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  1. DayZ FB hate

    The forums responses here are almost as dead as the steam charts for player numbers,.
  2. And the needles go down your back....
  3. State of the Game?

    Well they have our money already so they don't need to say anything. When they want our money, oh the promises, the foot massges....wait!
  4. Ambient Launcher for the game :)

    That's awesome - love stuff like this so have some beans, Heinz of course, only the best! :)
  5. State of the Game?

    This post and the one above? Why would I read them - have YOU read them? They're awful. Once people start on me, I'm free to start on them back. I think most people would regard that as fair. Could you add anymore poison into your posts? Your "points" make literally no sense - I'm not cogent? Do you even know what the word means? I've read your posts, they're really not worth replying too as you just resorted to another two childish name calling posts after Orlock specifically told everyone to calm it down. Some people here managed that and now I'm enjoying better discussions. You on the other hand have a problem with being polite for what reason, exactly?
  6. State of the Game?

    Ok you missed the point but nvm.
  7. State of the Game?

    Thanks for the effort but not really lol. It doesn't asnwer where the game is going but that's fine, I don't expect anyone here to know the answer but the devs themselves. I hope we get hundreds of zombies in towns, that we see hordes and that we have way less food found so we have to grow and we also get an advanced survival/medical system (apples for a start should be seasonal - hmmm then we need food storage and we're heading into farming simulator......) That can easily be fixed though - just make each tree only bear fruit in summer autumn and they only have x aomunt of apples and once picked they're all gone and no waiting, apples are obvious. other food like potatoes should just grow via the game mechanics. After that, medical, so broken legs arms have massive consequences - limited movement, morphine only works for a short time to deal with the pain. other diseases, ways to eleviate conditions, ways to prevent conditions (basically boil stuff and keep clean) so stuff along those lines. Zeds need to be numerous to a point that makes you think twice going into a town. However, 2 major points, don't have zeds giving players away EVER - as in, they only spawn in when a player is near and 2 - make it possible to sneak passed them but not easy - so there's a rough sketch of where I want the game to go regarding those things but it also needs good pvp mechanics. I understand they made a disastrous decision about the engine but they also were a year and a half off their own prediction of the new graphics. That's pretty awful for a team to get it that wrong and that ties in with my last point, how long is it going to be - 3 more years?
  8. State of the Game?

    Well that wasn't annoying to lose my entire reply and thanks for taking the time to reply. I see they're active with patching, around 3 a month this year which is good I suppose. disappointing that the Ai hasn't really changed much and 8 zombies in a town is really disappointing. If I'm stood 50m from you when you fire, do I see zombies teleport in? Where are they spawning and who gets to see that? The medical stuff having no expansion is really bad news. This is the stuff they should be working on afaic. it's a survival simulator with 8 zombies? Starving isn't a thing. After over a year of not playing, I got back in and lived off apples so easily that I didn't need the one can of food I found. Water pumps are everywhere for clean water. So it seems like in al lthis time, what we're going to get is pretty much exactly the same game that the mod was. Circle strafe the zeds, don't have that many zeds anyway, the same medical system (actually, the MOD might be more complex than the SA right now) and some chickens that are so easy to catch idk what to say. That's not really progress. If the game is just going to look better, why bother? What I thought we were going to get was more zombies and a more complex survival system. If they're not striving towards that, what are they striving for?
  9. Zombie Flocking Discussion?

  10. Basebuilding....why?

    Well in the mod they had stashes, you could hide tents under in ponds (lol) - well, for about 6 months until everyone started catching on and now barrels are basically stashes. I had some barrels hidden that never got found in a couple of months of playing. That to me is the most secure base - a built up one invites people to come and raid it and like I said above, base building needs doing right. oh and...Bring back stashes! a hole in the ground with a cover that was hard to see as it matched the ground, held 1 or 2 weapons and 25 items.
  11. Basebuilding....why?

    Base Building is always fun. It's the chance to think about a strategic design, building in defence and accessibility and also to see what you can create. 7 Days to Die is a great example of base building - you can literally make anything you want as big as you want and it's a game in itself. It's the creative part of a game and humans love being creative. It's how it's implemented that's the issue - Just look at Rust and how awful base building was there. If you didn't build in a thousand KM's in the sky AND adding columns where you had to work out where to place them so people couldn't build up next to your base (a simple exclusion zone would have sorted that issue out) then say goodbye to your base unless you were happy to be online 24/7. Without a constant guard for your base, it starts to make them worthless OR you have to make them ridiculously hard to get inside. The ideal of your base is you design the base, you make the base, then you hope someone attacks you whilst you're IN your base and hope your base holds out. DayZ Tanoa with the prisoner mod thing, I forget the name, we had a blast with that and making a base was fun and it was hard to get inside after you knew what you were doing. Newbie's would get their base compromised but that's how everyone learned how to buiold their next base lol. So careful thought needs to go into base building because do you want a game with stupid, ugly bases? Oh it's the Exile mod for Arma 3 - that made really ugly bases that defied gravity. Not really fitting in with the theme of DayZ if you allow that type of thing. Probably best to stick with fortifying existing structures but then where do you secure your cars? As the map hasn't been made with basebuilding in mind, i.e. they haven't placed buildings that allow options to make bases. You need a garage to secure your car or a compound but how do you fix the massive holes in the walls? How do you stop people ghost hopping inside? Base building requires a lot of thought to get it right in DayZ.
  12. DayZ FB hate

    Actions speak louder than words and when Devs do respond, they sometimes shoot themselves in the foot and I'd rather just see progress. As to the OP - I said shortly after I started playing the mod that someone needed to basically make this into a stand alone game and they needed to do it quick. I think game publishers missed out on a huge opportunity but then I'm not surprised. Games are made by suits these days which is why when something like DayZ came along, everyone missed out on a golden opportunity. Had someone picked up the gauntlet a lot quicker and had come out with basically the same game but working and with zombie hordes I tihnk things would have been a lot different. Instead, everyone seemed to take a part of DayZ and make that part into their own game whilst ignoring the phenomena that happened - that 2 million people bought a buggy, 5 years old FPS (Arma 2) just to play a mod of that game lol It's over now. The DayZ days are long gone. Try again in 2 decades time.
  13. State of the Game?

    Any locks would come from the lack of quality content from your posts and others like you. Spamming the fourms? I'm not sure what education level you achieved but if anyone here is spamming, IE providing pointless word salad, it is you and your friends. Whilst I continue to rebutt your post with sound argument and content, you continue to troll and prove you have nothing worthy of saying. But it's fun to keep bashing your nose against the wall so keep it up! ;)
  14. State of the Game?

    That doesn't even make sense....