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  1. Scrap running and looking after 2-3 versions of the game and focus on just one, maybe that will speed things up. Stable/Exp.. is probably slowing you guys down.
  2. I've been straight up and honest to people I've spoken to about DayZ, I've said the game is being developed and that they should wait until the game is finished before they buy it.. why? because I'd hate for them to spend their money on something they wouldn't like, which would not only give the game a bad name but in all likelihood since I suggested it.. also me! I fell into the Early Access trap since I played the mod and I loved it, it's honestly one of the best games I've ever played and not only that I got the game relatively cheap since I bought it way back then.. I've not left any review for DayZ SA as I think it's wrong to judge an unfinished book by it's cover, but if I was asked to leave one right here right now, it wouldn't be good one.. given the current state of the game and how long it's been since I got the game. Maybe I'm impatient in the eyes of others, maybe I don't even fully understand what early access is and I'm the wrong sort of person to impulse buy a game like DayZ SA, but I have it and I've certainly had my say. I now look forward to the day it's deemed finished (whenever that is) so I can enjoy the game once more, I'm also not a fool.. I'll never get the mod feels back, I know that but as long as the game ends up being good, then I'll be sure and more than willing to give it a good review. People have different feelings and as such take different actions. We have no power over what other people think and ultimately go ahead and do.. unfortunately lol.
  3. Think about it, preferably unbiased(ly).. Would they leave negative/troll reviews if they enjoyed the experience? when they are playing/played a broken, unfinished game (for X amount of time) how many people do you logically expect to leave positive reviews? Will they harm the game, should they (BI) be concerned, absolutely, bad rep is bad rep.. but this is the path they chose to take the game in. Perhaps if they could disable the steam review system until the game is complete it would be a different story, but who can say? Even though Early Access is a few years old now, it's still gonna be a relatively new experience for a lot of gamers, personally I don't think it's a good way to release games, to much of a risk.
  4. Yeah, Frustrating is one word for it. The only reasoning I see is that Half of the battle is keeping people engaged with the progress of the title, especially whilst it's in a state of limbo.
  5. Make a post titled Exp Update 0.61.###### .. Yep, you got me good.
  6. So, is sitting on a hill somewhere safe just far enough away from a town waiting for Zeds to spawn in to know a player is down there.. coming back? I thought they didn't want that, were even adamant about it?
  7. People inflate numbers all the time. Just look at the value of the GBP since we left the EU, I reckon someone somewhere would like to inflate them numbers too haha!
  8. Actually I've been a jerk.. the stuff I said was silly and unwarranted. 3+ years into a supposed 5 year dev cycle? maybe I've been premature and should have listened to Rocket when he said don't jump on the hype train that early. My problem was DayZ rocked, I spent too much of my life playing the mod and I might have wanted in, the price was fairly low.. What the heck.. Lets just wait a few more years and then maybe those views I had a few hours ago will be relevant and tolerable, that is if the game is still crap. I just hope not, this roundabout has span around a few too many times for my liking.. makes me grumpy and as a 34 y/o.. immature.
  9. Must be getting hard to pay dev salaries now the game is not being bought twice every milisecond.
  10. I don't buy the impatient sentiment, that's a load of baloney.. most players of this title have been MORE than patient, even the ones who've tooted the Alpha horn for years and frankly stuck up for the garbage. I bought this game Christmas 2013.. granted I have a hard time remembering that far back to even know how I felt about the game back then, however lost brain cells aside.. any opinions I had have probably not changed, its not like were swimming in all those planned features, even now still.. but in all honesty if I'd have known it would take this long (and for who knows how much longer) for the game to become something I'd actually enjoy as I did the mod, (the very reason I bought this game).. then I wouldn't have spent the money and would have bought more beer with the cash, for consumption over the festivities instead. Call me whatever.. impatient, a moaner, perhaps overly and unfairly critical.. I don't really care.. that's how I feel when I think of DayZ SA. Enjoy reading your re-worded status reports. The only difference most of the time is the content creators haha! I lost any hope of playing an enjoyable, finished version of DayZ a long time ago. Bring fucking Dean Hall back, that guy had some passion for the game at least. Oh hang on a minute.. but the new game engine, the better framerate.. how very dare I be even remotely unhappy?
  11. Ahh, what's 8 more months when we've been waiting years? I wouldn't get too excited or anxious about that timeframe btw, it will only eat you alive and dissapoint you if in that time were still rapping fingers and twiddling thumbs. Gotta say, I'm actually looking forward to a Beta Dayz SA, an excuse to install the game again, it's been a while since my legs broke climbing a ladder.. can't wait :)
  12. Don't nobody ever get tired of tooting the Alpha horn? good god.. its more annoying to read than the complaints, frustrations and feedback. People who constantly use the alpha term to excuse someones point should be banned for trolling.
  13. So much optimism, oh how it makes my eyes water a lil' bit.. so when is the predicted release? a year, maybe two?
  14. This game will never live up to the expectation put upon it.. never. I learned quite a long time ago, you either deal with it, or you don't. You can't be disappointed, it's not allowed nor forgivable on a game that's in development.. until the game stops being developed, I'm afraid your concerns and feedback is simply seen as the rants of a moaning, discontent, troll. This whole Alpha thing is great for providing excuses for a bad game and prolonging the games lifespan, but it is what it is. The game 'is' getting better, I tried experimental .60 and it was MUCH improved in regards to performance, but I didn't see enough to see me wasting away 1000's of hours like times once past. When I see DayZ in my steam library, its the last game I'd pick, I want and hope for that to one day change.