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  1. Parazight

    Any update on Notes returning?

    It would give me an extreme boner if I could leave ascii art of penises in my brother's base when I take his M4s.
  2. Parazight

    cars still flip and you die

    How are you dying to cars like that? The 'flipping out' is a client side visual for me 99% of the time. I've probably assemble 40 to 50 cars since 1.0 has been released and haven't died yet. If the car starts acting weird, I usually put it in neutral and hold the brake until it's calm, then continue on. For the longest time, you could get in a ADA and drive over landmines and there would be no physics interaction at all. Not sure about the very latest build, but cars were definitely NOT flying up into the air after running over a landmine, in my experience.
  3. Parazight

    Stable Update 1.01

    Of course there's pressure from external 'investors'. There's no company on the planet that Microsoft is willing to say "take your time and just release whatever you have, whenever you can." Contracts are made with specifics. That would otherwise be absurd and does not reflect how Microsoft has done business since the early 1980s. Cleverly written. BI is self-published so that last statement doesn't even make sense. If you're your own publisher, then you call your own shots. You can't say "we simply don't make any decisions." That's cute. Okay, so they're privately owned. They still operate on the basis of money. There HAS to be 'business people' in this inclusive little family. Simply illogical, and outright poor business practice for the people who control the money and pay the staff (assuming these family members get paid on a regular schedule) to not put pressure on the people creating the product to be sold. There HAS to be a return. If BI had enough money laying around to afford the luxury of basing things on family trust then it wouldn't have taken 5 years to develop the product to begin with. It's simply not believable when developers say they aren't under pressure from management. That is just NOT how free enterprise works.
  4. Parazight

    This is how some BIG NOOBS play DayZ...

    Yep. that's ghosting.
  5. Parazight

    SKS Spawn

    Most of the SKS rifles that I've found have been in military tents. I haven't found any in civilian spawn points. This has been on official servers.
  6. Parazight

    Looking For Devs

    Is this going to be another one of those servers with penis memes all over the place? I feel like that that is where this is going, due to the lack of any detail whatsoever.
  7. Parazight

    Stable Update 1.01

    I would be willing to bet that problem solving would NOT be harder on vanilla servers than servers that have been modified by the consumer. One way or another, the developers are going to have to do additional work to figure out why the above pic ended up as so. More than necessary than if it was on an official server. Even asking simple questions like "I see you're running with modifications, what other mods are you running?" takes additional time. Time that could be better spent than solving a special case scenario.
  8. Parazight

    Stable Update 1.01

    Wait, you're playing on a modded server, right? Cuz camo guns are not in the vanilla experience yet. Complaints originating from modded servers aren't taken as seriously by the developers. Modded servers add variables that they can't control that may be contributing to the issue you're facing.
  9. Parazight

    Stable Update 1.01

    I pretty much agree with what you're saying, and I think I understand you properly, but there's a slight difference between 20k and what I paid for DayZ. I mean, 35 bucks falls out of my belly button every time i wake up from a nap. 20k, not so much. I'm much more willing to spend up to 60 euros willy-nilly than 20k. Maybe if the cost of DayZ is so critical, then one shouldn't be spending it on video games to begin with?? I agree, there's got to be multiple forces at work here. It's not all just the devs. The devs probably understand that complaints will be made if a product is released unfinished whereas the executives probably gave away all of their fucks and thus, have no more fucks to give. Ergo, they don't give a fuck about the noise they never bother to hear. Which, unfortunately, is the way of things. I *HAVE* noticed that I have to relog if I want a clear representation of the current weather effects. Others have stated on the forums recently that weather effects are wonky on vanilla servers and I concur. Be it fog, or sunlight, or rain, I feel like I'm at a disadvantage if I don't relog to the same server often enough, which feels dirty.
  10. Parazight

    everything has disappeared , return to 0

    I have two questions.
  11. Parazight

    I think xbox 1.0 will be the next big update

  12. Parazight

    I think xbox 1.0 will be the next big update

    It's not a bad prediction to expect a polished release for xbox after the current experimental goes to stable. The original plan, iirc, is that 1.0 was planned for January, for Xbox. There's no doubt that the development team wants a good product pushed out, and for customers to be happy, with this next build. It looks like a constant fight against bugs, impatient community, and pushy executives not in the trenches of actual development at all times. The CR527 with Hunter Scope is a huge leap forward in gameplay. The SKS is a fantastic weapon, for sure. Patient fans should be in for a treat. Just remember to ignore the impatient 'too little, too late' newcomers. The product isn't fully complete, but don't forget that there's dedicated employees at BI, working hard at it, and not just passing around tweets of their golden lambos. Personally, I hope the nerf to damage/boost to health plays out well with the re-implementation of the Hunter Scope.
  13. Parazight

    Donald Trump

    You're a seal, I knew it.
  14. Parazight

    Stone Fireplace

    Haha. Yea, beans are generally given when someone likes something you say. It's pretty irrelevant, honestly. It also has no bearing on the title you acquire. At 500 posts you get the title of Bean King, which you can then edit, if you wish. Also, try using the Sledge Hammer on certain rocks. This works on the PC version.
  15. Parazight

    How active?

    A potential new player comes to the forums. Said player asks if the community is toxic and if the servers are dead. Player with 2000+ hours (rofl) replies that the community is toxic and that PVP is a clusterfuck even though he never plays on servers with other people. Mostly because he doesn't have the hardware and has proclaimed that he's extremely antisocial. Then conjectures that the devs just take consumer money to buy dope and lambos. So, potential new player states that he doesn't want to see his money spent on (lambos) and decides to move on. Maybe the best advice to potential customers is to seek out multiple sources of actual gameplay and decide for yourself. Watch some actual footage. Read up on the technology for yourself. Go to various websites, reddit, and youtube. Don't pose a question on forums, because you're likely to just hear from squeaky wheels.