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Baty Alquawen

Stable Update 0.62.143267

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Any Chance that you remove Apples and Berries for some Time or until 0.63 Arrives with the new System?

Apples are one of the biggest Gameplay breakers in 0.62. Having them for the next 6 Month is more demotivating than waiting for 0.63 up to  6 Month.

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@Hajami:Ja, I somewhat agree with your opinion, but I'm not sseing something like that comeing before modding.

So meanwhile i gave you some Beans for your Post since you dont like Apples. :-)

@Baty Alquawen: You take our PumpkinZ? So I hope you dont forget to give us our ChristmasTreeZ!

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After reading that .63 BETA won't be coming out this year, I have a radical idea to pose to you guys.

In this lull-space of December and the Winter before first .63 BETA patch drops, give us insanity on the CLE.

  • Increase weapon/item spawn
  • Infected spawning rate X5
  • Vehicle amount doubled.

Despite the obvious hit that the servers would take in terms of desync/lag due to increased server load, I think that THIS would be the best way to 'give us something' without any real work or effort required by staff. Simply adjusting the modifiers of items, infected/wolves, vehicles to about double their amount would make for an experience that would be different and allow for a much more entertaining route than the current known state of the game. 

Included with the insane amount of weapons to be found (Thus a lack of scarcity), I would love to see ridiculous amounts of infected like in the above video xD 

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12 hours ago, Dancing.Russian.Man said:

Weren't pumpkins already removed? Deja vu?

Did they? I know they removed it from the Experimental brach, maybe you got confused with that. :)

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Really sorry, but would appreciate some help here - 

I've just started playing the game a few days ago, and i've found the -newui launch option thingy, but it just refuses to work: when I start the game, the game continues using the old interface. Does anyone have any answers to this?

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    • By Baty Alquawen
      Hello Survivors,
      What is new on Experimental branch:
      server crash fix client crash fixes fix for a server kick Thank you for attention and have a nice night! :)
    • By Cosmical
      Now I dont want this to come off as needlessly aggressive, or overly sentimental so I will try and be as balanced as i can.
      I understand the Devs are busy, and that this may not factor in at all, and maybe it shouldn't as most story's of sadness can't be helped by one company.
      For those of you that dont know who Wobo is, hes a guy who for pretty much half of the early access of DayZ (which is now like 2.5 years) has been making videos.  And more than anything the reason why this is relevant to the devs, hes been making videos that pretty much no one could be bothered trying to figure out, or explain to us.  Its because of Wobo we the community learned about the Hidden Bone Stat that causes instant death.  Its because of Wobo we learned the mechanics and specifics of how damage works when received to our player or their items.  Both HUUUUUUUUUUUGE aspects of the game that have been previously hidden or unexplored.  And many more things regarding all aspects of the games mechanics.
      Now you can argue that, the reasons why the Devs didn't broadcast this stuff to the community was either for the fun sense of discovery for us to figure out, or to keep us in the dark on potential mechanics that could be viewed as broken or could maybe be abused.
      Who knows, but i would suggest that on any other game with any other development team, this would be information that would be broadcast to the community and explained in detail by the devs themselves for the sake of transparency, or just for suggestions and feedback.
      Anyway, Wobo has done us the community a service, requiring hours of testing and fact gathering (DayZ doesn't reset easily, all tests are done by running fresh spawns to a location and repeating), and he's done the devs a huge service by shining light on a bunch of their mechanics that needed reworking or changing (yes they probably were behind the scenes anyway).
      His mum has become sick and now he is going to be her soul carer, meaning no internet and PC because they are luxuries he and she cant afford anymore.  As stated in this heart breaking video.
      It would be appreciated by me, and the community if something could be done about this.  I feel Wobo has been an admirable member of the community, in both content and attitude, and has serviced the development of DayZ positively  more than most.  If the devs could take note of this, or perhaps Bohemia as a whole, and either fund him keeping his PC, or fund him being able to have the internet.  Or perhaps bring him on as an outside tester of the game, to allow him to test builds and its mechanics while being able to care for his mother at home?  Or maybe even just funding his internet costs for the further extent of Beta?  I don't know the practical costs of such a thing, but i would imagine its a relative pittance to a large company like Bohemia, and clearly funding isn't a problem for DayZ until it is completed. haha
      Anyway, in summary.  Do what you can, if you read this and you are a Dev, acknowledge and help in anyway possible, please.  And if you are a DayZ player, please do the same.  By either joining the stream as stated in the video, or donating wherever or whatever you can.  To this lovely guy who's been dealt a shit hand, and we all love our mommas!
      Sorry if this is melodramatic or demanding, but this is when the internet can shine and really do something nice for someone who deserves it.  And I never write posts like this.
      Thanks and Peace!
    • By Baty Alquawen
      Hey guys,
      It is time to remove Halloween pumpkins. I hope you had fun with them. :)
      And we fixed a server crash.
      Have a nice day(Z)!