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  1. Smoking LADA

    Put your dot on the radiator cap. It's small, but it's there. Takes about 6 full canteens of water to top it off. I recommend bringing a jerry can full of water, though. Thankfully we don't have to bleed out the air. I wanted to see how many oil jugs it would take before it wouldn't take any more. It was just a drop or two from 4 full jugs. The car was in a spawn location, so I assumed it was fresh. For science!
  2. Smoking LADA

    Did you put four jugs of oil into the engine? Ever try to drive a car IRL without oil? Spoiler alert: it gets hot.
  3. Why promises bite you in the ass

    So, which promises are biting who in the ass? I don't get it.
  4. Stable Update 0.63.149464

    Found a radiator, a battery, a spark plug, 4 jugs of oil, a jerry can with gas, another jerry can (for water, for the radiator) and got a Lada working. A friend and I drove from around Svetlojarsk to NWAF, down thru zeleno, and then down to around to Kamenka. Car worked great, except for when we shut off the car. Shutting off the car emptied the fuel tank. This was the only buggy part of it, specifically. Seemed to create a bunch of desync, so I let my friend drive halfway through the journey. We didn't have any persistence issues with it over the course of 2 days. So, that's cool. I experienced the car bouncing around the Vybor area, but it must have been only me, as my passenger noticed nothing. So, a good play session, imo. No one important died.
  5. New Actions & Crafting

    I wish I could hold down right mouse button on an item and then press a key to drop items to vicinity while in the inventory. Having to move items around by holding and moving is a huge time sink.
  6. Diabetes Issue

    Why are you playing the game in a way that requires you to drink every 10 minutes. That's foolish.
  7. Suggestion - Grouping/playing with friends

    Amazing that this topic hasn't been discussed over a hundred times already. I really hope that this suggestion never makes it into the standard release.
  8. Rotate items added ASAP

    We don't all play Tarkov. This feature isn't necessary. How could you possibly know that it's been asked before? You joined 12 hours ago and you tagged this post as 'don't tell me to use search engine'. Try using the search engine if you want to find the reasoning behind this design implementation.
  9. everything flimmering

    Your image was really dark, I didn't know what I was looking for. So,.. I had to look up the word 'flimmering' online before posting here. The only definition that I either understood or felt confident with came from the urban dictionary. That said, I advise that you tell that bitch to go out and get a job or something. When in doubt, do what Gews tells you to do.
  10. Of course all three both have not been achieved. It's nonsense to believe that a balance with PVE and PVP will ever be realized. See, this is the exact problem open-world sandboxes have had since the beginning of online gaming, where people pvp. You simply cannot balance PVE elements with PVP AT ALL. Btw, Player vs Zombie and Player vs Environment are the same thing. For example, you can balance a zed versus a single player, sure, no problem. But there's no scaling whatsoever. And no separated instances to provide an increasing challenge as you become better kitted. As soon as you group up with one other friendly person, ALL PVE (your pvz +pve) becomes ridiculously trivial. Additionally, unless you're playing chess, you're always going to be able to out-smart and out-maneuver artificial intelligence and learn to adapt to static environmental coding. The whole premise from day zero with Derp Hall providing a social experiment is incredibly naive from the start, anyway. There's no actual consequences, ever. Permadeath workarounds have been a real thing since the beginning. It's pretty much been a shitshow from the beginning, save the awesome and unique experience the title has provided, which you're already aware of.
  11. Sounds to me like a lack of communication on the part of developers and business executives. Seems like developers are overly optimistic on how smooth development should go while not correctly calculating actual development time. At the same time, business owners (and other people with the money) not really understanding the ups and downs and problems faced in a factory that only produces 1 thing (the game). People can't be excellent business owners, technical developers, and level 5 (read jim collins) management directors all at the same time. Sometimes, you have to take the good. You have to take the bad. You take them both, then there you have; the facts of life, the facts of life.
  12. [Confused] BETA vs 1.0

    "Disappointment" is subjective. "Worse development" is also subjective. You can't use actual facts to prove how you feel about something and then claim everyone feels the same way. I would love to see some answers to Weyland's questions. Unfortunately, it seems to be smoke and mirrors. Just guessing that they don't have an exact answer. This could be one of those games that skips over official Beta tuning altogether. Whatever they have finished by December #th, will be 1.0. Maybe we're already in beta? However, calling it beta would invite a slew of legitimate 'wtf' questions that the devs don't want to answer because of the battle on many fronts, getting the job done, answering player questions, and meeting the demands of Spanel. This is a great bunch of questions. It will be interesting to not only see the official response, but how the response is delivered, considering the mountain of contradictory statements and claims that have been made.
  13. This game is meant to be hard!

    Hahaha. What it's meant to be, what you're talking about (PVE) will never be hard. It's impossible for it to be hard. That is the nature of online sandbox life. PVE will never be difficult. Surviving the elements will always become trivial. The setting has to be balanced so that the lone player doesn't get one shot by a zombie. Therefore, as soon as you group up, the player/s have the advantage. In raw numbers, being able to easily outwit the AI, and learning the loot + map, the player will eventually find that surviving the map isn't what it's all about. It's hard for me to believe the longevity of DayZ rests in developer created gameplay loops and not in basic social interaction. It's funny because you start off by saying that it's a true, hardcore survival (pve) game but then go on to explain how you love the social interaction.
  14. And SCUM arrive ....

    Who said anything about popularity? A game isn't good because it's popular. If the title doesn't do anything new, it only rides the coattails of a popular genre, and/or if it doesn't offer significant modding, then it sucks, relatively speaking.
  15. I know, but be patient.

    People refuse to understand that it will be new to those that just use consoles. For whatever reason, some PC gamers believe that their impatience is transposed onto others that have never played the game. Further, people that claim that DayZ is stale don't (can't, really) provide any data or facts as to why. It's just a bunch of gut feelings or mindless parroting from people trying to get attention.