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  1. Regarding twatter...new day same shit...veterans will remember how pissed everybody was about Dean posting and answering on reddit only back in the days. Maybe the next devs in charge will prefer Instagram....who knows...same chance that we will see a Nintendo port instead of getting a propper working PC version xD
  2. Private Evans

    Dayz BattleRoyal

    I think this (BR) is just one step more to finally revive a dead horse. I am absolutely sure that they exactly knew for a long time ( 2017) that the engine change would not allow them to include all the promised features and that even a lot of the existing features would most likely not make it. At his time DayZ was more or less a dead game with a very low playercount played by only the hardcore fanboys. They knew that this would end as a complete disaster after so many years of development. They knew that even a lot of the hardcore veteran players would leave and that it would be impossible to reach new players with such a cut down version. So they completely changed direction...allthough developed on the existing PC plattform the main main focus clearly shifted to the console releases...remember gamescon last year was all about Xbox not even a single word about PC features etc. Consoles also benefit the most from the new engine changes. Modding tools and server files were released at a very early stage which is also not common and the game in general became a lot more casual and easy. So adding a BR mode is just another logical step and measure of BI to reach and establish a new , maybe even younger player base, to get as much out of their product as they could after the original concept/idea of this game ended as a complete major fuck up ! From a companies perspective they are doing everything right atm and this of course includes a BR mode which will for sure bring a lot of new twitch and yt content and also new players! If you take their other console game Vigor into account, their strategy even becomes more obvious.
  3. Private Evans

    Experimental Update 1.04.152166

    here something for the new Dayz community that thinks stuff like books and bows and writing notes etc is unimportant I also met a guy once who was just These are the things that made DayZ outstanding, these little special things that made people rollplay and do crazy unusual, unexpected stuff.....fuck battle royal and 60 frames and people sticking their heads in devs arses for posting the first time in 6 months here on the forums !
  4. Private Evans

    Status Report - July 2019

    It is only performance and player movement which is exactly what was needed for console releases...it defenetely looks not as good as Arma 3 ( which is an old game). Weather, Lighting and especially far distant view is looking horrible outdated and it seems to be the price for a better perfomance. Again I personally would give a fuck about 60 FPS if I just could get all the good gameplay features that were in or promised but were then cut out....
  5. Private Evans

    Status Report - July 2019

    Point is BI drew a line finally of this never ending story since they knew for a long time that it would take another 2 or 3 years to get all the promised and missing feature and content in. A from a publishers point of view wasted time for an meanwhile old and outdated game with its still in many regards outdated tech. So they released it on consoles...made it a lot more casual and so succesfully reached a completely new base of players. Adding a battle royal mode in will bring a lot of new youtube and twitch content and selling dlc's some nice extra profit. They did everything right to get out as much as possible.....
  6. Private Evans

    Status Report - July 2019

    This would be advanced cooking which clearly falls under flavor features...so yeah...sorry but maybe someone will make a mod. Good thing though if someone makes a mod thx to the brand new next gen engine you will be able to enjoy your hoagie with fluid animations and 60 FPS xD
  7. Private Evans

    Status Report - July 2019

    So at least thank you for posting here on the forums being honest as far as possible and getting things finally clear... Focusing on modding support and server tech is the best thing you can do since it is now written in stone that only modding can save this game or to be better said make it finally the game we were hoping for for so many years. Somehow funny that it all started as a mod and will somehow end as one again in one way or another. I can clearly say that this/your final product for me personally is the biggest disappointment in my whole life as a gamer and BI supporter and if it would not be for the great Arma series I would never ever touch a BI product again.
  8. Private Evans

    Experimental Update 1.04.152036

    ^ this so much !! leave that childish lego western fort base building shit for epoch & co and let us build small camps with tents and fireplaces etc that can be raided like during the good old days and give us barricading maybe even the possibility to fortify and barricade predefined industrial buildings and compounds.
  9. Private Evans

    Experimental Update 1.04.151915

    Yeah one of the horrible bad design decisions made by the devs in charge after Dean left was to completely cut out any background lore or even worse to make it very basic ,simple and half assed as so many other things. here is the original lore written by Dean hall and his brother On 12 March 2013, a prion disease and spreads among the worlds population triggering a global pandemic The disease causes proteins in the brain to be replaced with prions ceasing regular function Most people progress to dementia and then death as the brain is replaced with ineffective sludge 86% of the worlds population die some survive with the disease in a chronic state. Lacking regular brain function, they are scarely human. They are unable to communicate, driven by insatiable desire for violence, and attracted to the scent of those uninfected Society crumbles as the pandemic spreads rapidly You are one of the 2% who are not infected yet they even had a name for that thing ... and this is why I hate so much what this game has become...so many bad design decisions beside the missing lore...no more writing notes, no world containers, no contaminated zones..not becoming infected and no finding a cure...horrible map design (looks nice though) ..no crafting benches...no finding letters and clues about the virus and the outbreak...no advanced cooking...no drugs and alcohol...a horrible unimmersive base building system...anyone remember the original concepts of underground hideouts ?? even simply barricading would have been more immersive than these childish wild west style forts 😞 Making the coast and its iconic cities boring and oversized and forcing the players to go north just to create somekind of endgame is also pure nonsense...same goes for the airfields..there are no real hotspots crawling with zombies and deadly snipers lurking in the shadows...just more or less empty places all the real cool stuff is missing or was cut out and I am not speaking about a few fucking guns and vehicles..or fishing or a bow...fuck that ! I am speaking about cool and immersive gameplay mechnices instead of 0815 battle royal shit... honestly for me this game has nothing to do with its original idea any more...but as it seems it is doing well with a more or less newer player base that I guess does not even know what this game was planned to be years ago... one more rant over 🙂
  10. Private Evans

    Nespesney just quit DayZ...

    Honestly when looking at the patch notes of the last two patches I personally think it was probably the right move to continue work without Peter Nespensy. Allthough his intentions always were to make the game more hardcore ( which is of course a good thing) he often confused a hard game with hard mechanics and controls and we ended up with a so called hardcore survival game that had no hardcore survival elements but horrible hardcore gun, reload, movement, inventory and crafting mechanics.Same goes for the basebuilding...a system that does not make any sense. A lot of time was spent for all this stuff...time that I think would have been better inversted in real gameplay mechanics and quality of life improvments. Seeing the return of stuff like autowalk and the classic press R reload mechanic seem to be good indicators...I really hope they will implement barricading ( for small and large buildings) at some point and bring back the proper night lighting at least as an server option. Not only implementing new/old stuff but also a change regarding a lot of game design aspects would maybe bring me back to play this game...and I guess not only me.
  11. Yeah also a very happy day for the Arma community 🙂 thx a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One question though...will this make it possible to use Arma 3 maps for Dayz and vice versa ??
  12. Private Evans

    Nespesney just quit DayZ...

    What makes you think that there will be someone new.....it is all about getting the game fixed and bring back some features.... I am sure they will continiue with the team as it is for the rest of the year. Enfusion engine is now being worked on mainly by the Arma team anyway ....
  13. Private Evans

    News regarding the 2019 roadmap

    Yeah this is why BI stated that a large part of the Arma team is now working on the Enfusion engine. Only the core parts of the new engine are done but it still uses many legacy components and still is outdated in many regards, lacking next gen tech features. I also have to agree with TheGordon in some way....I am so disappointed with this game here that I would be happy with just sharing them map assets with Arma 3 or even releasing Chernarus+ for Arma 3 in the future. This has nothing to do with the tech, I am sure they will improve and build a real good engine over time, but with the general direction as well as a lot of bad game design decisions...not to forget a communication that ranges between amateurish and arrogant.... I am of still excited for Namalsk though...
  14. Private Evans

    News regarding the 2019 roadmap

    Honestly WTF is wrong with you...it is hard to believe Dayz team even is connected to BI anyhow...just head over to the Arma3 forums and have a look for example at the new Livonia feedback threads...they are buzzing...devs are commenting , reacting to and hell even liking posts made by the community. Devs after 5 years still are active on the dev branch threads and we've got a bunch of Sitreps and Spotreps ( beside Community Radar) this year for a game that is not even fully supported anymore....not to forget we've got a Roadmap for Arma3 at least at some point every fucking year.... so again WTF ???? I tell you something...I believe this is your childish way to punish your Community for not being happy about your Version 1,0 release and the state of the game...strange enough radio went silent after the 1.0 shitstorm....can't be coincidence 😞
  15. Private Evans

    DayZ is launching on PlayStation 4!

    If you have a specific question or want to report something quickly, the best channels to use are our Twitter account @DayZ or in in other words...fuck you forums 😕