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  1. This game is meant to be hard!

    Hahaha. What it's meant to be, what you're talking about (PVE) will never be hard. It's impossible for it to be hard. That is the nature of online sandbox life. PVE will never be difficult. Surviving the elements will always become trivial. The setting has to be balanced so that the lone player doesn't get one shot by a zombie. Therefore, as soon as you group up, the player/s have the advantage. In raw numbers, being able to easily outwit the AI, and learning the loot + map, the player will eventually find that surviving the map isn't what it's all about. It's hard for me to believe the longevity of DayZ rests in developer created gameplay loops and not in basic social interaction. It's funny because you start off by saying that it's a true, hardcore survival (pve) game but then go on to explain how you love the social interaction.
  2. And SCUM arrive ....

    Who said anything about popularity? A game isn't good because it's popular. If the title doesn't do anything new, it only rides the coattails of a popular genre, and/or if it doesn't offer significant modding, then it sucks, relatively speaking.
  3. I know, but be patient.

    People refuse to understand that it will be new to those that just use consoles. For whatever reason, some PC gamers believe that their impatience is transposed onto others that have never played the game. Further, people that claim that DayZ is stale don't (can't, really) provide any data or facts as to why. It's just a bunch of gut feelings or mindless parroting from people trying to get attention.
  4. Donald Trump

    More like mind boggling. Surely, 80+% of Republicans wouldn't endorse racist bullshit artists with early onset dementia.
  5. Return of the Long Range Scope?

    How would you propose to approach the balancing of the LRS or Hunting Scope? Would you make it realistic and maybe nerf the spawn rarity? Or would you nerf eye/scope zoom and make it abundant? How would you make it not overpowered?

    Wait, you guys roleplay as communists? Good job finding a workaround for endorsing authoritarian regimes. And what exactly is it? Socialism or Communism? There is a distinct difference. Though, I'm not entirely sure why a group of people would endorse this 'playstyle' when there's no real economic system in DayZ to begin with. As far as I can tell, you're just glorifying nonsense. In the spirit of glorious communism, I assume you have one person deciding what to do with any loot that is collected? Is this why your group never really took off?
  7. I probably wasn't clear enough, honestly. By 'clueless' I mean 'unaware'. To many console users, I assume DayZ is a fresh experience and frustration with the timeline doesn't exist. So "Every 3 mo over last 5 years I try Dayz Again" threads are completely alien to a great number of people. A response to "perception is everything". Mostly.
  8. Just think about all the console users that are totally clueless and have no idea that DayZ has been in development for so long. Hopefully the squeaky wheels of the impatient PC veteran will be drowned out by the thundering roar of the console machine user base.
  9. Why I'm excited.

    It's a nice thing to have to consider your time investment, huh? Refreshing to know that everyone else isn't forced to kill you, social interaction actually exists, and that you won't be at nothing again in 30 minutes or less. Edit; oh wait, this is the xbox forum. This may or may not play out like it does on PC. *shrug*
  10. Melee is WAY too slow

    If you plan ahead properly, you can take on 2-3 zeds, with your bare fists, and never get hit. Took me half a game play session to figure it out. Being able to block effectively makes combat ridiculously easy versus the infected. Be mindful of the loot you carry and you'll never have issues with having to drop things in order to fight. Additionally, surviving the pve elements, such as the infected, will never be difficult. People will always be able to figure out the AI. The real question will always be human vs human, which requires a holistic approach to combat, not just a focus on melee combat, hence my previous post.
  11. Melee is WAY too slow

    Okay, so the premise of DayZ is that everyone was exposed to the infection and those who weren't turned are naturally immune to it. Players take the role of those who are lucky enough to be unaffected. Those who turned to zeds are not just weaker humans, thus, players are not super-human. The danger with making melee combat too strong is that it then turns the meta into a devolution of zig-zagging hip-firing/directional pointing ambush tactics or long range sniping. Mid-range combat with lower level firearms becomes a much more non-viable alternative. Now, I realize that movement and swing speed are different, but they still affect one another. Maybe the best advice is to wait until all of the combat mechanics and player controller functions are all up and running before evaluating combat balance. Personally, in .62 stable, it sure feels like you're on equal footing with someone who is armed with a gun, and at 20 meters away whereas the person with the handgun should logically have an advantage. .63 isn't perfectly balanced yet, but it just doesn't seem like you can take a solid gamble and ignore firearms as much.
  12. The Main Problem with Consoles

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that modding support will be inferior. That's the only problem that I see with consoles. Really? all pc players? any game?
  13. Melee is WAY too slow

    Possibly true. Finding the right balance by considering multiple game factors will be paramount here. Player health pool, infected hp, infected attack speed, infected attack damage, infected awareness levels, number of infected nearby, damage levels of various weapons, and stamina are but a few things the team needs to consider while balancing melee combat. The combat has to be balanced, it doesn't really have to be realistic. In fact, making it realistic probably isn't ideal. God forbid we have to resort to the Global Cooldown. Re: item switching. I do hope that they find a great solution for when you need a melee weapon in hand RIGHT NOW. Players have had complaints about losing items due to switching items in hand. Sometimes there's room in your bag, sometimes items got dropped. There is no simple solution. I'm sure a simple and elegant solution would be appreciated, but what is it?
  14. Game Preview Access

    Do you have references? Why haven't you been keeping abreast of the information regarding the game development? Do you have any experienced in providing feedback during software development? Instead of asking for more information, why haven't you just browsed any of the other identical threads in this sub-forum for your answers?
  15. By resources, you mean employees. You can't just turn up the resources knob here. BI isn't a huge company, either. It has to consider the company's production alongside employee growth. It has a budget. Additionally, there are various specializations within game development. You can't just toss more devs on a bug fire and expect it to go out.