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  1. Brian Hicks

    You all set yourselves up for major disappointment.. people talk like 0.63 is going to be DayZ? That once we get it then everyone is gonna be happy to have waited even longer to enjoy it. Honestly i fear too many people are trusting to what's probably going to be another unfinished, dissapointing, buggy version/update of the game. Just for a second imagine the massive pressure that delivering 0.63.. up to everyone's standards and expectaions must be on the devs? I really do admire people's enthusiasm, trust and hope. Especially after all these years.. Just be mindful and be prepared for not only joy of difference and something new.. but also the chance for sorrow since its yet again unfinished.
  2. Brian Hicks

    Probably came to realization DayZ was never gonna be the same DayZ he once loved. Like most of the (un)silent majority.
  3. Status Report - 13 February 2018

    Didn't he die from the crash landing in Alien 3? Ahhh, wrong Hicks.. Perhaps then he's ascending Everest.
  4. DAYZ Status from a famous Youtube blogger

    Slow is being too kind. It's been Magnanimous.
  5. It possible Dayz will have single player mode with AI

    If you stay away from other players it's as good as single player.
  6. It's nice to see someone speaking their mind, thanks. I play lots of other games yet some here seem to think the "disgruntled" fans among us primarily sit here waiting for DayZ to be finished, nah.. that preconception is nonsense. I'd probably be even angrier if that was the case haha! I think most of the outspoken critics left here and the game a long time ago or simply got scared off by the relentless Alpha horn tooters. Apparently it's fine and dandy to pay for a game 5 years in advance these days, like it's normal. It's not only the time it's taking either, that gets at me.. it's the whole process from way back then to now, how it's all been handled, all that's been said and done. I've sat here reading, waiting, listening.. for what.. a promise? hope? Having the patience of saints and being thrown the occasional apology is all good and well, but man.. I'm massively disappointed with DayZ. What if after all this time.. the game gets finished.. and I still don't like the game? sheesh, I can't bear to think about it. Ahhh, but there is surely light.. there's always mods I guess.
  7. https://store.bistudio.com/products/dayz-supporter-edition
  8. It's hard to be critical about this game because they are protected by the fact they are early alpha.. it's broken? it's unfinished? ahh it's OK, it's alpha, but my god.. I still want to scream. All I see when I read a status report is broken promises and the potential for further disappointment. Sorry but that's how I feel. I just cant get the feeling that I want to play DayZ back. This wait is and has been painfully long to the point I can't even get excited about the game. Honestly I would rather be a nice constructive member of the community but I feel this development process has turned me into what probably looks like a raging impatient, hater.. I really don't want to be these things nor come across that way, it's a horrible position to be in as a fan of the game. Whenever me and a couple of my work mates (who I used to play the mod with all them years back) speak about DayZ the conversation turns into a laughing stock. It's so sad, I even start to feel sorry for the game, but then I think.. when was the last time I enjoyed DayZ? what was it I enjoyed about it and will that ever come back? I instead start to have doubts about the future of this game and frankly the track record of disappointments of the past have literally forced me into having that mindset. My biggest fear is that when the time finally comes (beta, full release etc..), I'll still not enjoy the game. I guess you could say it's no big loss, I paid what? a piddly £20 for the SA 5 years ago.. back when Dean sold me the idea of a DayZ so good, so much better than the mod.. that my £20 outlay was not only a bargain, it was an investment into a bright and beautiful future for this game, one which I was (at the time) certain would be epic.. now all I do is look back and think WOW.. what an idiot.. not that I'd wasted money, the money has nothing to do with my opinion, it's the fact I jumped in early not expecting this monumental wait. I have a lot of hopes for DayZ but the most important one is that you guys will end up delivering a game I will once again enjoy playing. Preferably sometime before I'm too old and arthritic to operate keyboard and mouse. Ball is in your court, please don't let us down. You often talk the talk, lets finally see you walk the walk.
  9. Status Report 7 November 2017

    When you've been waiting years for the game, whats a few more hours/days matter to read reworded paragraphs of things we've already seen or know about. Oh wait, sorry.. this SR is gonna be the one to re-invigorate everyone's passion for DayZ! for at least another few weeks until we do it all again.
  10. Why would anyone complain? when you take away the reasoning behind the complaints? That's like me asking you guys if you'd still be happy if you never got to see the game grow.
  11. I wanna know who at the start of this epic journey said it was gonna take 5 years+ just to get to a stable base game? who even thought that was a possibility when they bought the game all that time ago? yeah we knew it was gonna a WIP, we listened to Dean, afterall we read and have been clicking his disclaimer. This dev time cycle, the whole thing pisses me off personally and I'm sorry if that offends anyone.. do you think a gamer who sits by his PC night in... night out... after a hard days graft, wants to play a buggy, broken game? you think he cares about how long "things" take? he just wants to play the damn game and enjoy it. You think he likes to hear or even see a status report? maybe he'll see all this waiting as nothing but an excuse to sell more copies and rinse anyone who falls into the same trap. I'm pretty sure he see's things differently than a 4000+ posting, forum dwelling, DayZ fan who gets all hard over pictures of bicycles and helicopters they both haven't and probably wont be using for years, presented like they are game ready, on animated gifs. Dean said don't buy DayZ, I distinctly remember him posting that a long time ago, of course I didn't listen to Dean.. No, Dean was a wise man, so wise, he even got out, his wait is over. Ours however.............
  12. That's the thing pal, some people aint played this for 1.. 2.. 4 years, they've instead been WAITING that long. There is a major difference between playing and waiting. I'll be happy when this monumental wait is well and truly over, truth be told. If by that point I still can't get into it, then so be it, at least I'll no longer be waiting.
  13. Status Report - 26 September 2017

    I'm for testing no eye zoom and also no view panning (which I guess simulates you moving around your head as you run forward). It's too easy to use geometry to your advantage when you can pan your camera view around. People hide in safety waiting for someone to come along who has zero chance to see that person, who can just pop up from his hidey spot and end their life (on a perma death game yeah?).. always really stank of unfair bordering on exploitation to me.
  14. It's a shared opinion of many, you should not apologize for having your own opinion and being honest. If everyone was all honky dory, "love it".. "best game ever" it would affect development negatively and the truth is.. games needs criticism.