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  1. McWendy

    Entitlement collection topic

    He is playing nice by making a venting thread. Much easier for moderators to clean one thread of spewed crap. Trolling will happen anyway you know that. (No i dont see this as normal, just a by product of the internet)
  2. McWendy

    Why i would prefer bikes over cars

    Appearently i stand corrected.... or something 🙂
  3. McWendy

    Why i would prefer bikes over cars

    Where are they now? Where is all content that was working, now? And in what version did that bike work? The mod? Im sorry pilgrim, i love your posts and input but show me the good working bike within this standalone.
  4. McWendy

    Who else misses bow and arrow?

    Amen 🙂
  5. McWendy

    Why i would prefer bikes over cars

    I didnt get that point from your OP. But yes on that i agree. Resources could be spend better
  6. McWendy

    Future DayZ

    Its been a downward spiral ever since 0.62. Before that it was (some what) a game. (Yes i know it all had to be recreated/replaced within the New engine) I still (and obviously a lot still) would want to see the vision of dayz become reality. But as a gamer with a lot of years under his belt, Its easy to see the future of this game, unless......... A miracle happens
  7. McWendy

    Why i would prefer bikes over cars

    So yeah we agree. The idea is good. Implementation will suck.
  8. McWendy

    Why i would prefer bikes over cars

    Thats True. But we all know what bi says and in fact does Fact is they say a lot but never deliver (good products) Look at the cars. Then imagine a helicopter....... exactly
  9. McWendy

    Why i would prefer bikes over cars

    I take it that you have no clue about coding and resources. If you did you'd know that Its near impossible to implement this well. I like the idea, thats not the point. Point is look at where we are now; nothing works properly and you want to replace allready existing assets with New problem assets. Like choppers/buses/bikes will never be working in the vanille game.
  10. McWendy

    Storming, norming, performing...

    They forgot what their name stands for: Bohemia not so Interactive.
  11. McWendy

    hs zombie info

    This made my day 🙂
  12. Regarding the light: like myself and others have previously suggested; Let fresh spawns start with a flashlight or more flares and or more (stronger) chemlights. For Lore and immersion a zippo would be better and more feasible but ok. You could also state we need to walk or it goes out 🙂 At least do this untill proper implementation of the moonlight (or reflected sun light if you will)
  13. Still not digging the extra added light source on character. I understand some have trouble with pitch black because of their monitors. But it really takes away from that authentic feel. Please remove that light and have every char start with more flares or a flashlight. This will also increase interaction and immersion. For themselves but also for the others Who see that light.
  14. Wow that IS poorly implemented!! I would have imagined the radius being much smaller, but on contraire Its like a permanent and better chem(break)light. Thats Just BS. This "survival" game is getting worse and worse. I will not play this patch. Remove the casual Light
  15. Its like you said in earlier posts. You're looking for pants so dayz doesnt give you pants. Dayz logic:)