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  1. Where is the DayZ population?

    Being around here since the early days, I am checking the BI forums regulary but stopped playing DayZ a good while ago... until zeds, animals, vehicles and base buidling are feature complete that is :) I also defenetely know a lot of people that are waiting for the final game. Modding and hopefully some nice dlc's like in Arma series will then keep this alive and kicking for years ...that's for sure :) cheers
  2. Mapping Tools Question

    The big Question for me is...will BI maybe do a DayZ Altis , Tanoa and/or Malden version and an Arma 3 version of Chernarus + ? I mean that would be such a clever way to provide new high quality maps and assets for both games without creating them from scratch and earning some extra money (dlc).
  3. Q&A with Map Designer Adam Franců

    THIS !!! The transition between playable map and outer terrain is terrible immersion breaking . Arma 2 Chernarus had this ring of forested border regions which were not meant to be used as playable areas but more to provide the illusion of a world beyond the campaign/mission map. http://ps3media.ign.com/ps3/image/article/978/978805/arma-ii-20090501110714336.jpg In DayZ SA this regions are entirely used as playable areas which means there is no more transition between the map and the outer terrain which looks horrible. Would it be possible to create a border region that gives us the illusion of Chernarus being part of the world ? It has not to be very detailed, not even enterable, having just a very limited view distance. cheers :)
  4. Status Report 22 Nov 2016

    at the end we will even get Crimean Sparkling Wine
  5. Status Report - 25 Oct 2016

    What about having different ways to open a door...slowly by using the action button + mousewheel and fast ( kicking in the door) by double tapping the action key ( swinging away from the player). Gates should of course always swing away from the player... just some thoughts
  6. @Hicks_206 (DayZ) Yeah I it was absolutely clear that infected will spawn in zones but the question is still, will the number of infected spawning in a zone be random, ranging from a min to max number, for example from 0 to 10 per player until a total max of infected for the zone is reached or will it always be constant per player? Also will zones have a random chance to spawn no zeds at all ( which would be very cool and creepy) and finally will other aspects affect the spawning rate too like for example time of day , noise etc. ? cheers :)
  7. In standalone zombies are persistent (as in they do not require a player to continue existing). They are spread out across the entire map, which makes them appear few and far between for the average player moving across chernarus. On top of these natural zombies, the devs are going to add in the old system as well so that wherever players go, there will be a constant influx of zombies being spawned nearby And exactly this is what I do not like. If I will enter for example Zelenogorsk with my two buddies ( no other players around)..there will be a given amount of persistent zeds for the Zelenogork spawn zone ( let's say 10 for the whole city). plus there will be additional zeds spawning depending on player count and zone. Let's say for such a big city 10 zeds per player which would make in my example additional 30 zeds spawning plus the 15 persistent infected ( a total of 45). This means when entering a specific area you will always know that there will be zeds around for sure and you will also know how many infected roughly to expect. If there are no zeds around or a place is even swarming with them you also definitely will know that other players are around. Honestly this is too simple and I would expect a more sophisticated system. PS: Also a good idea would be to have random delay times for spawning. Means sometimes zeds could spawn immediately and sometimes maybe after 5 minutes if a player enters a zone.,,,stuff like that :)
  8. An example how things could be interesting an special ( 28 days later style) : daytime : A few ( inactive) zeds randomly spawn across the whole map ( zeds would just idle, sit or slowly walk around) A high chance to have zeds spawning inside buildings if player enters the building Additional zeds will only spawn if there is a lot of noise ( gunfire, vehicles, zombies screaming etc.) zeds would spawn out of sight and then moving towards the noise ( depending on player count and zone) nighttime (including dusk and dawn) : A few (active) zeds randomly spawn across the whole map ( zeds would wander and run around) a small chance to have zeds spawning inside buildings if player enters the building Additional zeds will always spawn around the player (depending on player count and zone ) random events : there should always be a very small chance to spawn no zeds at all or a large group of zeds not depending on any other variable. ( for example no zeds in Elektro but a large group deep in the forest or a small village) when at least one player is around that is :)
  9. @ Tigermonk I absolutely understand that the spawn mechanic is or better will be based on player count in a given area / spawn zone and that of course performance impact has to tested :) What I am saying is that such a spawn system even if it will work with large numbers of zeds is too simple and boring. As Imunone said, zed spawning has to be unpredictable. Knowing how many zeds will spawn in which zone would be boring. This is why I said that the whole system has to be spiced up with different variables.
  10. Also spawning should not depend on player numbers only but also on the noise they make. ^ would you care to explain? because the infected ARE based on player numbers (I thought around 13 zeds vs 1 player if i'm correct) Simply spawning a given amount of zeds per player and depending on the location seems too simple. Gunfire and vehicles for example could increase the number of zeds spawning in a specific zone. Also there should be a random chance of spawning no zeds at all even in a hot zone but also spawning a large group even in a small village with just one or two players around. Also there should always be a small chance to have zeds spawning inside buildings if a player is around or in remote areas... just my thoughts
  11. I think there is no need for a huge number as long the spawn system is working properly:) That said for me the key is unpredictability. This means there should always be a chance for running into a herd but also no zeds at all, at any time and any place. Also spawning should not depend on player numbers only but also on the noise the make.One idiot firing his AK in the middle of Cherno should attract more zeds than 10 sneaky guys :) Edit: Will there be a random chance for zeds to sawn inside of buildings ?
  12. New stuff on Trello

    Pretty nice but I am more looking forward to see the overgrown buildings ( ivy). the mass graves and contaminated areas :)) Also dying for the new SFX and Infected sounds !!!!!
  13. gentlemen's suit

    Like the idea...I would go that far and implement this for the character start...
  14. New Infected Types

    I still would like to see some infected use axes, pitchforkes or cleavers.....in general making DayZ infected having their own style
  15. Old feature for new stealth system ?

    Yeah I really hope they will make it more like in the mod...making zeds nearly blind only able to see very bright colours ( smoke grenades ;) ) and more reacting to noise, movements and smells.