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  1. I think it would be best to shut down the official forums ....
  2. Private Evans

    Some great reading to pass the time.

    ...instead of less to none content, 2 cars with shitty physic and a few less hackers..bravo
  3. Private Evans

    Some great reading to pass the time.

    Just imagine they would have used the last two or three years to improve what we had thus far instead of wasting the time to remake everything from the scratch on an unfinished and buggy new engine...
  4. Private Evans

    Why is it so difficult to drive?

    As stated in Arma3 devblogs and interviews a large part of the Arma team is now working on the enfusion engine ( the rest seems to work and support Vigor instead of DayZ). They further said that we will not see a new Arma title in the new future because of the new tech that will be used in all BI future games ( Enfusion) does not meet their standarts by now !! This engine is simply far away from being finished and even more far away from being next gen in this current state. This goes for vehicles, interior lighting, view distance, weather systems, ragdoll even map creating ... it will still take years not months to get everything on par with the current used next gen engines used in other games....and DayZ being the proving ground
  5. Private Evans

    Stable Update 1.02

    Following the release today, we will continue in post-launch development of DayZ with free platform updates scheduled to drop throughout 2019. These updates will further expand the content available in DayZ (adding new weapons and vehicles) and go more in-depth with some of the existing gameplay concepts. taken from their x box dev blog but was stated numerous times since 1.0 announcement...
  6. Private Evans

    Stable Update 1.02

    So true... it was a huge mistake to continue development of this game without a proper creative director, a lead being able to give direction and combine horror (zombie), shooter and survival elements, blend them into the eastern europe environment for some Stalker/Metro vibes and also more important providing a good ballance between realism, hardcore but also game fun and nice visuals. Lighting in most games, but especially in horror themed games is such a existentially and important feature. It is beyond me how the devs in charge worsen their own game by making it look like shit and making it no fun to play during night time just to prevent a few kids from abusing gamma and brightness. A solution would have been to keep nights completely dark but spawn more and all kind of different light sources during dusk ( also spawning in with a flashlight like in the mod for fucks sake), making crafting receipes that allows players to attach a flashlight to their gun with duct tape...place some oil filled barrels around the cities ( like in the mod) maybe some burning already, make some streetlamps flicker, place some burning candles in churches or a few glowing chemlights lying on the foors in industrial and military locations ...this would add so much to the horror vibes, would look amazing and would make night times fun and immersive but also counter gamma abuse. Placing a light sphere around the player is simply an embarrassing solution for a dev team !! And yes I know such stuff like burning candles or chemlights lying around in some places would not be player driven blablabla...I don't give a fuck as long it is not overdone but looking good and adds to the gameplay and immersion. Same goes for so many bad design dicicions...controls are horrible...pressing 4 buttons while crouchwalking with my gun raised and the head on the swiffel is horrible and game breaking for me in a survival game. Also having no autorun is a game that is known to be a walking simulator for most of the time is another thing...again we lost a feature just because of a very few idiots that maybe leave the game with their toon sprinting against a wall or tree ( which I have never seeen by the way). As far as it goes for gunplay...a lot has been said about this by long time community members which are known to be experts like Gews...but the current men in charge have stubbornly decided to change things that were working fine before. Reloading guns and mags would be another one....why again changing a feature that was absolutely fine and is working the same way in a jillion of other games as well as in gun porns as Escape from Tarkov and may other even military games...drag and drop your ammo onto your mag in your inventory, place the mag in your Rig or in your pockets and press R to reload your gun ( no reload from the backpack)...and fight . Not only that many things now are overcomplicated and at least for me personally no fun...it takes and took a lot of time and resources to redo all this features that were in and working allready...time that could have been used to do really important things...there is still no working medical system...no good tempereature system...no good damage system...no good crafing system...no good zombies...no good working vehicles....not speaking about jumping and throwing items 😞 I want to fight zombies, the environment and other players...not the controls and the inventory and yes I know they are working on it.. until the end of 2019 for free ( which they can not state enough...so what will come then ??) For me it looks like the current leads are ruining the game, with Dean and Brian out of the way, by doing things now they always wanted it to be. It is the same reason btw why we never got loot containers allthough the community was asking for it for years...to give one last example What makes it worse is that it seems that whatever we say, we end up with the same 3 answers: yes we hear your suggestions and complaints clear and loud....but we nevertheless doing it the way we want to be yes you do have the right to make your point...but you don't have a clue about how game development really works yes we understand that you want to get more infos....but we provide info when we feel we are ready for it or as soon as we release something...else fuck off and use twitter
  7. Private Evans

    Status Report - January 2019

    This is because they are not sure yet if they will be able to get the helicopter working for Gamescom....
  8. Private Evans

    Advanced cooking, more ingredients

    and then add milkpowder, rice.....and sugar xD
  9. Private Evans

    Status Report - January 2019

    This SR is not only a full bunch of nothing but also a big Fuck You to all all the people that still supports the game after releasing this incredible content lacking, piece of buggy garbage they call 1.0. I was done with playing this game anyway but now after reading this SR I also completely lost interest in following any future development of it :( and yes a real damn shame that is
  10. Private Evans

    Experimental Update 1.0.150192

    Yeah, I'm not going to do that. It annoys the hell out of me that they use Twitter and sometimes Reddit to communicate stuff like this. They don't even use their own official forums for this, it's ridiculous. This is the punishment for us being so rude and not celebrating 1.0 properly xD
  11. Private Evans

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    Very much this !! The original idea of DayZ by Dean was not a walking simulator with some lame survival and gunplay elements ( which it currently is). The simulation of a human society collaps caused by whatever (in our case a global pandemic) should be so much more than just running around looking for food, staying warm and having some PVP at NWA. Creativity is completely missing since a good while, seeing the devs being focused on technical aspects only ( I personnally give a fuck about 60 FPS or clunkyness as long as the gameplay is brilliant) Forcing players to venture north away from the coast to get high tier loot, making cars completey wrecked ( which I only find annoying) and making controls overcomplicated is their only idea to make this game feel unforgiven and harsh....and that is why we so desperately need CORE CONTENT like cars, more weapons, helicopters, boats, planes, barricading and especially real interesting game mechanics to make it long time fun..creating communities , having clan wars but also have the lone survivors in between all this chaos...etc etc etc For me DayZ has become more and more a casual, console orientated survival shooter and not even a good one.... and this is what makes me so disappointed and finally has driven me away now after 6 years of playing and waiting ( more waiting that is)...the lack of content and technical problems/bugs but a lot more the missing creativity bad gameplay decisions and a core community that gets a boner just because they can run around the map having 60 FPS and then pretend to play a harsh survival game which is not even true at the current state...
  12. Private Evans

    will dayz Enfusion engine mods be able to be ported into ARMA 4?

    Since the engine seems far away from being complete and BI already stated thast they are not even thinking about Arma 4 but supporting Arma 3 as a plattform for the years to come....no need to think about this xD
  13. Private Evans

    Reviews starting to come out

    To be honest I am completely disappointed with the so called year of DayZ 2018...and not hyped and/or willing to wait one or maybe even two years more to get a game that is at least close to what I was hoping for...I am sure though they will fix and improve the game and also add missing content but I am also not expecting any new fresh and creative content that also is bitterly needed after 6 years. A mod like Namalsk or a cool total conversion could maybe bring me back ....who knows... PS: I am not angry with the devs or BI, I had more than enough fun with this game...but for me this is simply not working anymore :/
  14. Private Evans

    Reviews starting to come out

    Fix and improve server browser fix persistence improve server performance add new inventory fix, improve and polish sounds and animations tweak and implement a proper health and medical system including bleeding, fractures and damage system tweak night time gameplay tweak and improve weather and lighting tweak and improve gunplay and melee improve controls/keybindings add jumping, vaulting and climbing add missing cars add helicopter add some of the missing weapons add throwing itmes fix a jillion small bugs and glitches...as well as new ones I don't think that we will see much more in 2019....if they can manage to do at least this so far I would consider this 1.0 and maybe reinstall the game for a try...