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  1. Base Building System . *NO*

    lmao dude have you played epoch during the old dayz era or nah? basebuilding could have limitiations when it comes to building directly in cities from the server owners and the development team in general different players, different playstyles.
  2. Basebuilding....why?

    mods, friendo
  3. its actually pretty nice, lets just hope this patch wont be the last thing we see this year
  4. the mechanics are different in them two games, he needs to learn the mechanics and what to do during fights, when it is a good time to patch himself up, where to hide, when to push up, etcetera. DayZ PVP is entirely different than CSGO and PUB.
  5. stay away from roleplay servers till you are actually good PvP wise. Explore the entirety of the map, get involved into huge fights and gain experience, then head into roleplay servers.
  6. What do you expect from DayZ (final)

    Mods and a variety of maps from Dayz Mod.
  7. State of the Game?

    this man right here gets it
  8. like this kid for example
  9. take a look around on youtube by searching "What is the problem with Dayz" etcetera and decide for yourself pal, I suggest you dont buy this at all till it hits BETA but if you like the way it is right now go ahead and buy it. the development wont get terminated its just extremely slow due to poor management. honestreview™ however by the time you get bored of this due to you not trying the game at all i suppose it'll be at the BETA stage. also dont trust anyone who tells you this game is perfect and we are all uninformed, the steam reviews are 100/100 truthful, same for youtube.
  10. State of the Game?

    lmao "weve been patient". Mate, bullying players off the forum when they ask questions about the game aint been patient and following the development of the game. Boys, it is actually the same 10 people everytime who talk shit to concerned players like us, I could make a list here but you boys can shoot me a message if you want a list as Ill derail the topic. Anyway, saying "good job devs :D" every status report that is about petty things that no one actually cares about at this point as theres not even core gameplay set (variety of NON BUGGY vehicles, weapons) doesnt make you a nice and patient community member, it makes you the problem, whih results to the Dev team thinking we are all happy for a tree and survival items update. No, we are not. Your join date doesnt make you better, I joined the first week DayZ Mod was released to the public and standalone the day it came out, who cares? I didnt mention it to show Im better and my opinion is better in this arguement, I dont care even myself. The majority of the playerbase and former players are complaining about the development apart from you 10 people. But we all must be wrong, right? Still waiting on that video about progression and WIP list on weapons, vehicles and bug fixes. If a video can be made about trees and animations, I have no doubt one can be made about them aswell, remember, no items (:@Baty Alquawen
  11. State of the Game?

    Because he represents the opinion of thousands, who can be found in youtube comment sections. Unlike you 12 boys commenting on the threads with the same thing everytime and being the mighty dev defenders.
  12. State of the Game?

    lmao get out of here son
  13. State of the Game?

    If this thread gets locked, I hope you boys from DayZ Development link us a video you recently made on the development of weapons, vehicles, bug fixes and your current progression on your plans on them. Remember, no items, animations or visuals! (:
  14. State of the Game?

    Instead of seeing new trees, items and what the animation team is doing in development videos, show me the development progress of bug fixing, vehicles and weapons in progress. Just make a development video showcasing the work in progress on vehicles, bug fixes and weapons only, even if its just some lines on some program and a sketch. Need some proof that they are actually working on something, dont we boys? Show us something lads
  15. State of the Game?

    Everything gets better within time. However, its just baffling to have people support "bacon cooking in extra detail" and other irrelevant to the gameplay we want updates (Working vehicles, more weapons and bug-free zombies/animals). Thats what is fixed first, then you go on about animations and bacon cooking at ultra detail. Before anyone takes my comment in a literal way, Im aware the updates do not only consist of extra detail bacon cooking. But damn, what do we as players and people who paid for the game know, right? Lock the thread lads!