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  1. Thanks Eugen. These kind of reports are great.
  2. A Thank You Is In Order

    Nobody wants to see BSODs. While they are designed to shut down your system before ‘real’ damage appears, they still do harm. Bad sectors is not something you want. Corrupt adjacent sectors/files are a real issue. It’s not unreasonable to be upset. Solopopo started a new thread here thanking the devs for addressing the issue after his previous thread was locked. There really wasn’t a need to lock the other thread, IMO. Moderation on these forums is often knee-jerk and inconsistent anyways. If you look hard enough you can also find months old bot posts. I report them all the time. The point being is that the forums are not tended to regularly. Which is fine, I guess. Fine until we get BSODs. Communication could be better. Then again, it could be worse.
  3. I had to reread this thread to find the purpose. From what I understand, the point of this thread is to say that dayz missed the opportunity. Because of hype reasoning. Based on a fair amount of hyperbole. Note that the enfusion engine that they created for this project is not going to be retired after dayz is published. They will profit off of it. It’s true, it can seem like a long time. However, I’d like to see some actual facts and evidence supporting the idea that if a game spends X amount of time in early access then it misses the opportunity. Cuz I’m not seein’ it here.
  4. Stamina and energy levels?

    You can customize the interface by holding or tapping the tilde. Personally, I think it’s a great design being able to hide or display indicators on the fly.
  5. Plz report to feedback tracker.
  6. Well, when I said that 1PP destroys the MMO experience it was, more or less, to throw out a subjective opinion just as easily as Biohaze subjectively claimed that 3PP destroys the DayZ experience. That said, you lost me when you started talking about skill based MMOs. There is no doubt that the upper tier of WoW is definitely skill based. Teams of players make a living off of WoW by getting sponsored to stream end-game raiding. Blizzard gives away tens of thousands of dollars at their PVP tournaments. There's a lot of instances where it's catered to the casual gamer, but at the very top, it is very much skill based. I couldn't even imagine playing WoW in first person, even though it's totally doable.
  7. A Serious Problem

    Props to the devs for responding to appropriately placed issues and fixing DayZ. Time to fire it back up. The feedback tracker really does work, guys!!! Really now. Mental note, ask Guy Smiley for computer advice never.
  8. A Serious Problem

    Honestly, your trolling skills have a lot of room for improvement.
  9. A Serious Problem

    Your posts come off as very hostile. Mind boggling that you can't see this. You're throwing out insults and then chastising people who react. You've linked the troubleshooting section no less than three times now in this thread. There are threads on these forums that are misplaced all the time. Why are you so adamant here and not anywhere else? Multiple people all of sudden getting BSOD who use DayZ who normally don't have problems. Gamers on this forum and other sites start reporting this problem at the same time. Simple reasoning points the finger at DayZ. It's not the responsibility of every consumer to know the fine details of computer hardware and programming, and be able to troubleshoot it. It's on the publishers of software/hardware to make sure their products perform. He's facing this problem with both Win7 and Win10. He's posted on the feedback tracker without getting any type of response. The feedback tracker is a totally reasonable place to address this issue.
  10. Where is the DayZ population?

    Hard to believe that people, who have already paid for the game, will not return because of moral standards. Bwahahaa. Next time a gift comes in the mail a day late I'm going to send it back with a letter attached telling the sender that I don't trust them anymore. I bet a lot of players are waiting on .63 stable.
  11. 1pp destroys the MMO experience. I always feel safe. Even during my time with 1PP pvp squads. There are no actual consequences. Permadeath doesn't exist. Doesn't seem game breaking to me. How can this statement NOT be totally subjective?? Maybe if you replace 'game' with 'reality'. Isn't DayZ meant to be a social experiment? So it's an MMO first. Either way, views are all subjective. What it 'should' be doesn't matter. I use corner peeking all the time to Chat-on-Sight. It's a great tool to find other players that you may not otherwise notice. Think of all the friendly interactions you're missing out on by not having 3PP! In my opinion, dying 90% of the time to corner-peek-sniping is absolutely worth an interesting 10% of the time where it's not just Killing on Sight. In the end, it doesn't really matter what the developers' vision is. The only thing that matters is what it will naturally evolve to be and how players use the game to do what they're gonna do. The original idea was to create a lawless social experiment where people can choose to interact how they wish. It's noble that the intent was to create an atmosphere where your decisions create consequences in a social environment, but ultimately it's pointless and dumb because there are no real consequences, moral or practical. You can kill a person in-game and not be a bad person because there's no real world consequence. With the introduction of multiple characters and limitless persistence options, permadeath is no longer a factor. Experiencing permadeath was real back around the time of ~.20 and matched the intention of the original vision, but that game-state wasn't a practical vision for a video game company. Thus, the title evolved from the intended vision to what it actually is now. So, what it 'should' be is subjective and off the mark to what actually happens. Honestly, you don't have to ever leave the coast to experience the endgame vision. Social interaction is heavily available on the coast AND you can find all the best loot there (on other players). It's funny that zones were created to promote progression across the map when it's completely impractical. Survival will never be hard because you don't have to stay alive for extended periods in order interact with others, which is what DayZ 'should' be about, right? Once a player realizes that loot doesn't really matter (permadeath no longer exists)(try to not get distracted by the shiny) and doesn't really affect social interaction, then what's the point of DayZ again? Here, the 3PP vs 1PP debate comes full circle. How people use it. Often, 3PP gets the negative connotation of being a tool to help players KoS easily. Perhaps it should be viewed as a way to interact safely with complete strangers, which is how I use it. In the end, it's all pretty subjective, no matter what side of the fence you're on. The reality is that it isn't a wise business decision to remove 3PP, and that's far more important than game design vision. Removing 3PP,..
  12. And SCUM arrive ....

    I remember threads just like this one. Totally identical. Except replace SCUM with H1Z1, Rust, Ark, Life is Feudal, The Forest, or any number of other forgettable titles. If SCUM turns out to be good, then good for them. If it sucks, gamers will recognize this.
  13. Corner peeking is the devil, for sure. A workaround is to not put yourself in a position where you'll be a victim of it. Easier said than done, I know. Patient observation is critical. Also, I would bet that players die to their own bad decisions more often than to corner peeking exploitation. The other workaround is to embrace death. Become callous to it. Having multiple characters and stashes helps to mitigate the sting of permadeath. (note that permadeath isn't even a thing anymore) I've always liked the fact that 3PP provides an extra boost of awareness that makes up for a lack of it in other areas. Sound triangulation, the realities of computer rendering, total lack of sense of smell, and not being able to detect subtle body language are but a few examples of where a computer game just can't deliver like reality. 3pp (and eye zoom) help to bridge the gap where awareness suffers due to the limitations and nature of interacting with a computer screen. Can anyone name a title of an MMO that only provided a first person perspective that was widely successful?
  14. If the 'healthy' status returns. Stews / casseroles

    The benefits are real. I guess I've yet to experience a moment when dealing with the environment was harder while grouped up. Please note that I'm in the camp that believes that PVE will never be difficult, solo or grouped up. Hence, the issue I briefly touched upon regarding PVE in a sandbox.