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  1. "How to Recharge Your Stamina Quickly!"

    This is an interesting mechanic. Which mushroom do I eat to get stamina quickly, I wonder?
  2. Soft Skills

    There's nothing wrong with having these soft skills. They're not going to help you in combat situations. You're not losing out by not working on your soft skills. Having meaningless grinds in a sandbox is good for the game. It helps to keep players actually playing. As far as them implementing it now, it's fine. If they're working on it right now it's for a reason.
  3. Status Report - 22 May 2018

    Great status report. Thanks! It sure was fun finding loot on zombies. During the stress tests, I always sought to punch out infected first. Seemed like the quickest way to get peaches. And please increase the apple spawns in the Berezino orchards.
  4. Find a Mosin. Find a Hacksaw. Find a Hunting Scope. Go the workbench. Attach Hunting Scope to Mosin. Saw off Mosin with Hacksaw.. Making DayZ great again. /swoon
  5. General Discussion

    I read the review. It was a pleasant read. There's a huge difference between newbie and noob. Based on the review, it seems that you're not fully caught up as to what to expect going into .63 and beyond. But that's okay. We can't all be total fanbois.
  6. The worst game ever

    DayZ forums 2.0. I'm sure Baty can keep these nerds in line.
  7. website timeline incorrect?

    Because the first timelime is like a flat circle. Whatever happened will happen again.
  8. Melee System needs balance/tweaking

    Yea. I agree. But like you said, it's the stress test and nothing's balanced.
  9. DayZ 0.63 Melee Combat Test - 1 vs. 3

    Please go lick some batteries while you punch a guy out with it. ;)
  10. Melee System needs balance/tweaking

    That's a great piece by M1NDR. He's clearly better and got three nice kills. You'll notice the fresh spawn didn't block or dodge ever. Only when he returned did he ever use a stunning attack. M1NDR blocked well and pooled his stamina properly to stun and then took advantage of that.
  11. Start Walking

    I will concede that saying 'it's not meant to be challenging' is a bit misleading. The basic gist of what I'm saying still remains, however. There are two distinct facets to DayZ. Player versus Player and Player versus Environment. Perhaps this is where our fundamental view differs. You may think PVE and PVP are completely entwined, but I do not. Partially, yes. Dayz is long moments of boredom separated by short intervals of sheer terror. Long moments of 'survival pve' and short bursts of tense player combat situations. Maybe this is why I don't see PVE and PVP being totally married. BI and the developers assume the title will last many years. I certainly hope it does. For this to happen, the game has to retain a player base and not have high player turn-over, right? These long term players (the expected majority) will have to learn to navigate the environment. They will have to learn to not die to infected/AI, not die to starvation, and maintain a healthy status as they travel about Chernarus. There is a learning curve, but it's not bad at all. The core PVE mechanics won't really change. Once you learn them, and you will in relatively short order, not dying to the environment is pretty easy. Easy in .62, easy in .63, and easy at 1.0. Humans are smart, they will adapt and learn to overcome the static set of variables (pve) that any game presents. This is what i'm referring to when I state that survival will be easy. Dealing with the environment will be easy. That's what this thread started out talking about. How walking makes the game more tedious. But not harder. The simple way to realize this is to group up with your friends in this sandbox. Do this and then realize that pve survival is pretty trivial. This has been the case for sandboxes since the beginning. It's there to enhance player interactions. It provides something to do and a grind to make living and dying mean something. Not just spawn, kill, and respawn without meaning or investment, like PUBG. The past reveals. From UO, Everquest, Asheron's Call, Lineage, WoW, SWTOR, Dark Age of Camelot, Anarchy Online, and more we can see how player interaction is the real obstacle in a sandbox arena. This is the real wrench that is thrown into the gears of your plan. Surviving other players isn't something you can just learn to do easily. Other gamers are nowhere near as easy to predict as PVE mechanics. Over and over the past has shown us that pve isn't really that hard in an open world structure. This is because you can't have linear progression in a sandbox. This has been the case for decades. I absolutely read it all. I read a lot and have experienced just as much. Let's not put all of our faith into the articles that people have written. Just because the developers have written articles and said things doesn't mean that's how it's going to pan out. What do you call a spade? You seem like a smart guy. You should be able to take things at face value and not rely on the skewed perceptions of people that happen to be behind the steering wheel. People in charge have intentions all the time. These intentions don't always play out, gaming or otherwise. Just because (the developers) say something is supposed to be one way doesn't mean it's going work out like that. Intention isn't that important. It IS relevant. This was a great example of Dean wanting the title to be something that's impossible. What is 'supposed to be' and 'what is' are completely different things and the latter is the only relevant thing. DayZ is fantastic at providing a place where people can interact, hostile or friendly, with no real world consequence. This is biggest thing that it has going for it. PvE doesn't even have to be hard for the title to be successful. Good thing, because it wont be. Do you really need handcuffs in this game to not die of hunger or stave of zombies? PVP is the focus. That's the consensus. Go have a look at the endless amount videos out there created by players. All about player interaction, not fighting zombies or growing pumpkins. I hope this answers your questions regarding my previous posts. Beans to you.
  12. 0.63 Stresstest is shame

    Perhaps you should try hanging out near the apple orchards for a while. Wait for apple spawns. Also, zombies are a great source of food. Chickens too. You can eat them without worry. Please note that the .63 branch is testing the loot economy right now. If it doesn't work out, try playing on the .62 stable branch for a while.
  13. Stress Test vol.11

    It's true. haha. The numbers aren't dialed in at all. I've seen many hilarious instances of fresh spawns turning into Mike Tyson because they punched someone while holding a PET bottle. More: CLE is great. Haven't seen any type of loot explosions, then again, I haven't been to the extremely remote areas during the stress tests. I've gone between Solnichniy and Severograd a number of times looting towns with all open doors, still finding a healthy mix of items. I do find a lot of leather sewing kits, but I assume that's because they're useless right now being that clothing isn't getting damaged by melee attacks.
  14. Start Walking

    I read that article years ago. It's not meant to be challenging. Survival is the easy part. I would tell you to re-read the very article that you linked. In that article Dean states.. but as I've said before, what Dean believed (at the time?) was naive. It's a pretty terrible way to train soldiers 'emotionally' but a great way to introduce tactics and communication. It's naive because there can't really be moral dilemma. For example, killing a person in-game has no real life consequences. His vision was noble, but pretty laughable, really. Lulz. Get callous, plztks. At some point, this fades. After *many* hours of playing, and after many deaths, the wonderful/bitter feeling of dying simply goes away. Partially because gearing up is easy, because you learn how to outsmart a computer program. The game really isn't hard. And it won't be. Ever. Well, not until AI can evolve and outsmart real people consistently. I've seen all of those things you talk about. I've got thousands of hours since .27 was released. I've followed the progress. Nothing indicates that PVE will, or should be, difficult. Note in the article you linked that when Dean talks about DayZ, he assumes you lose everything. But you don't. There's persistence mechanics now. This completely contradicts the concept of putting all of your eggs into one basket. Underground Stashes for everyone! You'll be able to have multiple toons on servers. Same thing. This will make survival SO much easier. The game will never be difficult, unless you're in a hurry to get somewhere or get something, or don't know what you're doing. So many mechanics and features are going to be added that are going to make PVE incredibly easy. Navigating character status and outsmarting AI is not going to be hard. I love the fact that it takes forever to do things. (the topic of this thread) A real grind to do things makes the game so much better. This adds so much to the value you must place on your things and your toon. You seem to agree with me at the beginning of this thread, so I don't understand why your opinion has changed. Start walking. Because you have to. This mostly enhances player versus player action. Tactical warfare is back! Hip-firing, 'The Matrix' like bullet-dodging and super human speed are a thing of the past and it's awesome now. This isn't a hardcore survival game. It's a PVP game. You have a large map, players, and ways to kill other players. The PVE forces you to reconsider rash decisions on your journey, putting more importance on how you go about interacting with other players. So consider your feedback carefully during beta regarding PVE mechanics. The PVE in Dayz will really determine how successful and fun PVP is. The PVP part of DayZ is where the game flourishes the most. This is the most memorable part and something that DayZ can capitalize on the most, providing great experiences to players. Being the best PVP environment ever created is something that DayZ has the potential to reach, making it a legendary game. Lets focus on that and not how 'hard' the new survival mechanics are. If you need any advice on how to easily navigate the environment let me know via post or private message. Thanks.
  15. DayZ 0.63 Melee Combat Test - 1 vs. 3

    Nice video! You seem to be a melee combat enthusiast. Have you found that attacks that use the default shift key, and stun, actually do less damage overall than simple jabs? At least with infected, it seems that it takes far fewer swings to bring them down with basic attacks than using a stun lock combo. Also, zeds seem to hit harder but have less health than players right now. Would you agree?