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  1. DayZ Altarcast #1 - The DayZ Of 2016

    Moved to correct section
  2. Got a new server

    Moved to server section
  3. Correct section, LIF ARK Rust silgthly off on one but has anyone played firewatch,
  4. Hey, when I try to join a server on dayz it says I got global banned. Well the thing is I didn't do anything, this was the first time iv played in months! plz help

    1. AmberHelios


      Only battleye can help you 

  5. Fear the Shotgun

    Last chance @Rags!
  6. Fear the Shotgun

    Your correct this is the Internet, this is our part of it and if you cant play nice dont bother coming back, you have a bad etiquette and are constantly abusive, this is not acceptoble. Learn some new consideration for your fellow member or dont come back.
  7. 2 Seconds Delay

    HeadlessJoey opens satchel, what does joey take on his adventure. thats desync my friend, lag in your connection to the server or the server slow on sending commands back. very common in online gaming really you have already said its not your pc and its not your connection, therefore it has to be the server, remember a gsp has mutiple game servers running on a blade. the game is in early access and fps issues are going to be there while they optimize the game fully with the fetures added.
  8. Is it Possible for 3PP to NOT be Overpowered?

    no you can't. dont play if you cant play nice yes please. Stay on topic.
  9. The Hero Militia of Chernarus [Recruiting]

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  10. looking for a clan inn dayz standalone

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  11. Is it Possible for 3PP to NOT be Overpowered?

    i will leave this as is for now if this topic becomes anything other then a desscussion it will be closed. add to the disscusion or dont post.
  12. Let's test some Explosives! :D

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  13. Urgent, need help with being kicked from servers.

    why is turning a firewall of to test quickly a bad idea if upnp works there is no point in messing about to get it to work switch it off, test it and wow a quick easy way to see if it is your firewall. prehaps you should let the op answer rather then assuming. laters
  14. Urgent, need help with being kicked from servers.

    have you tried running the game as admin have you tired turning your firewall off have you looked at your router firewall as well as your software firewall have you checked your anti virus software. its a connection isuue between you and battleye internet speeds dont matter so much if the router overloads under the pressue of big packets
  15. Teleportation Feature

    and thats the end of that