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18 minutes ago, Private Evans said:

Will hypothermia, fractures, bleeding, proper deseases ( not working atm as it seems) and poisoning  be in ( soon) for beta ?? 

It's hard to say right now.

I believe early vehicles and persistence (storage/tents) are next...?

Hypo/hyperthermia, fractures, diseases/poisoning, wetness having an adverse effect on items, would all be.... soon™.

It may be that they are going in the order of size/complexity as to what order of the features they are working on next.

So vehicles, and persistence, are bigger things they want to nail down before they start messing with values that surround things that are already in the game, including environmental impacts and physical ailments etc.

of course, I could be completely off, and those things you mention will be in next patch. :P

We did see some values showing for wetness, temps, and bacteria exposure, so maybe they are getting preliminary data before they dial in some values to test.


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On 9/15/2018 at 11:31 AM, pilgrim* said:

Still no SOUND of leaves and bushes when you are going through thick undergrowth or brushing through tree branches (or any natural growths)..  I find this weird and .. kind of .. old-style gaming..   Did anyone mention when we are going to get "movement-in-bush-branches-&-undergrowth" sounds back ?

Might be better off posting this on the feedback tracker thingy as I've mentioned this before and no responses about it.  I don't know if they are even aware of it.

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After 3 days of testing 0.63...I found following stuff missing compared to stable ....  ( probably I did not find some of them)

fractures, food poisoning, hypo/hyperthermia. bleeding, deseases...  

most of medical items like defibrilator, splint, antibiotics, charcoal tabs, painkillers, clinical thermometer. morphine etc etc

tents, barrels, horticulture. fishing...seeds, traps, fishing hooks etc etc

animals like cows, pigs, sheep, rabbits ... 

different weapons like shot guns, Colt 1911, Magnum , Derringer..(SKS ?)..bows, crossbows..and many more

cloting items like gloves, bandanas, balaclavas, face masks, gas masks, radar caps,  flat caps, chest holsters, ghillie suits ...

items like hammer, nails, screwdriver (tools),  books, notes, letters and newspapers, chem lights lanterns, frying pans,  handcuffs, binoculars, working compass, maps, rangefinder. lock picks etc etc etc

vehicles and vehicle parts....


the fire extinguisher ( for sax solos)


just to name a few things....


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Yeah I know that but I am kind of shocked about the real amount of missing content compared to current and past stable versions not even talking about the tons of teased and promised features like precise object placing, small item physics, overgrown buildings, contaminated zones, base building , barricading,  cars, planes, helis, bikes, military gear like nvg's, military weapons like launchers , military vehicles, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, cooking coffee and tea, notes, newspapers and audio logs telling the story of the outbreak, character progression, extreme weather conditions like sudden frust or storms....

I stopped playing when zombies and vehicles were taken out and added in and taken out again and added in and and and....but always followed the forums and status reports closely. I really was hyped again after seeing the beta preview one year ago and all the announcements for this year. But was even more disapointed by the ultra slow pace of updates.

So since I still love this game I thought it was time for giving it a go again and see myself what 0.63 is really offering atm.

To be fair I am really impresssed how good this game looks, runs, feels and sounds !!  Chernarus+ is more than awesome with even more to come, the server browser, new animation controller, UI , sounds and most of the implemented features like stamina are amazing ...BUT...for f.cks sake... this is not more than a basic skeleton or showcase of a game and at the current state, after 3 days of exploring the map and testing the game, boring as hell.

The only task right now is finding enough food and water  which is no problem at all with all the dynamic loot and all the water sources and streams. You can easily survive by eating pears, plums, apples and mushrooms and drinking from streams and ponds...even swamps since there is no risk of getting sick . No need for real medical supplies, better clothing or matches since there is no real need for such stuff. You can run around in the rain for hours being completely soaked....looting is no fun as well since there are so many items missing...there is of course no endgame content...no vehicles....not even tents to make a small camp...zombies are looking great and scary but are no threat also, since it is way to easy to avoid them...even nice existing features like heli crash sites are far away from being polished and fun  without having a large number of zeds around them to make things more challenging...you can go for a gun fight at NWA of course...but honestly when I want a gun fight I play Escape from Tarkov :/

The best moment for me was, when I was attacked by a pack of wolves...that was real fun..who ever did the AI for them...awesome job !!! 


there is more coming ...I really hope so because there is nearly nothing in right now :(


uninstalled the showcase until it has become something like a proper game ...hopefully not too far away








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On 9/22/2018 at 3:57 AM, Private Evans said:

just to name a few things

Good list.

Just an fyi, I believe a ton of stuff was left out to try to keep data gathered from these tests as simple as possible.

When they're done with the large features implementation, they'll likely start dropping in all of that stuff in short order.

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1 hour ago, ☣BioHaze☣ said:

Good list.

Just an fyi, I believe a ton of stuff was left out to try to keep data gathered from these tests as simple as possible.

When they're done with the large features implementation, they'll likely start dropping in all of that stuff in short order.

That is what I am really hoping for...as I said the new engine runs fine and all but for me personally at the current state (even with some more additions in the near future) it is simply not enough content to bring me back. Time does not stand still and the pure DayZ sandbox magic where all is about player interaction and player written stories does not work on its own anymore without more but also new and fresh content...


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