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  1. C4-timah

    Stable Update 1.03

    Thanks for this. Adding nails to the gate inventory worked. Nail key. Hmmm....
  2. C4-timah

    Stable Update 1.03

  3. C4-timah

    Stable Update 1.03

    Do we have instructions on how to do that? Of course we can use spawn points for the V3S or Transitbus but the proper naming for that hatchack has to be entered in the cfgeventspawn.xml otherwise it wont spawn anyway. Period. Not to mention you still need details for it in the event.xml. If your going to feature a new car, shouldn't all this be done? This isn't a mod. Or is this patch a mod? At this point it might as well be if we have to fix it ourselves.
  4. C4-timah

    Stable Update 1.03

    Issues I've noticed: 1. Crouching. What is up with that damn swooshing noise? It's loud enough to alert every infected within a 50mi/84km radius. 2. 1PP to 3PP. There is a green silhouette when switching between the two views. It happens very quickly but never noticed it during the transition before. 3. Gates. Any gates built prior to 1.03 have an invisible wall that you cannot pass through when the gate is opened. *sigh* 4. Sliding down ladders. So it wears out the gloves. Then you get cut. *rolls eyes* That's fine. But they wear out WAY TO FAST. Dial it back a tad. Please. Say, 15 ladders before the gloves are ruined. Instead of the current 5.
  5. C4-timah

    Stable Update 1.03

    I'm assuming they are using the 4x4 spawn coordinates since its also a hatchback? The only place I could find anything about it was under cfgspawnabletypes.xml and its referred to as "Hatchback_02". There is nothing under events.xml or cfgeventspawns.xml. Maybe the "VehicleOffroadHatchback" is a mixed bag now? Correction: The types.xml shows parts for the Hatchback_02, same with cfgspawnabletypes.xml but nothing for the events.xml or cfgeventspawns.xml.
  6. C4-timah

    Stable Update 1.03

    In my experience, if I had a leak on the 4x4, the fuel gauge would start dropping the moment the engine started. Not super fast, but if you let it idle for 2 min, you were under a half tank just sitting there. If you don't notice the loss of fuel just idling, it might not be a leak. All the vehicles on my server are assembled. I'll have to go find one today and test it out.
  7. C4-timah

    CrossBow Mod Need Update

    I'd like to update this Crossbow mod for my server but am not sure where to start. I have DayZ Tools installed. I have no desire to change the mechanics or anything about the mod, I simply want to update it for the 1.03 release. The author is no longer going to keep it up to date and has released permissions to unpack/repack etc. Are there any tutorials on basic mod creation or at least a tutorial to update existing mods so they are playable with updated releases of DayZ by Bohemia? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1693727516
  8. C4-timah

    Stable Update 1.02

    izurvive.com and a compass...just say'n
  9. C4-timah

    Stable Update 1.02

    I haven't had any issues with the Z's. However I did wipe my server, reinstall all the mods that were updated and then did a player and economy restore and all is working fine for my server. I make it a habit to wipe my server when an update comes through. It just seems to work out better.
  10. C4-timah

    Stable Update 1.02

    I can confirm this is still an issue. Most noticeably with the FX-45. I have to drop the ammo to the ground and then I can load the mag in my hand. It doesn't happen every time, but once it happens, it continues even if I log off and come back. There is something that triggers it because there are times it reloads from a backpack/pouch/pants/shirt etc without issue.
  11. C4-timah

    Unable to Force Mods

    I was so hoping you were right...unfortunately, it's there. Large as life.
  12. C4-timah

    Unable to Force Mods

    So after disabling @BaseBuildingLogs. equalModRequired = 1; which will stop people from joining without mods....WORKS with @BaseBuildingLogs disabled. equalModRequired = 1; works like it should with all my other mods enabled (together and individually). @BaseBuildingLogs prevented the server from booting all the way when it was the only mod enabled. I'll have to inquire to the reason. Issue considered resolved.
  13. C4-timah

    Unable to Force Mods

    I was wrong on the forceSameBuild = 1; It was already enabled and I had entered it a second time which caused the server to freakout. forceSameBuild = 1; works
  14. C4-timah

    Unable to Force Mods

    GTX gave me a test server to work out the bugs. I should know something in the next couple of hours.
  15. C4-timah

    Unable to Force Mods

    verifySignatures = 2;  - no issues with this option forceSameBuild = 1; - currently keeps the server from starting, so investigating that equalModRequired = 1; - kicks players for bad version I currently have verifySignatures = 2 and equalModRequired = 1 enabled. if you want to try and connect with DZSA Launcher. My server shows up there with the required mods. @BaseBuildingLogs;@ConfigurableMetabolism;@DayZ-Expansion-Chat;@Easy Signs;@KillFeed;@OP_BaseItems;@RPCFramework;@WeaponReduxPack;@Simple Roof Its possible one of the above mods is causing the issue also, but I have no idea which.