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  1. Status Report - 23 October 2018

    Ahhh, the idea of a standalone DayZ, independant from Arma, loved it, excited me, I wanted it! but once Dean "DayZ" Hall left BI, nothing but alarm bells rang in my head and have done for all these years, he was DayZ.. not BI, in my head you have taken (bought, borrowed or been given) his idea (his success) and basically turned it into 4 years of disappointment after disappointment on top of more disappointment.. sorry for speaking so frankly. The only thing I have learned is that BI are far better suited to developing combat simulation games (Arma) than survival simulation games. As far as I'm concerned when Dean left, DayZ left with him. You've tried, I'll give you that, but I can't say you've succeeded. Never thought I'd have to say but DayZ SA 1.0 (actual game release) with less content than the DayZ mod of 6+ years ago.. that's just unforgivable I'm afraid. You done goofed. I've gave you BI folks a hard time, I'd like to say sorry for that now.. and I don't post too often.. I really didn't want to come across as one of those pesky keyboard DayZ hating warriors I've seen other players and fans like myself painted around here as, for years.. by the good old "oh you can't say anything bad because it's Alpha" horn tooting brigade and honestly I've contributed literally zero to feedback on bugs or development along this whole 5+ year "hell of a ride".. but why should I when I saw no real reason to be fired up about even playing? I haven't even wanted to play an unfinished shell of a game idea, as it's literally never gripped me enough whenever I did give it another try. I'd play an hour at most, either get bored of doing the same shit, the game would crash or I'd die to something so stupid I'd instantly rage quit. This whole adventure has seen nothing but false promises and provided broken dreams to most all DayZ fans but I'll spare you at least my would be negative steam review, like (right at this very moment as I'm typing this) I wished I'd spared my £20 all them years ago, out of respect for your efforts and since I have admittedly played almost 200 hours of your game over the past 5+ years. I may even give 1.0 a try, but honestly.. a Vanilla DayZ is not now nor probably ever going to be the kind of vanilla DayZ I was sold on by Dean. I'll now be hoping modders can somehow conjure up a version of DayZ I can once again enjoy.
  2. When’s the next update ?!

    That *IS* DayZ, it's always been like that. Throw in a few re-logs while your there and before you know it your back to the coast as a fresh-spawn killing/maiming god. Either that or you lose your shit to someone who is doing the same thing. Oh and for those moaning about updates to Xbox.. welcome to our (PC) world.. Whats it been like a month or so? You should try 5+ years on for size.
  3. Vehicles

    You wanna try 5+ years.
  4. SCUM?

    DayZ has influenced sooo many modern games.. this apocalypse/survival/perma-death genre.. DayZ *was* that whole market. It's a crying shame that other game devs and studios have taken the same sort of ideals and made something better than what it is we helped start, all them years ago.. maybe it was inevitable, it's business.. dog eat dog.. but guess what they have. Right now, honestly SCUM is a better game than DayZ. Do I hope that changes? hell yeah. I want daddy back.
  5. .63 Combat System

    Who on earth can forget? it's only been years.
  6. Anyone still here patiently waiting for this game to reach fruition deserves an award. I hope that after all.. when we get there.. that award is going to be a good game. Similarly, anyone still here, still critical of the game have every right to be, nobody can doubt its been one heck of a rocky road, full of misdirection and changes, obviously none of which have helped the situation and perceptions.. but all of which are kinda understandable, maybe even unavoidable, when the game has been through so much and all over such a large period of time. I can sympathize with both sides, heck I've been on both. Where am I right now? what do I think? honestly I'm long past caring so much.. I just hope for the sakes of everyone.. we end up with a survival game worthy of all our time spent waiting for such a thing. Fingers crossed that happens....... one day. On topic - I'd entertain just a first person view, even welcome it.. if only for fairness. I really don't care that I cant see my character in the third person, the inventory screen gives me enough info for that kinda vanity need.
  7. Thinking about coming back?

    May be wrong but wasn't DayZ the first (if not exactly the first, then surely the most popular) early access game back then? Using DayZ as an excuse is now my reasoning to never fall into that EA trap ever again in gaming. Now, unless an EA title is at least polished enough to enjoy and spend time playing and reporting any issues then I don't see it being a problem.. but honestly the way DayZ has gone about it, well.. I've just not been a fan at all. Man, I had many RL friends and work colleagues back in the early days (who I played with in the mod too) who were also excited like me and played standalone for a few months, sadly they caught the Hall-Hicks virus and jumped ship years ago.. all these years later they actually take the piss out of me for still waiting. It's gotten that bad, I would feel embarrassed to even mention the game at work anymore, now all they wanna talk about is that bloody Fortnite.
  8. So, what happened to Brian?

    Good luck in whatever you do in the future Brian. We welcome you now to the Art of Patience Fan Club. Thanks for helping keep the original DayZ feels alive. I don't understand or didn't read thoroughly enough but I kinda hope your the only guy who was over there working for free? I can't help but speculate and read into things but did (after all this time) DayZ money dry up? not that it's my business just concerned I guess.. but one thing I do know, Working for free aint never a good thing, even if it purely for passion and love of something.. how does one live real life without money? Anyways, Your resignation will surely spark the re-branding of the games title now you've left .. Rather than DayZ, YearZ is more fitting.
  9. Just checking in..

    Even those who claim to know what they are talking about don't actually know for sure 100% what they are talking about. Unless you develop the game or are in the business of knowing.. then nobody has the right to say whether any one is right, wrong or otherwise. All I know for sure is this game has and is......... taking forever. I can easily sympathise with anyone who jumped the boat or are critical about DayZ. I'm sure I speak for most when I say we all want a good game to come of all this time we've spent following and waiting. Welcome back yuval.
  10. Brian Hicks

    You all set yourselves up for major disappointment.. people talk like 0.63 is going to be DayZ? That once we get it then everyone is gonna be happy to have waited even longer to enjoy it. Honestly i fear too many people are trusting to what's probably going to be another unfinished, dissapointing, buggy version/update of the game. Just for a second imagine the massive pressure that delivering 0.63.. up to everyone's standards and expectaions must be on the devs? I really do admire people's enthusiasm, trust and hope. Especially after all these years.. Just be mindful and be prepared for not only joy of difference and something new.. but also the chance for sorrow since its yet again unfinished.
  11. Brian Hicks

    Probably came to realization DayZ was never gonna be the same DayZ he once loved. Like most of the (un)silent majority.
  12. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    Didn't he die from the crash landing in Alien 3? Ahhh, wrong Hicks.. Perhaps then he's ascending Everest.
  13. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    Slow is being too kind. It's been Magnanimous.
  14. It possible Dayz will have single player mode with AI

    If you stay away from other players it's as good as single player.
  15. BETA Status Report - November 28

    It's nice to see someone speaking their mind, thanks. I play lots of other games yet some here seem to think the "disgruntled" fans among us primarily sit here waiting for DayZ to be finished, nah.. that preconception is nonsense. I'd probably be even angrier if that was the case haha! I think most of the outspoken critics left here and the game a long time ago or simply got scared off by the relentless Alpha horn tooters. Apparently it's fine and dandy to pay for a game 5 years in advance these days, like it's normal. It's not only the time it's taking either, that gets at me.. it's the whole process from way back then to now, how it's all been handled, all that's been said and done. I've sat here reading, waiting, listening.. for what.. a promise? hope? Having the patience of saints and being thrown the occasional apology is all good and well, but man.. I'm massively disappointed with DayZ. What if after all this time.. the game gets finished.. and I still don't like the game? sheesh, I can't bear to think about it. Ahhh, but there is surely light.. there's always mods I guess.