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  1. It would not surprise me if we spawn on the NW Airfield with tons of cars around for some vehicle deatmatch during one of the stress tests :P
  2. Looking forward to it! Keep up the good work!
  3. While I can see that my sentence can be read in two ways, there is no reason to act like some wannabe wise ass. I only shared my experiences while asking for his. Obviously I know you can do it through your screen but I simply have not tried it myself.
  4. I tried to up the gamma through both Windows and Nvidia control panel but both to no avail. Could you effectively increase the gamma outside the game then?
  5. Glad to see the content patch coming now! It looks like it will be a Great patch with lots of content and fixes. Well done!
  6. I'd expected the new content patch already a week or so ago on the stress test branch. Now tomorrow we will get the third status report since the patch got mentioned and I seriously hope they will not use the word "very soon" for the third time in a row.
  7. Oh yes! The devs really need to update the houses, give them higher textures, including the furniture and add some good shadow effects as they are too bright. The game looks gorgeous besides the ugly interiors of houses. I really hope they do it after remaking the entire forests as well
  8. Where is the DayZ population?

    Hahaha, that gave me a good laugh!
  9. The state of current gameplay

    We will have to see how it goes when diseases are in but currently with every play-through I never see my icons turn yellow. I just eat and drink everything that I find and it does not feel that it is a chore. I just go inside houses and look beneath apple trees. I do think that the amount of drink and food you need to get ''stuffed'' is too much, but I am sure this will be addressed when features such as throwing up and actual stuffed comes back .
  10. Status Report 3 July 2018

    To be honest, I think that overall there is too much fog. I don't mind it in general and it can even create some beautiful scenery, but the fog just happens too much. I rarely see rain for example. Since we did not get any new stress test with stability fixes so far this week, I think that the next stress test will be the content patch. Especially since they mentioned that the patch will contain numerous stability improvements.
  11. 0.63 Checklist Updates

    Only reason that I could think of is that the upcoming content/feature patch is just around the corner
  12. Exp Update 0.63.147407

    No, vehicles like cars will come during experimental. Helicopters during beta and planes were aimed to come with 1.0, if I remember the 28th November SR correctly. Only two-wheeled vehicles will come after 1.0.
  13. You keep saying that you die of hunger but that is just your inexperience. Keep eating what you find till the arrows pointing upwards won't appear any-more. You can go on for like 1.5 hour of jogging without the need to eat.
  14. Dunno what to say actually... I mean there is enough food to survive and I cannot see how bambi's begging to get killed because they want to spawn near their friends is bad game design...
  15. The THIRST and HUNGER problems.

    When you spawn just move to the nearest town and look inside houses and check for water pumps. Other tips are not to run but to jog as it uses less energy. Also keep eating and drinking till you will not see any of the arrows pointing upwards anymore. If you do this, you will easily survive