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  1. Black-Raven DM Server

    Both of the Black Raven DM PVP servers are so much fun to play. I wish there were more servers JUST LIKE THIS! You spawn-in either at NWAF (so many spawn points there) or Prison Island in one of several Custom LoadOuts, even Full Ghillie. Incredible constant quake-like/unreal DM game flow. Looking forward to more DayZ SA custom servers like this.
  2. wolf spawns

    In .63 they're definitely still spawning. I just ran across a pack of four. It always places a bit of fright in me if I'm a long ways from shelter, with no weapon. Those howls. Oh, man!
  3. A New Friend

    What a nice guy, Alex was. He kept his composure even after you took all of his blood. Poor fella.
  4. Jumping From The Ground To The Roof!

    That looks crazy!
  5. Maintenance changes

    I have to admit, it felt pretty weird coming back to a character that I thought got wiped. Cool, but still weird.
  6. 0.63 Experimental Release

    Woo-Hoo! There goes my weekend!
  7. Vigor

    Bohemia Interactive has just announced a new game set in a Post-Apocalyptic Norway, 1991. Being described as a "cut-throat multiplayer experience where you take risks to progress". Here are two of the videos released recently. https://youtu.be/jyIkTYvQcq4 https://youtu.be/DOyE27u0JgU I'm looking forward to this new title, but not as much as seeing Dayz Standalone come to fruition.
  8. Brian Hicks

    Hmmm. Didn't look as clear as I thought it would be. Here's the direct link to his profile. https://twitter.com/Hicks_206
  9. Brian Hicks

    You should follow him on Twitter. He's pretty active on his status updates.
  10. Status Report - 12 December 2017

    A re-worked NWAF sounds very exciting. I can't wait to see it!
  11. No DayZ Standalone .63 Experimental during the upcoming Winter holiday is definitely the coal in my stocking. Thank you for the update.
  12. Kuru is too common!

    Realistically speaking, I'm glad that you decided to not discuss the amount of time involved healing broken bones and bullet wounds.
  13. Stable Update 0.61.138957

    Woo-Hoo! Stable Release! Some of the wind sound effects appear close to either ear and stay with your ear as your head turns. Which feels odd. Same with wind blowing through trees. It feels like it's static to the ear rather than environment, Anyone else seeing black sand bags textures as you get closer to them?
  14. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    .62?! Yes! Praise the Lord!
  15. Fire stations

    It would be cool if they had Small Fire Houses spread around to help fill the gaps around the country side.