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  1. C4-timah

    Unable to Force Mods

    I was so hoping you were right...unfortunately, it's there. Large as life.
  2. C4-timah

    Unable to Force Mods

    So after disabling @BaseBuildingLogs. equalModRequired = 1; which will stop people from joining without mods....WORKS with @BaseBuildingLogs disabled. equalModRequired = 1; works like it should with all my other mods enabled (together and individually). @BaseBuildingLogs prevented the server from booting all the way when it was the only mod enabled. I'll have to inquire to the reason. Issue considered resolved.
  3. C4-timah

    Unable to Force Mods

    I was wrong on the forceSameBuild = 1; It was already enabled and I had entered it a second time which caused the server to freakout. forceSameBuild = 1; works
  4. C4-timah

    Unable to Force Mods

    GTX gave me a test server to work out the bugs. I should know something in the next couple of hours.
  5. C4-timah

    Unable to Force Mods

    verifySignatures = 2;  - no issues with this option forceSameBuild = 1; - currently keeps the server from starting, so investigating that equalModRequired = 1; - kicks players for bad version I currently have verifySignatures = 2 and equalModRequired = 1 enabled. if you want to try and connect with DZSA Launcher. My server shows up there with the required mods. @BaseBuildingLogs;@ConfigurableMetabolism;@DayZ-Expansion-Chat;@Easy Signs;@KillFeed;@OP_BaseItems;@RPCFramework;@WeaponReduxPack;@Simple Roof Its possible one of the above mods is causing the issue also, but I have no idea which.
  6. C4-timah

    Unable to Force Mods

    Checked that already. I wiped the server purposely for that reason. Unsubscribed from all my mods. Deleted all files client side. Reinstalled the server, re-added all the mods, re-subscribed to all mods in steam, ran the steam update.....*sigh* I may do another full wipe this weekend and just be methodical in the re-install.
  7. C4-timah

    Unable to Force Mods

    For some reason, "forceSameBuild = 1;" is preventing my server from completing the startup cycle. Will have to research the logs to see why its hanging.
  8. C4-timah

    Unable to Force Mods

    Clean install, no modification to any server files. verifySignatures = 2; -check forceSameBuild = 1; -haven't tried equalModRequired = 1; -check I'll have to wait til the server is empty and try all 3. So far verifySignatures = 2; and equalModRequired = 1; result in an immediate kick for bad version. And thats with or without the correct mods.
  9. C4-timah

    Unable to Force Mods

    Currently I use a server hosted through gtx gaming. I have not been able to force the use of mods of since 1.0. Is anyone aware of this? This is what I've tried so far: equalmodrequired=1 - I get kicked for bad version the moment I click play. This happens with the mods installed or deleted from client side. I used the Steam Dayz Launcher and DZSA Launcher when the mods are installed and still get kicked with this option active. equalmodrequired=0 - I can use DZSA Launcher, DayZ Launcher option from steam, or launch normally and can join the server WITH or WITHOUT mods installed. verifySignatures = 2 appears to have no affect in the process what so ever. I have not tried disabling it yet. It seems to enforce only the game version. I have tried the above options, with and without the DZSA Launcher Mod Sync Tool on the server. You can join with or without mods either way.
  10. C4-timah

    Server list shutting down internet

    I have a problem with the DZSALauncher too. You can go to Battlemetrics.com and filter the type of server you want to connect to. You'd still have to connect with the IP under the community tab so not sure how much help that would be except you wouldn't be using the game to search for the server since you did it through battlemetrics. So after searching, maybe hit the community tab right away, enter the IP and see if that works for you.
  11. Thirst and Hunger have been leveled out so your not needing to eat and drink every 10 minutes. Plenty of loot. Not too much, but not sparse either. Cars are ASSEMBLED. In any apocalyptic scenario, you're not going to have to assemble every vehicle you come across, why be forced to do it in a game? 60+ Cars on the map at all times, 60+ Heli sites, 40+ Police Car crash sites. Base building is encouraged. Day cycle is normal. 1hr of dawn, 10hrs daylight, 1hr dusk. Server restarts every 12hrs for backups. TS3 Server is free and you may request your own channel to be password locked for privacy. You want to do it solo, play here. You want a team, play here. You want to play nice then betray your team, that's right, play here. It's survival. We're not here to hold your hand and wipe your @$$. Newbz, Vets and every player in between are welcome. Have fun, build, hunt, team up, sabotage. It's your playground. Make your mark. We can meet at the Mos Eisley Cantina afterward. Drinks are on you. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/the3percent Only 3% will survive... We fill our hot tubs with the tears of baby-whiner snowflakes. Spam is a 3 meal staple. Our favorite pub is the Mos Eisley Cantina. Where our Friends don't like you and We don't like you either. DayZ Server Name: The 3% DayZ Server IP: DayZ TS3 Server: Current Mods: ConfigurableMetabolism DayZ-Expansion-Chat *DisableBaseDestruction (currently disabled due to debate) Easy Signs [by Cl0ud] KillFeed OP_BaseItems RPCFramework Simple Roof WeaponReduxPack Auto Subscribe to all Mods here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1601267878 For the Best Gaming experience, please connect using the DayZ Launcher from Steam after auto subscribing to the mods or download and use he DZSA Launcher found here: https://dayzsalauncher.com/#/tools to auto download the mods before connecting to any DayZ server. Server Admin: C4-timah
  12. C4-timah

    Car tents

    I've always found them in the single garage/shed that has the double doors on front and single door on the side. Found in most medium to large towns. I've never had to go to the larger cities like Cherno to find them but have found them in the large cities too.
  13. C4-timah

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    You'd have to ask the server owner to increase the amount of silencers that get spawned. I had to do that cuz people hoard a lot of the time. And if you run out of duct-tape or gun repair kit or forget to check if it needs fix'n, they don't last very long. Especially if you rapid fire with one.
  14. C4-timah

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    Cars on my server are already assembled. They don't fly around or knock you out. They are above ground and not glitched. Some fuel, water, oil(optional, but highly encouraged if you want it to last) and spark plug and your off. Since car parts are plentiful, if you wreck it's no big deal. Replace the parts that are bad and your back on the road. Or just find another car. Oh yeah, did I mention they don't fly or kill you? Is it laughable that its a 4x4. Yeah, pretty much. Any incline on any road type is a massive issue. *Sigh*
  15. C4-timah

    Stable Update 1.0150627

    It really depends on the server honestly. These are things that can be modified server side without using mods. It's what I do for my server. Weapons have a increased chance to be pristine and 50% chance of spawning complete with attachments and magazines (pristine or not). Since I use the WeaponRedux mod, a lot of the new weapons spawn at the police cars/guard shacks/heli sites and so do the attachments which means I had to increase the amount of police cars that spawned to nearly triple. Same with the heli spawns but had to bump them up to over 6 times the default amount. Now you don't always have to go to military sites to get kitted out.