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  1. Woo-Hoo! Stable Release! Some of the wind sound effects appear close to either ear and stay with your ear as your head turns. Which feels odd. Same with wind blowing through trees. It feels like it's static to the ear rather than environment, Anyone else seeing black sand bags textures as you get closer to them?
  2. .62?! Yes! Praise the Lord!
  3. It would be cool if they had Small Fire Houses spread around to help fill the gaps around the country side.
  4. New trees and layouts are always good. I still haven't completely covered seeing the changes in .61, but some of the reworked neighborhood groups of houses look so good. You can really feel the dedication. Looking forward to seeing the changes in .62!
  5. @Hicks_206 (DayZ) Does this thread no longer apply?
  6. DayZ Standalone is Actualware! These constant updates and reaching this third anniversary milestone is definitely something to celebrate.
  7. I second that! Happy Anniversary! @Tatanko, looking forward to your new shots in the coming year.
  8. 1. Jumping in place to peek over an object, like a large fence. 2. Updated jumping over small fences, while walking or running. 3. Player Climbing over large fences. 4. Diving below water surface (deep water bodies). 5. Waving rag in hand high in the air to surrender.
  9. @Hicks_206 (DayZ) My apologies, for not directing my question specifically to you. When are players going to be able to climb over tall fences, like that shown in your video? The new village and town redesigns look great in the latest Status Report! Any plans on smaller Fire House versions for these tinier communities?
  10. When are players going to easily climb over tall fences like that shown in your video?
  11. Well, this is a good sign. What do you see as the top two must fix issues?
  12. I would love to have the weather and sound effects they had in The Long Dark. It truly helped to dive into some heavy immersion. Man, I loved those effects*!
  13. A smaller Fire House design for rural areas would be great! Fire vehicles, as well.
  14. I've mostly seen them spawn in the Two Story Red Houses on the bed. You go upstairs and turn right. Last room at the end of the short hallway. I've also seen them spawn in the Single Story Log Houses, with the windowless entry room. They spawn in the first room and also in the second room to the left, with the dresser, table, and tiny wood stove.
  15. Police Station Stairway and Fire Station Ladders for me. Even on single digit pinging servers, with absolutely no lag.