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  1. I'm for testing no eye zoom and also no view panning (which I guess simulates you moving around your head as you run forward). It's too easy to use geometry to your advantage when you can pan your camera view around. People hide in safety waiting for someone to come along who has zero chance to see that person, who can just pop up from his hidey spot and end their life (on a perma death game yeah?).. always really stank of unfair bordering on exploitation to me.
  2. It's a shared opinion of many, you should not apologize for having your own opinion and being honest. If everyone was all honky dory, "love it".. "best game ever" it would affect development negatively and the truth is.. games needs criticism.
  3. modding

    Way I see it we been playing the same map for years, if modding only allowed the generation of new maps I'd be happy! give me vanilla DayZ on a new map anyday! I like the feeling of being lost, the unknown.. Chernarus at first was scary! it was immense, now even more so, but honestly I'm burned out by it, if you spawn and you know where you are and where to head where's the sense of survival and orientation? I suspect many other players feel it too. Taviana, WOW loved it! Lingor Island.. so different, so welcome! Namalsk, gave us a not just a new landscape, new harsh conditions! Thinking about it I even enjoyed the small but very cool Utes even if it was mainly PvP, if that floated your boat it had you well covered.
  4. modding

    Ahhh, good times.. back when DayZ "was really" DayZ. I so wish I had a time machine, just to go back to being entirely new to the experience :(
  5. modding

    Modding extends the life of a game. Nobody in the right mind should be having issues with that fact. I pretty much guarantee modding will re-invigorate DayZ.. think about the possibilities! new map(s) is just one real biggie! Chernarus even though being updated (and better than it was) is old, very old. I think some people tend to get blinded by the extra loot/weapons and PVP focus etc.. rather than seeing good things that can come from modding. I'm really looking forward to seeing what people can do with DayZ, a change will be welcome.
  6. I'd shoot you, anything that hides (or even partly hides) the face is shifty. Weirdly though.. I don't mind the dust mask haha!
  7. Hmmm, I play DayZ from time to time, mostly around patches to see whats changed/new/fixed. Looking forward to trying Beta.
  8. Ahh now I understand, I think. You provide a PVE only server that if players KOS on (against the rules and ideology of the server), they get banned. You set a fee for players who wish to appeal and undo that ban. I assume to act as a deterrent? that some disagree with paying and subsequently reported you and now your in a dispute with BI. It's the same as asking for donations to run a private server if you ask me. I don't see any other clan/groups getting into this sort of trouble for doing that, so I understand your frustration.
  9. So a bunch of cheaters or people who dislike your server/rules shut you down by complaining to BI that your keeping them from playing the game? I'd have assumed that's doing their job for them and helpful.. hmmm, I still don't get it, the whole thing makes no sense to me. Excuse me if I missed something but when you talk about monetization, what do people have the option to pay for and why? maybe that's the issue. Are you (or perceived to be) running some get rich quick scheme or something, by using DayZ as a means to pocket some dough?
  10. A little bit of me just died inside.. again. Had me some Déjà vu too.. again! Hey, not all doom and gloom.. at least the community spotlights are different.
  11. I literally have no idea what I just read but it was as captivating as the recent Status Report was. Kudos. Edit = Lest we forget, because game is Alpha?
  12. I feel ya sokaku, it's always an epic adventure until the You Are Dead screen appears, oftentimes outta nowhere. I don't wish to jinx your dude, but I'd like to share a past experience if I may. Hopefully you'll take something from it that'll keep your character alive even longer. I myself had a great character once, I called him Wilson (in reference to the infamous volley ball from the Cast Away movie). Wilson was to become a traveler and a person people could trust. His interests were never for danger but that of survival and aid.. he'd spend his days (and nights) searching for food, clothing and medical supplies primarily to give to other people who also found themselves in this same hell, appealing to peoples needs rather than thier wants, figuring it was probably his best chance of survival when it came to confrontation. He knew that if he had nice things, rare expensive things and weaponry that people would tend to want them and will often just take them whatever the cost.. Wilson was a psychologist before the breakout, he found use for his skills and applied them in his interaction with others, they helped him differentiate good from evil. Wilson made many friends on his travels and even managed to escape some very nasty people, particularly two armed men who thought it was fun to tie him up and try to feed him to the infected.. of course they failed in their attempts and luckily ran off when by some miracle a passer by fired off a few rounds of a rifle. He never had the chance to thank that person for saving his life before he disappeared deeper into the city, could he even be trusted? Wilson learned something that morning, he stopped trusting big cities, they were just too dangerous. The risks were too high. He decided to set up a home in an abandoned house a little west of Khelm, it wasn't a pretty place, but it was safe and it seemed to have the things he needed to survive. After many, many weeks of survival, running up and down the coast with supplies, helping where he could.. all the time experincing a vast amount of happy, emotional and tragic events.. one fateful day Wilson decided to climb a deerstand near to his home.. he'd use a hunting scope to lookout for survivors travelling through the town of Khelm, but it was this decision that cost him his life, he somehow fell from the ladder and died. RIP Wilson. Gone but never forgotten. Moral of the story.. sometimes it's not the players that are untrustworthy, it can be the game and it's quirks :(
  13. Played last night/morning for the first time in ages, the game is getting better, but not sugar coating it, it still feels clunky and is buggy as all hell. I do like the new environment and sounds, all in all, it's been a long time coming but you are headed in the right direction for sure. Note to self - Must remember to check forums for bugs still present, after 3-4 hours of looting up and even surviving a shootout in the NW airfield.. Yep I died to a ladder. Fell from the top after some weird pause to my death.
  14. I have an i5 4690K overclocked to 4.2 on air using a http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-air-cooler/hyper-412s cooler. 38c idle, 78c gaming load. If I push anymore than 4.2ghz it sends the temp over 80c which is above manufacturers recommended safe/optimal temps.
  15. Criticism believe it or not, makes games better. Not worse. If you are accepting of shit, then you shouldn't really expect to get nothing but shit in return.