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  1. You've neglected to add promised features from as far back as 2013, which have still not been delivered... Moderator edit: Picture removed due to insecure http-link
  2. [Gen]Adzic

    Status Report - July 2019

    It was not in the original post.. I can't tell you how depressing reading this status report was for someone who has stuck around, watching, waiting, listening to the hype, the feature promises, dev roadmaps and the hardcore DayZ forum defense league blasting everything and anything anyone who had anything negative to say about how slow and cumbersome this whole DayZ early access through to half ass release experience has been over the Years and you know what? Fuck it, I have almost nothing left to say. I just hope my money all them years ago went to Dean Hall, just for the experience of experiencing DayZ, ever since he left Bohemia I've always assumed the worse for DayZ. Well, Worse Confirmed. I rode the new engine bandwagon, it had to make things better and for sure it has, hell I play modded servers and can actually enjoy playing the game, I've had more than my moneys worth if you factor in time played.. but honestly there's ZERO excuse for the multiple broken promises from you guys over the years (please don't make me quote posts or provide proofs, those who know, know), it's actually quite disgraceful how you've gone about things. We should get an apology, are you (BI) man enough to say sorry for years, of frankly, bullshit? Unless of course you are going to eventually deliver? actually nah.. trouble is, given your track record.. people probably won't believe you either way so just forget it.
  3. [Gen]Adzic

    Status Report - July 2019

    Wow.. just Wow. Having a paid DLC is a broken promise (was said you pay once for this game.. all through testing up until this very day where you say we now probably ain't never gonna be getting what was foretold) but then whats new with you guys. Crash test dummies indeed. Oh how I'd love to see the look on some of those "but its Alpha.. have patience.. and faith" faces right now. Suckers.
  4. [Gen]Adzic

    Nespesney just quit DayZ...

    Tell us new people, is it a good game, could it be the best game you've ever played? because back in the DayZ mod days I found it to be one of the best games I'd ever played, it was just so different from anything else. The intensity of encounters and sheer "oh fuck" feeling of being lost in Chernarus overwhelmed me for months, DayZ had me and my real life friends hooked better than any Class A's ever could. What's important to remember is that people and players who have been here for years, through it all, have different mindsets and expectations, and it's understandable. I think a lot of people are always going to be searching and waiting for the DayZ they once loved to play come back and honestly it's like anything in life, you do it enough times and it all starts to get stale, dare I say.. even boring.. I doubt it's even possible for us to get them initial feels back, ever. Oh what I'd give to have fresh eyes and hands on DayZ 😢 I envy all new players of DayZ, make the most of the feelings and experiences you have while playing, if us older players are testament to anything.. they wont last forever. Before you know it you'll be on the forums slating the devs asking for opinionated game saving changes and additions to the game, in a rabid attempt to get your DayZ fix back 🤣
  5. [Gen]Adzic

    The real reason why there won't be a Roadmap...

    Coming soon only works if whats said to be coming soon, actually comes.
  6. [Gen]Adzic

    Nespesney just quit DayZ...

    Maybe he didn't quit, maybe he took all the monies and ran? OR.. he was perhaps an employee under contract. A contract which had a time on it? It's a little presumptuous to say he "quit" DayZ.
  7. [Gen]Adzic

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    KOS breeds KOS. I used to be cicvilaized whilst playing but far.. far too many people have simply shot me dead (whether I be geared or a freshie) for me to have that trust anymore, so guess what? I KOS, I do it because the game and its players have made me that way.
  8. [Gen]Adzic

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    I think you broke binoculars and rangefinder.. at least they don't work for me.
  9. [Gen]Adzic

    Ghillie family

    That's right.. Lure them in with untold fortunes, only to shoot them in the face and then eat them, cannot supply with guns so they can't defend themselves? Well, that's what I'd think since your name seems like french for little cannibal.. yeah, good one dude.
  10. Yep, had the same issue a few times. I thought at first it was tied to severity of damage of the item your trying to fix (the more it's damaged = more of the kit it would use) but it's not.. seems to happen randomly.
  11. [Gen]Adzic

    everyone please read this *this needs to be fixed asap*

    Bravo, Thanks for telling a bunch more people how to do it. You can use the Personal Message/Direct Message magic forum function to alert mods or devs of the issue, then no more public eyes need to see it.. you are only gonna make the problem worse otherwise.
  12. [Gen]Adzic

    New player... mag placement in inventory

    Was gonna do a big write-up on how to make really good use of the hotbar (quickslots, whatever they are called) but then I realized you are posting in the Xbox section.. doh. Sorry don't know.
  13. [Gen]Adzic

    Full Ghillie

    OK guys I have a query.. so I found enough shit to craft the full ghillie and the ghillie hood (and a mosin wrap) but my assault (camo) vest pouch is sticking out the front of the suit, what's best to use with ghillie for maximum storage returns without compromising concealment?
  14. [Gen]Adzic

    The Extreme Parkour Team!

    Hahahaha! Subbed. Why do I never see this kind of shit happening in DayZ? All I ever run into is axe wielding madmen who wanna cut me up for meat.
  15. [Gen]Adzic

    I'm sorry if I killed you, but safety comes first.

    Being geared.. they would have killed you in a heartbeat, with their bare fists if necessary.. freshies have nothing to lose when they are up against a seasoned lone survivor, never say sorry, you simply did what had to be done.. what I'm sure we'd all do in the same situation. Safer to trust no one and live than make a rash decision and lose it all.