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  1. Played last night/morning for the first time in ages, the game is getting better, but not sugar coating it, it still feels clunky and is buggy as all hell. I do like the new environment and sounds, all in all, it's been a long time coming but you are headed in the right direction for sure. Note to self - Must remember to check forums for bugs still present, after 3-4 hours of looting up and even surviving a shootout in the NW airfield.. Yep I died to a ladder. Fell from the top after some weird pause to my death.
  2. I have an i5 4690K overclocked to 4.2 on air using a http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-air-cooler/hyper-412s cooler. 38c idle, 78c gaming load. If I push anymore than 4.2ghz it sends the temp over 80c which is above manufacturers recommended safe/optimal temps.
  3. Criticism believe it or not, makes games better. Not worse. If you are accepting of shit, then you shouldn't really expect to get nothing but shit in return.
  4. Round me off to the nearest year and I'm 35. Gaming has always been a hobby of mine, the wife does "not get it".. unfortunately she's one of those people who think video games are for kids.
  5. I feel for you Jex, it's been a LONG, epic wait.. a wait so long that were are STILL waiting after all these years. Rocket is laughing his ass off right now, he's left BIS and made a career from a mod. Some people (including myself) think he abandoned DayZ because he couldn't deliver what people wanted, what they expected.. he knew he couldn't and so got out with the legacy and some cash. Now he's got his own dev studio! not bad huh? Hell, I paid nothing for the mod back then, so I kinda see the SA as my way of paying them (Rocket and BIS) for them awesome experiences that we all enjoyed playing the mod, all them years ago. I'll always be thankful for that. I've resigned to the fact that DayZ SA will never be the mod, but will/can it be as good? I sure hope so! but I'll let ya know my opinion when the time comes, if it ever does. Is it good now, has it been at any point in the games dev so far? I'd have to say no, I've not enjoyed playing the DayZ SA at any time in Alpha (before anyone says but it's ALPHA.. Well I KNOW! and have done for years lol). Does it look as if it might become good one day? honestly, I have my doubts and that makes me really sad and salty, to the point I wanna be critical, the game and its progress is making me feel that way. That being said, sometimes I read a status report and something in there piques my interest, pulls me back toward the hope, so hears to hoping. My fingers are crossed anyways, even though they are by default crossed from becoming arthritic from all these years of keeping them like that haha. I just wanna experience this game in a finished state, or rather as it's intended like I'm sure sooo many other people do, Jex included. Massive respect and congratulations to all the players here who are more than happy to have waited all this time. Who have the ability to stay cool and ride the waves. I only hope we all get what we want one day and that we enjoy a finished DayZ, whenever that time comes.
  6. Rust has penises, so we know by default they aint afraid to show anything. DayZ > Rust = Moot.
  7. Nobody should be telling anyone to fuck off, just disagreeing with anothers opinion is more than fair. Conducting games of insult tennis are pathetic, far worse than any criticism. Thanks for the info and for the disappointment.
  8. I don't really put much effort into ingesting SR's, I have to apologize for that in some ways but also be truthful.. I have always tended to find them rather repetative, like a sort of groundhog day come roundabout kinda experience, beating around the bush stuff.. filler to keep people playing and hoping, but for some reason this one seems to have rang some bells, even got me a little excited! Must be the pictures? or more like the honesty I took from it. Oh and this little nugget.. "Instead of focusing on systems and technology, we are finally making a game." I just may be starting to see some light in this extra long tunnel. I never thought I'd say that! So Thanks! Gotta say too.. it's got me rather looking forward to the next one now ;)
  9. Needs a Trump wall.
  10. The grab of PvP in DayZ has almost always been tied to loot, and the permadeath feeling players get from the "You are dead screen".. everyone wants to take or ruin someone else's time they spent gearing up and just as his fellow survivors wish to stay alive. Trusting others in DayZ is the hardest part of DayZ, the game is only made difficult and challenging because of others, fear of the unknown. 99% of player interaction I've ever had in DayZ has resulted in one of us dying at some point, whether it's been in an instant (KOS) or after establishing a fake trust. They get you when your backs turned, or you get them first. The other 1% has been meeting actual real friends ingame, unfortunately they all left after the SA was revealed/released and the mod started to die. I trust nobody in this game and in all likelihood never will, I am destined to be a kill or be killed type of player. You can blame the many, many players in the past who KOS for me becoming like that.
  11. Only 8 months ey? I'm throtthing at the mouth.. like an infected. Mad to think a human being can go from a fertilized egg to a baby in virtually that amount of time.
  12. I feel ya, They aint gonna set themselves up for more missed targets. Expect tight lipped-ness. I expect nothing anymore, in fact not since I got all hot under the collar for them early milestone goals that never came to fruition, so I'm not about to step on them hot coals again. Don't get me wrong, Thanks for the SR's, taking the time to inform us on reasons why we continue to wait, which to be frank are only really useful and enjoyable for those of us who are capable and willing to wait even longer for DayZ to actually become DayZ again.. but I'm not gonna lie and sugar coat it, they in some ways annoy the hell outta me! I just want the game to be finished! I just want to enjoy it as I once did.. It's been/being a monumental wait, I can only apologize for my (can't really say impatient when it's been such a LONG time) inability to play a buggy unfinished game and therefore subsequent posts on this forum. Call me a jerk, a killjoy.. ungrateful.. selfish.. whatever, who in the hell said time was a healer? Man, I really wish I had half of the tenacity of some of you guys.. True fans. One I hope to be again one day.
  13. Sod the ironing.. I'd bloodstain it for added authenticity :)
  14. Yeah, well.. some of us who have also been here from the start, are just waiting for the train to arrive at that rosey platform.. sadly not all passengers have the same temperament nor personalities as the man who waits beside him. I think that's also lost on people here, especially the ones who don't mind slow trains, I mean.. as long as it arrives at the destination at some point, right?
  15. Whoever told you DayZ would run fine with any GPU was blowing smoke up your ass. A GT630 is not a good card for today's standards, it'll probably work but don't expect miracles, I'd say getting 17/18 is actually quite good. I have a GTX 970 and see frames in cities easily drop as low as that. More to the point, What processor do you have?