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  1. [Gen]Adzic

    Okay guys...WTF?!?!?!

    KOS breeds KOS. I used to be cicvilaized whilst playing but far.. far too many people have simply shot me dead (whether I be geared or a freshie) for me to have that trust anymore, so guess what? I KOS, I do it because the game and its players have made me that way.
  2. [Gen]Adzic

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    I think you broke binoculars and rangefinder.. at least they don't work for me.
  3. [Gen]Adzic

    Ghillie family

    That's right.. Lure them in with untold fortunes, only to shoot them in the face and then eat them, cannot supply with guns so they can't defend themselves? Well, that's what I'd think since your name seems like french for little cannibal.. yeah, good one dude.
  4. Yep, had the same issue a few times. I thought at first it was tied to severity of damage of the item your trying to fix (the more it's damaged = more of the kit it would use) but it's not.. seems to happen randomly.
  5. [Gen]Adzic

    everyone please read this *this needs to be fixed asap*

    Bravo, Thanks for telling a bunch more people how to do it. You can use the Personal Message/Direct Message magic forum function to alert mods or devs of the issue, then no more public eyes need to see it.. you are only gonna make the problem worse otherwise.
  6. [Gen]Adzic

    New player... mag placement in inventory

    Was gonna do a big write-up on how to make really good use of the hotbar (quickslots, whatever they are called) but then I realized you are posting in the Xbox section.. doh. Sorry don't know.
  7. [Gen]Adzic

    Full Ghillie

    OK guys I have a query.. so I found enough shit to craft the full ghillie and the ghillie hood (and a mosin wrap) but my assault (camo) vest pouch is sticking out the front of the suit, what's best to use with ghillie for maximum storage returns without compromising concealment?
  8. [Gen]Adzic

    The Extreme Parkour Team!

    Hahahaha! Subbed. Why do I never see this kind of shit happening in DayZ? All I ever run into is axe wielding madmen who wanna cut me up for meat.
  9. [Gen]Adzic

    I'm sorry if I killed you, but safety comes first.

    Being geared.. they would have killed you in a heartbeat, with their bare fists if necessary.. freshies have nothing to lose when they are up against a seasoned lone survivor, never say sorry, you simply did what had to be done.. what I'm sure we'd all do in the same situation. Safer to trust no one and live than make a rash decision and lose it all.
  10. [Gen]Adzic

    I'm sorry if I killed you, but safety comes first.

    A true survivor.
  11. [Gen]Adzic

    Full Ghillie

    Where are you guys finding the netting? I've checked about 20 small boats along the coast and all they seem to spawn is drinks, food and drybags..
  12. [Gen]Adzic

    [UK/EU]All WELCOME-MGDAYZ.com-HIGH LOOT-Active Admins

    I'm from Staffordshire and an unfortunate supporter of Stoke City haha! Next time I play (usually weekends) I'll jump on your discord.
  13. [Gen]Adzic

    [UK/EU]All WELCOME-MGDAYZ.com-HIGH LOOT-Active Admins

    Had some fun on your server last night, thanks. Ran into someone at Electro who said he was friendly (I did point my weapon at him though) we quickly parted ways since I figured why PvP when both of us were relatively fresh spawns and I'd only just found the gun and 5 rounds.. but a bit further down the road that same dude shot me dead whilst I was dealing with some zombies, hope you read this! Whoever you were.. lemme guess.. you were hiding that pistol in your pack huh? Next time let's chat man to man? I'd have straight up given you some of my shit. Anyway you know it's popular when your waiting in a queue of 15. Also being an EU/UK server is perfect for me. I'll be dropping by again for sure.
  14. [Gen]Adzic

    My Story

    Yeah I've been critical. Also maybe gone a little to far in things I've said but I'm a firm believer that if everyone was all like "love the game, be patient.. it's alpha" (to the point it gets your back up since we can all see the game has had a rocky ride in terms of stability, content etc) bla.. bla then what message does that send the developers? that gamers enjoy playing broken unfinished games? In the real world I'm a calm person I don't get mad at trivial things but I think a lot of people have forgotten we bought into a promise, that we'd get a DayZ that was infinitely better than the mod.. in some ways yes we have gotten that but by god had we known it was gonna be this long (and still going) until it even caught up with what we had.. it takes a special kinda person to just be happy and content with how things have gone. I actually applaud the devs for sticking by the game through all the turmoil. Let's just hope and that's really all we can do, that the future is even brighter for DayZ. Honestly since I've given it another fair look I do think it's getting there, it's definately better than the last time I tried it (without zombies) but for me it's still not there yet.. the zombies still need work and a whole lot more content needs to be added whilst maintaining stability. If you asked me "Is this the 1.0 you were expecting?" I'd have to say no sir.. this game should not be considered stable and bug free, as it is not.
  15. [Gen]Adzic

    My Story

    Thanks, back in the day I used to sit on top of hills (or anywhere safe really) watching PvP'ers in Cherno, through binoculars. I had no balls back then to get involved, or rather I knew better. I'd often go down there after calm to mop up any leftover loot, then straight back to my spot for the next show. As much as I miss them old times, this past few weeks (even parts of this story) have learned me that them times can in some ways come back.