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  1. Tie people up

    Not bugged. It just not implemented yet in Xbox.
  2. Red dots

    A real survivor doesn't need a red dot. I suggest to remove the battery and use the M68 scope without the red dot. You will be a pro in no-time. And this bug was already reported maybe 10 times in the last 3 weeks, searching the forum before posting will probably save your time and lead you to the right answers, which is, in this case - just be patient.
  3. What is your prefered gear? (Not weapons)

    Like! GG

    First, gather up some peace keepers. Then, take over a city on a specific server and make it your base. This means you clean the streets of zombies by UN patrol, whatever is needed to make it safe as long as possible. Then expand your patrols to some known spawn locations and help and rescue those who are in trouble. If you do all that, only then, the UN can be recognized as a "peace keeper" force in Cherno. You don't need to ask for recognition, you do whatever is needed to be recognized. If you do that - you'll have even my support, I like the idea.
  5. What is your prefered gear? (Not weapons)

    If you see a bunch of players wearing army clothes, it doesn't mean anything regards their personality. It only gives away the fact they have been to a military base. Maybe they are hyped to pop you, maybe not. You can wear a dress and travel light and give headshots to whoever says "Hey mate, you friendly?" Boom. And you take his beans. The only way to survive for long is to move undercover, observe the players and find out if they have a group and how they behave. You will be amazed by the horrors kids are capable of, and how many nice players with army camo or glaring red/orange/green backpacks and helmets are hiding out there. Clothes got nothing to do with it.
  6. I am so wet

    This post is just my way to say thank you BI. So, I just realized that rain soaks my clothes and my backpack, and it makes you very heavy because of it. I was running with a friend and it started to rain. After maybe 10 min I couldn't jump or sprint anymore.. eventually we figured out that we are soaked wet! We found a house, made a nice fire, and dried our stuff. Finally, a game with logic. Whoever came up with this idea and decided to implement it, and to all the programmers - you have my respect guys. Thank you.
  7. Broken Rope

    The restraining system is not implemented yet in xbox.
  8. Can i make players voices come through headset

    Hi, Are you using an XBOX Kinect controller ? Those have a different headset connector (not a 3.5 mm jack) with only 1 ear piece and a mic. If so - I think maybe they were not meant to output the game's sound at all. I have one of those and can't make it happen.
  9. Day & Night [DayZ]

    The servers are restarting every few hours, but the time is not moving forward at all. You've been playing the same second from day 1. If it was moving - the sky light would have changed as the sun moves in its course until sunset. Night time is a very unique experience, there is also a moon and it has its lunar cycle which means there are full moon nights and pitch black nights. Rain is random.
  10. Dead by Wolfpack

    They do exist in xbox, and can be found (actually, they find you..) in the north. If you kill 3 of them, the rest will flee. I got attacked twice. Then I ate the pack leader.. but I also brought my pistol to the party so it was brief, but still, scary.
  11. Xbox Update 18/09/2018

    - Hold your gun / pistol - Navigate to to your spare magazine - Click B to combine. If it doesn't work (bug): - Hold your gun / pistol - Navigate to your EMPTY magazine inside the weapon - Hold Y to throw away - Navigate to your spare mag - Click B to combine. (Don't forget to collect the empty mag) * Putting the mag inside the weapon with micromanagement will not work in case #2. You will have to try again until its loaded. Maybe it's a lag thing.
  12. Server Reset Times Not Displaying.

    Yup. Was playing with a friend, we got kicked together after 2 hours, then after much less, maybe 30-60 min. Then we got kicked separately for 3 times, at one time the game crashed completely for me. But mostly it was pure fun.
  13. Empty the bottle / canteen

    I was standing over a water stream holding a bottle, it was half full. I was going to fill it up, but a new action appeared: "Empty bottle". Why can't I empty it everywhere? Also, why can't I empty the canteen? It's really not a big issue at the moment, but I am trying to get used to drinking only clean water. I noticed that sometimes, after drinking water from a bottle I just found, raises my "disease" indicator. I should be able to empty it right away.
  14. Xbox Update Broke Game

    Anyway... Try to delete your local saved data and restart the game. Can be found in the xbox manage menu of the game.

    Damn, I missed that line.. :|