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  1. Haven't played since January so it's been a few months and I expect I'll be spending a lot of my free time in Battlegrounds soon but I usually check back in every once in a while when there is a major patch.
  2. New forum format/style

    I'm back. I can finally login. So what did I miss over the last year? I see I'm still rockin' a santa hat.
  3. Steam forums mods

    What's your name on Steam? I've removed the ban, it was applied by a steam community moderator not a DayZ moderator.
  4. For Windows 7 users, seen a few people saying the following windows update has resolved it for them. https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=36805
  5. Yep. If you're experiencing issues connecting to the experimental servers themselves, it is due to demand. Try again later on.
  6. Try restarting PC. Someone suggested that worked for him on steam. Worth a try.
  7. This suggestion will stop most Server hopers

    Server hoppers hate him... As people above have pointed out though, loot isn't tied to server restarts anymore, it persists.
  8. Can't Sign into Feedback Tracker

    Yes, the feedback tracker requires a different account to the forum.
  9. Exp Update: 0.59 (+hotfix).

    Ok, this is fucking sick! Video by Respawnonme
  10. @Hicks_206 Shares Some Nostalgia (Pre-Alpha Video)

    Pre-Alpha ladders were where it was at..