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  1. Parazight


    Hour 1.21) Run against a fence for 5 minutes in the pitch black.
  2. Parazight

    Why Banditry Is A Moral Obligation In DayZ

    The social experiment is a farce because there are no actual consequences that transfer to real life. Therefore, antisocial personality disorder reigns. There's no permadeath because persistent storage is accessible the moment you spawn in. Also because, holistically speaking, loot is worthless. Only knowledge of the game has value. There is no meaning. It's just a bunch of stuff that happens.
  3. Parazight

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    At one point, we used cars as storage devices seeing as how other means of persistence weren't reliable. Cars would never wipe. We'd keep all the good crap in the cars and let the bases that we'd continually reconstruct despawn. It was also a thing to do. See how many cars we could assemble and try and break that record. Or them. Desyncing around Vybor.
  4. Parazight

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    If you're just searching garages then you're doing it wrong. Car parts typically spawn in every known industrial spawn point. After a week a friend and I had 3-4 cars running and that was only playing casually. Seems like you just don't know how to go about it. yet.
  5. Parazight

    Getting annoyed by ADA Wheel Spawn Rate

    "My server" is often vague. If you're playing on public servers, community or official, you'll begin to notice that people server hop at car spawn locations and rob cars of their wheels. This usually finding 'new' ADAs with zero wheels. But, if you're truly on your own private server then search more and consider Weyland's post. I always seemed to have the best luck searching train cars. good luck.
  6. Parazight

    the real hardcore survival server

    Somewhat related, I posted in a status report last June the question of dynamic units/events and the possibility of expanding upon them. I didn't get an answer. Perhaps something like the Barkley Marathons is close to what you're looking for. In short, it's an epic marathon and contestants collect notes on the way.
  7. Parazight

    Infected Should Be Able To Break Down Doors

    We all know of your trolling ways. This idea was suggested, multiple times, before you existed on these forums.
  8. Parazight

    Infected Should Be Able To Break Down Doors

    I wish I had a dollar for every time this has been suggested.
  9. Parazight

    Official Cinematic Trailer

  10. Parazight

    the real hardcore survival server

    I'm not surprised. This is because it is impossible to achieve. You will always be able to outsmart and outmaneuver static AI infected behavior. Once you learn the game mechanics fully, it's impossible to not be efficient and take advantage of this knowledge, and survive with ease. There's no linear progression. It's an open world sandbox. It can't get progressively harder as you acquire more gear. Even assume that when all of the bugs are worked out and everything is implemented, it just becomes easier. Additionally, all you have to do is group up with one other person and your difficulties are cut in half. Note that there's no real limiting factor to this. You'll always be able to game the system. It doesn't matter if it's official or a modded community server, you'll be able to identify and workaround hurdles that make players die. Every open world sandbox and every MMO has this issue. Unless you find ways to change up your own gameplay style, it will always become easier in short order. Try to only loot by killing players. Limit yourself to what items you can pick up. Try to survive only by begging other players for help. Provide self made goals. Either way, you're no longer fighting the game for survival, you're creating your own terms. The only way that this can be a 'true hardcore survival' game is if you are a new player and you try to figure things out as you go, embracing the journey of discovery. Having experience and using the web to acquire information instantly soils your experience.
  11. Parazight

    crafting wish list!!! ok here goes!!!

    1. a crowbar 2. an extra large tube of astroglide 3. two really close friends 4. ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer 5. as much fertilizer as you can muster (and a ham sammich)
  12. Parazight

    Who actually build bases and repair cars?

    Bases and cars are something to do. The following pic is base my friend dubbed "the junkyard". This is on an official server. The base has survived for quite some time. He recently had to rebuild some walls because he believes that he hasn't interacted with them in 45 days. Today, we drove the thirteenth car back to his base. Yes, 13. See how many you can spot in this pic alone! lulz
  13. Parazight

    At what point do we consider DayZ dead online?

    There's no historical evidence that Bohemia Interactive has any skills in marketing whatsoever. They may have a few talented individuals, for sure, but in the general scope of things, they don't make great decisions. They push out a one month beta as official, make a couple of short video clips, post a few forum threads and basically, don't invest the money into marketing appropriately. Sad, when a crucial factor in this industry is based around hype. They simply aren't interested, apparently. It's like they're relying on the product to have a cult following. Maybe I'm wrong, but I know official servers with a ton of action on them is few and far between.
  14. Parazight

    Why we don't care when you quit Dayz

    This thread reminds me of the thread you created a while ago called 90% of players are unimaginitive simpletons. Not really all that helpful and directed at no one in particular, inciting flames. hmm.
  15. Parazight

    A message for those who play 3rd person servers

    Adorable. Like a puppy with a sweater on it. And seriously, it should take months for crops to grow in-game. And how come we can't smell things? We should be able to use all of our senses.