors and wheels for the truck, did anyone see a truck ?
  13. Stress Test vol. 54

    I can confirm - Nails are in. Just found a "Boxed Nails", it contains 70 nails.
  14. Stress Test vol. 54

    If you chop down a tree, it will drop also planks on the ground.
  15. Stress Test vol. 53

    How do I craft a fence, or any base part? In ST 52 a new option appeared when I aimed on a tree with an axe, now I don't have this option anymore.