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  1. Yeah pretty sure those freezes came from the stream
  2. DayZ Dev Stream #1 Small Feedback

    I agree with almost all your points (for me the fall animations looked fine). I think the way a person got hit is important to the way they drop dead but still... to many times the same dead pose. I do really hope they blend some ragdolls in it. Look at the left screenshot from one of Baty's play sessions. All the Z's have the same pose. But I am pretty optimistic about it since it is experimental phase Graphics, again I totally agree. The nature, environment and characters look great for a game of its scope. But the houses, especially inside with all the furniture, and car wrecks look pretty bad. Dayz really could use new assets for a lot of smaller things and I think that they actually plan to replace a lot of old assets. This is from the SR of 7 November 2017: ''In the meantime, artists are looking into all the old assets used in-game, and reworking them into a condition that is fit for year 2017, and also fit for the options that we now have regarding the new renderer. Bringing the visual appeal of Chernarus into this century is the main goal here, as DayZ, while still pretty good-looking overall, is certainly lacking some more up to date finesse in certain places. Speaking of Chernarus, work on tourist trails is ongoing, and I can't be more excited after seeing the first internal results. It adds tons of flavor to an already interesting world. Adam will share more as we get closer to some final-ish state of things.'' So I am pretty sure we will see much better looking assets during beta. But I also hope, like you said with the AA, that they bring more graphical technology as well. I would love to see rain puddles come on ground during rain or more immersive lightning inside houses.
  3. Dayz definitely could use some upgrades to its lightning system. Not sure if it is related to the thing OP mentioned but the lightning in houses is also very one dimensional as if there are no real shadows cast in houses.
  4. Yeah I dislike the fog down near the beach as well. It is the number one reason that I run deeper into the country. I heard different stories why it was implemented, one of them was to help new spawns from snipers from the hills. Some games do have very pretty fog, Dayz is not one of them (hope they will be) so I hope they do some changes with it or just delete it.
  5. I like the HUD a lot. It looks very slick and looks in my opinion much better than that ugly text on the screen. But they did tell that you can remove the whole HUD from the screen if you wish. So there should be something for everyone. They also told they are working on the gamma exploit but nothing specific, in case you missed it. However, it is much more than just removing an option in the game. In Miscreated, for example, you cannot change the Gamma ingame, neither does changing the Gamma in the Nvidia control panel work. But still there is one more way within the PC settings to make the nights bright as day.
  6. I agree with the example of Miscreated. Nights are quite short on official servers (45min or something?) and on even some community servers nights are only like 5-10 minutes. I do not know the exact rates on the Dayz servers currently, but I do know that the night time takes quite a while
  7. The problem is, is that you can easily change your gamma outside the game as well. I'm all for a game in which everyone experiences the night the same but just removing the option in the games options screen will not do
  8. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    I'm pretty sure that this list is not everything that we see in the first experimental release, but rather these are the major ones. I mean we get an updated map with tourist trails, more detailed western border, remade NWAF, placing system, shaving ourself, bloodied hands when skinning and probably more that i just cant think of right now. But then again, an entire new animation system, new UI and melee combat and weapon handling is something that I can be quite excited about. Just to TLDR, don't take this list as the complete list of all that will be added with the first exp release. I'm pretty sure it isn't :)
  9. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    Vehicles and Bases will be released during one of the experimental patches if I am correct. At least basebuilding will come later during the experimental phase just like the stuff they postponed now. Exactly this. Stuff like scopes and leaning probably will come in like a month later after the initial release. It is experimental after all.
  10. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    Yeah, I read that and it did make me excited to know that new buildings are being planned, which probably have more detail. Still it does make me wonder how the interiors will look like with furniture and other small details (cups or broken things on the ground for example) that show that people lived there. Hopefully some of them will have that overgrown look that they teased on their Trello once.
  11. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    Great status report. I do was wondering what will happen during beta (or perhaps at 1.0) with the interior of houses? Currently they lack detail and the stuff inside (such as the furniture, fridge etc.) has rather poor texture quality. I know these are old models but therefore I was wondering when will they be replaced? I remember back in the beginning of November in the status report it was said that the artist team is ''upgrading'' all the old assets into 2017 quality. Also the visuals of weather effects I was wondering about. Will the mist become prettier? Will we perhaps see rain puddles when it rains? I hope that we can see something from the things I mentioned in one of the status reports. Cheers, keep up the good work!