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  1. Yeah, it was the friendliest server ever.
  2. Uh.. Cars had tons of problem in handling, acceleration, braking on traction, braking/slowing down on curves until the previous Exp. release. Low-populated servers are good for these kind of testings since most of the times the ping factor is eliminated, so, yes. Rejoice !
  3. I wanted to post this on "Experimental Update 1.04.151974": Something changed in the vehicle's behavior, and now the car is a BLAST ! Just finished drifting with the Gunter on curves and narrow roads at 80-110 km/h, road blocks are much easier to drive-through, AND when I hit zombies softly with the car - they get pushed back nicely :) Great job devs !
  4. I don't really care about that... I just want some news, a status report or any official road-map / set of goals - anything. When I bought the game a few years ago - I knew what to expect and I waited patiently. Now I am being asked to wait a little more, while the developer decides not to reveal it's road map anymore. Excuse me, but WTF? Where is the transparency? It's not about the money and not about personal feelings or opinions regards the industry or the developers. It's about selling a vision to your customers, sharing it with them, listening to them and growing with them. That what makes a thriving gaming community.
  5. We need a power plant that can be repaired and an elecreicity grid so we will be able to light up a village or town. That's what I would do if the world ever comes to it's end. So I just want to know if this kind of survival is going to be implemented until next year or should I invest my time in something else?
  6. Tarkules

    You know youve played too much Dayz when.....

    When you drive your car in the city and suddenly you pull-aside just because you saw a barrel. True story.
  7. In watchtowers, the hole in the roofs of 1st & 2nd floors should only exist after building the stairs. Right now it's a useless hole in the floor and a little bit annoying when you build a set of towers side-by-side or in any complex structure.
  8. Tarkules

    News regarding the 2019 roadmap

    Maybe they pissed off everybody, and almost got traumatized by the amount of hate this forum can generate after each update. I think it's for the best, since they handled the PR very badly at least since August 2018. And using Twitter to make official announcement is un-professional. How about using a web notification service in the forum? it's free to use and to implement nowadays.
  9. Finally ! But what about the rest of the bugs with the lumber planks ? 1. Doesn't let you pile up more than 12 on your hands, but you can pile up 20 if you hold 8 and combine them with 12. 2. If you drag a pile of 20 to your inventory, it will only store 10 units in a pile. But when double clicking it - will store all the 20. 3. Any action that involves dragging a pile of 20 lumber planks to anywhere (ground or any inventory like bag, tent or car) will split it to piles of 10. 4. Sawing off planks with a Saw drops planks in the air (irritating and time consuming since you need to move all the time), but when using an axe (??) they are laid out beautifully next to feet. The problem wasn't sawing off piles of 3 or 9, the rest of the actions are a big mess and time consuming and really not fun.
  10. Tarkules

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    I think what he meant was: In DayZ: When you're approaching a curve at a high speed, your vehicle will not turn, although you are trying to steer. Even if you'll lose speed (by braking a little and/or shift to a lower gear), your vehicle will not gain it's traction back and launch you out of the curve. The only way to avoid this situation currently is to: 1. Slow down a bit before the curve 2. Shift to a lower gear 3. Hit the gas, a split second after entering the curve (exactly at the point where you feel the wheels were supposed to grip the road). Tested and Verified with the Gunter (Exp. 1.03)
  11. I found Elderberries How can I make them rot ? I want the poison.. https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Elderberries "WARNING: Consuming burned or rotten food will make you sick."
  12. Tarkules

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    What I meant was that you should work for your food, store it, trade it and appreciate it, instead of finding it everywhere just to maintain your food meter.
  13. Tarkules

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    Last time my character was hungry, it was in 2018 and this was when I returned to play dayZ after a long break. Unfortunately, the only skill you need today to "survive" dayZ is to aim right. A "food can" should be something so rare that one would kill for it, vegetables and fruit should be found in the wild in abundance.
  14. Tarkules

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    I really like the controls as they are. Much closer to realism than other games. I just wonder if they will dare to implement a clutch someday. Only players aged above 30 will be able to drive then, which is another step towards a safer apocalyptic world 🙂