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  1. FPS

    In my experience with the proper "squeezing" you can get most PC's to run DayZ about 5-10 frames better. However, using 3rd party programs is not the way to do it. I found this place helpful in the past: (things like unparking your cores: if that applies for you, getting into your BIOS settings and maximizing your PC, adjusting your video card settings, adjusting dayz game settings.. these are all good places to start.)
  2. I cracked myself up with that one.. :D
  3. Yeah, that's him alright :D
  4. As far as I've understood, they can change CLE with a few clicks.. Meaning everything we see now is literally testing, in some way. So, just you know... Wait. :|
  5. So, Mods. =)
  6. You just reminded me of the Ooooold mod bug where tin cans (trash item, or used food left over) made a grenade sound when you threw them. It was amazing.. also you used to be able to distract infected with thrown items fairly easily. Just toss a rock or tin can away from you, and the infected would walk towards it.
  7. They need to have a large crash kit, that you can find. Maybe a medical backpack? Also, we need combat med kits.. leg holster or molle attachment.
  8. It is pretty messed up to ruin someones camp just for the hell of it. The only time I "dismantle" a camp, is when they are useless. If I find 5+ tents, and each one has like 2-4 items inside of it.. Im moving that gear into one tent, and tossing the other tents off in some trees. That way the server stays as stable as possible, and people aren't just causing an eye sore for no reason (see my ADHD/OCD/PTSD). Now when I find a big camp.. I leave a sign that I've found it. But only take what I need. If I need food and ammo, thats what I take.. not all of it, just some. Because in my mind, the more you fuck people over.. the more you fuck yourself.
  9. Thats gotta be mod stuff guys.. no video game creator should ever punish a new player. It turns people off of your game. Think about that new guy, just bought dayz.. logs in, gets shot or killed immediately. Now he sees some timer that says, "You cannot spawn for X minutes." You and I both know how fucked up that would be.
  10. I'm gonna have a new video soon, showing some intense Wolf attacks. I've been quite unlucky with running into packs lately, but lucky with surviving them. I know what you mean.. you tend to forget until you hear a dog bark, or howl off in the distance. Suddenly sh*t gets real!
  11. Just like it would do to literally every other rifle in game that has a gun wrap.. except perhaps bolt action. Right? right.
  12. The curse is real. Last night, I met the Lizard Man of Green Mountain.
  13. IRL it can be a massive time consumer depending on where you are, and what is around you. In the easiest locations, and with all the right tools.. you can probably get a fire going in about 30 mins. or less.