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  1. Where can I check if Stress test servers are up?

    On their Twitter: https://twitter.com/dayzdevteam On the Steam forums. And last but no least, on these forums as well
  2. Awesome .63 Features

    All this talk about stamina but lets not forget that we run way too fast in Dayz. The insane speed already ruins pvp and should be brought back to realistic levels. When nobody can play a Tasmanian devil dodging bullets any more, THEN we can talk about relaxing the stamina mechanism.
  3. They did added depth to certain ground textures in 0.63, which really does make the world look better. Concerning houses, yes they do look pretty ugly inside and I do hope that when most features are implemented that they will at least upgrade the furniture in houses for more variation and higher textures. And if it is not too much work, it would be great if they can give the walls and floors like you mentioned a nice texture upgrade as well.
  4. Stress Test vol.7

    There is definitely a problem with the night time, as it is not consistent with every player. My night time is almost pitch black, I can just distinguish some houses, sheds and trees amongst the sky. Videos from other users show that they have a much brighter play session. My brightness is 50% in-game and normal pc settings. Performance is another thing, unlike most other people I seem to have a drop in fps with 0.63. At first I thought it was because of the offline version but even during the stress tests I have fps drops till the 40s with a 7700K, GTX1070, SSD and 16GB ram. All settings on extreme, but I have seen people with weaker setups with 100+ fps.
  5. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    I do not know which article is that but they were wrong. It was said that the stress test would come within a matter of weeks, which in fact did. Doesn't say that I totally disagree with you though. I do think that the devs formulate their sentences somewhat overly positive and giving the idea that a release is not that far away, while looking at the checklist it still is.
  6. 0.63 Night looks awful

    How is your 0.63 video so bright? I could barely see anything. By the way, gamma is already removed as a way of making the game more bright. I tried toying with my computer screen but it did not work. Adjusting the in-game brightness did however make my game a bit more visible at night.
  7. 0.63 zombies are GREAT!

    The differences between 0.62 and the current stress test build is that the zombies kill you in like ~7 hits and can stun you. Moreover, with the implementation of stamina you cannot simply outrun them that easily anymore.
  8. 0.63 zombies are GREAT!

    I agree, they are going in the right direction. The amount of damage they do fits perfectly. I do hope they will increase the zombie count as well so that even zombies will create heart pounding moments!
  9. 0.63 Stress tests

    Today's SR will be a perfect moment to tell us which day and time the first stress test will occur. Hoping that it will be the end of this week, right before May.
  10. Status Report - 13 April 2018

    Thanks for the SR! Very cool that you guys still did it this week! :)
  11. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    I guess it was more the comment that we would be getting the stress testing within weeks and not months, and since this is the fourth week..... Anyway, experimental won't come earlier than May, which in my opinion is a bit disappointing in itself.
  12. 0.63 Stress tests

    I think that 100 players is a nice amount in which there is a good balance in finding players and having those moments of calm.
  13. Despawning of player dead bodies

    I hope dead bodies stay longer in 0.63. I agree that it would be a lot fun to find other dead bodies that you could loot from players.
  14. Yeah pretty sure those freezes came from the stream
  15. DayZ Dev Stream #1 Small Feedback

    I agree with almost all your points (for me the fall animations looked fine). I think the way a person got hit is important to the way they drop dead but still... to many times the same dead pose. I do really hope they blend some ragdolls in it. Look at the left screenshot from one of Baty's play sessions. All the Z's have the same pose. But I am pretty optimistic about it since it is experimental phase Graphics, again I totally agree. The nature, environment and characters look great for a game of its scope. But the houses, especially inside with all the furniture, and car wrecks look pretty bad. Dayz really could use new assets for a lot of smaller things and I think that they actually plan to replace a lot of old assets. This is from the SR of 7 November 2017: ''In the meantime, artists are looking into all the old assets used in-game, and reworking them into a condition that is fit for year 2017, and also fit for the options that we now have regarding the new renderer. Bringing the visual appeal of Chernarus into this century is the main goal here, as DayZ, while still pretty good-looking overall, is certainly lacking some more up to date finesse in certain places. Speaking of Chernarus, work on tourist trails is ongoing, and I can't be more excited after seeing the first internal results. It adds tons of flavor to an already interesting world. Adam will share more as we get closer to some final-ish state of things.'' So I am pretty sure we will see much better looking assets during beta. But I also hope, like you said with the AA, that they bring more graphical technology as well. I would love to see rain puddles come on ground during rain or more immersive lightning inside houses.