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  1. Yawn. Base-building isn't even important or part of the core design from the beginning. It's just something added because they promised modding and didn't know what to do. No matter what fix, or balancing, evil people will find ways to un-do honest peoples' work in a sandbox mmo. This has always been the way since the beginning of the interwebz. You should know this. If you want to store or hide something you don't use a base.
  2. Parazight

    zombie dogs

    But, Why?? Why not just have more wolves? Why not just have the devs work on something already planned? Survival versus AI wont every really be difficult. Interesting is pretty subjective.
  3. Parazight

    Can we just get a straight answer?

    Full wipe?!?!?!? But this is 1.0. The game's been released. This isn't alpha or beta anymore.
  4. Parazight

    Missing Czech-Man

    na·ive /nīˈēv/ adjective (of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment. "the rather naive young man had been totally misled"
  5. Parazight

    Opinions on a kill cam?

    Not authentic. Unnecessary. It wouldn't be an option. Anyone in their right mind would use it to gain otherwise impossible information about their attacker. A person is almost obligated to use it, unless you hate free information.
  6. Console players aren't trying to 'ruin' the game. They play the title because they enjoy it. They're just trying to game the system so that looting is easier, they die less, and generally try to progress with the least amount of work. It's the path of least resistance. Gamers are not going to do the honorable thing, in general, because there are no real actual or moral repercussions.
  7. Parazight

    Anti Ghosting/Server Hopping Measures

    Well, I'm 100% in the PVP 'crowd'. I've always felt that the environment has been there to perform as a speed bump and that PVE is largely irrelevant. That said, the solution is bad, in my opinion, for any crowd. A player has to invest so much time to progress just even a little bit. This mechanic undoes so much. Especially for new players that don't know the game in and out. I can only imagine that this solution will only create just as many problems.
  8. Parazight

    black screen

    Are you playing on an old computer? Can your hardware handle it? What do you mean black screen? Most video cards will shut down if they get too hot. Video cards get too hot if they've got a high workload. In this case, you'll still hear sound. Is this what is happening? Monitor your temps.
  9. Parazight

    Anti Ghosting/Server Hopping Measures

    Ugh... This is such terrible decision making. What happened to BI doing whatever BI wanted to do? Why cater now? The modern day gamer should expect ghosting to happen and realize that it's not isolated to DayZ. Trying to fix ghosting is absurd. This is not a DayZ specific issue. Every single title in this genre, with this environment, is subject to this sort of player behavior. Why on earth is BI trying to solve this problem, and moreover, why try to solve the problem at the end of development? This sort of colossal issue is something that needs to be addressed on day one of development. This isn't something you band aid. Don't make a game, then add mod support, then add bases because you have mod support, then half-ass fix a problem. What a huge waste of money. What happened to solving base ghosting by teleporting you away from a spot if you tried to log in near (a base structure)? What happened to the solution being to play on private shards? The stance was that any punishment would end up hurting the innocent gamer. What happened to that? Whatever the fuck happened to authenticity? The solution is to do nothing!
  10. Parazight

    The real reason why there won't be a Roadmap...

    No. They have stated this in the past. Eugen stated that they want to under-promise and over-deliver. Absolutely not a troll post. You're the one doing the trolling.
  11. Parazight

    The real reason why there won't be a Roadmap...

    What's with the hate towards the US? Forgive me if I'm way off here. Your post is pretty incoherent, afterall.
  12. So, if you sit way outside of town and see infected there, you know someone is there. Wasn't BI using this, like 10 years ago?? Turned out to be a bad idea.
  13. Parazight

    The real reason why there won't be a Roadmap...

    Development is pretty much over. There is a huge regression of people that know the engine and systems. BI would have to hire and train people to work on DayZ, which is looking to wrap up as soon as possible. If I were one of the people with the money, making decisions for the developer employees, I'd want to find a cheap way to complete work on DayZ and save face as much as possible in order to promote what the whole re-work and Enfusion was designed to do. Which is to start work on other titles and Arma4. DayZ is pretty much done. The objective is complete. It was a workbench to create a new engine. DayZ will be considered a success because it will be a launchpad for future titles. I honestly don't think there will be DLC content. They wanted it to be modder friendly. And it is well enough. Seems much more profitable to just move on, honestly. This made me laugh, tbh. Keep building that wall ...of text, dood.
  14. What we need is zombies with firearms. They don't even need to be proficient at all. All they need to do is pull the trigger so a round fires off. I mean, they're coordinated enough to 1-handed hurdle a tall fence easily. Why not be able to squeeze an index finger via impulse? Imagine passing through town and then hearing a gunshot. Is that a player? Is than an infected? Let's make terror great again.
  15. Parazight

    Bait stands

    When I saw the title of this thread, I immediately thought it might be about something entirely different. Strangely enough, I have no idea what you're talking about but I'm positive it's not the other thing I thought it may have been. That all said, I would love to be able to bait in wolves for science, and for gladatorial style combat of sorts. Carry on with your packets and your meat baiting.