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90% of players are unimaginitive simpletons

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20 hours ago, pilgrim* said:

No really, dude Im a Tecnnical Author see ??  Until I decided rock climbing was more fun I wore a Rolex and a Pierre Cardin Tie to earn the sAME income (call it KEB) as The Brit Prime minister, for what I wrote - and I cant be EFFFED to follow RULES when I'm off Duty..


Hahaha, you write like a teenager humped a keyboard because you're too 'hip' to follow grammar rules? Hahahahahaha, oh you sweet, sweet child. You made my day, thanks!

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4 hours ago, Kirov (DayZ) said:


Hahaha, you write like a teenager humped a keyboard because you're too 'hip' to follow grammar rules? Hahahahahaha, oh you sweet, sweet child. You made my day, thanks!

I dunno Kirov.

I like both of you, and well, I've been reading pilgrim for a long time now.

I've always known he's a brilliant contributor, though a bit unconventional in his writing style; there's usually a gem buried in there (when he's not debate sparring).

Sometimes I tap out of his longer posts, but I often agree with much of what he says.

I used to work as a paralegal (of sorts), helping to draft many hundreds of pages of legal documents every day, and after I left that line of work, my attention to exacting punctuation etc flagged quite a bit, probably after being burnt out on keeping it perfect for so long.


More back on topic:

Reading the XBOX KoS discussion threads is like stepping into a time warp back to 2012.

It's sort of fascinating and at the same time cringe worthy to listen to them dig up, reanimate, and whip this dead horses bones to powder all over again.

I'm also amazed that they are so adverse to following the PC forum, and seem to think the 2 versions are created in a vacuum apart from each other.

Whitelisted servers combined with modded versions of the game will probably be the best place for RPing apocalypse.

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Seriously though reading the Xbox forums is like traveling back in time to mod days where everyone is trying to regurgitate the same we said back in the day when we had issues regarding the mod and start of the standalone.

It's amazing to be honest and feels like fresh life pumped into the game atleast for the new people trying it out for the first time. Going to say in time they will become jaded like many others, but looking forward to see what comes of it. Not sure about anyone else but some of my normal day to day friends have picked up the game now that .63 is around are like thought this game was dead, this is really good fun. goes to show you that there are people willing to still experience DayZ.

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On 9/8/2018 at 8:53 PM, fuzzy_chimera said:

I personally find it funny that people expect DayZ to be fair, to me it seems like such a joke as a whole that people play with a rule set and expect others to play along in the same vain. It's quite amusing that the console players are now just noticing how shady people are in general with behavior and antics. That us PC players are very aware of, it will be interesting to see how the console DayZ works out in the future.

That is a good point

Consoles have always been under the control of a Big Corp, and the games have to have the Big Corp stamp of approval before they are permitted on that console (goes for single player games too).

Console players think they are on the internet but in fact they are on a subset of the internet CAREFULLY filtered by Big Corp (eg Microsoft, for instance) - and those rules, that filter, is put in place for PROFIT , plus the "moral" oversight of <how our kids should act, according to the Microsoft USA Public Opinion Department>  (that's for profit too, in the long run).  A Console is kind of like reaching the internet by using the Wifi at MacDonalds .. except maybe not ..<exactly> that bad... nothing could be THAT bad... er, could it?

Consoles are designed (bottom line ) as a pay machine - like any tablet phone, via profitable forced choice censorship. And this is EXACTLY why you can't root your console.. you are NOT ALLOWED to "do what you like with it"

This makes the PC users (the PC generation?) just LAFF.. <jeez>.. I "can't" do WHAT I WANT with MY PC.. ?? =  LOL... that's what it's FOR.. I can even imitate Consoles on it if I WANT.  I can run multi OS and I can MESS with them.. why the EF else would I have a PC? ..   I can do any-thing with it, limited only by my mind and my skills and what-ever is out there.. and if it's NOT out there I can damn well make my own and PUT it out, any way I like. Don't need no Big Corp to tell me how to mess with my own rig and the rest of the world - even on Internet TWO.. (grach .. pthooow! )


So - it's real interesting to see Microsoft accepting to run a game that has Cannibalism in it.. and handcuffing players, putting bags on their heads, and breaking their legs with sticks..  I was SURPRISED that got MS approval !! ... maybe things are changing?  Bottom line is MS will go where the money is, they just want to stay in control of the money and that includes not getting bad comments in the non-player mass  popular press. (say, I wonder - does that make MS more like Trump, or more like the Spanish Inquisition [keeping out of sight but PRESENT] ?)

Still - I don't see any way that Console players and PC players could BOTH log into the SAME DayZ server - standard DayZ public Hive - THAT would be Great, but I think MS  RULES would forbid it - it would be .. contamination..!   (I know there are/have been  a couple of cross platform MMOs.. but they seem pretty much anodyne and under control. (eg Angel Love Online ?)

I remember playing Anarchy Online : It was a Europe-based games publisher - NOT USA - and it was the first online game I found where you could say fuck and not get auto-kicked or kicked by a referee.. it was full of (I guess)  student to adult level players.. and player language was about 'Game of Thrones' level.. players didn't much go for violent extended abuse, and if they did, other players laughed at them or left them alone or a referee told them to STFU..  That was a non-USA attitude.. That was a GOOD game, but at it's time I don't think Microsoft would have accepted that attitude and style ( at all). 

So maybe times are changing - and Microsoft are realising that to keep their profit margin, they have to revise the Microsoft Bible?   Players have to be let more into the "real world".. <but that's dangerous for kids! and the parents don't like it, and sales go down.. ..  or maybe not?>  and consoles move towards "controlled" PC options and play less in the Microsoft / Disney World playpen.

Average age of a gamer is about 35 now. This is mainstream entertainment. Young players have to grow up or stay out, or even not be allowed in? [moral choice..whoooo.. spooky stuff in the online media/profit world]

So it will be very interesting to see what happens. - to the market and the players.

attitude is everything


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Hahaha oh yes it is amazing to watch Xbox reviews and gameplay on yt :))  In this case... is it even possible to force feed desinfection spray or rotten stuff at the moment ?? I mean xbox players have seen just the tip of the iceberg of what are people/players are capable of xD

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