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  1. No, we only know that vaulting/climbing is coming soon.
  2. amadieus

    Status Report - July 2019

    What a nonsense.... You build a base that you spend many hours on to just be dismantled by some griefers within 15 minutes. This has nothing to do with hardcore, only unbalance. Also, It is impossible to hide a base, it will be find eventually. Raiding should be difficult and time consuming. Raiding a base should be (time-wise) just as intensive as fixing up a car.
  3. amadieus

    Status Report - July 2019

    No reason to jump to conclusions. However, it would be great if Impulz could give a comment on what we can expect from the list on missing/upcoming content, and if anything is being scrapped.
  4. amadieus

    Status Report - July 2019

    What does this mean though? Is stuff being scrapped that was on the list for 1.0 and post 1.0 content/features?
  5. amadieus


    Bipods and the tpg-1 are not in the original game at the moment. Both the weapon and the bipod are from mods. So it completely depends if that mod supports a bipod function.
  6. amadieus

    Stable Update 1.04.152076

    Ha, I am on the RunningmanZ server and it rains non-stop over there
  7. amadieus

    Duct Tape

    My idea would to keep the versatility of the duct tape, but only let it fix badly damaged (orange) items till damaged state (yellow). But like Aux7 mentioned, a lot of stuff gets damaged too fast! Like silencers and clothes. Not sure about shoes though. I had combat boots still pristine after walking around quite a bit, but my sneakers were ruined after after just traversing some forest area near the beach. Guess it depends heavily on what you wear.
  8. amadieus

    We are desperately in need of VAULTING

    Vaulting and climbing is on the to-do-list. Not sure when it arrives, but I would not be surprised if it comes with one of the next patches.
  9. ''that absolute freedom'' I completely agree with this! That's why I would not use the same system that other survival games have. In the suggestion I made everyone should be able to build within the claimed area, the person that planted the flag pole/plot sign, his clan mates and other random players. Only difference is that the objects placed by the clan within the circle will not have any dismantle option, whereas walls from a random still can be dismantled as he is not part of the clan that placed the plot sign. So it would not limit other players, but still remove the dismantling issue and also give a feel of ownership without being to restrictive. However, I like the crowbar idea as well. But as you said, it makes the life of the base owner more difficult as well. Nevertheless, something has to be done about the dismantling issue. Even with all great your suggestions, it still would be way too awful to have your whole base gone after a guy(s) broke down one wall. Even though it took them much more effort than it does now.
  10. A perfect list of suggestions, thank you for taking the time to type it out in such detail! Base building is an important endgame feature, that sadly is still so unbalanced that it is not worth it on vanilla servers, even after half a year since release. All the suggestions you mentioned would have an tremendous positive effect on balancing base building into something worthwhile. I am even positively surprised that some issues already got resolved, such as stacking planks or crawling through the lower part of the wall. Didn't even know that.... Last time I build a base was with 1.01. Perhaps I missed it, but I would also suggest something against the dismantling by other players. As you would know, currently players can easily dismantle it from the inside out. While dismantling should be an option for the base owners to adjust something, replace a section or whatever. I have been brainstorming a bit on this and took as starting point the system that most survival games use. Placing a sign that will claim a certain area. Now that would not directly fit into the world of DayZ. So I came with this: A player can craft a certain 'clan document' by combining a regular piece of paper with a 'still to be determined ítem (rope perhaps to make it some sort of booklet?)'. Using a pen, the player that crafts the document can invite others to his clan. Next, every player can craft a certain flag pole, or plot sign and plant it into the ground. When doing so, this person claims all the ground in the area (250 meter for example) of the flag pole/plot sign. Now all the things he builds within that circle cannot be dismantled by other players that are not part of the clan. Only he can do so, or his clan mates through the clan document. People can still build everywhere, and a flag pole/plot sign is not a necessity, it only removes the dismantle option on building items for people that are not part of the clan that constructed those walls/watchtowers within that circle. Meaning that walls from a random player still can be dismantled as he is not part of the clan that placed the plot sign. This solution would not limit players, but still removes the dismantling issue and also give a feel of ownership without being to restrictive. Perhaps this suggestion requires a lot of work for just disabling the dismantling option, and there are possibly more quicker development options out there. However, I think that as a bonus it does create a more of a feel that you claim a certain place as your home. Nevertheless, the dismantle option is something that needs to be addressed in its current state. Again, thanks for writing out all your suggestions. I really hope the Devs take notice! @ImpulZ
  11. amadieus

    So when can we expect character choices?

    You choose a character from the main menu and then spawn with that character. However, when you die and respawn you will have a random. Unless you leave the server and go into the main menu again.
  12. amadieus

    So when can we expect character choices?

    I think that consoles will get it when it is fully implemented on PC. Currently the character choice screen looks pretty 'work in progress' and it also does not save your choices.
  13. amadieus

    How do I change my Character? Not randomize.

    Hi there! This feature has not been implemented yet, hopefully soon we can have our default character. As this used to be possible before the engine change
  14. Yes. It is also fixed on stable
  15. amadieus

    Anti Ghosting/Server Hopping Measures

    True, for a few seconds. I had my fair share of guys spawning next to me in some building in a military complex. But I would say serverhopping is pretty much risk free if you would do it in a bush just outside a base, for example.