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  1. Tarkules

    Stable Update 1.0.150192

    Server browser is a disaster. My game crashes after a minute if I don't stop the browser and prevent it to search itself to oblivion. I have no choice but to use a 3rd party app to search for servers and join them. Is this how am I supposed to play the game from now on ?
  2. Puk! Puk!....Puk-KAAAAA!
  3. Tarkules

    Fluffy bases.

    We should be able to train a wolf and put it on guard when needed, or take it with us for hunting / journeys. Barbed Wires are supposed to keep a distance from you and the fence, so you won't be able to interact with it, but you will need to use pliers first to get rid of them, and then an axe to destroy the fence. When you destroy a fence - Instead of having an option to destroy the entire fence, you should be prompted to destroy each plank or metal sheet in the fence, so you''ll need to destroy them piece by piece to be able to get through. You should be able to build an Underground Storage Unit inside the base - using wood, metal and the right tools, to store your item. For example: you place the kit wherever you want to build it, then you dig it (should take a long time, or multiple excavations to complete this step) so you create a big hole, then add wood and metal sheets and nails and build it once. The final structure should have 2 appearances: Covered and Uncovered. And you use a shovel to hide (cover) it. And you should be able to place anything on top of it. Otherwise it's not really practical. Also, this structure should be an underground option for watchtowers, so it could save you a lot of space and allow more flexible designs. Just a thought :)
  4. Sorry mate, but you're wrong. We have a private server too, without mods. We've been building a base for days until one day everything started to ghost. According to other people's tips in here, saying that it's related to the last update - we wiped the server and started all over again, and it was fine for 2 days. Yesterday the bug occurred again and nothing is usable: we can't climb towers, we can't build/dismantle/destroy, and can't interact with anything that was built already. We are experiencing many of the known bugs and we are patient, but if you're into testing out base building features - this bug is a killer.
  5. Tarkules

    Stable Update 0.63.149525

    Just how you described it - Held a bottle of water, aimed for the barrel and a "Pour Liqiud" showed up. I thought I just poured it on the ground by accident but it went straight to the barrel. There is a slot inside the barrel for "Lime", I remember putting it there but can't remember if it was before or after the water part, it didn't work, anyway. Pool sheep, killed for nothing... :)
  6. Tarkules

    Stable Update 0.63.149525

    Just comparing notes: 1. This is the second time that I build a Watch Tower and cannot climb it afterwards. After the 3rd floor started to get built (not finished), I logged out, came back a day after that, and now I cant climb the stairs anymore. Annoying. 2. Hammers and Hacksaws cannot be fixed. 3. After using a tool too much and it gets ruined (hammer or hatchet for example) - my character get's stuck in the action position and I lose control of it. Only left-right-clickity-click solves it, or re-logging. 4. Sawing off planks is a mess, they should just pile up together to a full 20 pcs stack automatically, next to my character. 5. Had a lag (probably) while placing a barrel inside my car, then it disappeared, the next time I check the trunk - it was there again but I can't take it out anymore. 6. My car keeps hitting me when I exit it, or when any player just bumps into it. When zombies run towards the car while it's parked with the engine running, when they bump into it they get launched to the air 20-30 meters high, some landed on the roof top of the next building. Was funny and saved me the efforts to clean the street. But should fixed anyway. 7. No fuel consumption - I filled the car with the slightest possible amount of gas and was able to drive from Bugatyrka > Lopatino > Vaviovo > NWAF > Pustoshka >Zelenogorsk > Kamenka > and back north to Myshkino's Lumber Mill. Fuel meter did not change at all. This is our 3rd fixed car, all of them drive with zero consumption. 8. Gas stations works! Don't throw away your Jerrycans. 9. Smoking car - I finally figured it out - the Radiator can be filled with water. You just need to aim precisely on it's knob, and It takes 4 full canteens of water to make it stop smoking. 10. For all those who are complaining about the car (ADA) not able to climb up on dirt roads - Use the Turbo button, (default "Left Shift") - it will give you a boost. 11. Trucks can't drive up even the slightest inclined road. Seems to broken, unless I'm doing it wrong. 12. When driving and using 1PP view, car sounds are muted. 13. After chopping down a tree, if I drag the wooden logs (stack of 4) to my inventory, they are added 1 by 1. If I just "Take" the pile (using F) - they go inside as a full pack of 4. 14. After returning to the lumber yard with my car (see trip from section 7), zombies started to run towards the car and die instantly, then my game crashed. (Windows app error). So I logged back to my game and my character spawned in the air ~30m high. Of course, I was not able to do anything but watch myself fall down to my death...and *splat*. A nice ending for the road trip anyway. 15. I added some water to a barrel with a water bottle. It showed that it contains less than 1% water, but I couldn't fill it up anymore or empty it, so it's stuck in this state. Did anyone try this? is it functional in the current build? Can barrels accumulate rain water if left empty and open ? 16. You can't place tents over 90% of the concrete in built areas, anywhere. Also, placing a tent in the wild is also a pain, either there's a tiny slope or a bush - you can't place anything. Trees can't be remove even when chopped so you can't make proper ground for camps in the best areas in the map. 17. Stone oven is broken, but looks very cool! I had to jog to a place (quite distant) with rocks, mine 16 rocks, and jog back to the camp. We made 2 fire pits: One with rocks (upgraded), and a Stove Oven, we could not light any of them. We removed the stones - it got lit up with no problems at all. Also - Fire Pits with stones should not de-spawn, especially stove ovens. All this effort was a waste of time. Suggestions: 1. We need the ability to craft nails. Maybe it's time to put some use into those machines in the lumber yards, by plugging a power cord from the generator & feeding them metal sheets to craft nails? 2. Fencing - Although I admire the progress, placing fences should be done by a "Free Tool / Custom Fence" and not a "Fixed width fence". It's very hard to find a proper spot to place the fence, and your character needs 2m distance between it and the desired fence location, if you want to be able to place it there. 3. Shelters / Closed Quarters - Would be really nice (and logic) to be able to build something that will keep our characters dry and warm and fluffy when it's cold and rains. (Maybe add the ability to build the 4th wall of 1st level in the tower and craft a door for it. (door recipe could be 6 planks+metal wire). 4. You should make a new Server Rule: If there's anything built by a player in a given area - zombies should not spawn there. They should spawn normally only after 3-4 days, a week, 40 days of inactivity, I don't know, but if we took over a place and built it up and everything is closed tight - finding zombies in your tents and below the watchtower when you log-in is a little bit absurd. Love this game, keep up the good work !
  7. Tarkules

    Stable Update 0.63.149525

    Is gate building bugged out, or am I doing it wrong? - Built a fence - Added metal wire - While using pliers to interact with any fence, it shows "build gate [hold]", but the animation stops after a split of a second.
  8. Hi, Can anyone explain how does the hive system work on official experimental servers? I have 2 characters, until a few days ago whenever I logged in to UK servers, I got a specific character, on DE servers I got the other one. Since yesterday, it seems random. Either the names are misleading, or I just don't understand how it works. I spent more time on reconnecting and hoping to play with a specific character, than actually playing. Also, the main menu is really confusing and buggy. Characters menu is unclear, filters seem to work partially, currently the only way for me to find a good server is with trial&error and to write down the IP:Port before and after I play.
  9. Tarkules

    Experimental Update 0.63149374

    Hi, I was wondering if some of the issues of wrong spaces / slots that are taken by items, are going to get fixed any time in the future ? a few examples: - Cooking Pots size: 4x3 Can hold items inside + 2 liter of water. They should be able to contain only one of them. - Gas Stove Size: 1x3 When attaching a pot to it - it's "shrinks" down to 3x1 capacity, since it's mounted on the stove (including items + water). - Gas canisters Sizes: 2x1, 2x2, 2x3 Shrinks down to the stove's size (1x3) when you attach them to it. - Same goes for Gas Lamp... - Weapons & attachments: - a rifle (e.g UMP45) takes 15 slots - a scope (e.g ACOG) takes 3 slots - a mag takes 3 slots When all combined - they still take 15 slots instead of 21. Another question of logic: Why can't we put a "Small Protector Case" inside a "Small Drypack" inside our backpacks ?
  10. Tarkules

    Stress test vol.55

    Thanks for the tips. Eventually, I think I found my server and I added it to Fav's. I'm trying not to get attached my nails and hammer, but they are so rare to find, it's unbelievable. C'est la vie, I guess :)
  11. Tarkules

    Stress Test vol.56

    Bug: I can't fill bottles, canteens or pots with water (reported). But hey, I found a pack of nails !
  12. Tarkules

    Stress test vol.55

    I need some assistance please: I was playing on the same server in the last 2 weeks, but I had no idea what was it's name, and can't remember it's IP and port. Every time I launched the game, I would click on "Play" and it connects to the same server. Yesterday I clicked "change server", I did not choose anything, just went back to main menu and clicked "Play". Since then I can't find my stuff (Base + stashes + barrel) all in different areas. I considered the fact that maybe I was raided, but in order to do that you'll have to put too much time and effort, right ? So how can I see where was I playing lately? is there a history / log ?
  13. Tarkules

    Stress test vol.55

    +1 I've been experiencing the same thing, when I take an item from the tent and put it in my bag, I can't put it back in unless I wait ~10 seconds or if I exit the Inv. window and re-open it again. Yesterday the connection/server crashed (10 sec. no-message error) while I was building my base. I lost 2 full packs of un-boxed nails after I put them in the fence. Ahh.. the misery...
  14. Tarkules

    Stress test vol.55

  15. Tarkules

    Stress test vol.55

    Got a hammer, nails, axe, metals sheets and a saw. Finally understood where and how to get the wooden planks. Problem: my base is approx. 5-6 km from there, no way I'm gonna walk this journey everytime I need planks. Does anyone knows if they fit the Alice backpack or the trunk of the Lada?