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  1. Private Evans

    Status Report - January 2019

    This is because they are not sure yet if they will be able to get the helicopter working for Gamescom....
  2. Private Evans

    Advanced cooking, more ingredients

    and then add milkpowder, rice.....and sugar xD
  3. Private Evans

    Status Report - January 2019

    This SR is not only a full bunch of nothing but also a big Fuck You to all all the people that still supports the game after releasing this incredible content lacking, piece of buggy garbage they call 1.0. I was done with playing this game anyway but now after reading this SR I also completely lost interest in following any future development of it :( and yes a real damn shame that is
  4. Private Evans

    Experimental Update 1.0.150192

    Yeah, I'm not going to do that. It annoys the hell out of me that they use Twitter and sometimes Reddit to communicate stuff like this. They don't even use their own official forums for this, it's ridiculous. This is the punishment for us being so rude and not celebrating 1.0 properly xD
  5. Private Evans

    Stable Update 1.0.150000

    Very much this !! The original idea of DayZ by Dean was not a walking simulator with some lame survival and gunplay elements ( which it currently is). The simulation of a human society collaps caused by whatever (in our case a global pandemic) should be so much more than just running around looking for food, staying warm and having some PVP at NWA. Creativity is completely missing since a good while, seeing the devs being focused on technical aspects only ( I personnally give a fuck about 60 FPS or clunkyness as long as the gameplay is brilliant) Forcing players to venture north away from the coast to get high tier loot, making cars completey wrecked ( which I only find annoying) and making controls overcomplicated is their only idea to make this game feel unforgiven and harsh....and that is why we so desperately need CORE CONTENT like cars, more weapons, helicopters, boats, planes, barricading and especially real interesting game mechanics to make it long time fun..creating communities , having clan wars but also have the lone survivors in between all this chaos...etc etc etc For me DayZ has become more and more a casual, console orientated survival shooter and not even a good one.... and this is what makes me so disappointed and finally has driven me away now after 6 years of playing and waiting ( more waiting that is)...the lack of content and technical problems/bugs but a lot more the missing creativity bad gameplay decisions and a core community that gets a boner just because they can run around the map having 60 FPS and then pretend to play a harsh survival game which is not even true at the current state...
  6. Private Evans

    will dayz Enfusion engine mods be able to be ported into ARMA 4?

    Since the engine seems far away from being complete and BI already stated thast they are not even thinking about Arma 4 but supporting Arma 3 as a plattform for the years to come....no need to think about this xD
  7. Private Evans

    Reviews starting to come out

    To be honest I am completely disappointed with the so called year of DayZ 2018...and not hyped and/or willing to wait one or maybe even two years more to get a game that is at least close to what I was hoping for...I am sure though they will fix and improve the game and also add missing content but I am also not expecting any new fresh and creative content that also is bitterly needed after 6 years. A mod like Namalsk or a cool total conversion could maybe bring me back ....who knows... PS: I am not angry with the devs or BI, I had more than enough fun with this game...but for me this is simply not working anymore :/
  8. Private Evans

    Reviews starting to come out

    Fix and improve server browser fix persistence improve server performance add new inventory fix, improve and polish sounds and animations tweak and implement a proper health and medical system including bleeding, fractures and damage system tweak night time gameplay tweak and improve weather and lighting tweak and improve gunplay and melee improve controls/keybindings add jumping, vaulting and climbing add missing cars add helicopter add some of the missing weapons add throwing itmes fix a jillion small bugs and glitches...as well as new ones I don't think that we will see much more in 2019....if they can manage to do at least this so far I would consider this 1.0 and maybe reinstall the game for a try...
  9. Private Evans

    Reviews starting to come out

    The problem is that we as fans as well as the devs are always looking at the game not as it really is but as we imagine it to be. We are playing it gearing up, looking for better clothes and setting up camps and fire places....for no reason, just because we imagine we are playing a survival game. Indeed we could survive just in our underpants wielding a stone knife...all you need is to find some food and water and maybe craft some rags which all is ridiculously simple atm. There are no threats, risks or challenges and therefore no reasons to build communities or even to fight for resources. Combat is horrible and no fun and the Infected are still not working not even the basics (sensors, movement and pathfinding). Version 1.0 is just a charade...we are playing a dream not a functioning game..not even considering all the bugs and glitches... without the bonus of knowing BI will fix it how long it ever may take...the reviews would be even rightly worse...
  10. Private Evans

    Every 3 mo over last 5 years I try Dayz Again...

    Same here...tested 0.63 a few months ago and was shocked by the lack of content ....a pure showcase and boring walking sim that was for me. Uninstalled the game to wait for beta and 1.0 to give it another fair try. But after playing and testing the current version for a week now I am going to uninstall the game again today. There is still such a massive amount of missing, not polished, unfinished, and unballanced content that it is simply boring. If it wouldn't be for hostile players or server crashes one could endlessly walk in circles around the map without any real risk or threat. To be honest there is neither a reason to fight and kill other players for resources and gear nor to build a community . Not even basebuilding and cars fulfill any real purpose without all the other game mechnics in place. On top of that..a lot of the stuff that is in, is buggy ...may it be car physics...radiotowers of death....wrong position of items in your hand or on your back....sound issues...wrong textures for different damage states...buggy serverbrowser...server crashes...persistance wipes...etc. Not even speaking about overcomplicated keybindings and controls that make even walking around a pain in the ass (no autorun...no toggle for walk/ run) I will try again in a few months ....maybe
  11. Private Evans

    No Walk Toggle?

    Something the devs do not understand it seems...making controls overcomplicated ist not a survival feature but a pain in the ass. A toggle for walking/ running and also for ads ( without having to hold right mouse button) is bitterly needed....and for me personnaly so is autorun as well !!!!!
  12. The creative part of this game is done....they are focusing on getting the helicopter in ...the only chance to see what they call "flavor content" is to create mods for it...
  13. Private Evans

    Character loss.

    happened to me as well...but on PC that is
  14. Private Evans

    Stable Update 1.0.149923

    Also seen an massive all time high of negative reviews on steam ....and without persistence, survival mechanics, and zombies working properly asap it all will go down again very quickly...even with most of pressing issues being fixed, missing and new content has to be added regulary and on a real quick pace to keep things interesting. After watching the dev live stream I am even more worried if this will happen. I am expecting a lot of content being further postponed or even get canceled for good. Last but not least one thing that really got me shocked...when being asked about autorun, Peter stated that HE finds it immersion breaking and that if people would want this feature in the game they simply should mod it... Fucking hell this is pure arrogance! Does this mean that if I want to have basic quality of life features like autorun or toggle ads and toggle walking/running which isn't in either I have to rely on mods ? As it is right now ..if I want to slowly clear an area I have to constantly press 3 to 4 buttons W, Strg, right mouse button and shift ( mousewheel) which is an absolute pain in the ass. Also if I want to run from Cherno outskirts to Castle Zub to meet my buddies, I can not simply toggle auto run and navigate with my mouse while drinking some coffee or eating a sambo...just because Peter finds it immersion breaking ??? World containers are also not coming since they would not add that much to the gameplay :/ and because working on other things like helicopters is more important.This means they are telling us the team can not work on helicopters and such an easy thing as world containers at the same time ???? World containers are nothing else then barrels or backbacks...inventories attached to stuff like fridges, cupboards, mailboxes or wastebins..they do not contain physical items and also do not need to be persistent...wtf ? Add a timer and a sound for searching...voila...every fucking survival game does it and people like it since it is much more fun and risk to rummage through different containers than just having 90% of the loot just lying on the floor in front of you.... Same goes for music, lore background. writing notes and reading books....all stuff that is not really adding much...for the upcoming xbox and PS4 release that is... I am not really happy about things....