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  1. Its like you said in earlier posts. You're looking for pants so dayz doesnt give you pants. Dayz logic:)
  2. McWendy

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Well obviously you can but maybe not the way that you see/do it. You can craft your first (and basically only needed) melee weapon with a Stones You can get warm by Just Wood items found in a tree ffs. You can get fed AND hydrated by living of the land. Apple, Berry, Meat, water. So you dont need to die if YOU dont want to. But yes if you are on a private server with a working loot table then you Will have a tough time getting "geared" up if thats what you want. Finding a gun and get it working on a private server (after some hard looting) is way more rewarding then finding one after 3 houses. (Imo)
  3. McWendy

    Status Report - January 2019

    Communication has always been a disaster when we talk about dayz. Time after time a New(er) mod/dev stood up to promise better comms. Like the stability of the servers that promise is good for a week. Then Its Down Hill from there on. Lets face it. We are horses following a carrot. As it seems after 5 yrs (approx) we will never get that carrot. Dayz will be surpassed by better more optimised games. Scum was definitely not it, but it got close. I will continue to keep a weary eye on this game, but my heart is (for some time now) no more in it. Sadface.....
  4. McWendy

    Reverse robberies

    I love stuff like this ^. Good for you that you try to make chernarus a more interesting place. 'Nough kos going around as is. Have some beans :d
  5. McWendy

    DayZ Is A Perfect Dream Game

    Sarcasm Sheldon?
  6. McWendy

    Full Ghillie

    You need a lot of burlap. But yes Its possible
  7. McWendy

    Warning To All Survivors

    ^ That sh*t was wild man.
  8. McWendy

    Warning To All Survivors

    Can we please forumban or threadrestrict this asshat? ^ At first it was fun and refreshing. It got old. Fast. Nothing personal @Survivor1431 Its Just your way to pro for this forum
  9. McWendy

    What would you do?

    Have him read this ^ post. Jk. Any thing to undermind kos is a good move in my book. Well obv force feed all you can find. And make lots and lots of selfies xD
  10. McWendy


    But when it works: long stick + rope = bow or fishing rod. Another Long stick needs to be cut up into small sticks. Sharpen sticks, add chicken feathers. Voilá improvised bow and arrows
  11. I dont care about the rest THIS was a good read. Ty. :)
  12. McWendy

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    Yes our group has had some good memories with those items and some rope/handcuffs
  13. McWendy

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    Has anyone seen the Electric cattleprod or the stun baton? Or are They not in?
  14. McWendy

    Server Jumping

    Well if you have a private server then yeah that doesnt work
  15. McWendy

    Server Jumping

    As it has always been: if you get on public servers People can ghost your base from other servers. Not much you can do about it im afraid